Can I build my site in iWeb and host it with 123 reg?

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First off, Can I build my site in iWeb and host it with 123 reg? Many thanks for any response. My other question... Have you hired someone to do design/graphics/programing online before?.

What was the outcome?.

Good reviews? bad?.

Who works better? 17yrs from your country? or someone from another country?.

Any recomendations?.


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Ye, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you call the 123 reg guys because they can answer you better...

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Yes. Some were good, some not so good. All of them gave me what I wanted, but you absolutely, positively need to stay on top of them to correct minor oversights and to make sure they adhere to your deadline..

The only ones I've used were located here in the US, but I wouldn't mind looking elsewhere if I could find some good designer/programmers..


Comment #2

As far as graphics go, I really love the NP contests. This allows you to get a bunch of different ideas / images and pick the one you like best. I've only done it once, but was extremely pleased with the outcome. Definitely the way to go for me in the future..

Programming... I dont know. I dont really trust anyone enough to code stuff for me. I paid for a very very small project recently from a NP member, but that's about it. Finding a good coder is like finding good hosting... Usually more difficult than it's worth..

Comment #3

I do alot of my own graphics, All my coding is most usually done by "SecondVersion, The best all around coder I know, At the best price aswell!..

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As a designer I'm not very thrilled with people sending work to other countries. just like domains, I feel that if you want quality, it's gotta cost ya. unfortunately most people are not trained to know the difference between good design and bad design. they just want a site...

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So you're saying that only quality design work can be attained in America at high prices? There are creative and skilled designers all over the world. Some have lower costs of living than others and can afford to charge a lot less. Personally, I just want a great design at an affordable rate, I don't really care who makes it. I understand that it probably sucks when you have to compete against others in this manner, but thats one of the "drawbacks" of a well connected world. If you're finding it difficult to compete online, maybe the majority of your focus should be spent on developing business relationships with local and regional companies in your geographic area. There are still a lot of businesses out there who would prefer dealing with someone local, and in person..

Business is about adaptation...

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I was a programmer for 15 years, but I started doing other things on the side because there.


Good coders abroad that will work for a tenth of what I charge. The problem is that there are even more scammers..

I have clients that don't want to take their work abroad because they like the personal approach and they know they don't have to explain everything in detail, because I know how they work just as well as they do. Most even expect me to go one step further and come up with idea's that they wouldn't come up with themself. That's what they pay me for..

If it's really basic work I will outsource it abroad. My clients know that and they are okay with it because I still support it, they don't have the knowledge to find a good coder abroad and if things do go wrong they won't end up paying for it...

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I haven't hired anyone, but morphmaster hires me to do small jobs quite a lot...

Comment #8

Why not buy pre-made templates? Has anyone ever done that?..

Comment #9

Then you have the problem of getting it adapted to your needs and end up with the same quandary do you get a local person to do it or outsource..

You will be hard pushed to find a template or pre made script that fits your needs 100%...

Comment #10

Yea, I found some kids on the route and they charge about 250-300 USD.

They are quite motivated provided they haven got any near exams....

It's possible with indian outsourced company too..

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My one and only 123 reg website design I contracted out in india. No graphics, clearly defined project (many respondents criticized it for being too detailed). It's been a complete disaster. The designer went awol for almost 3 separate weeks on a 6 week project. I try to cover everything he hasn't yet done in each reply and he keeps telling me not to. Deadline passed.

He doesn't want to read/comply with my spec. Now, I get the worst of both worlds. I can't spend so much time on the project (and demotivated to do so). He won't pick up the project again until all his questions are replied. He's working on other projects and demotivated to pick mine back up.

I can't see me ever getting it completed satisfactorily with the current designer...

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