Can I created my own Godaddy domain name when using e-mail?
Got a question, hope someone can answer... Can I created my own Godaddy domain name when using e-mail? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: It is not all that rare in one of my other lives to own an item more than once. Ibought a pot today which I had owned twice before. Made profit the other 2 times so should do it again since I bought for less than I sold it for the last time..

That got me wondering so thought I'd ask...

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Of course! although you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm it as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Godaddy guys because they can give you help better...

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I owned a domain, let it drop, then bought it again, guess that counts..

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I have never owned the same HostGator name twice before, but if I make a profit selling it and then buying it bac for cheaper I would lol..

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I often check on domains that I sold years ago and see what's they're being used for. A couple instances I've found they had expired and dropped and reregistered them..

Usually someone paying a premium for a name will keep it and use it, but not always!..

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Yep Sold a pretty big website for over $600...the new owner let it drop, I picked it back up...redesigned and ran the GoDaddy site for another 6 months and sold it again for over $3K...

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Everything you say can and will be used against you. Different people have different perceptions about "pot" due to cultural differences..

I guess pottery is a kind of things that not everyone can appreciate. People buy expensive pieces as gifts. Those receiving the gift go "Great gift, thank you!" thinking to themselves "What the hell is this useless ugly piece of junk?" and try to sell it the next day not knowing how much it was bought for. And you're right there willing to buy. Circle of life...

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Potters don't make pottery. They throw pots. There is a big difference in a mass produced piece of pottery fron China or wherever and a piece of functional art..

BTW I agree a lot of the highly collecte American Pottery (Roseville for one) is just flat a** ugly but people buy it &v helps support my collecting obsession..

Yes, I know off topic but is a light hearted subject so there.

Most I ever paid for a pot was $4000. Enjoyed havng it a couple years & sold for $7500. Most I ever sold one for was $30,000 (the piece changed hands again about a year ago at $52,500). I have brokered many deals in the $x,xxx range. That was in my younger years when I was very active in the business. Now I do more collecting than trading. I buy pots by young artists whose work I like...

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I sometimes buy a HostGator and then sell it and then register it again if I see it's doing good...

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Had a couple of years ago. Sold it. Just recently bought it again as it was available..


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Well I gave a HostGator for free 2 some1...and then took it back for some reason..

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Not necesarily, it is also possible to make a pot without throwing it on the wheel. I've made quite a few w/o a wheel..

And no, I don not buy back my own name (just to stay on topic)..

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I have... I owned last year, and 2 weeks after it expired, I registered it again?..

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There are several domains I've sold, that I ended up buying back again. Some of them were from the same people I sold them to originally, and others from within public circulation (after the names had already changed hands multiple times)...

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Yes, I've sold domains that later expired and I either re-registered or picked up in a drop serivce. It's happened to me at least 3-4 times...

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Hello all,.

I've had that happen once to me. I bought for $215 back in 2001 and sold it for about $300 6 months later. I then bought it back from another owner for $820 a year ago and then just sold it for $2500 last month..

I've learned patience over the years, especially with 3-letter domains. I had to swallow my pride to buy this HostGator back, but I realized that I could possibly do well by doing so and it wound up working out well for me..

I guess sometimes we have to be humble in this business (and be willing to be humbled) to come out on top..


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