Can I do the Medifast Diet without the book?

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First of all Can I do the Medifast Diet without the book? Thanks for any response. My 2nd question... There were several posts recently looking for buddies for newbies. So, I thought I would start a new thread. I started on July 29th. I had a rocky start, and I am now on solid ground!.

I am married and live in Atlanta. I have three children ages 8, 7, 4. I volunteer at my Childrens' school weekly and I love to knit and read. I have gained weight slowly over the last 20 years. It is now time to get serious and lose the extra weight!.

Stop in and say hello!..

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Yes sir! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can give you an answer better...

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I have been away from computer for most of the day..

I have a good day, just very long! Hopefully others will join, and if not I will be hanging on the 28 day and Sept Starters...

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Hi Cheryl and Nora! I'm looking for some buddies too! My name is Ann Marie and I'm 41 years old. I have 2 children ages 21 and 19. I just started Medifast on Saturday, Sept 4. It's been a rough couple of days, feeling tired and having a headache. I've tried many weight loss programs over the past 20 yrs (WW, Atkins, LA Weight Loss) but I think Medifast will be the best for me! I weighed myself Friday morning and then again this am. I'm down 7.8 lbs..

Ann Marie..

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Hi Ann Marie! Welcome to MF! That is a great weight loss so far!!!!! I am hoping that you are feeling better by now. You are very brave for starting on a holiday weekend. I have been, losing, but not at a very fast pace. I am happy if I can maintain around a 2 lb loss per week. I feel very balanced on this program..

I am hoping we can get this thread going, as it would be very nice to make a long term connection with us that have started...

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Hi there.

I'm Lisa and I just started last Thurs, 9/2. I'll be a Thurs weigher but so far am down 6.5 lbs and feel so much less bloated...and not even the end of my first week yet! I did Medifast in 2006 and lost about 18 pounds, went off plan and never reached goal. I'm here to stay this time. I've got to do this now or never!.

Would love to get to know some others on here, starting around the same time. It really helps to have a few buddies. Dieting can be a lonely business.

I am married, 3 children...oldest are 31 and 28. The youngest is 16 and he is the cause of my weight problem! I never really had a weight issue until having a baby at age 36..then almost immediately going into perimenopause. I got up to a high of 208 by 2005. Lost from 208 to 169 on my own then found Medifast and lost on down to 151. Looked and felt so good that I didn't finish to my goal of 135. I did very well maintaining until early last year and find today that I had slowly crept back up to 188.

I've started suffering from sleep apnea, horrible bloated feeling and no energy. This is not how I felt at 151!.

This time, I'm reaching my goal of 135. I plan to be there by Jan 1. My husband said when I reach goal we will fly down to Florida to my favorite Michael Kors outlet and I can get a whole new wardrobe....I told him that he had a deal!.

Pleased to meet you all..

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Hi Lisa! I am so happy for you that you started back on the journey with MF. It has been really good for me. I had a few shaky weeks, and now I feel like "I can do this" I know what mean by losing and feeling great, so you stop and lose focus and before you know it, you are back to where you started and more maybe!.

Well, that is in the past! We can join together for support and cheer each other on, or if a swift kick in the behind is needed, we can do that too!.

That is a great weight loss so far, so keep it up!!! I weigh daily as well, and I only count and log Friday mornings weigh in..

My pillow is calling, so good night!..

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Good morning.

I am feeling MUCH better today. The first few days are really tough. I felt rottenreally tired and headaches. I'm happy to have some buddies starting around the same time. Support is very important. I think this time around will be different for me.

I'm starting to stress about the holidays coming up but I'll deal with them when they are here...

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Cheryl, I agree that it would be great to make long term connections. I'm hoping to lose 2 lbs a week also. I started on the holiday weekend because my order came on Friday and decided to start the next day. I am finding that it is harder for me when I'm home than when I'm at work. I'm sure after a few weeks it'll be better..

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Hey cheryl and all.

I found you over here. I think buddies really help !! I have lost 100 lbs and now back to lose the rest about 75lbs this works I am really focused on getting rid of 50lbs fast I am already on my way losing 2lbs from yesterday!! I did try to restart at the beginning of summer but my life was just way to crazy but now everything is calmed down I can focus on me I know it sounds like an excuse and there are no excuses not to exercise and be healthy but my mind was all over the placeno more excuses !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I did just get back from the gym and I am posting sitting here soaking wet with sweat!!!!.

Only did a 45min workout cuz the first day of preschool for my 4 yr old was only 1 hour and 15 min almost a joke but thats what they do it sucks you have to pay full tuition for Holidays and short days. I do have Friday to myself now the first time in 8 yrs!!!!!!!!!!!! My town only has 1/2 day Kindergarten so I have 2 more yrs til all the kids are in school full time then I am taking 6 months to a year completely to myself doing whatever I feel like working out and hitting the spa !!! I am working like crazy now so I won't feel guilty when that time comes. I scrapbook so I want to take that time to really catch up and make several books for my kids. well off to do some shopping and maybe the park with my 4yr old. Happy shaking to all.


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Hello Cheryl and people. I finally found the page/thread. I started at the end of July. August was a tough month with family in town and then a quick vacation. I'm trying to weigh in on Wed. (I like to visit the scale every morning.

Much like everyone I have 3 busy kids. 16, 12,12. September is always a crazy month in our house. I have been successful on Atkins and WW. I also have managed to gain it all back plus some. I really want this to work.

(I'm only 41 which is a sore subject right now because a new person at work thought I was older due to the fact I have 16yr old and have been married for 20 yrs. MEN!!).

I was told at an early age I would not be able to have kids. Medical Science is wonderful..

Sorry for the rant..

I enjoy reading and relaxing! I'm a big kid with books. I've read Harry Potter each book at least 7 times. The Twilight series, Eragon Series and several others. I do read adult books as well. I'm already on my third for the summer. A good book will take about 3-4 days when I have time..

I found this week I really do enjoy the shakes. The Medifast blender works great! Time to get some work done around here..

Have a great day!!!..

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Wow, this thread suddenly got busy!.

Welcome Anna Marie, Lisa, Diana and mworth! It's so great to have buddies to go through Medifast with!.

So much to catch up on! First, yes the first few days suck, but we're almost all past it now so it should be smooth sailing ahead! It's great to know that we've all had good first week losses, but I think we all know that it slows down. Cheryl, thanks for letting us know that 2 lbs. a week is a steady and normal Medifast loss..

For me, I've actually stalled a bit. My fault. Hubby decided to start Atkins this holiday weekend. So after making all kinds of low-carb meals, we headed out to a restaurant on Sunday (Chinese). Although I ordered shrimp in garlic sauce (shrimp and veggies like green peppers, watercress...), I am sure the sauce had sugar in it. Well, I'm at the same weight now since Monday morning weigh in.

So NO CHEATING ladies! Deal????.

And the BIG news today??? My five kids all started school! My kindergartners are only gone for 1/2 a day, but hey, I'll take it..

As for books, I too love harry potter series, twilight series, and Janet Evanovich (great laughs)..

Have a great day!..

Comment #11


I don't want to have to go through detox again. It stinks..

I'd be happy with 2-3 lbs a week too. I love to read too. When I get to my half way point, I think I'm going to treat myself to an Amazon Kindle...

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I'm gonna jump in here..

Started 8/9/10 (easy to remember). Have about 70+ lbs to lose. Down almost 15 so far..

Mom to an almost three year old. Hubs is in the Navy, so I'm often mother of two or single parent..

Doing 4&2 due to depression issues and lack of energy. Switched about a week ago and now I know I can stick with this for the long haul. It was touch and go there for awhile. Keeping it under 1100 cals a day and same targets as 5&2 for fats and carbs (<35g fats, <80g carbs)..

Going on vacation to Tampa in October and am starting the mental work for that already. Vacation does not mean off plan!.

Looking forward to getting to know you all!..

Comment #13

Hi Amy.

Vacation is tough. I'm going to Salem, MA in October for a weekend with my sister and friend. I'm already stressing about it. Especially since both of them are skinny B****** and can eat and drink whatever they want!! Then after that is Thanksgiving and Christmas, and New Year's..

I guess we need to take it as it comes...

Comment #14

Can I join? I'm on day 2 and I've been lurking here for a few days hoping to find a new group to jump into..

I'm 38 years old with 4 children 10,8,4, and 18mo. I'm a stay at home mom and this is my 3rd go around with MF. I'm ready to get off this baby weight. I really want to be accountable these first 5-7 days. I really liked your Group title "L-I-F-E Losing It ForEver." My goal was that by the time I'm 40, I wanted to be in better shape than ever in my adult life..

I'm an Amy also, but you can refer to me as aferg if you like..

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Hi everyone! I need all the buddies I can get!!!.

My name is Amy and I'm also from Atlanta. Well...the suburbs. I'm 34 and I have 3 kids, 6, 3 and 1. I am a stay at home mom, but I work part time working a small business from home. I did Medifast 5 years ago with great results, but baby #2 caused me to gain it all back...and then some! I'm tired of everything and am really going to finish it out this time. Could use some friends for the "long haul.".

I just weighed this morning for my week 5 weigh in and I'm down a total of 24 pounds. I strive to be 100% OP. I have a particualrly hard time drinking enough water. I am recently diagnosed PCOS and insulin resistant and have had high bp for years..

That's it for my quick intro..

Look foward to getting to know everyone!.

(LOL at all the Amy's!)..

Comment #16

Wow, we have three Amys here! Should we refer to you by your user names? Welcome all of you!.

MrsBuzzer - great first month loss! It's hard to be a single parent - stress, depression seem to be a part of that. I am a single parent most of the time too as my DH is often away..

Aferg - You remind me of me four years ago! I now have 13, 9, 7, 5, 5 (twins) year olds and back when I was 38, I had the same goal of being in better shape at age 40 than I'd ever been. Sadly, I didn't start until this year when I turned 42. I had to be mentally ready to drop the remainder of my baby weight. I will be your buddy and help you achieve your goal!.

Albowen - Congrats on your losses so far!!! I have been up and down with all my pregnancies too. Slim Fast and other diets helped me get down but I still need to drop another 25 pounds to be healthy (at a healthy BMI). My cholesterol levels need to come down too. So let's all do this together! And let's all get healthy!.

Ann Marie - where do you live? I live about an hour away from Salem, MA!!! It's a great place to visit in October...and don't stress out about travelling - just make sure you have your Medifast shakes/bars/etc with you. And there is a great thread on the boards about eating out with MF. You should be able to find Lean and Green pretty much at most restaurants...

Comment #17

Ok, All.

I didn't cheat but boy did I want those Fries. The kids had a half day of school today and I took them to McD's. I had a grilled chicken salad for my L&G. I also forgot to drink my H2O. My favorite H2O bottle kicked the bucket yesterday. I found another just like it, tonight..

Hello and good nite..

Mia W..

Comment #18

Nora, I live in Scranton, PA. I've never been to Salem before. My sister and her friend have been going every year for several years now. I'm excited to get away and have always want to go to Salem especially the week before Halloween. We'll be there for a day and then to Boston for a day. Alot of walking so I'm sure I'll be OP.

I've stayed OP and cannot wait to weigh myself tomorrow...

Comment #19

I have always have had trouble with getting all the water too. I picked up a 32 oz water bottle and fill it as soon as I get to work. I try to drink 2 of them throught the day. I've been thirsty the last couple of days (??normal) so I haven't had a hard time getting enough water...

Comment #20

Good morning all! Welcome to all! I am glad that this thread is up and running. I have not seen much downward turn on the scale for my weigh in day tomorrow. Although not straying from the program except for a few adult beverages (low carb) I an eating my 5 & 1. I have not been diligent about logging and measuring. So, I will get back to that and see if I can get the scale moving. I know a loss is a loss, but I would like to see it go a bit faster!.

It has been a very stressful week, nearly 6 weeks. It is not a bad stress at least. We are waiting to hear if we will be moving to New York City. My DH is up for a promotion and they keep stringing us along. We really want this. I just hope it all works out.

Amy (albowen) where in Atlanta? I am in Kennesaw..

I completely agree with the no cheating. Quite honestly I left another thread because everyday there was someone, usually the same people, that would cave and out and out cheat. I don't need that kind of support. They did not advocate it, just no accountability..

That being said, you will not be shunned if you do. Also, there is a big difference between an out and out cheat and a retreat back to old habits..

Here is my bullet point for myself today.

* eat consciously, awareness of everything that goes into the mouth.

* get my 128 oz of water in.

* weigh and measure my L & G.

* eat every 3 hours, sometimes I stretch it out.

Well, I am off for the morning. Today is my volunteer day in the Media Center at the elem. school.

Have a great, focused calm day everyone!..

Comment #21

Morning all! I'm on day 3, and I haven't felt that miserable yet, just tolerable. I'm hoping to get my new food order today. I've been using up my old packets from last year, and all I have is Chicken Noodle soup, a couple of puddings, and a chili! Had banana pudding for breakfast.

Can't wait to get some bars!.

I've been doing pretty decent with my water..

I'm looking so forward being thinner at Christmas time..

I didn't know if anyone would start a new thread every day, or weekly. Looking forward to posting with you all!..

Comment #22

I totally agree Cheryl, about the cheating. I know it's hard and we may slip up from time to time. This time (been on the diet yo-yo for 20 yrs), I am committed to staying 100% OP. I'm disgusted with myself. I don't feel comfortable in my clothes. At 41, I shouldn't feel this way and cannot wait to feel better. I'm so happy that we can support each other...

Comment #23

Hey all.

Hello to all the Amy's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! day 3 and down 3 lbs !!! Amy in Atlanta I started approx the same weight as you and have lost 100lbs it really helped me to only focus on 5lbs at a time cuz the thought of having to lose approx 175lbs was just too overwhelming! also at my heaviest I refused to by any clothes bigger than size 18 I would only wear xl /xxl stretch pants so I have no Idea what size I was!!!!! I have been stuck in 14/16 all summer (my doing) not being on plan-I can't wait to get rid off all my clothes I hope to be a 6 soooonnnnn!!.

I have been taking care of a lady the last 2 yrs lately she has lost all her zest for life so going to work has been a real downer. It takes all my energy just to get her to crack a smile or even reach for her own fork my hubby thinks it's time for me to move on- I have done so much for her and her family I would only leave her unless I found someone that has enough experience to take my place. I am with her at least 50 hours a week so caring for her really takes alot out of me and I need to vent often!!!!.

Well off to have my 1st shake and start some housework and make a few calls have a great Medifast day to all.


Comment #24

Good morning again.

Regarding cheating I don't have time to cheat !!! I have a goal to reach!!!.

Also for me it really does take 3 full days to kick back into losing if I cheat so anytime I am challenged with cheating I just think how hard it is to get back on track and stay 100% on plan..

Making chips out of the brocc soup really cures need the to crunch!!!!.


Comment #25

Diana, I totally agree. I don't want to go through that detox again. How do you make chips out of the soup?..

Comment #26

Cheryl, you're right about out and out cheating vs. returning to old habits. My "cheat" was because of limited menu choices. I could have just opted to not order anything or just ask for some steamed veggies, but I went ahead and ordered what I thought was the the lesser of the evils..

Diana - I know what you mean. Since the "cheat", I have not been able to lose any weight. Actually, I've been sick too and have been sipping chicken boullion and pretty much eating my chicken noodle soups to feel better. I may have water weight due to the extra salt. But the broths help me breathe better and settle my stomach so I can stay OP. Have not had non-MF since sunday and I plan to stay that way...

Comment #27

Good Morning, everyone! It's going to take me a while to learn everyone's names and relate certain things to you, so please be patient with me.

Cheryl, thank you so much for starting this thread. From reading, I think I have found a group of like-minded ladies.

I, too, agree with the "no cheating" philosophy. I am a "100% " type of personality. I give something my all...all or nothing. If I were to cheat, I would expect no coddling but a "why would you do this to yourself?" kind of attitude from all. We are here to lose...not be coddled. Dieting is a lonely business and it is stressful.

My happinesss for the day? Today was my first week weigh-in and....7 lbs gone! TA-DA!!!.

I am ecstatic! I hate the first few days...feel so cranky and out of sorts. Now, on to week 2 and rock n' roll!.

Today is Sept 9...let's see how much we can lose by Sept 30! Let's all be 100% for the next 21 days and see what we can do! Drink an extra cup or two of water a day....5 packets and one L&G...we can do it!..

Comment #28

Soup chips add small amout of water to brocc soup mix to make a thin batter consistancy spray very small amount of pam on a dinner plate or use parchment paper then microwave in 15 to 20 sec increments until hard and crunchy break into pieces=1MF meal works to solve the need to crunch and chew!!!!.

Koolflowers I think a nice friendly challenge for the next 21 days is a great Idea!! 100% on plan check in daily !! count me in!!!..

Comment #29

You got it, diana! 21 days...21 PERFECT days...we can do it!.

Psychologically with me, it's all about the numbers. When I started, I had 53 lbs. to lose. If I can lose 6 more pounds, I have only 39 lbs. to lose. (I'll be in the 30s instead of 50s)That sounds so less daunting to me.

Do whatever it takes for yourself to stick to this! Every single pound counts...whether you have 25 lbs or 100+ lbs to lose...every pound is warred against with blood, sweat and tears. We're all having to follow the same plan...some just for a longer period of time than others. Every pound puts us closer to our goal...

Comment #30

Thanks Diana for the recipe, can't wait to try it..

Count me in on the 21 day challenge. Sounds good. I've already got 32 oz of water down and just 70 more to go!!..

Comment #31

I'm in for the challenge! That's wonderful-you losing 7 lbs! Yay!.

I'm on the lookout for the UPS man. I NEED MY FOOD!..

Comment #32

Count me in too Kool!.

Nora - I think you did great provided the situation. It is not like you ordered sweet and sour chicken and white rice!! We can only expect ourselves to make the best choices out of a given situation. I would think it is more important to at least eat, and eat what is the best choice and closest to OP as possible..

Diana - That is an incredible amount of weight you have lost already. I am so glad that you are here. A successful veteran will do all of us starters a big help..

The stress is over. My DH did not get the promotion. I really wanted this for him and our family. Anyway, our heads are held high and who knows what will come about now. They did give him a substantial raise and some incentives to entice him to stay with the company. That, we can't complain about! Only time will tell if things will pan out with this company.

I am so glad that this group is coming together so nicely! This is just the extra support that I needed!..

Comment #33

Cheryl...sorry your DH didn't get the promotion that's a bummer..

Things usually happen because they need to. Hope things will be less stressful now for you..

I have 64 oz of water down. I know Medifast suggests 64 oz, but it seems many people on plan do 1/2 their body weight. Is that true? What do you girls do? I am finding myself more thirsty than usual...

Comment #34

Ann Marie...I find I must drink more than 64 oz daily. I've usually got that down by mid afternoon. I stay so thirsty on MF...must be the ketosis..

Cheryl...I am so sorry your hubby did not get the promotion. Sigh....We do not always get what WE want but somehow most of the time, we seem to get what we NEED. I hope in the long run you will be happy with what was given to you..

Ok's to the next 21 days of perfection! I'm looking forward to it! It's nothing one is keeping score. It's just that every day you check in, you get to brag about your PERFECT day before! It helps to know that we are not in this alone. We all want this over with TOMORROW and there's no better way to get the weight off quickly than to do Medifast perfectly with no cheating!.



Comment #35

You're probably must be the ketosis. I actually WANT to drink water on Medifast (weird for me). I'm looking forward to this 21 day challange too...

Comment #36

Ann Marie - I drink 1/2 my weight and more. I just find that I am more thirsty, and I have always been a water drinker so it is not too difficult for me..

Lisa - We will be happy in the long run. We are happy now, it was just an exciting prospect. The good news is that it has woken us up to where we want to go. I am then kind of person that believes that there is purpose in almost everything, we just may not see it or understand it...

Comment #37

Day 1 done - total carbs 87.9 and 973 calories, I still have my cappuccino to go, but that is in the totals..

This was one tough afternoon. DH and I usually deal with a let down with a nice bottle of wine and eats. I did not cave even though the whole family was chowing on corn chips and cheese dip and salsa. I didn't particularly want them, I just wanted the release that eating mindlessly used to give me! Anyway, I prevailed. It was time for a Medifast meal anyway. The bad part was that I ate it too fast and it was not that satisfying, but I soldiered on until dinner...

Comment #38

I made a banner if anyone is interested. I am not sure how post the link though..

Comment #39

I messed something up and can't get out! So, I had to post something!.

Night all!..

Comment #40

Oooh, I love the banner. I wish I knew how to copy and paste it. Anyone help with on how to do that? I barely could get my signature and ticker figured out..

Comment #41

Good Evening, Buddies!!! Wow, this thread moves fast!.

Cheryl - I'm in Fayetteville. About an hour or so from Kennesaw. We should get together some time! Sorry about your husband not getting the promotion. That stinks! But I hope the incentives are enough to help you out..

Diana - Thanks for the support. It's nice to know I'm not the only one. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one in the world with this much to lose!.

Kool - Congrats on the 7lbs! And I'm in for the challenge too!.

I've had a terrible day today. Alot of nonsense and drama. Plus a bad TOM. I don't think I'm going to be able to cram in all 5 meals. When I finally did have time to eat, I realized I had nothing to cook (no meat). Then I remembered I can eat eggs, so I just had scrambled eggs for dinner.

Sorry...just a complaining kind of day! I hope everyone is doing well!..

Comment #42

Hello Buddies.

Congrats on all the weight loss. Pms had the best of me this morning but I'm feeling much better this evening..

Not much to say. Have a great day tomorrow.


Comment #43

Cheryl, sorry about the promotion falling through, but you are right, there is a purpose for everything that happens. Something else is intended for your family (something bigger and better?).

I am bad about my water but I will try to do better. I am in for the 21 day challenge. Gotta run though. Wishing everyone a great Medifast day!!!!..

Comment #44

Good Morning Buddies:.

Cheryl: Love the banner too but like Amy not sure how to copy/paste it. Good job on passing on the goodies last night!.

Today is my weigh in day and I'm down 9.8 lbs! I'm so loving MF!! I've been 100% OP all week and I'm determined to stay that way going into week 2. I work full time 8-4 M-F and part time 5-9 pm T-R and every other weekend and I'm finding that Medifast is actually easier for me working so much. I am off this weekend but have lots to do around the house (painting the bathroom) so I'll be busy and hopefully won't be distracted by food. Yesterday, I drank 132 oz of water!! I'm just so thirsty...

Comment #45

Yesterday was day 1 of the 21 day challenge to be PERFECT! I give myself a big P for Perfect! Now on to day 2....ladies, it will be 9/30/10 before we know it....just 20 more days to see how much you can lose by the end of the month!.

LOL I feel for all of you suffering with TOM issues. I will be 53 next week and have not dealt with that since June 2006.

It is absolutely FREEING!!! Ok, there is a trade-off...before my TOM ended, I never had to worry about plucking every day LOL....what a trade-off! Whiskers or PMS?!!! We women do struggle with issues men will NEVER know.

I do remember the bloating and emotional rollercoaster. Menopause effected me emotionally...I had anxiety through the roof. So glad that has all passed..

So, how did everyone else do yesterday? P (Perfect) or UP (Un-Perfect).

Remember no one is here to judge...just that being accountable to others helps. This is not always easy, you know. But we have a real gift here...Sept and Oct have no big holidays to tempt us off path. Halloween is the end of Oct so some of you may have a party and then there's the candy issue but I think that is do-able. We don't have major holidays coming up until Thanksgiving so we have a big window here of time to really LOSE all we can. Think about it...where do you want to be by Thanksgiving?!!!.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful morning out there...

Comment #46

Ann Marie - Congrats on the first week's GREAT loss!!!.

Kool - I have to come clean and say I was Un-Perfect..

I did not eat all 5...and I only had half of a green. But I'm back up and running today!.

I hope everyone has a fantastic 100% OP day!..

Comment #47

Hi - I would love to join this group. I just finished my 4th week on MF. I've lost 9 lbs and have another 25.6 lbs to go. I live in Western WA and am a very happily married (31 years and counting) empty-nester. My children are 29, 27, and 23 and I can't believe they are now all grown and on their own - it seems like just yesterday I was balancing my job as a teacher and all the kids' activities. Now I'm 57, no longer teaching, and trying to get back in shape.

Well, those days are over! I'm committed to giving myself 100% to Medifast and losing the extra pounds forever...

Comment #48

Welcome, gigmom...we'd love to have you here! We are all ages but have one thing in common...we are committed!.'s ok that you weren't P yesterday as you didn't blow anything...just didn't get it all in! Thanks for the honesty.

I think being accountable helps us to understand why we weren't on plan 100% and be able to do it differently the next day. Today is a new day and you can do it right today!.

I'm off to work!..

Comment #49

Thanks Amy and Kool is right, just focus on today. Forget about yesterday..

Welcome gigmom.

I work in a large OB/GYN practice with about 35 other women. I only told 2 of my friends here that I started MF. Reason being....we all know how some women can be. We have it here with EVERYTHING!!! When I told my friends how much I lost this week, one of them is thinking of joining. She's checking out the website and is going to talk to her DH over the weekend. It feels good to help someone else struggling with the same issues as myself...

Comment #50

I would love to join too since I am only two weeks in and alway up for a challenge. How do I join?..

Comment #51

Here is the banner link. See if this works. If not I will try and get it to..

When you edit your signature click the little mountain icon at the top to insert image.


Comment #52

Gigmom - Welcome!.

Ann Marie - Wow! What an incredible loss! It just proves what you can accomplish if you stay focused and on track..

Lisa (kool) - I love the rating system simple and straight forward. You are so right about the upcoming months being very program friendly! Halloween won't be a big hardship for me as long as I don't have even one piece of candy. Once I have one, I want more!.

Today was my weigh-in and I am down 2.5 lbs! I can't wait to see what next Friday will show!..

Comment #53


Just jump in..

CherylThanks for the support and congrats on your loss! Also thanks for the link for the banner. It took me a few minutes but I figured it out. I'm not a computer whiz, but not totally computer illiterate...

Comment #54

Linda - What Ann Marie said! Welcome!.

Ann Marie - your welcome! Oooo only 3.3 pounds to Onderland!!! This week baby!..

Comment #55

I tried to paste the banner, and all I see is a little red x, like I can't get the picture up..

That's what I get for having a cheap computer. I may try again..

Welcome all the new members!.

Forgive me, I have a the hardest time remembering names, it's going to take me some time..

Anne Marie-9 lbs loss -that is so awesome!.

I'm seeing you all weigh in and getting excited. I don't weigh in til tuesday, I want to not step on that scale until then to get the final result..

I've been on plan, and I'm on day 4. Today I'm feeling like my energy is going up.


Went to a MOPS group last night, and they had all kinds of food on the table, like brownies and hi carb appetizers. I just got the raw veggies and munched on those, rushed home to have a Cream of Broccoli soup. One of the ladies even set a big bowl of M&M's right in front of me, and I didn't touch them!..

Comment #56

Amy - What great restraint and dedication not going for the off plan food. My DS2 got a pack of M & Ms today and dropped them. I had to pick them all up. So tempting to plop them in my mouth! That was the old me though!.

On the banner. Did you click the Insert Image icon? I didn't do that at first and it went wonky..

I don't think I could make it a whole week without weighing. I weigh everyday, some times more, but I don't pay too much attention until Friday morn...

Comment #57

Hi everyone,.

Can I join?? Here is my story- (sorry if you already read it).

I am 26 (5'0" tall), have been married for 3 years and we have a gorgeous (almost 1yr old) baby girl. I have pretty much been heavy since puberty. Back in 2004 I had my gallbladder removed and I was at my lowest adult weight of 145. I got that thin by not being able to eat anything fattening. (Or I would be in excruciating pain) After I had the surgery I met my hubby and we got happy and fat together! I weighed 223 when we got married in 2007. In 2008 I lost 45 lbs and got down to 182 then I got pregnant.

After recovering from the c-section, I channeled the pain from loosing my son into exercising and I lost most of the pregnancy weight. I got down to 190 this time. Then I got pregnant with my daughter. I had a rough pregnancy and was on bed-rest for most of it. I got up to 227.

21) I got down to 190 again really fast, but then started eating whatever I wanted in my busy, new-mommy lifestyle and have gotten up to 218, which is when I surrendered and joined MF. I got scared when those numbers started getting close to my wedding weight of 223. I had promised myself that I would NEVER get that big again. (Without being pregnant) So here I am, down 12.6 lbs in my first 3 weeks! I can't wait to see my weight start with a 1 again!!! I am sooo motivated! I want to be a hot momma! And I could use some good friends to keep me accountible!! I have a REALLY hard time staying OP on the weekends..

I would love having more Medifast friends, I look forward to sharing our accomplishments!..

Comment #58

I need help! My one twelve yr old thinks he is fat. (Not!) He is about to grow and it's hard to find clothes for him. ok, now the problem is tonight is pizza night for the first friday of school. I don't want my son to feel bad that I'm having pizza for dinner. I don't mind going off plan for him. It's only one piece and my salad. Help! I've been 100% OP since 8/25/10...

Comment #59

Melissa...we are happy to have you. Actually, this is all pretty new and we are still getting to know each will take a bit to get used to who is who so jump on in.

We're also all pretty new so this should be going for a while..

Talking about the MMs not tempting you....when I get into the "zone of success" (and yall know what I'm talking about)...NOTHING tempts me. It's that "zone" where you are so focused, so determined that you could be in a freezer full of Ben & Jerry's with no one there and never take a bite! I love being in the zone and I'm 100% there now. Nothing...not a bite, not a nibble, not a taste, is going to deter me from reaching my goal this time. I want that goal weight much more than I want any food...

Comment #60

Koolflowers914- Thanks for the welcome, and I am in that zone with ya!!.

It so empowering to realize that you can say no to foods you never thought you could...

Comment #61

Mia - you don't have to have pizza. You could just have a salad. Would this upset him? I have been know (in the past low-carb life) to just scrape the topping and cover the crust with my napkin! Have your lean before you go, or a packet and have your lean when you get home..

I don't think it is good idea to go off program for him. #1 it is not a good choice for you. #2 What will that say to him about your true commitment to stay on course for your new healthy life style. #3 I think you will be disappointed in yourself afterward, I know that I would be with myself. You do have options. Choose what will work best for you..

Please choose to stay OP!..

Comment #62

Melissa - Welcome! I think you will find a lot, most, of us are in the zone! It is empowering to welcome a new attitude to food. I think it is also amazing that I can get by on so few calories and still be satisfied!..

Comment #63

I ordered a large chef salad and gave half to the hubbie. I have to do this! I'm finally back to pre baby weight (17 yrs ago). Now, If I can get to first married weight. Hmmm! The years fly bye...

Comment #64

About the food temptations, I'm so with you all "in the zone". I can't even believe it myself how strong my willpower is..

I do have a question..

I'm On day 4, and I just finished my lean and green, and I felt so full, I had a guilty feeling. I didn't cheat, or eat more than required, but I still felt like it didn't feel right to feel so full..

Is this normal?.

I even considered skipping my 5th MF, but I've been told not to do that...

Comment #65 proud of you for making the right choice! And so proud of you being at pre-baby weight! That is a milestone. You will make it to wherever you want making good choices like tonight.

I ate at Macaroni Grill tonight with the fam and had the grilled salmon with roasted/grilled veggies and a small ceasar salad. It was so much and I am still stuffed and only ate half. I have my l&g all set for tomorrow with leftovers..

Amy, our l&g meals are quite a lot. I hear some MFers saying that they split it into 2 portions and eat it twice a day. Honestly, I cannot eat all of that meat and all of those veggies at one sitting. I was never a big meat eater anyway...whenever the hubby and I go out for steak, we would get the largest one on the menu and he would cut me off about 1/3. So yes, it is possible to feel stuffed after the l&g. And yes, eat your 5th Medifast meal.

Any lower and we might go into "conservation" mode and quit burning fat and start burning muscle. Every calorie on Medifast counts.

Good night..

Comment #66

Great choice Mia! With decisions like that you will be at marriage weight in no time!..

Comment #67

Amy - I do feel quite full after my L & G. The past couple of days I have had some of my lean in the afternoon (my hungry time anyway). The lean portion is often too much for me at once. It also depends on what my lean is if it is steak, I have no problem eating 5 oz..

Sometimes I feel like I am eating forever! I am always the last to finish, which I guess is not a bad thing!.

Also everyone, P (perfect) is my mark for yesterday..

I have my whole day planned out for today. We have a busy sports schedule between hockey camp, ballet and a hockey game. I worked my plan backwards knowing I would not get my l & g until 7:30 pm..

Have a great day all!..

Comment #68

Good morning all.

I did post yesterday but oops I posted with the hefty hunnies and skinny group ooopppss.

It was before coffee!!!! well it was nice to say hello to another group haahahahaha any way I know I am doing better this morning already had 1 huge cup, I just can't give up the coffee for now I know it's a mental thing but I need that jitter feeling of being hyper to make it through the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Day 5 down 7 lbs !!!!!!! a little game I play I try to keep the number of lbs ahead of the number of days. it works for me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Taking the kids to the fair today but before we go it's a family cleaning time everyone has to clean up the basement( toy room) then after the fair I go to work til midnight..

I work 6 days a week I have friday night off only so I make the most out of every second.

I had a 2 hour workout yesterday and will get a 1 hour workout in before work and maybe workout 1 hour after work I have 2 gym memberships one is a 24hr the other is huge spa like love it I really have no excuse not to go because one of them is always available..

Mia I so glad you did not cheat!!!! did you know most pizza places use lard for the dough yuk!!! I make pizza at home for my family using healthy tortilla shells. My kids do eat some junk so I try very hard to make food healthy as much as possible they have never even tasted soda my son is 23 and still does not want it!!! now he eats organic foods only veggies and fish!!! I hope my girls will be like that I am trying to teach them if they eat healthy and stay active they won't have a problem. I buy only 100% juice, skim milk and nothing with High fructose corn syrup or palm oil I have always done this so I am hoping all the healthy stuff will offsets the bad things they eatlike school lunch !!!.

I was raised eating good food but huge portions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so that has always been my biggest problem like instead of eating 6 blue corn chips I ate the whole bag!.

I love Medifast cuz it's no thinking just do it..

Well off to start the day -happy shaking to all.


Comment #69

I ended up eating a Medifast crunch bar at 11:00 last night! I'm so stressed about eating more than I should! Thanks all, I kept telling myself that on MF, I'm consuming less than half the calories than I used to. That's enough in itself..

Our little town has a fall festival today, my son is in the parade. Hope it doesn't rain on them!.

(We live just outside of Louisville, Ky).

Will check in later..

Comment #70

Diana - Great job on the weight loss! I need my coffee too! I had a serious 1/2 n 1/2 addiction. I would have as much a 6 T in a large coffee. I am now down to 2 T! I think it I just don't have the crave for the sweetness and high fat anymore...

Comment #71

How did we all do today? I had a great day! I was able to stick to my plan that I laid out the morn, and all went well!..

Comment #72

Evening everyone. Did much better today! Missed a meal while shopping this afternoon, so I still have one more to get in tonight, but OP other than that!.

Hope everyone is having a fantastic weekend!..

Comment #73

Hey all reading the posts before bed.

Amy I see you are post on hefty hunniesme too!!!!.

I stayed 100% day 5 for me !!!!.

I really got to hit the pillow now.

Good night stay shakin.


Comment #74

I missed two Medifast meals due to a crashed computer and lame timing on my part. TOM is the worst one in a long time. Other than that 100% on plan..

Comment #75

Good morning all well day 6 and 8 lbs gone as of this morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am hoping to hit the 10 loss by tomorrow so I off to the gym for a super hard workout love it love it Medifast is so easy for me. I really have to keep up the pace to make my goal by then end of Oct!!!!!!.

I will post later I am off to the gym to sweat alot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Happy shakin to all.


Comment #76

Ann Marie...I forgot to congratulate you on that STUNNING 1st week loss of 9.8 lbs! That is a lot of BLOAT LOL...I felt so much better after wk 1, rings fit better, my middle felt better...I tend to hold a lot of water weight..

Amy...if you are going to "cheat", what better cheat is there than an extra Medifast bar? I don't really consider that cheating. You are attempting to stay OP and making a good choice. Cheating is eating a bag of Cheetos.

My very first day on the diet, I ate an extra Medifast bar that night, I was so hungry!.

"p" for me yesterday and day before! Doing great so far...I am dead serious about seing what I can get off in this month of Sept! I am in the zone and loving it. I'm not taking it for granted either...I know there will come a day when I want to flush every Medifast packet down the toilet. We will all have those times so let's get prepared for them..

I was reading two member's pages last night (forget who)...they both lost 30 - 40 lbs in 12 short weeks! Good Golly! Imagine 30-40 lbs of blubber in your bathtub. That is a lotta' lard.

If we count from right now...that is December 5th! That is not that long away. Christmas will be here before we know it. Get in the zone now and get rid of this fat!!! Look and feel your best for the Christmas (or Hannuka) Season! WE CAN DO THIS!.


Comment #77

Oh, and Cheryl....I SO understood when you were talking about "mindlessly eating". How much did I do that everyday? I even kept candy bowls all over our office....telling myself it was for our clients when all along I knew it was for me. I "mindlessly" picked up peppermints, Hershey's miniatures, and hard candy all day long. My poor teeth...just thinking about it makes me want to go get a cleaning.

No more mindless eating...I will remain focused, eat my Medifast meals, eat my L&G and break this habit of mindless stuffing...

Comment #78

Hey all again.

Just got back from a 3 hour workout tons of sweat I am so happing to be back in my groove did full body workout and 1 full hour in the sauna just had my L and G I like to have it at lunch time then Medifast meals I have 3 more to get in before around 6 ish. I will workout tomorrow morning and finish my first week back on plan I feel great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ran into another workout buddy this morning so I am even more motivated !! I love positive /happy people!!!!.

Well off to do laundry and do housework for the next 2 hours before work I am really hoping I can get my client to bed early so I can get at least 7 hours of sleep tonight!! IF so I will hit the gym at 5am itstead of 9am either way I will be ready for another great workout!!!.

I am back at the point were you can actually feel yourself losing!!! it's a great thing!!!.

Happy shakin to all.


Comment #79

Good grief, Diana! You are making me tired reading your post LOL.

Good job on the workout..

I have got to start doing SOMETHING here in the next week or two. I have no excuse...we have a very nice fitness room where I live AND a 3-story underground parking garage that I could go up and down, no matter what the weather, walking. We have underground springs down there and it sounds like waterfalls everywhere...very nice sound..

I am sitting here eating the peanut butter soft serve for the first time and it is pretty darn good. Peanut butter is one of my trigger foods....I can polish off two apples spread with the stuff in nothing flat. If I could take one food to a desert island, it would be peanut butter LOL..

Went shopping yesterday and the new fall clothes in the stores are beautiful. I was tempted to buy something in a size 8, hang it in my bedroom, and look at it everyday to spur me on but I thought "Nah...I've got enough 10's in my closet to do that!". I have a beautiful Nine West lime sundress that I bought in Bermuda last year while on a is a 10 and I've never worn it. I bought it thinking I would lose and get in it THIS summer. Well, this summer has come and gone. summer...I will be wearing it!.

But, in looking at all those clothes, I picked up an looked so tiny and I am going to be this size before the end of the year. It was pretty empowering to me...

Comment #80

Diana - how in the world do you have enough energy to work out for so long, do all the normal life stuff and then go to work? I am impressed. I definitely have more energy, but I am tired at the end of the day. I can't even imagine working in a 1/2 hour walk! Although, I did do about 10 hours of heavy yard work last weekend and felt tired, but not run down..

Lisa - I know what you mean about all the pretty clothes in the stores right now. All the new things look so yummy, but I figured why buy now? In a few weeks they won't fit. I bet you will find that size 10 sundress won't fit you by next summer, it will be way too big!..

Comment #81

Hope everyone is doing well!!!.

Just wanted to wish you all a great week this week! Let's see those pounds melt away!!!..

Comment #82

Diana-you are so inspiring! Motivating me to excercise more and more..

I really have felt my energy boost and I actually run around the house cleaning like I never have before. I just can't stop. Weird..

Lisa-I can really relate about the sundress. I was cleaning out my closet and found all my blue jeans that are 3 sizes smaller than I am now, wondering if I'd ever be able to wear them again. I decided to hold onto them. I do keep a pair hanging there for me to see daily and that keeps me going. I LOVE fall/winter clothes..

My husband loves L.L. Bean clothing, and wishes I would dress like that. I always felt so big and self conscious in those styles. I really hope he'll let me go on a shopping spree when I shrink!.

I still feel SO full after my lean and green. My mind is messing with me thinking I over ate, when I really didn't. I DID split my vegetables up and had some spinach with my Cream of Chicken soup..

Got one more full day tomorrow before I weigh in on Tues...

Comment #83

Hi everyone!.

Hope you all had a great weekend!!.

Mine was an emotional rollercoaster, but I managed to stay op! (This is the 1st weekend I have been able to say that) One of my best friends is moving out of state, so we threw her a going away party. Lot of tears and lots of food. Today I didn't really do much, slept in and cleaned the house. Getting ready for my baby girl's first birthday party next weekend! Soooooooooo stressed! Hoping this week goes by quickly. Not to mention my grandma (and my baby sitter) is super sick, so I don't know what we'll be doing as far as child care.....

Comment #84

Hey all.

Day 7 for me with a total of 9.4 lbs gone gone gone thats with TOM starting at midnight !! I wanted to hit 10 lbs but I'll take 9.4!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

I just read the new posts and posting quick this morning I am a super busy day yes I do have alot of energy I have to drink coffee to give me even more I truly only know 2 other women that do almost as much as I do one has 5 kids and works part-time the other has 4 kids does not work but does marathons and is always workingout and running!!!! this is my schedule today.



Get kids ready for school.

Take kids to school.

Drop 1 dog off to groomer and doogie day care.

Come back home fast clean up for our home improvement guy he is coming for the next few days so that means even more cleaning for me!!.

Start laundry and dishes.

Take client to appt for 11am.

Take client out for lunch I am getting a garden salad olive oil and vinegar on the side.

Take client home.

Go to the gym I hope I have 1 hour at least!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Grandma is picking up 4 yr old for me.

Then I pick up 2 daughter from school early take make a doctors appt for my 8 yr old.

Meeting hubby at doctors office so he can bring the girls home so I can go straight to work.

Last work til around midnight.

Fitting Medifast and water in every 2 to 3 hours in between all this.

Happy shaking to all I better start moving my butt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.


Comment #85

Good morning all. I didn't get a chance to check in over the weekend. Very busy re-doing the bathroom. I stayed 100% OP. I am totally loving MF. I cannot believe that I have no cravings for anything.

I did try the choc. Medifast pudding this weekend and it is delicious!! I lost 1 lb over the weekend, so I'm feeling pretty good today..

I hope everyone else had a good OP weekend. Let's all have a PERFECT week!!.

I do have a question though. How do you count cheese in? I've read on one of the threads that 2 low fat laughing cows are OK. I made an omlet for dinner yesterday and followed the recipe in the Medifast cookbook (used 2% cheddar). Is this a healthy fat???..

Comment #86

NSV How is it possible to go from a size 18W to a regular 14?!?! I decided, although comfy, I am tired of always pulling up my jeans! This morning I decided to go shopping. Taking some advice from other posters, I hit my local Goodwill. I found some really cute 14s and tried them on for the heck of it, and they actually fit! Maybe they are stretched out from previous wearers?.

Anyway, I will take it! One pair was even a 14 from Ann Taylor! I have never been able to fit into those clothes since I could afford to buy them! I still have over 50# to go! I wonder what my size will be at the end? It is definitely a mystery I am going to solve!.

I also got a few pair that were 12s because they were really nice. I also found a couple of cute shirts and sweater! All in all it was a success!..

Comment #87

Cheryl- Ann Taylor jeans are the best! I've got a few pair in my closet waiting for me to fit in them. That's such a great feeling to get into smaller sizes..

I've been having to pull up my jeans all the time now, I don't have any belts, so I grab a shoestring and tie it around through my belt loops. Goodwill is a great idea!.

I'm on day 6, and feeling pretty good. However, I do get hit every now and then with a flushed/hot feeling. Feeling a little hungry. I'm thinking that my body is burning fat when that happens. I don't feel faint or anything, just feels like I've had a serious workout when I haven't really worked out...

Comment #88

Congrats Cheryl. That's great!!.

I can't wait until my jeans are falling off me. My scrubs feel looser today than last week. They were starting to get snug and now they are just right...

Comment #89

WAY TO GO, CHERYL! I can't wait to start going down sizes. I was in a tight 14 when I started, they are now fitting perfectly and comfortably. I will feel like I am finally well on my way when 12s can fit again. Good job!.

Melissa...good job over the weekend! They can be rough but you are so close to being out of the 200s! That's a lot of incentive to say OP..

Amy...How fast do you think we can get to those 160s? When I'm 165 and under, I'm in a 12. How tall are you? I'm 5'5" but small boned. I probably should be going down to 125 but just don't know if that is sustainable for me in my 50s now..

Ann Marie...sorry I can't answer your question about the cheese. Go to the nutrition board or simply call the Medifast helpline. I do enjoy the Laughing Cows when iI need a little pick me up. Sometimes I will have 4-5 Lite Wheat Thins with them...they are comparable to the Medifast snack crackers so I count it as such!.

Here's to a great Medifast week everyone!..

Comment #90

Melissa - You did great this weekend. I think stress must be a common derailment for a lot of people, so way to hang in there and take care of yourself. You will be able to breath a bit easier after your birthday party! What fun that should be!.

Ann Marie - It is so nice when our clothes fit looser, or just right. I know I feel so much better. I never thought I would feel this great with just a 16# loss. I have always had it in my mind that I would never be pleased until I got to that final goal. I am so happy to be enjoying the journey downward! It sounds like you will too!!.

About once a week I have a LC cheese spread on cucumbers for an afternoon snack. It also gives me a green so I am not so stuffed after L&G meal..

Amy - I just pulled some reference sheets I have pinned to my frig. I will get you the link after this post. Cheese is under the Meatless Options under the Lean Category. It says you can have 4oz (1 cup shredded) moderate-fat cheese (3-6 grams fat/oz). Here it also list the cottage cheese and ricotta cheese you may have as well. I wanted to post the earlier, because I knew I had read it somewhere, but it took my brain a little while to access that information!.

It has been a good day, 100% OP. My little ones are all tucked in bed, DH is away so I am going to curl up under a blanket watch whatever I want on TV (NO SPORTS), and have my cappuccino!..

Comment #91


Here is the link for the Meatless Options..

Comment #92

Hello Buddies! I hope everyone has had a fantastic start to the week. I'm 100% OP and plugging along. Trying to stay positive!.

Everyone keep up the great work!..

Comment #93

Weighed in today-lost.


I'm very pleased..

Just checking in. Everyone have a good day!..

Comment #94

Wow! Amyf....great week! 6.8....welcome to the 160s! Terrific weight loss! I'm right behind you heading to those 160s.! I cannot wait...about 165, I begin to feel so much better and can wear a 12, which I have a closet full of.

When I pass thru those, I may have to send them to some of you guys..

Could everyone post their start dates, start weight, current weight and goal & height if you don't mind? If you can, Gives me a better picture of you all...something like this:.

Lisa - 5'5" 188/178.5/135 Start 9/2/10.

Ok, ladies....17 more days to go on our 21 days to be perfect mini-challenge! I am proud to report I have been "p" since we started.

17 days to perfectly work the program and see how successfully we can lose! October should be a piece of cake (pardon the pun) all the way til the end. I mean, who celebrates Columbus Day with parties?!!! Get going, get "perfect" and drop these lbs!!!..

Comment #95

Good morning Buddies.

Just checking in real quick, busy day at work. Have to work full and part time jobs today, with a viewing in between; the husband of one of the nurses I work died age 56..

I'm still 100% OP and plan on staying that way until goal..

Amy (aferg): Congrat!!.

Feels great doesn't it!.

I'm with you Kool. Here's my stats: I am 5'4", start 213, current, 202.8, goal 130 start date 9/4/10.

Everyone have a great Medifast day! I'll try to check in later on...

Comment #96

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.