Can I drink vodka and sugar free redbull on the Medifast Diet phase 1?

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First question I have is Can I drink vodka and sugar free redbull on the Medifast Diet phase 1? Hoping for any response. My other question... Welcome to another week of the Melt Away Wrapper Challenge and home of the Melt Aways Group..

Wrapper Challenge stats:.

Calories: 993.

Carbs: 91.5.

OP: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Log: Yes.

Exercise: 10 lbs. Slim Down Lower Body Work-out.

Sally: I'm glad your doctor was proud of your losses!.

Looks like everyone is trying to get on track. Wooohooo! I'm down 1.4 pounds today. Going to change my ticker now..

Happy Hump Day!!!..

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Of course! although you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you email the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

Barb -.

Thanks for sharing because I think so many of us go thru the same exact thing with our family, friends and co-workers. Just treated like second class citizens due to our weight. They forget the great things you have done or accomplished in your life because you are still a failure in their eyes because you are FAT..

Your story really touched my heart. And you are absolutely right - it is YOU that matters most. Love yourself and the rest will follow..

If the words of RuPaul: If you don't love yourself how the hell is someone else going to love you???.

Hope you are have a great day and you are so worth it!!! Hugs!..

Comment #2


Thanks for sharing this. 125 lbs. on a 5'9 frame? People are sometimes oblivious of weight vs. height. You've lost 34 lbs.!!! You not only can but ARE doing this!.

And when your thin, someone will say you're too thin, it'll probably be a jealous family member. But, at least if you can't please them, you are not pleasing yourself with junk. I was a Caramello lover too, the king size! Chocolate addicts unite!!! We WILL succeed!!!.

Everyone here is proud of you. High five sister!..

Comment #3

Love and hugs to you, Barb. I've got that family too. Ignore their judgement. If they can't find satisfaction with you, it's a flaw on their side. And that flaw may never go away, regardless of what you do..

<3 <3 <3..

Comment #4

Barb, that touched my heart and brought tears to my eyes. This weekend my Grandma wouldn't stop offering me sweets, after at least 10 times of politely declining I finally said "Grandma I'm on a diet." Then she said "Oh good for you." I know she wants to be supportive but you'd think she'd get the picture by like the 6th time I said "no thank you, I'm not hungry." It was a little embarrassing because my super thin cousin overheard but at least Grandma finally stopped asking me to eat so I guess it was the right thing..

I'm not doing the Wrapper thing today... I'm having a "pause" as my coach calls it. I'm still trying to stay OP but w/TOM coming I feel like I'm starving all the time so I'm eating OP foods but a bit more... if anyone has suggestions (BESIDES PICKLES - see my prev. post) I'm open..

I hope everyone else is having a great week... it looks like all of our numbers are going the right direction... WOO HOO!.

Love n Hugs,.


Comment #5

Weigh in Day for me - 2.8 lbs gone for a total of 16 Lbs on Week #5. Slow and steady..

I am happy with it and now noticing clothes feeling looser..

Headed to my next goal which is 20 lbs. away. That is where I was a year ago when I moved to Iowa after loosing 47 lbs, at the end of 2009 only to see 33 lbs of it back on because of all the new restaurants we had to try!. That's why this is my last diet I am ever going on - I have to stop the madness!.

Besides loosing weight, I am working through The Beck Diet Solution to understand my connection to food and understanding my inner self. I can change the outside by loosing, but the inside must be ready to accept and work with the new me; because this isn't about loosing weight, it's about not ever gaining it back once I succeed..

I will be ready!!..

Comment #6

Sounds as though we all have family issues. Some families sabotage diets. Some are critical no matter what size we are. One of my favorites is family who pretend not to notice dropping 40 or 50 lbs...but notice when you put it back on. In the end, it is only ourselves we can please, ourselves we can make good choices for. The extra payoff is that when we feel good about ourselves, that goodness spreads around, even to those who are slow to help.

I'm on plan today.

Calories 478.3 Behind again on meals but I'll probably have soup or oatmeal before bedtime..

Carbohydrate 30 g.

Water - I'm still struggling with that. I carry a water bottle around but don't seem to actually drink much..

Logging food: yes.

Excerise: does grocery shopping count? I was so conscious today of all the good smells from the grocery's deli. Glad I could walk on by..

Take care everybody..


Comment #7

My wrapper for today:.

Calories: 921.3.

Carbs: 83.7.

OP: Totally..

Water: Meh... not enough, as usual..

Logged food: Yes..

Exercise: Nosir. I'll be exercising tomorrow, for my second day on C25K..

Condiments: Red wine vinegar...

Comment #8

Hump Day Wrapper.

Calories: 1019.7.

Carbs: 83.2.

OP: 100%.

Water: 120 OZ.

Logged food: Yes.

Exercise: No..

Comment #9

625 cal.

61 carb.

Water and exercise - no.

OP - I ate 2 circles of onion on a salad. I read someone else saying that can be a condiment? But I'm not sure..

There's that little variation I seem to always do. I've determined I can never whine about slow losses again, because this challenge has proven to me that I often veer a little off the path, and I only get all my water about half the time. I tend to have a stubborn non-conformist streak, and it's showing..



Spring Break.


I can't take off cuz of work - that's our cutoff cycle with crazy work schedule. I am off this week, though, and enjoying it immensely! Just staying home and getting stuff done. Got my hair cut today, and visited the cardiologist. Unfortunately, I haven't had enough loss yet to improve my BP. Got my meds doubled..

And when I mentioned the diet and significant future weight loss and getting off meds... he burst my bubble. Told me he doesn't think I'll ever get to be without meds. I'm a pretty severe case. sigh..

Comment #10

My handy-dandy condiment booklet says 1 TBSP, or 1 thin slice. You may have gone over a little, but it still works...

Comment #11

Gloria: Congrats on your losses! You are doing fantastic!!!!.

Yesterday's Wrappers.

Calories: 923.

Carbs: 78.5.

Water: 80 oz..

Exercise: 10 lbs. down Core.

OP: Yes.

Log: Yes.

Condiments: 1 lemon wedge, 1/4 tsp. pepper, 1 cooking spray for my Medifast pancakes.

For those that struggle to get in all your meals, although Medifast prefers to space them out, some do eat more than one at a time: Hot Cocoa and Pancakes, Shake and a Bar. I know I'm preaching to the choir, but super low numbers are going to turn you into Ms. Cranky Pants, one b/c you're starving and tired, two b/c you're not going to like the numbers you get on the scale. I care about you!!! HUGS and more HUGS!!!..

Comment #12


No spring break plans yet. Actually, my July cruise is now on hold. DH is waiting to see if he gets shipped off to that lovely war we still have going on. They keep moving dates which makes it hard to schedule a darn thing at this point. I do long for a vacation somewhere, anywhere! I hear the steel drums in the background and the sounds of crashing waves.....

I've read several posts from people with high bp that went off meds or had meds reduced. Maybe you'll surprise your doctor!..

Comment #13

Thanks for the kind words of support. I cried as I read them. Such a strong emotional response from me lets me know that this is an area that I need to work on. My heart is bruised. I talked with my (also large-sized) sister about this yesterday and also my dh. Speaking (and writing) my feelings over and over really helps.

Obviously, I've eaten it, too. Before my 1st marriage ended, our counselor told me she was surprised I hadn't had a heart attack from holding back all the time. I tend to just "go along to get along" and keep the peace. But those feelings are like a snowball rolling downhill, getting bigger and bigger until they crash into something. Maybe I'll have to break out my journal....I hate journaling!...but it serves it's purpose.

Happy Thursday, you guys are great!..

Comment #14

Today I bought a slicer to do the thin zucchini chips. I also had turkey breast cutlets for dinner. Ladies, I'm branching out. The same ole', same ole' is getting boring. I had roasted asparagus as well which I've always enjoyed so I'll probably try to cook it more often. I got my new shipment in yesterday.

Also new to me are the cinnamon pretzel sticks, chocolate mint bars, and the oatmeal raisin bars which were all really good!..

Comment #15

Today's Wrapper. Whoo!.

Calories: 927.8.

Carbs: 88.7.

Water: 40 oz. ish..

Exercise: 2nd day on the Couch25K program! I'm so fit. ;P.

OP: Yes, other than a little extra curry peppers. That was delicious..

Log: 100%..

Condiments: 1 Splenda packet, small amount of curry sauce, salt...

Comment #16

Wrapper Report.

Calories: 947.7.

Carbs: 82.

Water: 56 oz (can get one more in if I want to stay up all night!).

Exercise: 15 min on treadmill at 2.5 mph.

OP: 100%.

Log: Yes.

Condiments: Splenda, 1 tsp cool whip, garlic salt.

I forgot to report yesterday - but it was all good!.

Tracy, I like the Oatmeal and Mint Chocolate Bars and the Cinnamon Pretzels and Cream of Chicken are on my order for next month. I get excited with making out a new order..

I started a new thread called - "How Do You Tweek Your Medifast " Maybe new ideas will come up there..

I am watching a great show on Public TV - it's an advertisement actually, but the guy talking is promoting his program, The Amen Solution, Thinking Thinner, Smarter, Happier. I am not buying it, but the things he is saying is sinking in! It's about getting it in your head to get what you want! I have always been convinced that loosing weight is 90% mental!.

An early TGIF everyone..


Comment #17

Calories 833.

Carbs 86.

Water I'm not sure.

Exercise no.

OP I had a spoon of rice, to make sure it tasted ok for my son.

I thought for a minute that I didn't veer any today. Then I remembered the rice. Ay yi yi..

So where's everybody been? Not posting cuz not doing challenge? Busy? AWOL? I hope they didn't drop from the plan altogether. I like when we get a random check in from long lost souls..

I'm a daily weigher, and I seem to be having a pretty good week on the scale. I thought about joining the daily weigher group also. Did you know they name their scales? LOL I tried to think of a name for mine, but keep falling short. The only thing I can think of is Weight Watcher, cuz that's what it says on it. Original...

Comment #18

Hey, everyone! Tomorrow is weigh-in. Good sign, my clothes are a bit baggy. No spring vacation plans but in January, after 42 yrs working for same company (different jobs), I stepped down from director position to work part-time. So now I get to enjoy 4 days off each week. To soon to retire completely. Losing weight so I can enjoy my life...


Calories 474.5.

Carbohydrate 41.1 g.

Water - more then half.

On plan: yes.

Exercise: no.

Log food: yes.

Still may have an Medifast meal before bed but not really feeling hungry..

Have a good Friday, everyone!.


Comment #19

Sorry, Sally... but I don't think you can say you were OP when you've eaten so few calories! It's pretty clear you still have at least three Medifast meals to eat, if not more. You need to eat them! You can't say you're not hungry and just skip the meals there's a reason there are five of them..

Don't take this as anything but (tough) love: you really do need to get back on OP and eat ALL your meals...

Comment #20

Glad to hear about your change in job status, Sally! "Director" of anything can be high pressure and stressful. Hope you find lots of peace and happiness in your new part time lifestyle. Maybe then you caan work in all of your Medifast meals! I've heard that the old Medifast program was just 5 shakes with no L&G, but it required Dr. supervision. Maybe that would work better for you? <3..

Comment #21


: 90 percent mental is so true!!! I'll have to check out your new thread..


: Ha! naming scales is so cute. Mine would rather be "Debbie Downer" or "Gail the Scale" I think being part of several groups is great especially if you need the support! Yes, I noticed we have a few MIA Melt Aways. I've sent a page message to Jessica, but I don't think she's active anymore. I hope she comes back! Life's busy and dieting is hard. Keeping this up long term i.e. 6 months or more has got to be difficult.

Ladies, I'm so glad it's Friday!! I joined Claire's Lent Descent Challenge under the challenge forum. My goal is to lose 10 lbs. by Easter..

Here's my wrappers for yesterday:.

OP: Yes.

Water: Yes (Brownies make me thirsty thank goodness!).

Calories: 890.

Carbs: 71.

Log: Yes.

Exercise: Took the day off, but I spent 2 hours of shopping, so there was more walking involved than usual...

Comment #22

Congrats on your losses! I bought some new pants this week and culled out a kitchen trash bag full of old ones to take to the thrift store. I did save my favorite pair of jeans to help me remember where I came from. I saw that a blogger mounted her pair of fat pants on a wall in her house. What an interesting visual! I may just do that...Happy weekend, everyone...

Comment #23

Today was my weigh-in day and I've lost 4.5 pounds this week. I've been having some TOM problems this past week, and it's been a real challenge at work this week because I'm not in my office all day and am not able to get in all of my water intake because there are no bathrooms around so I can't be leaving every 15 minutes to go. I've also been working 15 hour days this week so I'm not getting in my exercise like I should be because I'm so tired when I get home. There has been food all around me this week and it's really been a challenge to my willpower, but I have stayed strong for the most part - Last week the doctor put me on five shakes a day, but this week, the cravings and urge to eat something was driving me crazy so yesterday, I ate some Medifast soup, puffs, and a bar. That calmed the cravings. I'm back on the shakes today but I've called the doctor's office to see if they will at least let me add one soup back into the plan which would make it four shakes and one soup per day. I think I will feel more satisfied if he grants that request...

Comment #24

Happy Friday All!.

I was wondering the same thing - did some of our original members quit?.

I know I don't post much, but I'm still here! But, girls let me tell you, it seems once I hit that 5-6 week period I was getting bored and wanted real food and to have a couple cocktails. What kept me going? Hitting the 30 pound loss! My Buddha belly (husband's nickname) is going away! I was able to pull up and ZIP some jeans from 5-6 years ago. Oh and actually be able to SIT in them without feeling faint from lack of oxygen..

I ordered some new stuff too after having 2 women's variety packs delivered. Now I have puffs, pretzels, crackers and new bars! It is so nice to be able to CHEW something instead of slurrping it down. I thought I'd miss sweets most, but nope, I needed some crunchy munchies!.

Jennifer, I am a daily weigher too (I can't help it!) and thought of joining that group, but right now I'm just a lurker..

We are in the middle of yet another snow storm and suppossed to get 12 inches by afternoon. We have had so much snow and rain our yard is a swamp and our basement is flooding. Tomorrow it will be in the 40s and turn to the time Monday rolls around I expect the litter box will be floating around down there..

Keep it up everyone and congtrats on your success! We all deserve a big ol pat on the back for sticking to it when life can make you just want to go back to those old bad habits!.

Have a great weekend!..

Comment #25

Hi Everyone....

I hope everyone has had a good week. Spring Break has officially begun for me. I am so glad because it really was a rough week at work..

I like the idea of naming the scale too, I have been weighing myself every day too. I am not sure if it's a good thing or not for me. I think it helps keep me on track, though..

I have mostly been using an exercise bike for exercise these days, but my husband recently bought a stepper. is really hard to do for any length of time. My leg muscles must be very weak, even with using the exercise bike..

Enjoy your weekend everyone...

Comment #26

Barb: New pants, that's great..

And Kellie is wearing her jeans from five years ago! Kellie, I was so glad when my new shipment was in, b/c I was starting to get bored with the same food. I read a blog about when the new wears off and you may get tired of eating the food. The point of the story was that you have to keep going. I still have several things to try, so I'm happy for that!.

Speaking of clothes.....I tried on a few things from the boxes in the garage. I was surprised to fit in a few 16's and even a pair of 14 linen pedal pushers from Ann Taylor! What prompted this, is that I was going to go buy a new pair of jeans and I put on capri pants to wear out and they were too big! I never did find jeans while I was out. The waist is getting big on my 18's and I don't really have any 16 jeans, just 14 and 12. The one pair I do have are slim fit and not a good everyday jean. The 14's are too small or uncomfortable at this point. I did however, find a dress in a size Large! Yep, it made my day..

Cathy, I'm glad you're able to check in with those crazy long work hours. I was researching one of the Medifast Doctor methods that required all liquids for a while, but it allowed for cream soups, tea drinks, hot cocoa, and cappucino. I can't remember where I was reading this, but maybe your doc will let you add something..

Denise: Happy Spring Break! I like steppers and elipticals. But I notice it's all in the one you buy. I got one that was really hard on my knees. It ended up being a clothes rack in my room, so I got rid of it. The foot placing is key and if the stride is not right for your body type and isn't adjustable, it makes it harder...

Comment #27

The stepper isn't adjustable and I am finding it hard on my right knee. For some reason it doesn't seem to bother my left knee...

Comment #28

Hi all,.

I just wanted to check in. I'm still here and have been lurking a little. Just a very busy week. I'm trying to get some exercise in and therefore have been away from work more than usual. So I've been playing catch up. The scale is moving this week.

I'm really wanting to get a treadmill, but my DH just isn't on board yet. We've had several different pieces of exercise equipment over the years and they all end up in a garage sale so I guess he has a point! Don't know about the stepper though. Use to love that when I was in my 20's but don't know if I could do it now!.

Can't wait to fit back into some of my clothes and just be able to shop in the regular size section of the store! Onederland isn't far away!.

I hear ya with the TOM problems CK. My TOM seems to hang around for way too long these days and come more often than I'd like. It can be a real diet killer. I usually get frustrated with the slow down during that time and give up. Can't wait for him to be gone for good!.

Sorry about all the snow and rain up there in Ohio. It's going to be a beautiful weekend here in Texas. Sorry, not trying to rub it in. Just excited! Have a good weekend everyone!..

Comment #29

Calories 454.

Carbohydrate 38 g.

Logged food: yes.

Water: nearly all.

Exercise: housework!.

OP: apparently not, still have 3 Medifast meals left to eat before bed and it's 9:00pm..

Have been seeing physician monthly..

Was in the 40s today...warm in the sun. Come on spring!.


Comment #30

1125 cal.

97 carb.

Water & excercise: no.

OP: I didn't eat anything off plan, but I did go overboard with the cauliflower pizza!.

OMG, the cauliflower pizza is just too delicious. I ate until I couldn't eat anymore because it was soo tasty! (as opposed to trying to force down an entire L&G) I made extra for my son, but he didn't like it (hates cauliflower) so I ate more than I should have. I made it with BBQ sauce and BBQ chicken. mmmm. Like kale chips, I'm gonna have to never make that again. Too much of a binge food...

Comment #31

Jennifer, I totally understand about binge foods! Even if they're nominally on-program within a certain amount, they definitely provide me an excuse to eat more than I should. Like PB2... Mm good. Also nuts, but I stay away from those (apart from the Regency Ball tonight, where I had a limited amount of walnuts and almonds, since I couldn't get my five Medifast meals in)..

I stayed away from the scones at the Regency Ball, which I think was a total victory given how hungry I was. I did dip into some fruit spread, but it was not a total binge, and I really am proud of myself. I know the scale might show some bad things (especially since I started exercising this week), but I really didn't have time for an Medifast meal today. I was too busy running around decorating and cooking and generally orchestrating things!..

Comment #32

After I wrote that post, I even went back and ate more! omg Definitely shouldn't make that again. Well, I guess I could, just don't make any extra!.





, I am VERY excited to announce that I *finally* crossed the 100 lb threshhold... meaning I have less than 100 lbs more to lose!.

Yaaaay, yay!.

Seeing a goal with 3 digits is so daunting. Now I'm down to just a 2 digit number to lose. I'm hoping to meet the 1/3 mark by the end of March..

I'm so happy!..

Comment #33

Goodmorning everyone -.


, sounds like you were one busy girl. Way to go on staying so close to OP with all the challenges you faced!.


, I must try the cauliflower pizza, have been thinking of it, but now you have me excited to do it. CONGRATULATIONS on the loss. So impressive!.


Oh I am worried about you and your numbers, If you are 100% OP you are going to hit closer to 900 calories and least 75-80 carbs just from the Medifast food. It doesn't sound like you are eating enough at all, and your body will go in starvation mode and not release any thing. Like Tracey suggested eat one with your L & G and double up..


, enjoy shopping in those tubs! Plus it's great on the checkbook. How exciting for you..


, enjoy your spring break!.


I wanted the treadmill too about 4 years ago, and of course it became like so many other exercise machines! Hubby was against it, but now he's a dedicated user of it, and I am back to it. Convince him he would benefit!.


, bye bye clothes! how fun is that, never to wear that size again!.


, snow, snow go away! Congrats on not only zipping pants but sitting in them. You made me laugh when you said they didn't cut of your oxygen, I know that feeling..


, congrats on your 4.5 - hopefully doc will add some soups, etc to those shakes. That would be tough for me, but what you are doing seems to be working for you. Hang in there, maybe he will 'shake' things up and add some variety..


, NO MORE pickles!!! yes they are loaded with sodium and I am sure messed you up a little. Once TOM is gone, you will be back on track. ONLY 2 spears if you must eat them..

I know we are missing some of our originals "Melt- Aways" I have talked to TagNJ (tammy) via e-mail, she's still hanging in there. Not sure of others..

I forgot to post my wrappers, opps! I did okay in Calorie and Carb department but those *&#)* condiments are still a battle for me. It's mostly because of the morning coffee and trust me I have tried adding Vanilla Shake and cappiciuno , but just doesn't cut it for me..

Working on sewing projects this weekend and taking a class next Sat. to help me learn machine quilting freehand with my new machine. My quilt I made my granddaughter is in the hands of a woman who has a long arm quilting machine to finish it - and I should have it back in a week. I will post a picture, I am pretty proud of it!.

Have a good OP Weekend everyone!..

Comment #34

I have spent the first day of my Spring Break cleaning out my closet. It may not sound exciting, but believe me it was very exciting.

I threw away a bunch of clothes that were too big and found clothes that I have not worn in years now fitting. I only lost 1.6 pounds this week, but I am happy. My weight loss really is beginning to show..

I want to try the cauliflower pizza. Everyone says it is good..

Have a great weekend everyone...

Comment #35

Hey Denise, glad you found some new-old clothes to wear! We're shrinking..

I'm tired after an eventful day which I'll blab about tomorrow. Here's yesterday's wrappers:.

Calories: 883.

Carbs: 75.3.

OP: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Cardio Blast.

Log: Yes.

Happy Saturday!..

Comment #36

Woo Hoo! The doctor told me I could replace one of the shakes with a Medifast soup! So now, my plan is 4 shakes and soup! I'm so happy! It's nice to have something hot to eat. I just finished a chicken noodle soup and my tummy is so happy!..

Comment #37

Cathy, yaaay for soup! Something hot just seems like more of a meal. Fills you up more. I like the chicken noodle, myself..

I started the charm bracelet thing today. A bead for each 10 lbs. 3 beads earned, and I already bought the fourth, since I'll be there in a couple of weeks or so. I found the bracelet, stoppers, spacers, beads and all at Kohl's. The prices are about the same as Pandora, EXCEPT at Kohl's, they run a 60% off sale once per month! And today, everything was an additional 10% off, so I got a great deal!.

I'm going on a little vacation for the next 3 days, including a National Forest and some awesome rivers. I'm feeling so good, I got ideas for all sorts of outdoor activities. Like canoeing and mountain climbing. LOL I am soooo not in good enough shape to do these things, but I'd like to someday! I've never thought I was interested in those type of activities. Turns out, I am. I was just telling myself no, so I wouldn't feel bad about my obesity...

Comment #38

Here's my wrapper for today. Bleh, so tired!.

Calories: 947.7.

Carbohydrates: 84.

OP: Yep!.

Water: Well... no..

Logged: Yep!.

Exercise: End of the first week of Couch2K half an hour on the treadmill!.

Condiments: Oh man, so many. v_v Splenda, half and half, mustard... yeah, this needs to stop...

Comment #39

For Saturday..

Calories 961.3.

Carbohydrate 79.1 g.

Water: yes!.

OP: yes!.

Logged food: yes.

Exercise: no.

I've decided I like Medifast oatmeal. Maybe because it's still winter in MN..

With Japan in the news, meditated on surviving disaster...which would be difficult in this very large, non-fit body. Another layer of denial stripped away..


Comment #40

Another thought. My brain is still wrapped around the belief that eating as little as possible is what's right. One of the lies I learned a long, long time ago. I'm realizing that in the past , I'd spend long periods in starvation mode...literally...and then would be furious over not losing weight, or losing very little. That idea is so engrained...decades worth of belief. If a thousand calories is ok, then 500 is better.

Tht rut in my mind is so well worn that I fall into it without being aware..

My desired MO is to be as oblivious as possible to eating. I can get through my day easier if I'm just not mindful. If I pay attention to eating on schedule, I have to actually be aware of the clock and aware of feeling hungry. Generally easier not to think about it at all...assuming the "right" thing is to eat as little as possible. Obviously, that has to change. Good to have you all to remind me that my way doesn't work.


Comment #41

As I was sitting in church today, I looked down at my lap, contemplating....not only the message from my pastor but that MY BELLY IS NOTICEABLY SMALLER!! Hot Dog! An NSV! *Happy Dance, Happy Dance* Then, while running errands, I saw a friend I used to work with and haven't seen for a month. She couldn't get over how nice I look! Yay!!!..

Comment #42

Hi Melting Friends!.

I've not been sharing my wrapper with you all but I've mostly stayed OP and I'm feeling good about everything again. PMS is no longer ruling my life, lol. Can I just say I really hate some parts of being female?!?.

My scale is being slow and steady, moving down... down... down..

YAY! I got my second charm for my bracelet and it's a turtle so I'm reminding myself daily that slow and steady wins the race. Maybe I should name my scale TURTLE. LOL. Hmm, gonna think on that one..

Jennifer - I hope you have such a good time on your trip... I've felt the same way about some of those outdoor activities. I'm actually looking forward to getting out more this summer and feeling good while I'm hiking, rather than dreading it all..

Sally - I've thought the same way about food in the past... I actually felt guilty if I got hungry, so I'd deny myself and "starve" until I couldn't take it anymore then I'd binge and the guilt would begin again. These are the thought patterns that have brought us here (to the 300's) and we've got to change our thoughts along with our bodies. One idea that someone shared with me is to set the alarm on my phone for every 2-3 hours and then just go pick something to eat. It actually requires less concentration for me because I know everything is taken care of... so my focus is no longer on the food until it's actually time to eat! I don't feel guilty anymore for being hungry or for eating!!! WOO HOO! I actually blogged a few weeks ago about this new phase of guilt-free eating..

I hope that helps a little. I've been thinking of you a lot and wondering how you're feeling..

Barb - That's WONDERFUL! WOO HOO!.

I love NSV's. They make my day!.



Comment #43

Calories: 907.6.

Carbohydrates: 83.

OP: except extra condiments (so what else is new)!.

Water: Short 8 oz at this point, but have a couple more hours..

Logged: Yep!.

Exercise: Skipped today.

Condiments: Splenda, creamer, dash of salt and pepper.

I got caught out today without my afternoon meal with me; it's the first it has happened, but now I see why I have to have an extra bar in my purse. Hubby hadn't eaten anything all day and stopped at a McDonald's (with my blessing, I hate to have him suffer because of what I can't do), but since I was so hungry, I ordered a Hamburger. NOW, before you all go, OMG - I quickly took the burger out, and threw the bun at him and said get rid of this. I ate just the burger. Not the best thing, to do, but it was enough to get me by..

Then tonight I made just steamed fish with asparagus and fish - so yummy. So as I sit here tonight eating my hot cocoa bon bons, I feel pretty good about having control over food, instead of the food controlling me...

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Gloria: You did what you had to do and stayed OP! Wooo Hooo!.

Sally: I'm glad you are on track! I have revisited the oatmeal and I'm liking the blueberry. It's just very filling, still pasty, but filling..

Jennifer: Enjoy your trip. Do you have a plan for your Medifast food?.

Barb: I'm doing a happy dance with ya!!.

Claire: Yes, the condiment conundrum, weening myself off of Splenda was hard. I only put 1/2 a pack in my oatmeal now. I feel your pain!.

Cara: I bet your turtle charm is gorgeous! And, I like the scale name..

Well gals, I've had a whirlwind of a weekend. And I have two days of wrappers to show b/c I was too busy to check-in. Bad on me. This weekend was the St. Patty's Day Festival. I had friends who came into town to go to the festival.

I brought a two meals but foolishly left one in the car which was parked a ways away. I ate my breakfast meal and midmorning meal before we left. Then, I had my bar for lunch that was in my purse. And my husband and I had an early afternoon dinner with a salad and chicken at a local restaurant. So when I got back, I had a meal at 6:00 p.m.

Which still worked out. I also got in all my water while there, as everyone else guzzled beer. Sunday, we had planned to do our nature trail walk, but when my friend came over she ended up having a dental emergency. Her veneer fell out, which was quite embarrassing for her as it was her front left incisor. Try finding a dentist on a Sunday and she's from out of town.

Because of all the craziness of the day, I did an afternoon L&G again. I also would like to mention that I wore a size 14W capri pants to the festival. One of my buddies said, "Why don't you just have a beer, you've probably will walk it off here at the festival anyway. One beer won't hurt." I said actually it will. It will throw me out of ketosis which may take me a week to get back into it.

I think to myself, if I eat more than I should or what I should not be eating, I could lose maybe 4 pounds for $300 a month if I'm lucky, but WHY, when I could lose double or more for $300 a month. I want to get more for my money by staying on plan. Seriously, putting the money factor vs. the pounds lost, helps me keep it in perspective. And if I went off plan, I would just worry myself to death about if I could have lost more weight than I did, or worrying if I'm out of ketosis. It's NOT worth it!.

This is getting lengthy! Happy Monday! Here's my wrappers:.


Calories: 965.9 Carbs: 91.7 Water, Log, OP: YES Exercise: Walking the festival..


Calories: 869.9 Carbs: 84.7 Water, Log, OP: YES Exercise: Negative Ghostrider..

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Hi Everyone..

Sorry I have totally fallen off the face of the earth. I have been having a lot of NOT GOOD things happening recently and have just been depressed about it. Aside from yesterday though, I have been 100% OP and have continued to exercise, so I am proud of that. My sister has not been well and she is alone and in a new city because of her job. She has no one there with her and has been talking to me almost daily. I just hate to see her hurt like that.

I guess this is what has totally put me over the top. I am not handling it well and cry...a lot. We are working on what we can do for this family right now. It kills me that she is one of THE BEST kids with so much going for her and such a horrible thing is going on in her body right now. I did have a little slip up yesterday with some crackers.

I need to move on. I will try to check in more this week. Just wanted you all to know I am not MIA. I have been reading, just haven't felt like posting much..

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Hi Melissa,.

I hate to hear you are having a rough week. Is your former student going to have to have chemo? That's so scary for someone so young..

You are a super person to be a pillar for your sister while she's getting adjusted to new surroundings and a new life. Being a military wife, I've moved a bunch, always new cities and new people. I actually moved once while my husband was overseas for two years. I was offered a promotion and just went for it. I find I meet a lot of people at the local gym especially in fitness classes..

Hang in there my friend. We are here to support you!!!..

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Hi Melissa,.

I am sorry you are going through such a rough time. I hope your sister feels better soon. It is good that you have been there for her..

I am so sorry to hear about your student. She is so young to have to go through that..

Hang in there..


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Gloria good for you, you did what you had to and kept moving forward!.

Melissa when I was in h.s. a friend had ovarian cancer. She successfully completed treatment and today, 30 years later, is a happy mom of 2 adopted children. I know it was difficult for her, the illness and grieving her inability to give birth. Your former student will need all her friends around her. But it is not insurmountable.

Congrats on everybody's losses and just hanging in there...We are in a marathon. Together...

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Thanks guys! Let's just say it hasn't been an easy week..

Wrapper for the day:.

Calories: 996.7.

Carbs: 90.

OP: Yes!.

Water: 128 ounces.

Exercise: Yes, 30 min with Leslie Sansone.

Logged Food: yes..

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Good morning!.

Yesterday's Wrappers:.

Calories: 805.

Carbs: 87.8.

Water: Yes.

OP: Yes.

Log: Yes.

Exercise: Leslie Sansone Walk and Tone..

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Sally I live in MN, too. By March, surviving winter feels Darwinian; the strong manage to outlast it and the others die off or move to a retirement community in FL or AZ rofl!.

Happy Day, my friends!..

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Well guys, after a 5-day stall, (yes I'm a daily weigher) I finally hit my 35 pound loss mark! One more pound and I'll finally be in twoterville. It's been nine years since I've seen a 2 in front of my weight. In all of the other diets I've tried, I've never been able to get past the 35 pound mark. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the day!..

Comment #53

Yeah ME! I just wore a pair of work out pants I haven't had on for a year, and even better than that I wore them to the GYM!!!! I haven't used my membership (and unfortunately been paying for it) since Nov. It felt great to walk back in..

Then came home and made a Cinnamon Bun from an original pancake mix. Had to use a little imagination that it was a cinnamon bun and I might have cooked it a little too long, but a little WF pancake syrup and 2 glasses of water made me smile!.

Oh yeah, life is good! (besides it's almost 60 here in Iowa, and I love it!)..

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Gloria- Good job making it back to the gym and fitting into your workout pants from last year. You are doing great..

How did the Cinnamon Bun turn out?..

Comment #55

I weighed myself today and lost another 2 lbs. Ladies, I haven't weighed this little since my younger son was born. My baby from Heaven is now 6'2", 200 lbs. and will be 16 on Friday! Please join me in jumping up and down and screaming like girls in junior high Aaaaaiaiiiiieiieeeeee!!!.

Let's do each other's nails, have a slumber party, and make some prank phone calls to the cute boys in our class...I suppose you can't do that anymore with caller I.D., can you? Dang! Crocodile Rock, anyone?..

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Cathy-Congrats on the 35 pounds!!! I am so excited for you! What an awesome accomplishment!.

Gloria-Congrats on making back to the gym! Work out pantsglad they fit again! Doesn't it feel great to have some of those old clothes fit again?? Feels like you have acquired a new wardrobe! What a great way to start the warmer weather! How did that Cinnamon Bun turn out? How did you make it? I am intrigued by this...

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