Can I eat dill pickles on the first phase of the Medifast Diet?

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Quick question... Can I eat dill pickles on the first phase of the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any answer or 2. My other question... WELCOME to the Can Do Crew where TOGETHER we CAN DO IT! Whether you are a veteran or new to this healthy lifestyle you'll find encouragement, friendship, accountability, support and laughter. So jump in and join the happenings!.

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Yup, but... you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm this as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you email the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

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Here is a link to the new introduction thread, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other better, and newbies have a link to get to know us as well!!!.

Old intro thread:.

New intro thread:..

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Oh good, another week! Another week closer to all these goals that I have spinning around in my head. I am so happy to see another week. I am so looking forward to this week, giving it my all and enjoying everyday!.

Day 3 is wonderful.


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For the week: OP 7, Water 7, Exercise 0..

I was out all day taking two classes today. Last time I was there, maybe a year ago, it was a sludge-fest so I was a little apprehensive about returning to that atmosphere. Today I took several Medifast meals with me as well as my 50-ounce water bottle and was OP all the way!.


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Hi all,.

Checking in from Alaska. It's a new week and a Fresh start..


Comment #5

Hi Christine. I saw you participated in the Iditirod. That is awesome!.

Do you live in Alaska?.


Comment #6

Bobbi -.

It was beautiful here on Saturday. Dreary on Sunday - didnt get out of the 40's..

I bought myself a treadmill for Christmas so I can still exercise..

That is great you r cooking differently & practicing relaxation. I used to do guided imagery with a great tape at night before bed..

Sounds like you do a ton of exercise! wow. I try to run every other day. I am supposed to be doing my bowflex on my off days - but I dont do it as much as I should..

Yes I am on 5&1. That is great your sugars are coming down..

What are you in school for?.


Comment #7

Hi Shari, if you or anyone out there is into scrapbooking/cardmaking/ATCs/ mini books I took two wonderful technique classes using a variety of Ranger products and techniques..

Having the accountability of having to report here last night really made me stay on track. I really wanted to be able to report being OP, and I was able to stay not only OP but watered, as well..


Comment #8

Hi Sharinot the Iditarodthat is a dream still awaiting in my future. I did compete in the Yukon Quest this year but only made it halfway. We'll work on a few things and hopefully try again..

In the meantime, life in Alaska continues, one day at a time..

Welcome back to the Crew!!.


Comment #9

Sounds like fun. My stepmother does that. She has a whole bedroom for it..

You are doing great..

Your friend in OA ,too..


Comment #10

Oh, I thought it was the Iditarod. That is still awesome. Do you have your own dogs? I am a big dog lover..

My boss grew up in Alaska..

Thank you. You are doing great..


Comment #11

Too pooped to peep, just a quick hi before I fall into bed..


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no.


Comment #12

Checking in to say day 4 was great. I stayed op and did just peachy. I stayed op and drank lots and lots of water. I did step aerobics and 30 day shred..

I am looking forward to tomorrow..


Comment #13

Bobbi - I answered your Sunday email on here - message #9 I think it is...

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Hi everyone. Exhausted but on plan, exercised, and watered..

We are in the final week for Willy Wonka. I just spent about 40 hours the last three days at the theatre. The good news is that I have been on my eating plan the whole time. Actually truth be known, I've had to come home at night and eat because I was low in my calorie count..

Sorry I haven't been around, but I just haven't had time..

Last weeks stats:.

On plan: 7 days.

Water: 7 days.

Exercise: 210 minutes (plus all the work on the set and flying actors).

It is snowing here now, so I may get caught up tomorrow morning..

Great to see you back Shari!..

Comment #15

Snow day here in central PA! It could not have come at a better time for me. I slept in a little bit and took some time to myself. The plows just came through, so I am hoping that I can get out to the school and do some more work on the set. There is always something else to do..


, I'm glad you were able to stay on plan. It is so important as you get close to that goal. I think that there were times when that was hard for me because I kept looking at myself and thinking, maybe this is healthy enough. I am so glad I stayed the course. It is making all the difference in the mind game of maintenance..

In maintenance, I have to make choices. I need to make sure that those choices keep me at my goal weight and fuel my body. As an overeater, it is so important for me to follow my plan and be honest with myself. If a am not, I know I will gain weight..

Never easy, but always, always worth it!..

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Quick fly-by on my way to work - more later. I've been way busy - had family here..

Weekly Summary:.

Weight: 157.2 - down 2.6!!.

OP: 7.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 2 or 3, I'll have to look it up later.

Bobbi, good to see you again!!.

Shari, Welcome!.

Gotta get to the office - have a FABULOUS OP Day!!..

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You are getting so close to your goal! Good for u! OP is the way to be..

Have a great day..


Comment #18


I love Willy Wonka!!! U have been busy. Wow! Glad you got to sleep in today..

You are doing so awesome on maintenance. Go Barb!.


Comment #19

Hi, all...tired, tired, tired. OP: yes. Water: yes. Exercise: are you kidding? No..


Comment #20

Hi there, crewsers!! I've missed you! A pretty crazy week all around. Sister & niece were here for a surprise party for my other sister. We managed to surprise her - a miracle. I stayed OP, too, thanks to the bakery mix-up. I can't swear I would have resisted BLTs of a double chocolate cake, but they made it white - no problem!.


- I'm a scapbooker/card maker/paper artist. I got a Cricut for Christmas that I've been playing with. Am not familiar with the Ranger product line..


- so good to see you back. I know I already said that, but it's TRUE!! I see you're still exercising, exercising!! I'm still doing the treadmill - I'm really amazed at my stamina. My 28 yr. old niece was on it going pretty slow (like I used to do) and had to rest every 20 minutes..


- glad you had a snow day to have some YOU time..

I'm pretty pooped, so this is just a fly-by til tomorrow. Good night, all!..

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Hey Jan, I have missed you too. Looks like you are doing really good.... getting closer to that goal..

Hi Shari, hope you had a wonderful day.....

I have been so busy at school and my one daughter with the broken ankle finally gets her cast off tomorrow and gets a boot. I will be released from bondage I tell ya. I love her but she is truly helpless as she cant put weight on that foot. whew!.

I am still in catch up mode at school but I am getting there. It is takin up alot of time..

Today was a good op day. I had my water 96 ounces and I did spinning and aerobic step. I didnt do jillian today. I like to mix it up. My son bought me a new yoga cd that I cant wait to try..

You know jan, I still have a treadmill too and my elliptical but I had to pack them away for a while, they are so big..

I hope that all of you have a great evening and I will be back tomorrow..

I stopped by the tough love thread and that is a great intro.... love it..


Comment #22

Jan, pm me if you get a chance. I would love to know more about your paper crafts..


Comment #23

Jan, that graphic is so cute!.

Glad the bakery messed up..

When I 1st started MF, we got a choc cake brought to our table at a restaurant for me for my birthday celebration....well, after being on Medifast for 3 months at the time I took a little bite of it & couldnt eat it. It tasted like pure sugar - yuck. I couldnt believe my tastebuds had changed so much..

Do you run or walk on the treadmill? I do both. I am training for a 10K now through the C25K program..

Have a great OP day..


Comment #24

Hi Bobbi!.

Another OP day for me too..

Glad to hear your daughter will get her cast off. I had to wear one for awhile. Not fun..

Have fun with the yoga!.


Comment #25

Hi Shari,.

Yes, I have my own dogs here in Anchorage. 24 of them. They keep me plenty busy. Summer too. Caring for them in the off season is a challenge as they need exercise too. That's a lot of walking dogs all summer..

Hi Bobbiway to go getting back on track. I'm still struggling to find the perfect mix of calories in for my calories out. I have come to the conclusion that I can exist on far fewer calories than other people. And far less sleep. But I'm maintaining, just not losing right now. Clothes fit great and people are in awe of how good I look.

Hi Barbbet you can't wait til the play is over. But what a sense of accomplishment when a big project is complete..

Hi Debbie and Jan and Sherry and Melissa..

We have had some nice sunny days up here. Cold but uplifting as the sun has been out past 5 pm. Days are going to grow longer fast now..

Hope everyone has a satisfying week..


Comment #26

KittyI missed something. How come you are so tired? Remind me what is going on?.

And hang in there...

Comment #27

Chris, I'm getting over an upper respiratory infection and it's still kicking my butt. I could have used a few more days off from work. With commuting and working, I'm drained. Running on fumes. Probably in need of an attitude adjustment, as well. Good to see you back..

Wednesday: OP, yes; Water, yes; Exercise, no..


Comment #28

I walk - pretty fast, but I'm scared to run on it. It's old, I'm old, I have a history of knee & ankle/foot injuries. My knees I hurt in high school skiing, but my feet - now that's another story. I've been in a cast/boot/crutches 4 times in the last 10 years and all 4 times I hurt myself just walking around! I was a runner in my 20's & 30's - didn't help my knees then - I finally gave it up cause it was too hard on them. But after losing all this weight, I was able to run some last summer. We'll see what spring brings....

This week is flying by. Glad to have my room back so I can keep up on the boards here. And log my food and exercise!.


- the days are getting longer faster here, too. It's actually still light out when I get home by 6:30....

More snow & rain in the forecast. The only good thing about that is I can go to the backup center instead of HQ.

Good night, all!..

Comment #29

Hi shari, wow, training for a nice long run. I have looked at a few running programs but I dont think I am made to run.....

I think it's great when people are runners, it just seems to be so freeing, just pick up and go..

Christine, It is so hard to find that right balance. Especially when you are very active and burn alot of calories. What is it that you try? I mean, do you do a certain number of Medifast and then eat a certain number of healthy meals? I am just curious. I did T&M okay but I tell ya halloween was my undoing. I just need to get back into the swing of things. I am always curious about what other people try tho....

Jan, I have been really sleepy too. So much to do and just not enough hours in the day. I was happy to hear that you got to visit with some of your family. Hectic but fun......

I hear ya about the running. I just have not been much of a runner but I like to move. I hope you get caught up on sleep and the weekend is almost here again..

Kitty, hope you get to feeling better. That sounds so miserable. I think half our school is out right now with some kind of bug. I surely dont want it.

Barb, I hope the play is going great! How long does it run? HEY! WE Got snow today too, only a ground covering but it is so unusual here....i love it..

I have been op today but a bit tired too. I am going to bed now. Have a great tomorrow..


Comment #30

Good morning, Crew! It's snowing/raining here, so another short commute.

I did a mile on the treadmill this morning, so I'm ready for another OP day!.


OP - yes.

Water0 yes.

Exercise - no...not even my pedometer.

But I'm off to a good start today..


B]Have a FABULOUS Thursday, Crewsers!!.


Comment #31

Hi Crew, I have missed you all. I am not gone, just lost in a pile of work, meetings, training classes, t-ball, etc.... I am hanging in there. Weight has been up by 4 lbs for the last 3 weeks. I was snacking on non-MF food and it is talking to me. I did well on my cruise, but ever since I returned, I have been out of sorts.

I have bought way to many pretty new clothes to gain any weight. I gave away MOST of my larger size clothes, but kept my favorites. I am also letting those go now. Feels good to get rid of them. I HATED buying larger clothes and bought things "just to get by with".

Plan. I have also bumped up my exercise. I limit myself to 30-40 minutes so I have to increase the speed and incline on the treadmill. I am up to 2 miles in 31 minutes with a 5% incline. I walk at about 4 mph and then every 4-5 minutes I run for 1 minute.

It is just not my thing, but it feels good. No,.


, I don't have the running fever yet, but I am pleased with the little bit that I do..


, nice to see you back with the crew..


Hope you are feeling better.

Jan, Christine, Bobbi,.

Hope you all are doing great.

Where is.


Anyone talk to her lately?..

Comment #32

Hi Sherry.

- nice to see you back, too. WTG on the treadmill!! I'm afraid to run on's old, I'm old. But I think I'll crank up the incline...3.5 mph is getting easy!.

I g-chat with Melissa - she's doing great. Training for a half-marathon in April. I'll tell her to stop by..

Looks like I didn't have enough coffee before posting this morning..

Comment #33

Hey Sherry.

I am alive and well! ha! Dating half of Florida as Jan says! LOL! Not really but I'm good! Glad you are getting rid of your bigger clothes. It felt so good to drop my larger clothes off at Goodwill! Thanks for thinking of me.

Well I ran 23 miles last week over 3 runs. Then I gained 2 pounds. I have not changed my eating habits at all besides the fact that I'm very hungry after my runs! I've read a TON about how girls my age and older come across this phenomenon when training for a run. I actually stumbled on a message board last night and read for over 2 hours about girls having the same complaints. Lots of them said the weight will go away after 2 weeks because it's just your body storing glucose and water. So I've put away my scale which is what they recommended and I'm still watching calories in/out and I'm going to start measuring every week. Kind of stressful to do this but I love running and I know I will make it work! Hope everyone is having a great week!..

Comment #34

Hi gang, what a difference some sleep and a day off make. Today's my day off, it's beautiful outside, and I have time to hang out here and catch up on posts. Hubby, unfortunately, is coughing his brains out so looks like he's catching what I had, poor baby..


Comment #35

Hi everyone! I'm knee deep in oompa loompa land, but on plan. Not a bit of sugar has passed over these lips..


You may want to talk to a sport nutritionist. My sister, who has followed WW for about 8 years, was training for a marathon last year. While she was training she gained weight. About 8 pounds. She was really upset. She didn't understand.

She was in starvation mode. Her nutritionist said she needed to change her mind set from "dieting" to "fueling" her body. This was a big deal for her. She is actually eating more carbs now and has lost all that weight. When you are working out that hard you really need to fuel your body in a different way.


Great weekly stats!.


Swim fishy swim!.


So good to see you back again. I've missed you. I hope classes are going well..


I am hoping to run a 10K early this summer. I am thinking about a 1/2 marathon with Melissa in the fall..


I hope you are doing well!.


I hope you are enjoying the extra daylight. I know how much better I feel when the winter starts to thaw..


I threw away all the clothes that were too big when I hit 138. I can't gain because I'll have nothing at all to wear. Its been a great motivator for maintenance...

Comment #36


OP: yes.

Water: no. Waaaaa!.

Exercise: no.


Comment #37

Kitty....A little fuzzy tough love...gotta keep the pool full of water for that fishy! Swim fishy swim..

Um.....was just wondering if your cat eats fish?..

Comment #38

Hi, Everyone - pretty pathetic when I am finally sitting down and it's after midnight! I am SO SO SO happy to have tomorrow off, I just plan to sleep way in.

And bum around in my jammies half the day. We are expecting another horrible storm tonight and everyone is expecting a snow day, but I'm off anyway..

One of the pups had some surgery this week to remove a cyst on his jaw, but it turned out to be a growth that had been busy underneath the skin and now it's being sent out for evaluation at Mich. State vet school. He's only 4, so he bounced back the next day and has been playing up his usual pleas for sympathy....

I've been seeing a lot of movies (my Feb. activity, Oscar watcher, that's me.) My girlfriend and I have been hitting some 9:00 or 9:30 movies and one we watched on Tuesday was 2.5 hours long! I nearly died when I walked out of the theatre after midnight and had an early meeting. Anyway, I always pass the bleak Feb. that way, so I am enjoying that..

So busy at work that my usual 4-5 hour days are more like 7. I have been so pooped and have been too tired to read at night- that's crazy in my world. This weekend will be very welcome and the second weekend in a row that we are home. Traveling a little in March, but for now we can relax..

JAN - hope to see you SOON. No excuses, we need to L & G at Ruby's. Got a good coupon, so let's use it together. Brace yourself for the storm and stay cozy!.

MELISSA - I am so happy to hear about your love life (lol) and your running. You must just be feeling so good - 23 miles wow..

KITTY - You always remind me that I am not drinking enough water - you are doing so great!.

BARB - last I heard it was performance time, so I am assuming that you are finally relaxed and having more Barb time..

I truly do miss The Crew, I couldn't wait to get to it tonight..

BOBBI - I'm tempted to go back to French classes again, due in large part to hearing about your studies. Hope your family is staying steady now and feeling better. Hope you are taking good care of yourself, too..

SHERRY - love your determination to get those 4 lbs. off - you are looking good. Have fun getting rid of the remaining clothes. My jeans are tight - oh-oh..

CHRISTINE - I really hope that you are getting to have some good fun at home and that the doggies are really enjoying the rest of the winter. When does the weather truly change for you?.

Thinking of all of you and will be back tomorrow! YAY! Hang on and stay cozy and safe everyone, I did hear that there will be snow 'coast to coast' tomorrow! Brrrrr..


Comment #39

Debbie, how do you keep up that pace? I'm winded just from reading your post, ha ha. I know I am at the other extreme...go nowhere, do nothing, and that's how I like it. But wait until May when I retire... in 75 days, but who's counting...there will be no holding me back!!.

Barb: kitty loves all her food. Chip off the old block, ha ha! We give her a variety so she doesn't get stuck on one favorite..

Today I got a good early start on my water. Don't want a repeat of yesterday....

I'm in Starbucks killing time until work starts. I brought my own drink. Yes indeedy, ladies, I did. It's in a Starbucks insulated cup and what may look like an iced coffee is in fact a chocolate Medifast shake. First I bought an iced tea (no sweetener) so I didn't feel like a freeloader. When that was gone I went out to my car, got my shake, and voila.


Comment #40

Kitty....I love it! I get my starbucks coffee, plain. I take my DaVinci syrups with me and pour them in. Yummy, on plan and no gain! I love those syrups. They keep me on track and away from those tempting special coffees. I even bought an amaretto one in my last order that I put with some diet coke. Tastes just like amaretto and coke.

Now I have my on plan, non-alcoholic version..

Friday.....weigh in....weight unchanged! Woo hoo. Loving this plan. My most stressful time of the year and I am not eating sludge. I am not gaining weight. I might be exhausted, but I am healthy!.

We had the school performance yesterday. Opening night tonight. Tomorrow I actually get to sleep in for the first time since.....hmmmm..... since I don't really remember. Nothing to do until 5:00 when I need to leave for the theater..

Have a great evening all!.

ON PLAN!!!..

Comment #41

Hello Crew!!! TGIF!.

Last night I made the mistake of eating the tofu shiratake noodles as all of my green portions. I have been paying the price since 5 am. Still feel yucky - stomach hurts, nauseated. I wont do that again..

I am OP & on track regardless. I have goals to achieve!.

Spring is coming...the daffodils are blooming here & my snow drops are blooming at my house..


- 24 is my lucky #. If I lived near you I would to help take care of those dogs..

I hope you figure out your eating combination to get the scale moving soon. Medifast should be able to help you..


- So, you were in St.Pete..that's where I used to live. I do not miss it. Glad to hear you went on a You will lose that 4 lbs in no time. I am with you on clothes. I gave almost all of mine away.

Fantastic on the exercise..


- Hope you back to feeling 100% again soon. Sounds like you r in a great Medifast mindset..


- Based on what you wrote, maybe running in not a good idea for you. You have to take care of yourself. Yea for the short commute!.


- I was never able to run until 10/09 when I started the C25K program. Other ways that I have tried eating are The Eat Clean Diet. Very healthy - good concept. But I wasnt losing wt on it. I think it perfect for maintaining wt though. You eat fresh produce & lean meats & whole grains.


- I took my clothes to Goodwill too. tons. Congrats on your running. That is great..


- Hope you enjoyed your day off. Glad your puppy is ok. I like to watch a lot of movies too. I took 4 years of French..


- Best of luck with the performance tonight. Enjoy sleeping in tomorrow. Congrats on maintaining! NO sugar - yeah! This will be my 1st 10k, I am anxious about it. I will be running it without a buddy. I would love to 1 day do a 1/2 marathon. I am going to see how my 10K goes & see if my knees will allow me to push them farther.

Any recommendations on when to go & where to stay, etc?.

Best wishes to all of you for a great OP weekend. Tomorrow is my week 3 weigh in...crossing my fingers.....

Next weekend I am hoping to fit into my sexy jeans for Ladies Night Out - a Christian event. I dont want to have to wear my "mommy" looking jeans..



Ever post on here or just start the threads?.

Big Much!.


Comment #42

It's officially the weekend for me - YAY!! We didn't get as much snow as forecast, but lots of wind, so it's drifting at my house. Drive to work was kinda slippery, but coming home not so bad. It was sunny this afternoon, so a little melting is taking place..

I haven't been reporting daily, but I've been OP every day & water every day. So far, exercise 3 days this week. Wearing my pedometer helps with incentive or something. All in my head..




For sleeping in and having some Barb time. Break a leg!!.


- good to see you back. L&G@RT - definitely!! I downloaded their new menu - some of the calories are higher, but I think it's because they super-sized the portions. I had the salmon last time and it seemed to be bigger. Still within L&G guidelines, though. Hope you enjoyed your lazy day off - I WANT ONE!! There's nothing I like more on a winter day than to stay in my jammies and watch movies!.


- I'm jealous of your early blooms. Last week when all the snow melted and it warmed up into the upper 50's I kept expecting to see my snowdrops and crocus peeking up...still a little early here, even for those..


- take some time & rest up. You always have so much going on, I get tired!!.


- keep on swimmin'!! I'm home now, so I'm emailing you the pics..


- I guess since most of the eligible men in FLA are retired, you very well could be dating half of the young Floridians :P.

I'm going to take a little of my own advice and take a little R&R time for.


Have a great evening!!..

Comment #43

Shari, when are you planning to go? I'll be there from June 26th ish to August 10 this year. Let me know what you are looking for and I can make some recommendations...

Comment #44

I have taken my hubby to have his doc visit in seattle today. It was such a nice change. We got alot of snow.... I love it..

I have been op and doing just fine. Jan, I do get really busy but I have so many things to do. I am taking summer off and taking only online classes for spring so me and hubby can travel around a bit. I am looking forward to that.

That is my R & R..

I am so tired that I just need to go to bed. I hope you all are having a great weekend..


Comment #45


OP: yes; Water: yes; Exercise: no..

Fish gotta swim!.


Comment #46

GOOD MORNING CREW! I lost a nice long post last night, shoutouts and all...grrrrr. It was late so I didn't have it in me to re-do..

Off to get my morning oatmeal, will shoutout later to everyone. HAPPY SATURDAY!.


Comment #47

Just a quick fly by for now....week 3 weigh in...-2 lbs. :-).

Have a great OP day!!! Be back later to catch up..


Comment #48

Saturday morning and I didn't sleep in. What is wrong with this? Already went to the grocery store, baked, two loads of wash and dishes. UGH..

Life is almost back to normal!.

Have a great on plan day everyone...

Comment #49


Congrats on 2lbs lost! WTG!!.


Thanks! Hope you enjoyed your jammies day!.


I hadn't thought of it like that! Guess you could be right about me dating half of the younger population. They are few and far between..


Fascinating that your sister gained 8lbs. Seems like it is very common for half marathon training. It's just hard to wrap my head around the fact that I may be in starvation mode. I feel like your sister a lot too. I'm watching every morsel that goes in my mouth yet the scale is still up. Jan said Corbie who is on Medifast is going through the same thing and her dr said to take her cals up to 2100.

Loving the fb pics of the set for your school play!..

Comment #50

Barb, I fought the good fight today. Talked myself off the sludge ledge. Sorry you couldn't sleep. Maybe tomorrow?.


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no.


Comment #51

Good Evening CDC!.

Just finished watching a crappy movie. Stomach still hurting today, some nausea, dizziness...blah blah. Feeling better than I did this am though. Hopefully I am back to normal in the am so I can run..


- Congrats for being OP all week & drinking your water & exercising 3 x..

My hubby pointed out that we have tulips coming up through the soil too. I love sitting around in pjs watching movies on a winter day. hubby is trying his hand at blueberries this year. That would be yummy if it works out. our property is covered in wild blueberries but I hate to take those away from the wildlife here. Plus they are so tiny..


- Looking at Acadia maybe next Summer. We are going for the whales & ocean life. Wildlife. Kayaking, fishing, etc. Sleep in tomorrow. U r wearing me out..


- Great to hear you are OP. How is your hubby? Where r you planning on traveling?.


- OP & watered. yeah. So glad to hear you talked yourself down. One day at a time..


Dont you hate when that happens..


- thanks!.

Hope you all have a great night & an OP Sunday. Should be nice here. Maybe we can go out on the canoe & fish..


Comment #52

Shari, you are so active, you will be closing in on your goal in no time. Wild blueberries sound nice, but even nicer that you want to leave them for the animals. Here in SW FL I don't garden at all since I became allergic to fire ants several years ago, although dh has grown two lemon trees and we had fresh lemons up to our eyeballs. The lady behind us gardens like mad and we get to enjoy the butterflies and birds that are attracted to her plants. There's a bunny that lives around here, too, and we saw him last night munching on the weeds that pass for our lawn. My two kitties were entranced..


Comment #53

Good Morning All!.

Went to dinner & a concert last night with DS & DBIL. We saw Susan Werner, a singer songwriter - plays piano & guitar - wonderful voice, very personable and chatty with the audience. The venue was very small & intimate, so it's like having her in your living room. She was.

Absolutely fabulous.

L - as always. We took DS for her birthday - she had never seen her and really wasn't familiar with her music. She.


It - kept saying how awesome she was all the way home...that was the best part..

Dinner was delish, too, and OP. Went to a local seafood place that we love and there's always LOTS of OP choices. But, good thing I had salad at lunch as most of the roasted vegetables I had, the only OP vegetable choice, were off plan veggies, so not really OP...some of my faves, too. Ah well, time for those in transition.....

It's still snowing here - kinda grey. Maybe today will be my jammie & movie day..

It's definitely a treadmill day...I was just getting ready to get on yesterday when some friends stopped by. Then it was time to get ready for our evening out on the town..

I read somewhere last week that it's best not to exercise on an empty stomach...which I do all the time. The scale hasn't budged this week, either, so of, course, I'm blaming.


I'm also slipping back into the beat myself up mode for having gained so much weight - waiting too long to do something about it. My birthday is coming up in a few weeks, I'll be 60, and I so wanted to be at goal for that. I know it's self-sabotage and the only thing I've figured out is that's what is familiar to me...that's where I'm comfortable...always dieting, never quite being at goal and the top of my game. Hmmmm ... Always more work to be done..

Quick shout-out to.


Enjoy the matinee and the return of your normal life!! Willy Wonka must be.


Show this sister invited me to their school's production..

More coffee needed.....

Have a great OP Sunday, everyone!!..

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Good morning everyone. Last day of Willy Wonka! Woo hoo. Last night when we revealed the Chocolate Room, the whole audience gasped. Now as a theater person, that just brought tears to my eyes, as an overeater, I wasn't quite sure! Very strange feeling. As much as I love doing the shows though, it is always nice to get back to normal....or at least what passes for normal in my life. I just want to start adding on the miles..


I think one of the hardest things for all of us is to realize that we have to look at food a whole new way. For you and I right now, we need to look at food for fuel for our body. We actually have to eat enough to keep the body going. This is actually quite natural, although it doesn't seem natural to those of us who have struggled with our weight our whole life. My sister actually found someone from Florida who she works with via email and phone call. I'll see if I can get her contact information for you.


Congrats on winning the good fight! I'm fighting right there beside you. Musical season has always been one of those times when I throw all my eating plans aside and just eat to survive. In the past, this meant fast food sludge. Not this year. This year I devised a 4 + 3 plan. 4 Medifast meals and 3 small meals.


...tulips! I wish! I am hoping that this recent warming is going to hold. 40's are warm enough to run..


Every day we learn something new about ourselves and our relationship with food. For me, learning how I got off track in the past has helped me from letting it happen again. Such was the case with the show this year. I knew that musical season always stopped me dead in my tracks. Last year I was in transition, so I didn't really have any issues. This year I was on my own.

No beating myself up. Remember when I went off my eating plan at Christmas? Didn't beat myself up, just tightened things up and took care of it. I'll have to do that for the rest of my life. I'll have to learn how to handle that emotionally..

We all are noticing that we have a major paradigm shift to deal with in our relationship with food. It may be the switch from emotional eating to eating for health. It may be the shift from a diet mindset to an athletic, fuel my body, mindset. But we can help each other make that shift. As we struggle with those demons and share our successes and failures, we help each other learn..

Perhaps more importantly, when we say out loud our struggles, we own them. We recognize them. We throw them out so we can deal with them..

That's what this journey has been for me. Recognizing my struggles in my relationship with food was the first step. Losing the weight was the second. Now each day, I take the encouragement of each of you, the great feeling of good health and fight the good fight..

It is the only way!..

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Barb - thanks for your inspirational words of wisdom. You always hit the nail on the head and it's always a helps me to stay the course rather than giving in to derailment...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.