Can I eat fried chicken on the Medifast Diet?

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My question is Can I eat fried chicken on the Medifast Diet? Hoping for any comment. 2nd question I got is.. OK, my Angels, this is our new Thread for the month!.

Thank you all for the nice words and compliments. Janine, the "Jewelry" was Silpada! I could buy the whole Catalogue! Just gorgeous stuff!!!.

Lisa, my friend, you look gorgeous!!! I know exactly wht you're feeling ... thought my new scale was broken ... I'm still the same from last week, actually 199.4 today. That's ridiculous ... and I'm not cheating ....

Janine, I definitely have to try that lava cake of yours ... it sounds "Heavenly good!"!.

Happy Lisa, Elaine and Jan, you girls are so close to "Onederland" isn't it a great feeling to see the light at the end of the tunnel!?!.

Karan, you're right behind them ... Waving a special goonkkkkkkkkkkkkk, oooppps can you tell I was dozing off ... gotta go to bed now!.

Waving a grrrrrrrrrrrr, ooops I did it again ... Waving a hello to all of you and send you all some of my warmest wishes of love and success on Medifast Program! Together we're going to reach out goal weights!.

I just love you all! Please, just click below to go to our new thread:..

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You betcha! although you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can answer your Medifast question better...

Comment #1

Reposting this... cause Angelica and I are online at the same time. Angelica, you're up way too late :-) Or I'm up way too early :-) I think the February thread will be the best of all, since it's the month of Valentines and hearts. Love and Hugs to you, Angelica!!!.

Janine... I love that recipe and that love you're sending..

Lisa, if it helps at all, I went through the same thing after losing 50 lbs. With me, it was a little different because the 50lbs fullfilled my goal I had before turning 50. I know I still had much further to go, but 50 was a big milestone. After reaching it, it was kind of like the day after Christmas... the anticipation was so great that I was feeling shell-shocked afterwards and it took me a week or two to get the enthusiasm back..

But 50lbs is a huge goal and big deal, so maybe you're just going through the "day after" blues. I love you're still pushing through it. You've had two big ones: 50 and onederland. It makes sense that you're "evening" out right now. I think once I hit onederland I may go through this again..

But I think what I went through is just my body and spirit realizing that this weightloss isn't a "game" but a way of life and I will not always have the "excitement" of losing weight once it's all gone. This gives me a chance to deal with those "normal" moments..

May not be what you're going through... but just wanted you to know I understand the feelings your having. Keep pushing through... energy will come back!.

Hugs to you, too, Lisa!.


Comment #2

Thanks all!.

Lisa18- I'm feeling a mixture of what you're talking about and just frustration that it was slowing down... but we all know how the scale is. I could still lose 3 lb.s this week, so I just need to get off my bottom and stay motivated!.

Janine- I hope I have some chocolate pudding left! I'm going to check it out and maybe have one tonight!.

Angelica- It's like you and Lisa18 mixed all up together... lol ... It certainly can be frustrating can't it!!?!.

You are all such a great support and I'm thankful for you all!!.


Comment #3

Lisa~ What are your plans today? are you able to get some exercise in.. maybe a little walking or stretch some.. something to get those endorphins going, something to get jazzed about... I know, I know... go do some retail therapy, try on some clothes!!!! Yes, that always helps. You'll see the results of your commitment to eating right!.

Lisa18~ "But I think what I went through is just my body and spirit realizing that this weightloss isn't a "game" but a way of life and I will not always have the "excitement" of losing weight once it's all gone. This gives me a chance to deal with those "normal" moments." love this quote by you. It's so true.. this has to be a way of life or we'll be right back where we were before. A realization I had the other day was that in order to be a thin person, we had to eat like a thin person. This may sound shallow, but to me it was life changing....

Angelicia~ I've never been to a Silpada party, altho' I've received pieces as gifts. I love to layer my jewelry and many of their designs are made to be that way... fun stuff!.

Have a great day girls... make a plan today and drink up!!!..

Comment #4

Today's weigh-in was 200.8. I am so close but still not sure I can hit onederland in two days. I just dropped two pounds and I usually stay about the same for a few days and then drop more. But I will make it for sure by next week if not this week. Do fireworks automatically go off over my house when I get to onederland?.

Hope all of you in winter "wonderland" are safe and warm. I can hardly believe the strength and power of the big storm you are having. Be safe!!..

Comment #5

Happy Lisa, you're so sweet! Love and hugs to you too, my darling!.

Jan you're so close my girl ... I think you'll join me this week ... I'll keep you in my prayers!!!.

Lisa, hang in there ... our bodies need to readjust themselves ....

Janine, you are losing the weight so fast my girl ... can you share what you eat on a daily basis ... maybe we're eating too much ....

Gotta run ... my clean lady is here today and if I don't work with her, it doesn't get done to my satisfaction!.

Have a great OP Day and drink up!..

Comment #6

This is a repost in the new thread.....

Jan, Jan, so close....On Friday I will be asking "are you there yet????" Fingers crossed for you!!.

Janine....Wow a sking holiday...exciting...I have never really done or gotten into any I am a good way of course! Just think how much easier it wll be this time for you! Oh myyyyy and the shopping trip for SMALLER ski pants and jacket!!! Now that is sweet! I take it the boys are going with you??...enjoy my friend...can't wait to hear all about it!.

Angelica...Lovely pics of you and Jan. You are both so radiant!!! Jewelery looks like something I would love!!!! Would love to come visit..... enjoy some of that sunny California weather and see you ladies in that area!!.

Elaine...Congrats on your NSV...Did you ever really believe you would get there so easily and quickly (note..easily said with the word "relatively" in front of it) Hope your plan to use up some of your "less than favourite" packages works!! I have the same thing..but not as brave as you...I just try to put 1 "yucky" in a day..sometimes it works & sometimes I only get 3 or 4 for the week used up...I find I still need to enjoy my meal or have an emotional need to eat..altho I have noticed that is a small nsv I guess.. your Valentine's idea..suggest it to the powers that be..ya never know.....

Lisa...I'm sitting here with my laptop..looking out at the snow coming down...we are getting hit harder today than last night when we were supposed to get the brunt of it.....Do you know what the root cause was/is for being down this week? I am so glad that you overcame it by staying OP. That is a great success!! Upon reflection do you think you would have handled it that way before..I know I wouldn't have...but now we are learning so much. That is such a great NSV Lisa. I'm proud of you!.

Lisa 18...thanks for the hug...I could feel it all the way up here in snowy cold Canada! Sending you a hug back!! {{{{{LISA 18}}}}}.

My daughters were here the last two nights ..loved every minute of it...we played some games..some wii...had a blast...figured if we were gonna be snowed in mind as well be together and enjoy it....Danielle is off to work right now...she works as a psw in a nursing home a mile or two away..but she is coming back here tonight when she is off shift. Tried to convince my son to join us for games etc...but he wanted to stay home...he has a wood stove so he would be all set if we lost power..

The link wouldn't work for me...hope you guys see this post as it took me a long time to

Hugs to all....


Comment #7

Go Jan Go! Yes Fireworks Do Go Off and a Million Balloons ascend to spell out our names and then we wake up and realize that yes, it is reality- Onederland! I am sure that is what happens. Please tell me that's what happens. I can't wait...

Comment #8

Jan~ soooo close!!!! doesn't it drive you crazy!!! Drink plenty of water tonight and don't use salt. Maybe, just maybe.....

Angelica~ I really only eat 100% OP.. 5 packets; often times it's 2/3 bars depending on my schedule or like today only 1.. when I'm on the road it's 5. My L&G is usually fish (tilapia or salmon), ground turkey burger or steak and veggies are zuchhini, mushrooms, eggplant, peppers or tomatoes. Nothing special promise. I haven't been exercising like I should, but that HAS to change soon..

Joanne~ I don't plan on buying any ski gear.. I'll belt up the snowpants I have now and just layer the tops... but I will rent some new skis and boots!!! Yep the boys are coming with us and we're meeting some boating friends there too. I'm so happy that your daughters have been with you the past couple days.. what a great time to snuggle and talk! Enjoy!! What's fo dinner tonight?.

Karan~ Yes, that IS what happens.. a million balloons and walking on air, literally!!!.

>> tomorrow is DH and I 21'st anniversary.. we're heading to Lk Chelan and going out to a great tapas bar with incredible ambiance.. plan on wearing a pair of hollywood slacks (uber wide legs) and a yummy soft sweater. We're staying in a suite on the lake.. hope that the skies continue to be clear.....

Friday my boys are coming back into town.. I know they spoil their momma. They know how hard I work and know that after our ski holiday I'm on the road for 3 weeks... this trip home was a total surprise and they planned it together.. I just got a text from them that said start marinating the steaks we'll be home by 9.. pretty good since they come from opposite ends of the state..

Have a good one angels... drink up and stay OP!!!!..

Comment #9

Janine...I find the bars give me a lot of gas gas...obviously they don't have that effect on you...which is great because they work well when away from home from you....

Love your description of reaching Onederland Karan!!!.


Comment #10


I have to post my weight today, we need to head up to CT to get more snow off our roof. They had so much snow, the roof of some places are collapsing.

So wish us luck...

Comment #11

Guess I should be happy not to have gained this week, lots of stress, but staying exactly the same stinks! I drink way too much coffee, I'm sure that's it. I tried 4/2 but it was hard to do with my schedule. The meals are actually EASIER LOL.

Sorry I haven't been on here more. we've been checking on the house every weekend (6 hour drive each way!) My kids have been sick. The Doctors (military clinic) just can't fit him in. So frustrating! Can't wait until we get out of here and move up to CT. We live out of the range for military Dr. visits LOL YAY!.

I started a jewelry business this week AND I might have gotten a job writing a column for a local news website in CT (I can work from home.

Also, I have a good friend from Egypt. She has been so worried about all that is going on over there, since her whole family lives in Cairo. I've been trying to follow all that, so it sort of stresses me out. I can't imagine if my family were over there (I am we think 1/4 Egyptian... long story but I need to do the genetic type test to find out) Anyhow....

I think I have discovered another reason my weight is stalled. I have PolyCyctic Ovarian Syndrome and take Metformin. Well I thought I would use up the older bottle I had of the medication (not expired that I know of) but it must have been, since it regulates my insulin, that must not have been happening. So now that I'm on the new stuff everything should be back on track..

Anyhow, everyone seems to be doing well. I am rooting you all on just things are crazy here right now. Promise to start participating more..

Comment #12

Joanne~ Ahh yes, the great gas/bar debate.

When I'm eating 5 a day there is a slight increase of gas.. but I take a probiotic AM and PM, don't know if that is helping the.. umm.. situation or not. Altho' there are times when it's been pretty impressive.

Kelly~ Keep safe with the shoveling, you don't have to get up there, do you?? Keep a handle on your stresses in life, learn to deal with them in a non-food way. Are you reading the beck book? We'll look forward to hearing from you when you get back home..

>>off to work early this morning.. I won't be weighing in until Saturday.. but I may not even weigh in then..

Drink up girls!!..

Comment #13

Kelly....sounds like you have your hands full girl...Hope your friend finds her family safe and well. That has to be tough for them. I will keep my fingers crossed for the roof of your new when you can and don't stress over it.....

Janine..I dont eat a lot of bars, but had one a week or so ago...and the gas was a major problem...maybe I will look into the the probiotic,,,.


Comment #14


Getting close!.

Janine and Joanne... does air weigh anything? If I step on the scale after passing all the gas, will my weight go down? Maybe eating nothing but bars will help me make it to onederland :-)..

Comment #15

Good morning everyone! A quick post to log my weight: 175lbs..

Kelly, I feel your pain! I'm not too far from CT. I have family in Stamford. People's roofs are caving in due to the weight of snow. We're expecting more tomorrow (but it looks like CT will be spared). Good luck and hang in therewinter's over in a few weeks.

Take care all!.


Comment #16

Good Morning Angels,.

I have been here in spirit and do miss being here more often. It took awhile to catch up on what has been going on. Glad to see everyone getting so close to onederland and staying OP! I have been too and today weighed in at 252. Four pounds to go until I get to 90 pounds lost! Yea!.

So I can not for the life of me find a job so I started two new businesses. One is a rehupolstery business, the other is a home decor shop. I was inspired by Janine! I am neck deep in details and will be here but maybe a little busy for a while. We have to open by Feb 15th. The name is either The Tattered Home, Or Tattered Nest. Still deciding.

I have a partner named Patty and we are really jazzed. I so hope to make this a success but am still looking for a part time job. Janine any advice you can give would be helpful. I would love to speak to you on the phone some time when you have any time available. I know you are busy right now.

Well Love to you all and I hope to be back another time over the weekend. Keep it up girls July is around the corner.........


Comment #17

Hi, Angels! Happy Friday!.

After two weeks at 200.8, I finally broke back into Onederland this week! I only lost 1 pound, but my new weight is.



Comment #18

Woohooway to go Angel!!! My weight this week ends at 204.8 look like I might still be two weeks away from Onederland myself but we'll see..

Kids are out of school today you Northerners would laugh at the amount of snow that we have we can still see the ground....but school closed because of icing on our bridges and all our hills..

What that means my 3 day weekend for Pres. day is offwe'll have school that Monday now as a make-up day...really bites because we are travelling to my folks house that weekend and the extra day really helps!!!.

Ah well onward and downward!!! Gonna have to wrangle the kids and get them back inside here in a few minutes they haven't even eaten breakfast yet the snow had to come first!!..

Comment #19

Angel- Woo Hoo I can't believe I never realized you had a fashion part of your blog. Very Nice. Congratulations on Onderland..

Elaine- Yes our snowfall is laughable but the kids are playing in it all the same..

Kim- For what it's worth I Like Tattered Nest Best of Luck in your new endeavor.

Lisa18- Looks like your going to Onderland for Valentines!.

Kelly- Hope things calm down for you and your family. Please don't laugh at our 1inch snow that closed the city here in Texas...

Comment #20

Morning all....

Had a good week and stayed OP during my little fit... lol Scale finally moved this morning... Thank you God!! I was hoping not to have a 0 change for my weigh in..

191.4 is my weight this morning... almost out of the 190's....

Elaine- that really stinks about not having Monday off... are you going to keep the kids out of school anyway? Have fun during your visit!.

Hope everyone has a great day today..


Comment #21

Will update my ticker later. Not quite in onederland but oh so close. Am at 200.2 this morning but not disappointed. It was a 2.8 loss for the week!.

Angel - congratulations! Your onederland is so great. Now you have hold the door open for me as the last one who made it through. I will do it in the next few days I hope...

Comment #22

Joanne~ OK, what's the weather outside your door now? Has the worst of the storm passed?.

Lisa18~ Oh, you know my secret now.. crunch bar air is the heaviest.. uh huh! Look at you 203.8.. the door to onederland is wide open!!.

Vilma~ Sorry to hear about the troubles that folks are continuing to have with the snow... how much more are you suppose to get tomorrow?.

Karan~ 217.3... yea!!!.

Kim~ What a great combo Kim.. love the names your thinking of. Interiors have made a huge change this season and I'm thrilled at the new look. It's been so blah the last couple years and in LV this week I could have bought everything. Do you have a location? Are you on FaceBook? The girls keep a FB account and you can take a look at some pics of the shops (thru' the eyes of a 21 yo) Copper Creek / JT Blu. PM me with your phone number and I'll give you a call next week.

I'll plan an extra day when I get the 2 new shops up and running! BTW, use this time of being on Medifast as a focus... don't use the stress of getting a new business off the ground as permission to go off plan.. in fact it's just the opposite.. just as you would create a business plan you create a body/mind plan for yourself..


199.8 Onderland.

!!! Congratulations!!!.

Elaine~ It's all relative with the snow issue.. I'm sure the city can't handle it. But bummer about having the kids stay in school longer this summer. Bet the kids are so excited to play in the snow.. take plenty of pictures!!.

Jan~ Yea... you are sooooo close!! Makes you truly stay on plan doesn't it??.

>> DH and I enjoyed a beautiful dinner last night at a winery.. we were their only guests. So we pulled the table up close to the fire (within 2 feet) and enjoyed the surroundings and the food. Ofcourse they had to make mine to order and I'm sure there was a little talking in the kitchen, but they got it right on the 2nd try.. no I don't want marinara sauce or hunter sauce or, or, or.... and I don't want to try the wine or, or, or.

He was a happy camper.

Anyway, we're still at the lodge on the lake.. fireplace on and the windows wide open. It's beautiful!! But a backhoe just showed up so it may be time to hop in the shower and head home..

So, everyone is posting their weights but I can't tell if many are up or down.... I want to celebrate with those who are down and encourage those that are up. Can you guys let me know???..

Comment #23

Hey everyone... forgot to say that I did pick a little at some food last night, but all is well now....

Jan- OOOHHH!! That is like having your foot in the air, just about to take that step over the threshold, somebody grab her or push her in, close!! Keep us posted daily so we can do a happy dance for you!!!.

Angel- ONE-derland!! Way to go!! Glad you're back and staying focused after having such a hard couple of months!!.

Lisa18- You're about to reach one of your main goals this month!! Can't wait to see you get there... ONE-derland is just around the corner now..

Kim- Wow!! Isn't that mind boggling... 90 lbs!! What an outstanding accomplishment! I hope you post some pics with before and after of your reupholstered items... I'm curious to see how it looks. How very exciting for you to be doing what you love AND to be your own boss..

Kelley- What stressful time for you! Hope the house isn't too far gone... let us know how things go and be careful traveling in these late winter storms!.

Janine- Sometimes people just don't understand that no means no!! lol At least the wine didn't go to waste..

I'm glad you had a relaxing couple of days....


Comment #24

198.8 for me today ... I'm on the run over here ... talk to you all later when I read everybody's posts. Going to take my sister to see a play tonight!.

Angel, congratulations in entering "Onederland" again!!! No more going back to "Twoderville" anymore, do you hear me!?! LOL..

Comment #25

My weight for this week is 260.6.

A loss of 1 getting quite bummed with 5 weeks of low #'s.....

Anyways...back later to read.....

Comment #26

Lisa18...hahaha...never thought of that one before....

) If that were the case we would all be a lot lighter....and wouldnt mind all that ummm .gas....

Hi Vilma...hope all is well in your neck of the woods....



So happy for you.

Kim...My vote (if you care to know) goes with The Tattered Nest...Best of luck with your new ventures!!!. are flying onward and downward ....great job girl!!! you must feel fantastic!.

Jan...ohhh so so week for sure!.

Janine...the storm has passed....supposed to get a little snow over the weekend and maybe a couple more inches Monday....Sounds like you and dh had a relaxing time...nice to just be able to rejuvinate in that way....

Karan..did I read you weight loss right ?? down 7.3 for this week...week 16??? WOW.

Angelica..enjoy the play this evening!!.

Hugs to all....


Comment #27

Joanne...don't get discouraged about the slow loss. You're losing and that's fabulous! But I know... I feel like my losses have slowed, too..

I think we should all mentally stand behind Jan and give her a.


Right into onederland :-) You're sooooo close..

Hugs to all!..

Comment #28



Lisa~ Morning girl!!.

Angelica~ She's in the fast lane again.... hope you're enjoying that sis of yours..

Joanne~ Hey, what are your stats... ie; carbs, calories, level of activitiy? are you adding any condiments? You can get it going again girl.. let's look at it..

Lisa18~ What are your plans this weekend?.

My boys are home this weekend!!! I'm one happy momma!!..

Comment #29

Almost all the snow has already melted. A little ice is all that is left. I am finally feeling more like myself today still a little stuffy headed. Hopefully I can get back in the gym..

Joanne- Yes I had over a 7 pound loss last week and it showed 2 more this am. Not sure what's going on since I didn't work out last week and I was sick. I am not really complaining since the week before I had my first gain but my body does seem to be on some strange roller coaster at the moment. We will see where it lands. I really liked the 115.2 I saw this am but I am not holding my breath that it will stick...

Comment #30

Thanks for the shove right into.


Thanks to Angel and Angelica who were most recently through the door to ONEDERLAND and who held the door open for me..


Your shoves helped too -and the fact that my butt's not so big anymore!.

And Karan, I think there will be fireworks once it gets dark tonight. (In fact, I'm sure of it.

- because most nights we can hear the fireworks from Disneyland, lol)!.

Thanks for all the support, shoves, prayers, well-wishes, challenges and modeling that we can all get there in our own time!.

Later and love-..

Comment #31


Lisa18..thank you for your support and thoughts..'s just so much tougher when it is so slow so many weeks.....

Janine...You are a sweetie...ty as well for your support......I try to keep my carbs from 75 ot 85....I do use condiments..I am not back at exercising.

...and of course the longer the slow weight loss goes on...the less "strength" I seem to have....I am needing to order more product soon..but am trying to time it so there is not a large snowfall when it comes in as I now have to travel to NF New York to pick it up.....(still very annoyed with Medifast cancelling shipping to Canada...UGH). are doing fantastic...and that was a super loss!!!!....sometimes there is no rhyme or reason as to why...but I am happy for you gf!!.

Well we had more snow again..enough to throw a monkey wrench on weekend plans...oh well...what can one do....

Hope everyone is well and enjoying thier weekend!!!.



Comment #32

Thanks to everyone for the shout-outs!.

Joanne - Hang in there. You are so dedicated when you literally have to cross the border to go get your food. I am so impressed with your commitment - especially in the middle of winter! Be safe as you travel. But when it's safe to go get the food, know that it's worth it!..

Comment #33





Comment #34

Wow!! What a busy day everyone had!!.

WOO HOO Jan!!! Welcome to ONE-derland!!.

I think you're right... Lisa18 is the next to make it with Elaine following close behind!!.

Joanne! Oh no!!! not MORE snow!! BRRRRRR... Just thinking about it makes me cold!!.

Karen- WOW! That is unusual!! Maybe your body just needed a break from exercising... I hope you feel better soon....

Hope you're having fun with your sister Angelica!!.

I've been such a lazy bum this last week... haven't practiced my guitar hardly at all and my next class is this Tuesday!! Procrastination is one of my personal problems... so I'm up late tonight trying to learn one of the 5 songs I'm supposed to be practicing the last 2 weeks on top of going over my scales and warmups... lol boy do my fingers burn!! Hopefully I'll have at least 3 of them down... the teacher will help me with the rest, but she'll be able to tell I didn't practice like I usually do. Doing well this week so far and no more temptation to nibble here or there...


Comment #35

Date: ................. 01/28 ... 02/04.

01 NTLWnow ...... 176.5 ... 175.0.

02 LodgeMom ..... 189.7 ... 187.5.

03 Greyflower ..... 193.1 ... 191.4.

04 Angelica ......... 199.6 ... 198.8.

05 AngelDaae ..... 200.8 ... 199.8.

06 butterfly53 ..... 203.0 ... 199.8.

07 Elaine ............ 207.0 ... 204.8.

08 HappyLisa18 .. 205.4 ... 203.8.

09 Mommuse ...... 224.4 ... 217.3.

10 Racergal22 ..... 251.0 ... 251.0.

11 Mom2georgie????? ... 252.0.

12 Cinderelly132261.6 ... 260.6.

Congratulations to all the losers of this week!!!.


, you need to put us in your schedule next time you come to Los Angeles. Kim, Jan and I would love to meet with you and have a crunch bar and maybe a cup of hot cocoa or Chai Latte ....


, youre doing great too! By the way, Im sorry to inform you but both names for you new business already exist ... I googled on them and found several sites ... I miss you! Wish we could get together soon!.


, youre so cute ... LOL helping shove Jan into Onederland! By the way you and.


Are the next ones into ONEDERLAND ... hopefully very soon (a week or two)!.


, my friend, congratulations!!! Youre the biggest loser of this week!!! How did you do that!?! Please, share your secret with us ... please, please, please!!!.


, youre doing great too, girlfriend!!! Youre almost out of the 90s ....


, I need to get running over here, you are right on my tail ... Hey, did you get your jewelry yet!?! I got all of mine and they are just gorgeous!!! Love them!!!.

I also put you in Onederland for this week, hope that is OK!?!.


, we all feel your frustration ... mabe you need to change a few things over there ... maybe using less condiments would be a good start ... But we also get your commitment to this program ... you mean you need to travel to NY to get your Medifast meals!?! Wow, amazing ....


, how are you doing over there!?! Dont you love being in ONEDERLAND again!?! This was the last time I saw twoderville on my scale ... no more for me ....


, thats bad ... peoples roofs are caving in due to too much snow!?! Wow, hope your family and friends are safe! Will keep you all in my prayers ....


, I also have PCOS ... carbs are poisen for us ... but what is Metformin for!?! Are you diabetic!?!.

Went to the theater last night with my sister and she loved it! We had so much fun!!!.

Need to go get some rest ... Just finishing organizing Hubby's Library and Office ... Are you girls ready for Super Bowl tomorrow!?! I love Super Bowl, the new Ads, the food and the cute guys ... LOL.

Good night ladies! Actually, I feel as if we were all "sisters" in here! I'm so glad you all came into my life! And I'm very grateful for that!!!..

Comment #36

Joann~ sounds like you are right on track with your carbs.. perhaps a week of not using many condiments and doing some exercising would kick start that weight loss again. I understand your frustration about the slow WL but think of the alternative... you'll get it going again!!! Just keep to it Joanne, order your meals and keep on. I'm here with you and will be for the duration!!!.

Lisa~ You can fool many but you can't fool the guitar teacher. I used to tell that to the boys all the time when they were taking classes. Hope you had a good day of practicing and that your fingers co-operated with your brain! What type of music are you learning? 180's here you come!!!.

Angelica~ Thanks for putting the chart up... glad that you had a great time with your sis!.

>>I'm heading out to go to another gift show this morning and won't be home until tomorrow night. Drink up girls... enjoy the superbowl in an OP kind of way!!!..

Comment #37

Thanks for all your support ladies...I just love this group and am so happy to be a part of it!!!.

Janine thanks for being with me for the duration....doesn't make me feel like I will be I will be here for a long while yet..

Jan..I never really looked at my travelling stateside to pick up my Medifast as commitment...but you are right...and those few words hade me acknowledge that for what it is and made me feel better..Thank you sista!!.

Everyone is doing so many entering onderland and continuing thier journey down down down!! Great job ladies!.

Kim...hoping things are going well with you my dear....excited for you!!.

Lisa..good luck with your practicing that guitar!.

Angelica..I agree it does feel like we are all sisters here..and I love it!!.

Saying hello to all other sister Angels..have a great OP week!!!.

Love to you all.


Comment #38

Lisa, I miss you my friend!!! Go practice your guitar ... we'll have you entertaining us on our Reunion when we all reach our goal weight. Hopefully by July 24th, my birthday if I don't go down to Brazil!?! My sister's BD is July 27 and we were planning to maybe spend it together this year. But we need to come up with a date for all of us to meet. Maybe a long weekend when most of you can fly over here. We can all camp here in my house.

Some of you guys can even stay over here with me. I think I could accommodate some of you ... it depends how many could make it. We can have a girls night out and a lot of fun too!.

The scale is moving south for me again ... 197.4 - 1.4 this morning ... it's working ....

Joanne, come on sister, you can do this ... just eat your 5 Medifast meals every 2 to 3 hours and 1 "lean and green" a day and your weight divided in half of water ... if you're still 260.6/2 = 130.3 oz of water a day ... and you'll see how fast you'll lose again ....

Janine, my darling, you're a busy bee yourself ... hope you're having tons of fun!!!.

I'm enjoy my sister's company very much ... going out again tonight ... girls night out!.

It seems that all the girls are very busy too ... anybody else reading Beck ... I picked it up yesterday and am enjoy the reading very much!!!.

Have a great OP day!..

Comment #39

A girls weekend in Cali sounds fun! Don't know if Ill be at goal by July but hopefully Ill be close..

Lisa- What kind of music do you like to play? I think that is awesome!.

Joanne- I feel you have a good week coming your way!.

Janine- You are hard to keep up with- When you are traveling so much - are you mainly taking bars? I find it so much harder when I'm not in my surroundings..

Vilma- I hope you have found your way out of the snow.

It was pretty nice here today we are expected sleet on Wednesday..

Got my new shipment today SO happy I was getting down to vanilla pudding and oatmeal..

2 weeks until my next 5K and my energy is still lacking from being sick last week..

Just got my Omega 3 supplements- Did you know they have 25 calories?..

Comment #40

Hi Everyone, Just checking in......

Congratulations Jan on your entry into the 100's!!!!!!! I am so happy for you!.

Joanne, you are such a doll great talking to you today. I hope we can do it again soon! I will check my phone bill.....I hope sunny days are ahead for you. It must be hard to have snow all the time. I love having you to be with me on this journey..

Janine, Thanks for the information. I commented on the site today and loved it soooo much. You are a great "picker" of all things it all..

Angelica, I know that there are blogs with those names but that does not count. I just need to do a DBA Besides we decided on a different name "Truly Tattered" so there is no problem..

Karen, I did not know about the calories, thanks for the information. Way to go on the 5K you are THE woman!.

Lisa, I guess I missed the fact that you practice guitar. Good for you sounds like it would be fun. I have never been very musical..

Plugging along, am tired but excited for our opening next week. It will take about a month to get everything in place and to get the shop full. It may be empty for a while..

Night all sleep well.....


Comment #41

Karan, the weather has been very nice over here ... in the mid 70s ... and low 50s ... Just love California!!!.

Kim, I truly like the "Truly Tattered" better!!! I'm excited for you! Hey, I have a question for you ... I'd like to take my sister to that store you took me, what was the name of that store again, where I bought all my flowers and stuff!?! It was near your sister's boutique ... I think ....

Anyhow, what happened to your tenant!?! Did she ever move out?! I don't know if I missed out on the out come of that or not ... but I was just wondering..

Hope all is well for you and let me know when your grand opening is, I'd love to take my sister and be there for you! Please, let me know if you need any help over there!.

Good night y'all!!!..

Comment #42

Janine, I was browsing our thread in here when I noticed in our signatures that we have lost almost the same amount of weight and at about the same time frame and that we have exactly the same goal weight. I know you're much taller than I am (I'm 5'.5.5"), but when I'll hit that mark (165 #s) that will be my 100 lbs weight loss ... After that I can readjust my goal weight and go down some more ... But for now that is my first goal weight. We're about 10 pounds difference from each other ... that's so cool, isn't it!?! I have never noticed that before, have you!?!..

Comment #43

Hey Angelica,.

Nope not diabetic, Metformin was prescribed back when I was 14, it has the side effect of causing ovulation (something that can cease in PCOS) and also helps the insulin resistance... not as well as I would like for sure though..

Our house was fine. I got the writing position as columnist. Today my column is supposed to be up, but it isn't so I am definitely stressed about that a bit. If it ever gets posted I will post the link for sure.

Going over finances, I fairly sure I need to lose all the weight I can before May first. Which at the rate I'm going will be another 2lbs. I am very discouraged (the 4/2 didn't work for me either oddly enough, I tried it last week and stayed the same.

Oh well I guess it is what it is...

Comment #44

Good Morning...

Joanne~ Oh I so mean it when I say that I'll be here for the long run, T&M is just as important as the weight loss if not more. What does your week look like Joanne? Any events or dinners that you 'll be attending this week that might be a challenge?.

Angelica~ What a great treat that would be to go to Brazil to see family for your birthday! Would be great fun to head down to see you all.. By golly we did start at the same rate! How fun.. we'll get these bodies back to where they should be!!!.

Karan~ When I travel it's usually with 4/5 bars a day, sometimes I'm able to get one brownie if I'm lucky.. but most of the time I'm working from 8:30- 7 and then trying to find a restaurant after. it is easier to be at home, but it's not my reality right now.. bet you were doing the happy dance when you got your new shipment.. and I didn't realize that your Omega 3 supplements had 25 cal.. too strange..

Kim~ I do love what I do.. and know the excitement that you are experiencing of opening a new business. How are you doing on program? Staying OP? Stay focused on the program and don't let your busyness over-ride your commitment to MF. It take planning, but you can do it!!! Give me a verbal picture of your store, I"m anxious to hear..

>> Up way too early this AM, just can't sleep.. if something wakes me up my mind kicks into gear. Anxious to get into the shops today.. DH and I are taking off on Thursday to go on a skiing vacation, flying the boys in on Thursday night and we'll head out for a 4 day ski trip this weekend.. I've just booked a flight on Sunday night to Las Vegas for 2 days to shop for the stores and then over to LA for 3 days .. I'll be home in a week and half.

In the past being too busy, traveling too much, working too hard has been an excuse to eat whatever I wanted, after all I deserved it... what I deserve is to take care of myself and to treat my body with respect..

Drink up friends!..

Comment #45

Hello my friends... been super busy this week with work and looks like it's going to be hit and miss on the boards for February. DH says he needs me on the job sites most days to help with some small issues..

Kim-Exciting about your doors opening up! Hope everything goes well... I've been taking some college courses on classical guitar... I would love to eventually be able to play a little of all types of music, but the Spanish sounding guitar is one of my favorites!.

Angelica- We'll sit around and sing Kumbaya's the whole night... LOL I used to play the flute for years, although I don't really remember that much of it. It's been 20 years! Guitar has just always been something I've wanted to learn. Takes a lot of dedication and practice!.

Janine- AHHH and the teacher most definetly could tell I didn't practice... lol I have extra homework this week..

You know I've never been skiing before? (live in az member. lol) Now that I'm older, I'm a little scared I'd break my neck trying! Have fun on your trip!! Is it for business or just for fun this time?.

Joanne- Just keep keeping on my friend... it's frustrating and hard sometimes, but we're here for you... you can do it!.

Kelley- I didn't know you were a journalist... I used to love writing when I was younger. Actually considered a career once. I would love to read your articles!.

Well... I have to go to bed now... I should be able to get on the boards Mon-Fri in the evenings....

Hugs and love to all!.


Comment #46

Hello all I've been reading along just so busy here that I haven't taken time to post much. Still trudging along - trying to keep the kids well. Hope you guys have a great week...

Comment #47

Morning all!!.

Janine- Hello exercise buddy... guess since you're back with it I better get my bottom in gear too!! LOL I'm glad you're enjoying your bodybugg! I'll get something in today... I've been OP since my little slip up last week..

Thanks for having my back....

Elaine- HI! Hope you'll have more time to post soon... take care of those little angels...


Comment #48

Good morning Ladies!!! Good to hear from some of you!!! I've been very busy too, but am droping by just to say a quick hello to all of you!!!.


, my friend, have a safe and wonderful Skiing trip with your husband! Have fun! You deserve it!.


, I also would love to read your column ....


, I know, I also need to get into my exercise routine in here ... I've been so busy with my sister that when I see a couch I just want to collapse ... LOL.

Have a great OP day!!!..

Comment #49

Hi all....

Just checking in. I've been crazy busy and haven't had much time to read or post..

Also going through some kind of funk. I think the closer I get to onederland, the more freaked out I'm getting. Or maybe I'm just stressed? I've been OP, but not drinking water like I should and just feeling kind of blah..

Oh well... I know it will pass. Probably just winter blahs. :-).

Hope to have more time to post later. Hope everyone is doing great!.


Comment #50

Hey everyone! My article can be found here:.


In the search box put Snow Day Sanity and you will find my column there!.

Feeling better today, might actually have a good loss this week!.

Lisa you should definitely pursue your writing!..

Comment #51

I havent posted in a few days but I have to say....CONGRATULATIONS JAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..

Comment #52

Hey all!.

I'm desperately trying to hold on to the little bit of sanity left in my mind. I have been TOO busy for the past few months (but especially since the new year began). My days are too long, my nights are too short, and my level of exhaustion is through the roof. But, I still find a way to trudge along (must be due to the power of prayer)......

I have been battling insane cravings for the past week. Everything from pretzels (which I rarely ate) to steak. It's been a mental challenge (one that I lost last friday night) but I know that I will prevail. I'm gradually learning to take things one step at a time, lose weight one pound at a time, and not beat myself up if I happen to trip and fall..

Fun NSV: my students at work have noticed that I look different. They're so young (between 5 and 7 years of age) that they haven't been able to figure out why. Today one of my favorite girls wrapped her arms around me, looked up at me with a surprised look on her face, and said "I can put my arms around you! Now I know why you look different!". She couldn't stop commenting on her ability to wrap her arms around my waist. She tells her teacher "Did you know that she lost weight, that I can wrap my arms around her?!" Her teacher answered "Yes, she's lost over 30 pounds and is getting healthier." I piped up: "47 pounds to be exact". Her jaw hit the ground, she smiles, and gave me the best hug of the day.

God bless the children!.

"see" you all soon,.


PS Thankfully the roofs in our development are sloped. We haven't had to take any snow off our roof as the heat from the house has helped to melt it off. Everyone is well (just sick and tired of winter!)...

Comment #53

Vilma- Sounds like the children can be the calm in storm or be the storm sometimes. I hope you find the balance and peace you seek. Congratulations on your success Keep celebrating every step..

My Kids and Hubby are still home with various winter illnesses. Boys make bad patients!.

I've been getting lots of comments at work this week. Sometimes when people ask " Have you lost weight?" I want to just mess with them and say "No why?".

Its supposed to be 19 degrees tonight and 70 on Saturday - Can't wait for the weekend!.

Wrap Up the Week in Style Ladies!..

Comment #54

Angelica....I haven't gotten much further with the Beck book.....much to my annoyance...I have it out on the kitchen table...and it is on my list...but I haven't made the time for it! I think I kind of lost my "ummph" when there wasn't any discussion.....but I will get on with it soon!! How about yourself?.

Karan...I hope so!!! I am geting back to basics program wise the last day or I'm crossing my fingers...

Kim...Loved finally connecting with you on the phone!! And yes we WILL do it again soon! I really like Truly Tattered..I think that is a great choice! Hope you can share some pics of the new shop when you get it up and running!!!.

Kelly...I didn't know you were a writer...congrats on your new column! Looking forward to reading it.

I hope you can find a way to at least remain on Medifast somewhat after May. I have seen some other threads where they have suggested replacing some Medifast meals with something comparable but cheaper. Not sure if that is an option for you or not..but something to think about. hugsss.

Janine....have a great and SAFE vacation!! Kim & I had a little phone chat the other day and I think it gave me more resolve. I find it easy to stay totally on program when the losses are good....not quite as easy after a few weeks of not so great losses! UGH...But don't worry...I will get 3 days under my belt again and be good to go.

...oh & good job getting in some treadmill time..

Lisa...Nice to keep busy and being able to help DH at the same time!!..What type of work does hubby do? I think construction rings a bell..or maybe I'm all mixed up...

Elaine...I see you are almost at 2 milestones....50 lost and Onderland!!!....You do it in style girl!! Hope your week is a great one!.

Jan, Vilma, Angel and Lisa18...wishing you a great week OP!!.

Hugs to everyone!!.


Comment #55

Lisa18...Glad to hear you worked through your funk this week. We learn so much from this program...and it is a skill we will use for the rest of our lives!!.

Kelly...glad you had a great loss so far!!! Thanks for the link..will check it out soon.

Vilma...What a beautiful NSV...."out of the mouths of babes" eh?? Children are so precious! Yes one day and one pound at a time....great outlook!! I hope you find some time to relax and get some much needed rest!.

Nite all!.


Comment #56

Kelley- I read your article!! It was very good! Although I don't live in a winter wonderland (beautiful picture), I can still use some of the ideas in the summer when the weather is too hot.... except that my favorite idea was the Olympics but I don't have a basement!! LOL I could always change up some of the ideas too... for instance, we'll have ice cream with chocolate milk instead of hot cocoa and warm cookies, inside igloo by turning the temp on the air so low we'll have to bundle up and watch a winter movie instead of the beach party... etc..

Joanne- I do enjoy working with my husband, but his work is very physically demanding and I can only do so much... it is in construction, not residential but commercial/industrial. It's installing industrial equipment at warehouses and loading dock equipment for the big rig trucks... very heavy duty! He'll most likely have me using the hammer drill and than hammering anchors into the cement walls or floors... or hanging lights (40-60 lbs each) six feet off the ground... I've done it before, even some welding- but he really doesn't like me doing the welding (dangerous) or strenuous parts of the job...

Then I just laughed at myself and went home. Told him I REFUSED to do one more thing for him, called him a slave driver, and a big meany, cried and stormed off.... he was speechless and proceeded to hide until I calmed down. Afterwards, I took one look at him and just bust up laughing..

He gave me a hug, asked if I felt better and sent me home..

Sooo.. I have mixed feelings about working with him. Good thing is, I'll be getting enough exercise in!.

Angelica- Take your sister with you!! Or spend lots and lots of time window shopping!!! You'll definitely get your walking in..

Vilma- We miss you!! Keep making those decisions to get back up and you'll do fine... remember what the Lord says... I righteous man (or women.

) falls seven times, but gets back up!.

Well... I've got to get my guitar out and practice... can't afford to skip any practice this week! Have a good night all!.


Comment #57

Lisa~ Your fingers are going to be pretty sore.. how is the guitar practice going this week? I haven't skied in quite awhile but am hoping that I'll get one day in.. depending on the weather, with getting so cold with ketosis it doesn't sound fun unless it's kind of warm and very clear... and it's suppose to be blue skies, I hope, I hope! How was your day today?.

Elaine~ we'll be here when you have the time and the kids are well. You take care of yourself too... stay OP girl!.

Angelica~ what is your favorite thing to do with your sis?.

Lisa18~ Don't you get freaked out girl.. onederland is wonderful.. you'll love it. Do you need to give yourself a special treat when you get there? Retail therapy works wonders.

How about a trip to Anthropology and try on some new clothes!.

Kelly~ wow... I'm totally impressed, you go girl!!.

Vilma~ One day at a time girl.. set yourself a goal each day and do everything you can to get there. Are you able to read your beck book? It really does help, start over and re-read each page with a underliner in hand. Set your priorities... we're here to help you! Love you Vilma, it's not easy but it is doable. And great NSV; it's always great to have all your hard work validated..

Karan~ Shoot, you've had a hard time with the family being sick.. bet your sick of it!! That's quite a temp spread.. 19 to 70 holy smokes!.

Joanne~ Hope you take some you time and have a date with the Beck book, you deserve it!! You're such a special gal..

Kim~ How's the shop going, bet you're working your fanny off.

Love the name Truly Tattered, you're going to do great!!.

Heading out in the morning, I'm taking the computer with me so I'll be able to keep up with you all, providing they have internet at the lodge..

Loves to you all.... Drink up..

Comment #58

Hey Janine- Looks like I'm not the only one up late... My fingers don't get nearly as sore as they used to... the only days they really hurt are Tuesday (the class is 2-2 1/2 hours!) and than Wednesday because of the Tuesday class.. I've been playing for about 7 1/2 months... I can understand about the cold!! Why didn't we start this all in the Spring time or early Summer so it would be okay to be a little cold? LOL I hope you have a sunny day with little breeze so you can enjoy your time with hubby.. have fun!.


Comment #59

Lisa~ I bet you have some good callouses and that's a good thing. Good for you for keeping with the guitar, it shows that you are determined! What type of music are you learning? I so agree, starting Medifast in the spring so we wouldn't get so cold would have been a good idea.. but we're that much farther along this way. We both are on the west coast, it's nice and quiet on the boards when I get on in the evening... don't you think?..

Comment #60

Thanks Ladies!.

Lisa you definitely can change up the ideas! LOL When we lived in Guam we didn't have a basement either. We have one now though, thankfully since we need the storage.

I think I will have to substitute some meals. That was a good idea. Thanks..

Comment #61 wonder you lose at a steady speed!!!.

Sometimes the guys need to realise...we are girls...and don't have the physical travels gf and enjoy your wonderful family time!!.

Kelly...your welcome!! Sometimes we have to make adjustments or small changes to make things work....better to substitute some meals than not be on program at all!! Hope things work out for you!..

Comment #62

Thank you my angels. You have officially put a smile on my face that I can't wipe off..

Comment #63

Hi all! Have had long day and can't catch up with everything on the boards but I finally had some time to just read the boards tonight! Hope you are all doing well..

After reaching onederland on Saturday I have had ups and downs all week so will be lucky tomorrow to stay at 199.8 or below. It was so exciting but then I felt a kind of let down that I don't really understand. I think this was one of the rare times (for me) that being a daily weigher got in my way because I do go up and down and this time going up a bit (and reading 200 again) was a downer. Plus I'm just tired this week. I'm not eating foods not on plan but I am eating more Medifast meals than I should. I do well all day and then eat an extra bar (or two) at night.

Am I rewarding myself for onederland by celebrating with food? yuck. That's not acting on what I'm learning..

Folks at church have truly noticed weight loss now (50 pounds) and I get many compliments and several people have quietly admitted that they saw me from afar or in a group and didn't recognize me. I am so much happier with myself that part of me is saying to myself: Can't I just stop right here? Wouldn't this be good enough? Couldn't I just learn to maintain at this weight? But then I know I have 15 pounds just to get to overweight rather than obese. So I can't stop here but the reality of 35 more pounds (at the least) and then keeping it off is feeling a little overwhelming..

I still have 4 months to daughter's wedding. I have to keep going for health and energy and clothing and life but this week is hard. Sorry to deal with all my own stuff today but there it is. Maybe I better get back to reading boards and the Beck book. I know this too shall pass....

Comment #64

Ohhhhhhhh prayers and thoughts are with you my friend. I think sometimes it is hard to come up with why's. I do hope you find your answers as you soul search and pray about this. YOU CAN DO THIS!!!! Look how well you have done, how much better you are feeling emotionally as well as physically!!! Many of us have a little blip or two along the way, just chalk it up to that and start fresh this very minute!!!.

Mentally picture how you will look for your daughter's wedding!!! Best of luck my Angel friend!.



Comment #65


Sorry you are having a rough week after the excitement of Onederland! I blogged a couple months ago about having clarity and then going into the murk. Your dilemma sounds similar. I think we all have times when we are more excited then others - Maybe similar to people's faith Sometimes we feel in step and sometimes we don't. You know what you want, why and what is good for you. Our mini goals are great and keep us going but sometimes just being present reminds us where we've been and what we've accomplished and that's pretty miraculous. The scale is only one measurement of your success. Sleep Well!..

Comment #66

Joanne and Karan - thanks for the good words. I appeciate the support. Maybe this is learning about how it feels to reach a goal and then knowing that the journey isn't over but have to learn how to keep going. onederland was a big goal and I have to realize I'm not done with my weight issues - and more importantly - I never will be. This is lifetime stuff. thanks again...

Comment #67

Jan, I think there's something in the air. Keep pushing through! Thank you for your post because it makes me feel not so alone. I'm going through the same kind of thing and the people in this group are keeping my spirits up. I'm slowing down as I reach onederland. You've been a real inspiration to me as I start to enter through the door!.

Janine, hope you are having so much fun with your skiing weekend. How fun! Thank you for your words of encouragement!.

And Joanne, I just love your posts. The combination of your nice notes with your beautiful picture is great. Because you are looking right at the camera with that beautiful smile, it looks like you are actually talking to me when I read your posts :-).

Karan... love the line "just being present". That was one of my goals for 2011, to focus on the now and not worrying about past or future and enjoying every moment. Loved being reminded of that..

Kelly loved your column!.

Lisa guitar? So amazing! Jealous! I bought a piano once, with the hope of learning and playing holiday carols at Christmas parties. It did nothing but collect dust. Ive had an urge to take up guitar most of the people are born with one in their hand in the city I live in but dont have the patience. Now Im wanting to play harmonica. Go figure. I think you should compose an Medifast theme and post it on our board..

Have a great Friday, everyone. Im weighing tomorrow..



Comment #68

Morning Angels,.

I am running at breakneck speed. Have had one really bad day and am up this week to 254. Gained 2 lbs. I know that I am still strong and am back on program 100 percent for today. Thank You Lisa 18 for the reminder to live in the now not in the past or future. I can only worry about today!.

My sister who I live with found out yesterday that she is pre diabetic. Her Dr. has put her on Optifast. I am so happy because it will help not watching her eat terrible food and having that stuff around. She is not allowed any food so I am going to try to eat my meal at lunch and Medifast at night. Yea! This will give me the boost to get to my goals..

Jan, I think you need to have a talk with yourself and then just do this one day at a time. I know that we have to adjust to all sorts of feelings and trials on this journey because we are learning to have a positive relationship with food and our weight. Each time we struggle we must learn what it is that we need to come to terms with so that we can deal with this for the rest of our lives and not be in the percent of people who gain their weight back. Not condoning our slip ups (like mine this week) but if we learn from them and deal with them instead of stuffing them (overeating) or condemning ourselves because we have "failed" we will be part of the 3 percent of people who can KEEP our weight off. Jan you and I and all of our Angel friends can do this and do it together!!!!!! Feel free to call me if you want to talk it will help us both! Love you!.

Joanne, You are such a great inspiration! Please know that your cheering me on is a huge reason why I am still here! We are going to do this together and someday we will meet in person and I can not wait to see your darling face! Thanks for your e-mails they make my day! I know that you are going to get to your goal and have every confidence in your strength..

Kelly, loved your article! how exciting for you! I would be so proud to be published like that. Will there be more?.

Well Hi to everyone else Can't wait to hear how everyone did on their losses this week. I know it will be better than my gain! Onward and upward I always say!!!!! Have a great day and as Janine always says Drink up everyone!.


Comment #69

Good morning, Angels!.

Despite all my screw-ups this week, I still managed to lose 2.4 lbs!.

That puts me at.


And solidly back in Onederland! Woohoo!..

Comment #70

Morning all!!.

What a great morning!!! Weight is.

188.5!! Hello 180's!!.

Have lots planned today and can't wait to get started on my day... woke up in a good mood, Medifast package is coming this morning, and hada good weigh in, how much better can it get?.

Tomorrow I will be working with DH so I'll be out of the house and getting extra exercise... or I should say exercise... not extra.. lol.

Janine- I'm studying Classic Guitar, but I'd like to learn the basics for all types/styles. I hope you're having fun with DH!!.

Joanne- I would most likely have lost even more if I was working with him regularly... now that I have almost 55 lbs off of my body, the work will most likely be much easier!.

Jan- Oh my gosh!! I am so like you with the daily weigh ins... when I reached ONEderland I remember specifically ignoring the scale for the whole week (felt like torture... lol) because I didn't want to see that 2 again! Don't let it get you down girl! You are doing so well! It's easy to justify when we feel and look better to just stop and be satisfied, but you know God wants us to give everything 100% not to make things difficult, but rather because He wants us to have what's good for us.... you can make it all the way!! NO GIVING UP! ((hugs)).

Lisa18- My piano is a dust collector too... LOL I love playing the guitar, but it was so easy to quit when I first started... it's actually painful for a while! But the rewards for my perseverance is going to be sooo great!! We'll all have to pitch in on our theme song.

Kim- I'm sorry your week was so horrible, but what you're saying is very wise... like in today, tomorrow will take care of itself. I'm saddened that it took that much for your sister to do something about her weight issues, but very glad that she's doing something now... hopefully you will both be able to support each other and stay on task to reach your goals!.

Way to go Angel!! It must feel so good to get back on track!.

Angelica!! How are you sista?.

Have a great day all you Angles....


Comment #71


Won't be weighing in for 2 weeks.. pls keep the same weight as last week..

All well here in Idaho.. picked up one son at the airport yesterday and took other son and his roommates out to dinner.. good times. The view out our window in incredible.. looks cold though.

Still haven't decided if I'll ski or not.. I brought plenty to 'work' on and that may be my choice. I know I'm sick.. but being creative is just such a high right now..

Last nights dinner was at an Italian place.. they were able to give me exactly what I wanted, bless their hearts. Tonight we're meeting up with friends that have a condo here, she's cooking. Thinking I'll take my own meal.. mushrooms and ground turkey, much safer that way..

Drink up girls!!..

Comment #72


Lost 1.2 and broke into the 250's!! yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh mee!!..

Comment #73

Hello all had to have 6 year old at minor surgery shortly after 7 this morning slept too late and did not have time to weigh in (slept in sweats so I could go straight in this morning didn"t have time to strip and redress)therefore, I will post weight tomorrow morning!!!.

We are home now - but have 3 meals in me and a Coke Zero, a bottle of water and a coffee!!! Weighing now wouldn't be too inspiring..

Congrats to everyone else on their losses this morning!.

Be well!..

Comment #74

Good morning! Feeling more up today..

Weigh in of 199.8. But Ill take it even though I havent lost since last Saturday it will likely go down this week. I did measure this morning and lost half-inch in waist and hip so that will be my nsv for this week. Thanks for the support!.

Janine congrats on the 180s. You are doing great. Just barely 20 pounds to go! You are rocking this! Hope you have a great weekend with the family. So special to have that time with young adult kids!.

Cinderlly, Cinderelly (I often sing your screen name with the melody from Cinderella). Into the 250s! Yeah. Whoopee. Isnt that amazing. So happy for you. Thanks for all your support for me and everyone! I just noticed you are very close to your next goal.

Elaine hope your little one is doing well. Sounds like you are right on plan even on a stressful day. Definitely weigh in tomorrow (not today)! You are a great mom and you will be even greater (I mean lesser) when you gain better health. Hope the weekend goes well for you..

Karan Thanks for your strong words last night. Mini goals are just that mini. Push on to the next mini and the next and the next. I got it!! Just keep moving..

Lisa19 So close to onederland. I will hold the door open this morning and next week. Are you ready to join us? I just remembered that I weighed around 200 for a long time a number of years ago and my body (and my spirit) may feel too comfortable here so I need to push through this number. Didnt make any headway the last 6 days but I hope I can in the next 6 days! Power through and keep going. Dont look back when you get in the door to onederland like I think I did! Thanks for your thoughts!.

Post so long I have to split it in two.......

Comment #75

Continued from Jan.....

Vilma I get the cravings too I just crave more of Medifast food and sometimes succumb! Like you said one step, one day. Hugs from kids are the best. The very best! They will accept you at every step of your journey!.

Angel so glad to see you on the board and that you are moving downwards and doing well. The ups and downs are so hard but you give me motivation!.

Lisa You are just amazing already in the 80s. Sounds like you get lots of exercise! Looking forward to seeing your number tomorrow morning!.

Angelica Forgot to tell you my earrings came (the ones you were wearing the night of the party) and I love them. Such pretty circles of silver. You are moving ahead so well. Im not catching up with you at least not this week so just keep blazing a trail for me to follow!.

Kim - Love the name of your new business. Cant wait to come by and see it when you are ready for visitors! Truly Tattered is so cute! I am sure you are really busy but excited. I think we need to fit in an hour or so of walking along the beach or boardwalk...

Our health care plan for pastors has added a whole on-line getting healthy component. (Many pastors dont do a good job taking care of themselves me included!) They gave out free pedometers last summer and I got one and it worked terribly. They just updated them and I got one and it registers every step. Yeah. Looks like I average about 3000 steps doing just a regular day. I need to step it up to 7,000 steps at least 5 days a week.

I leave Thursday for Northern California to visit my daughter over the long weekend. So excited. Doing lots of wedding prep and hanging out. Her best friend (and matron of honor) just had brain surgery and she is doing well and may go home this weekend. So relieved and grateful with a cautious optimism that this will bring her closer to a more functioning life..

I am grateful for everything. The big stuff, the small stuff and everything in between...

Comment #76

Hang in there JanI feel your struggle. I live it everyday. Remind yourself that tomorrow is a new day, another opportunity to get it straight. By any chance, so you have any hobbies? I'm dietetically challenged more on the weekends. When I find myself fantasizing about cheating, I pick up my crochet hook. The best part is that the afghan's almost!!!.

This is the first opportunity i've had all day to log on. I weighed myself this morning. 174. That's 48pounds in less than 4 months. My head is spinning with that number. I love this ride!!!.

I like Lisa18's idea: let's create a Medifast song focusing on us Angels. I don't know how to start it or what it would say but I love that idea!!!!.

Lisa: WOO HOO!!!! You and Janine are catching up to me!!!!.

Kelly, I haven't read the article yet. I'll send you a pm when I do. (I'm sure it's great!).

To the rest of the angels: I hope you all enjoy the rest of your day. Have a restful, fun, and OP weekend!.

Blessings to you all,.


P.S. Janine: Have a great time skiing!!!..

Comment #77

Good evening all!!.

Just dropping by to say I won't be on the boards this weekend... Have a great weekend and I'll talk to you all on Monday!!.


Comment #78 are so welcome! I knew you would be able to make some sense of it with a bit of time. And you are so is a lifetime thing! We will all do this together and get there!!!!!!!.

Awwww Lisa18..what a kind soul you are! TYVM for your sweet words and thoughts!! You are soooooooooooooo very close to Onderland...soon you will be on the other side looking back!!.

Kelly..nice column girl!! Altho I am past that stage with my children, I enjoyed reading your ideas!! Is your column a weekly one??. dear friend...I just love your honesty!! It takes courage and strength to admit to gaining 2 lbs and owning it like you did. I am so proud of you for that!! It will keep you honest and you won't be hiding from reality and I think that in itself will give you the strength you need to get back at it! We WILL meet one day my friend and we WILL make it to our goals!.

BE strong gf!.

Angel congrats on losing 2.4 this week. Each loss puts you further and further away from that 200 number and closer to your goal!! I love reading your blogs btw!.

Lisa...out of the 190's forever!!! Way to go. Guess working with hubby helped.

I think when I get to Onderland...that I will remember you & Jan and this lesson, and I will choose to not weigh daily for a week too!! Thanks Lisa for the heads up.. take some time for "you" will good for work so hard!! Italian food is my tell me what you ordered? Altho I am not sure I would be able to stay strong if I went into one at this time!! Enjoy your time away my friend!!.

Elane..hope all is well with your 6 yr old..and good luck with your WI tomorrow!.

Karan ..congrats on another great weight loss week!!!.

Jan ..oh how cute is that when you sing my Cinderelly name!! I think that is adorable.

Vilma..48 lbs gone!! Can you beleive it! Isn't this wonderful? My Mom was over today and she looks at me and says. "You have lost a lot of weight" then asked me how much and told me how good I was looking and that you can really tell!! Aren't Mom's sweet!!.

Angelica..I ust know you are thoroughly enjoying yourself with your sister!! Hope your week has been wonderful and OP all the way gf!!.

Today I started with the walking dvd again...last fall I did the more advanced one and my hip got very sore and took a long while to clear I am hoping with 42 lbs off ....that this time will be better..

Tomorrow I will be picking up my Medifast product from the states....


Comment #79

Down 1.8 this week to 201.4..

Not a big loss, but that's okay. It's TOM and like I've said, I've been in a funk and not drinking water. I'm sooooo close to onederland. I've decided that no matter how much of a funk, I'm drinking up..

My sweet little 8-year-old daughter told her daddy that she wants to buy me a box of chocolates for valentine's day. He's done a great job of telling her as much as mommy would love that, we need to get mommy something else, since she won't be able to eat it. I can't wait to show my excitement and love for whatever she decides to get me. It's so nice that I'm not even tempted by candy or chocolate anymore. How fun :-).

I think each of us should send ourselves flowers on Monday for all the great love we're showing ourselves with MF..

Have a wonderful weekend everyone... in honor of Valentine's day, I.


You all!.


Comment #80

Morning Angels,.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I will be overseeing the improvements in the shop. Getting very excited to move in on Monday night. After that it will be hours and hours of setting up and making it look as good as we can on a shoestring. I am making lots of the decor a la Anthropologie (I call it the poor man's Anthro) so it is time consuming but fun. I have a friend helping me and she is just the best to be so kind.

I loved reading all your posts, each of you are so special and I am soooo glad to have you all in my corner. I may be MIA for a while but will try to come in when I can and check up on all of you. Everyone is doing so well!!!!! I am glad to be part of such a successful group! You all inspire and delight me everyday so I hope I can hop on and read what you are all up to. Have a really great day everyone,.


Comment #81

Sorry I haven't been talkative lately.. on holiday with the family..


Calories Burned: 2258.

Calories Consumed: 1021.

>>Kim... love the anthro look, that's what we're going for too!!!..

Comment #82

Up .2 pounds this week to 205.0 I was not on plan all week.....I didn't eat off plan food just way too much protein and cheese. On a plus - I've dropped the coffee, aftificial sweetener and creamer.

I'm treating this like week one again and hoping to see things moving. I had my first bikini wax today wouldn't never have done it if I hadn't lost weight but that's motivation, I tell you, to get more weight off!!! not the most flattering of situations to be in but not as bad as Jan's colonoscopy!!!.

Starting P90X with my hubby on Mondaywish me luck.

Off to a soccer game - be well..

Comment #83

Date: ................. 01/28 ... 02/04 ... 02/11 ... 01/18 ... 01/25.

01 NTLWnow ...... 176.5 ... 175.0 ... 174.0.

02 LodgeMom ..... 189.7 ... 187.5 ... 187.5.

03 Greyflower ..... 193.1 ... 191.4 ... 188.5.

04 Angelica ......... 199.6 ... 198.8 ... 196.8.

05 AngelDaae ..... 200.8 ... 199.8 ... 197.4.

06 butterfly53 ..... 203.0 ... 199.8 ... 199.8.

07 Elaine ............ 207.0 ... 204.8 ... 205.0.

08 HappyLisa18 ... 205.4 ... 203.8 ... 201.4.

09 Mommuse ...... 224.4 ... 217.3 ... 214.1.

10 Racergal22 ..... 251.0 ... 251.0 ... 250.8.

11 Mom2georgie .. ????? ... 252.0 ... 254.0.

12 Cinderelly132 .. 261.6 ... 260.6 ... 259.4.

Congratulations to all the losers of this week!!!.


, I loved the article ... I could read it for ever ... love your style of writing ... simple but eloquent! It brought me memories of my childhood ... my mother used to tell us about the story of the "Stone Soup" too ... I was wondered about it ....


, I can only imagine the stress level you're living though right now! But trust the Lord, all will be well! I'm so glad to hear your sister is going to do Optifast! Now you have competition right at home ... make that will expedite your weight loss too! Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to call me back with the info I had requested. It was so nice to hear your voice again ... I'm taking my sister there next week. She got a bad cold and I'm waiting for her to feel a little better before I'll take her out again. Please, know that I am just a phone call away if you need me for any thing.

Has you tenant moved out yet!?! I was just wondering the outcome of that ....


, my favorite thing to do with my sister is spending time together, having a cup of hot chocolate (Hot cocoa for me) remembering our childhood, and teen years and we laugh so hard at some of them that we almost pee in our pants LOL my husband doesn't get it which make it even funnier ....


, my sweet heart, you're out of the house of the 60s now WHOOHOO ... I'm so happy for you!!! Congratulations!!! Way to go!!!.


, you've lost 3 lbs this week!!! Wow, my girl, you rock!!!.


, you did it again!!! I'm so proud of you!!! Hey, now the race is on, my girl!!! Let's do this together shall we!?! Just like Lisa is doing with Janine LOL ... it will be fun!!! Jan, you can come along ... catch us if you can ... LOL.


, hope you baby is doing all right ... good luck doing the P90X with hubby next Monday! Is that your Valentine's present to each other, my girl!?!.


, you skinny girl, I'm so happy for you!!! You're almost half way through ... That's awesome!!!.


, my sista, you're doing great!!! In the 80s already ... WHOOHOO!!! I'm so proud of you!!! I also have a piano getting dust here in the house. LOL But we definitely need to have our Angel's song ... Maybe Kelly can write the Lyrics and you and and somebody else the melody and the rest of us will all sing together ... That would be so much fun!!!.


, my sister, I hear your struggles, been there and done that too ... I even called Lisa to share ... I didn't want to see those dreadful 2s anymore on my scale. Not only I weigh first thing in the morning, bare skin, not even a rubber band on, LOL but I also weigh myself at bed time too ... and I'm usually between 2 and 4 pounds heavier at night ... But I understand ...

If all you had was just an extra bar or two, don't feel bad, I've done that too ... just keep paddling my girl ... like the little frog that hopped into a bucket full milk and hours later after paddling so hard the milk turned into butter and the little frog got out free from it all. Just keep paddling and hang in there. If you get tired, just float and go with the flow ...

And you can call me at any time, you've got my number too ... I also love your new picture.

And am enjoying all my new "Sterling Silver" ....


, what a sweet post!!! Listen, Vilma, Janine, Lisa, Jan and myself are all here in "ONENDERLAND" with a Band, Banners, Cheers and Confetti just waiting for you to come in and join us ... Com'on you can do this ... just keep us posted and let us know when you cross that line, will you!?! I'm sure the rest of the Angels who are on the other side are also giving you a big push this week ... We love you too and send you a group {{{hug}}}.

I've been craving Brown rice, don't know why, but I could eat a whole bowl of brown rice cooked with onions, garlic and olive oil, some broccoli, diced chicken breast and some Parmesan cheese on top today ... YUM!!! Maybe it's because I've cooked some for my sister over here LOL ....

Have a great weekend everybody!!! Love you all!!!..

Comment #84

Hey Angels!.

I have a quick question for those of you who receive monthly visits from Aunt Flo: Did you notice any changes, such as a lighter cycle? I've been doing research and can't find an answer..

See you all later,.


Comment #85

It's only a matter of time before you join us in Onederland! Keep up the good work!!..

Comment #86

Great Weekend with my boys and friends... much too short. Back to work tomorrow, heading down to Las Vegas. Plan on taking my computer but don't know if I'll be on it in the evenings. Staying 100% OP and drinking plenty of water.. brought my workout gear and shoes and have been doing the treadmill every morning.

But am handling it. My boys think I'm high maintenance.. but are proud of me anyway. Had a good discussion with a friend last night about how I shouldn't lose any more weight.. anyway, she apologized tonight with tears in her eyes.

I'll catch up with everyone in the morning when the boys are on the mtn and I'm in front of the fireplace..

Comment #87

Just doing a drive by....

Elaine... a bikini wax? I haven't the nerve :-) And I'm impressed with you dropping coffee and artificial sweetener. Can't do that yet. And P90X? Wow. I bought that and it looked too hard and sent it back. I guess I'm a whimp :-).

Janine, love that the weekend with the boys was great. Nice story about your friend. A true friend..

Vilma, I'm lighter but don't think it's due to MF, but due to the fact that I'm getting older..

Kim, how do you make flowers out of encyclopedias? Send a pic!.

Angelica, thank you for the push into onederland! I can visualize it and this anticipation on entering is really fun. I haven't been under 200 for at least 15 years... oh my gosh, that's a long time..

Have a great Sunday everyone!.



Comment #88

Thanks everyone! Kim, the column is weekly. This week is Picky Eaters LOL..

Comment #89

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.