Can I eat low-carb, sugar-free ice cream on Phase 1 of the Medifast Diet?

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My question is Can I eat low-carb, sugar-free ice cream on Phase 1 of the Medifast Diet? Hoping for any response. Second question.. Welcome to the home of the SHORTIES.

- All those vertically challenged MFers. We are newbies and goals met successes, young and well seasoned, single and married or divorced, we are diverse. We cover every area except the tall ones - you know the ones, the overhead bins in airplanes, the top shelf in the grocery store, the light bulb in the dark closet, those elusive lofty places.

Some people call us.


, and we actually think that is a compliment, as we are.

Slim Hotties On the Road To Intelligent Eating and Stability.

We have to deal with special issues due to our height (or lack there of), and we can really relate to each other. We like that saying, The best things come in small packages, and people often say that about us we are small but mighty! We also tend to be feisty, daring, passionate, vocal, and we have a lot of love to give..

We are always welcoming new SHORTIES to the group (and anyone else that wants to hang out with us), so come on in, introduce yourself, let's get acquainted, pull up a chair and sit a spell! We're here to help each other as we travel together down that road to health!.

Heres our banner, so you can add it to your signature. Just copy & paste, then edit it to delete all the little * in the text:.


The Questions of the Day:.

"Creation Sunday" What is something you plan to do this week to make a change in your life?.

"Measuring Monday" What are your measurements this week (bust, waist, hips) and your total inches, all measurements, lost since you started?.

"Tempation Tuesday" What temptation did you face this week & how did you handle it?.

"Wonderful Wednesday" What victories are you celebrating this week?.

"Telling Thursday" Anything you want to tell about areas that you are less than happy with your decisions, behaviors, strength, etc. - where can we help you?.

"Favorite Friday" What was a new food that you tried this week that you consider one of your Favs now?.

"Sharing Saturday" Whatever you want to share with the group....

To see the February 2010 posts:..

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Yes sir! although you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you email the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

This was posted on the February thread, so I copied it over here.....

Comment #2

Good Morning SHORTIES!.

I had been dreading getting on the scale this week. Some of you know how that goes - you stay OP, but the scale hardly shows any results..

Well, today the scale decided to cooperate - 149.6 lbs, down 3.6 lbs for the week. That puts me into a new decade and past the 50 lb mark!.

I've only gotten my weight this low once (for about 2 minutes.

) in the past 20-25 years!.

Since I've lost 50+ lbs, I took my measurements to compare them with my starting measurements:.

Weight 201.2/ 149.6/ -51.6.

Arms 15.8/ 13/ -2.8.

Chest 46/ 37.5/ -8.5.

Waist 40.5/ 33.5/ -7.

Hips 44/ 38/ -6.

Legs 24.3/ 21/ -3.3.

Total inches lost = 27.6.

Not too shabby, if I do say so myself!..

Comment #3

Wow Shelly! Congratulations! We have so many 50 pound losers now. And you're below 150. That's great. Are you going to post any pictures?..

Comment #4

Congratulations, Shelly! That's a lot of pounds and inches lost!.

Welcome, Krae211!..

Comment #5

Thank you so much for this thread! I'm starting Medifast tomorrow (my food arrives TODAY any minute now!) and at 5'4", I'm a fellow shortie..

Weight 170.

Arms 14.

Chest 41.

Waist 40.

Hips 38.

Thighs 32.

As you all know, just 5 extra lbs shows up HUGE on us shorties and in my case it just seems to expand my girth, esp in the chest and waist area. I am really looking fwd to starting this program, I call it Project Jawline (b/c I lost mine and want it back). Hoping ultimately to get back to a comfy 135lbs, can't wait to slim myself back to a size where I'm a "little guy" insetad of a "chubby little guy"...

Comment #6

Hi Chris. Welcome. Nice to have a guy around for a change of pace. I'm sure we can keep our 'womanly' discussions to a minimum..

My 17 year old son is also a little guy. I think he's somewhere between 5'4" and 5'5" and he weighs 135lbs. He's pretty active most of the school year but in the summer he packs on a few..

Good luck on your journey...

Comment #7

Hello, I was hoping I could join, just trying to find as much support and accountability as possible this time around so as to reach my goal. My name is Lesley and I am from SoCal and I am 5'2" and restarted at 145 last week. My first weigh in is tomorrow, so we'll see how it went! (I must confess, I've stepped on the scale a few times and it's looking good!.


I started Medifast back in 7/07 and lost about 30lbs then went totally off the program before reaching my ultimate goal of 120. I've tried different diets since then...lost about 10 or so on one, but then gained it back, then lost about 7 on another one but only gained back a couple so since going off MF, I've gained about 6lbs. So I'm back to lose another 15 - 20 in the next March 31. We want to start trying for baby #2 so no matter how much I lose, I'll be going on T&M April 1. I'm staying focused so that I can get this extra weight off and have a healthy pregnancy, birth and a healthy baby! My last pregnancy was quite difficult as I was around 170 when I got pregnant and weighed close to 200 when I had the baby; and the birth was extremely difficult cuz the baby was so big, possibly because I gained so much weight and was overweight. So anyway, that's my story.

If I just eat grilled chicken and a salad I'll lose motivation and fall off the program..

So here's to a great OP day and week!..

Comment #8

Welcome Lesley. A lot of people fall off the wagon after being on Medifast and come back. I know I did. I tend to agree with you that unless you are having variety in your meals, you can get bored and go off. There are a lot of options out there. Look at the recipe board.

If I know I'm having tilapia for dinner I split my L+G and have something at lunch and have 5 oz of tilapia (a small filet) for dinner. Experiment! It's not as constricting as you think but watch the condiments..

I started making an oatmeal bread/roll thing yesterday and I toast it and have some sugar free jam and it's a real treat and OP...

Comment #9

Wow! We're getting a lot of new SHORTIES lately! And even a.


Shortie! Keep 'em comin'! The more the merrier!.

Gee, I think we might have to change our banner to better reflect our members now that we have SHORTIES of both genders. I'll work on that and post some options for everybody to vote on..


My hubby is a Shortie, too. He's about your height and fortunately has always been at a good weight, but he is starting to workout with me to get into better shape. And you.


Get your jawline back!.


Chicken - ugh. I ate some much chicken last year (pre-MF) that I can rarely stomach the stuff now. I tend to eat a lot of fish (tilapia, flounder, mahi mahi, tuna) and bison. I'm not much of a veggie gal, but I have descovered the joys of raw spinch and spring mix salads. I like green beans and mixed pepper stir-fry, too...

Comment #10

Hello Chris and Lesley! We're a little group (pun intended?) but everyone is so supportive here!.

I've always struggled with eating vegetables and it's no different on medifast. I just don't generally like them! Variety definitely helps though. I just tried making the baked radish chips and they didn't really turn out but it was nice to try something new. I was so happy when my brownies came in the mail too since I really needed some new variety with the Medifast foods I was eating...

Comment #11

Thank you Drakemongal.......I think I need to start paying alittle better

Comment #12

Oops -.

I guess I posted in Feb. i'm going to provide you with comic relief... not that I try to be that funny, but I tend to have some humorous typos (i try to keep them to a min) and I am really ignorant when it comes to posts/chats and threads..

I'm going to get lost - probably a lot. but I figure the worst that ccan happen is i'll entertain someone!.

Some day I might really figure out some of the tickers adn banners and how to attach them in the right spot - or maybe not. i'm nearing the end of my 2nd month of Medifast and i've lost a little over 20 lbs. I got discouraged but am back on track now. I have a great support system at home and work. they have helped motivate me through this journey so far..

I'm looking forward to reading more motivating post! thank you all!!..

Comment #13

Welcome Lady. Just beware of Adrienne (MT Cup) cracking the whip. Trust me. It's painful...

Comment #14


If you've only been on Medifast for 3 weeks or less, DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!.

Yesterday, I started an exercise program from the book.

Running for Mortals.

(great book!). Two days a week, I'm supposed to do strength training as outlined in the book. I'd looked at all the exercises and thought hey, this doesn't look too bad. One set of 15 reps each. No sweat. I'll probably get these cranked out in 20 minutes or so.


45 minutes later, my muscles are quivering and I'm thinking that 1) I'm in worse shape than I thought, or 2) runners are a lot stronger than you'd think, or 3) both. Oh lordy, I think I'm going to feel this in the morning.....

Comment #15


I weighed in for my first week back....lost 5.4 lbs!! Yay! So happy..

I had a yummy L&G yesterday...Chicken Fried "Rice" with grated cauliflower as the rice. Today I'm having the "Alice Springs Chicken" I found both of these on the message boards and I know the Alice Springs Chicken is a little bit higher in cals but it sure is yummy!.

Shelly - Thanks for the warning! lol. I sometimes get too gung ho over exercising; try to take baby steps! Hopefully you aren't feeling too sore today!.

Have a great OP day!..

Comment #16

Oh, I hear ya! I'm also one to go full bore on the exercise thing - gets me into trouble every time. That's one of the reasons my DH is doing this exercise program with me. He's determined to keep me on a short leash and make me stick to the 45 minute limit set by MF. Hey, as long as he's getting some exercise, I can live with that..

And congratulations on the weightloss! Keep up the good work!..

Comment #17

Nice loses everyone!.

I'm not that bad, I only crack the whip if you ask for it..

I will not however, coddle. If you go off plan, don't expect me to cheer you on. But... If you are on plan and struggle, I'll be there to keep you going. Guess you could say I'm a midget dose of harsh reality check..

Geez Shelly that sounds like when I was working out with the personal trainer. I felt like jelly after every session and for a day or two afterward. I used to run when I was young, but my spine is too far gone to take any kind of impact. Belly dancing is more fun and strengthens both my stomach and back muscles to keep me out of the surgeon's grasp a little longer. 30+ years of beating the knife through diet and exercise. My orthopedic surgeon just shakes his head when I come in for a new MRI review.

He says if all his patients worked as hard to keep fit enough to avoid surgery, he'd happily retire (mind you, he's in his early 40's). He's a great doctor though and sends some of his patients to talk to me if they doubt what he tells them about exercise vs. surgery. He says he's seeing improvement since I've started losing this weight and I'm taking pressure off my lower spine so that's a good thing. Degenerative disks aren't supposed to improve..

Comment #18

Adrienne, I didn't realize that you were suffering from back issues. I'm glad your surgeon sees improvement. I guess losing weight helps all health aspects not just the obvious ones..

I've been suffering from, of all things, tennis elbow for the last few weeks. (I don't remember in which decade I last even held a tennis racket.) My niece is a physical therapist and she says that it's from repetitive motion. So I'm wearing a brace, keeping it warm and taking motrin for the last week or so. It's feeling better but it's no cigar. I couldn't even use the stapler with that arm. And, worse yet, I couldn't even scoop the litter box.

Now that was rough...

Comment #19

Get the excess weight off and you take a huge load off the spine. Strengthen the core and it can support your back and take even more stress off the spine..

Moral of the story?.

Belly dance!!..

Comment #20

Hi. I'd like to join your group. I'm 5'1". Started out at 5'2" but have shrunk. Being short can be challenging sometimes. I'm on week 4 and have lost 8 lbs.

I look forward to the day when I can look down at my feet and see the rest of my body; not just my stomach...

Comment #21

Well put, Koko. Welcome. Good things come in small packages...

Comment #22

Welcome, Kokoland!.

I had a small victory this morning. I've shopped at Lane Bryant for the longest time and I've always liked their Right Fit pants because pants have always fit me in a screwy way. I've always worn their Lafayette Pants in their Red shape. When I was first starting medifast, I wore a 5P with their modified sizing system. I think that works out to about a size 22 (how embarrassing!). Well, I progressed down to a 3P(18ish?) then they got too big.

I've been trying the 1P on almost every week for a looooong time, waiting for it to fit and it's been just a little too tight. Well, this morning I tried them on again for the heck of it and they fit! They are even a tiny bit loose! It's exciting to finally fit into something that's been hanging in your closet for a few months! The bad news is, of course, that 1P is the lowest size the pants come in so I won't be able to wear the style after this. I will just have to find a favorite style of pants in normal stores I guess hehe...

Comment #23

What a great NSV Kimberly! You can say good-bye to Lane Bryant. Did you read Shrinkinglawgirl's blog about that? It was really funny. You should check it out..

Old Navy online has a lot of petite pants and jeans that you can't find in the regular Old Navy stores. You might want to look them up. The online store also has a big selection of petite shirts and sweaters. I bought a bunch of stuff on clearance a couple of months ago...

Comment #24

Hi Koko, I can relate to wanting to look down and not see my big 'ol tummy..

Kimberly - that's so awesome that you fit into the smaller pants! I'm just looking forward to fitting into some pants that've been hanging in my closet for..years! Looks like next time you look for new pants, you won't be able to go to Lane Bryant! It is definitely hard to find a good fit in pants. Even in short or petite sizes I have to get them hemmed. You're doing great! Keep up the great work!.

Still trucking along here. Here's to a great OP day everyone!..

Comment #25

Hey, Lesley, I saw your post about the fried 'rice' recipe. I can't wait to try it. I'm thinking that maybe I'll make it for dinner on Friday. I'll let you know how it turns out...

Comment #26

Hope you like is one of my favs now...

Comment #27

Hi to our new people. Great NSV Kimberly! Really really busy so just passing through...

Comment #28

The other day, I celebrated getting into the 140s by going out to Kohl's to get some new jeans and khakis that I desperately needed (I only had one pair of pants that fit halfway decent). I got two pairs of jeans (on sale) and some khakis (on clearance), all of them size 6. I washed them yesterday (I always wash new clothes before I wear them) and stared at them when I pulled them out of the dryer. They looked so.


I"m still having trouble wrapping my head around the idea that, yes, I am that small. Yes, my legs do fit in those skinny pant legs. Yes, my hips are that narrow. Sure, I see the numbers going down and I.


That I've shrunk a lot, but I just don't.


That much thinner or see myself as having physically changed that much. My husband says that he most definitely sees me as skinny compared to what I was when I started MF. I'll have to take his word for it. Maybe I should buy a full-length mirror...

Comment #29

Shelly, I think it's hard for us to see ourselves as getting thinner because we see ourselves all the time. It's hard to see the minute day to day changes that someone else can see. So yes you are that thin and you do fit into size 6 pants! Good for you! Remember that chick in the mall who thought you were eating a candy bar when you were really eating an Medifast bar?.


Comment #30

We've probably discussed this before but how did you guys come up with your goal weights? For me, losing 100+ pounds seemed too daunting so I simply chose a goal weight where I had to lose 95 pounds. I recently had an in depth body composition test done with my trainer and she recommended a goal weight of 132. I did an online ideal weight calculator and they told me 122. I have no idea what I'll end up at but I was wondering how you guys all came up with your goal weights...

Comment #31


I based my goal weight years ago based on a chart that I remember seeing many, many years ago. It stated that a medium framed woman at 5'0" should be 100 lbs. Add 5 lbs for each inch over that, subtract 5 lbs for each inch under. Adjust the weight up or down a few pounds for smaller or larger frame size..

About 5-6 years ago, my doctor ran my numbers through several height and weight charts and told me that I should get under 130 lbs for health reasons, that 115 lbs would be perfect for me (I'm 5'2.5"), but to avoid going under 110 lbs. So my goal is 115. It's about 5-10 lbs less than I weighed when I graduated high school. Of course, this is all open to adjustment once I get closer to my current goal. If I end up with a lot more muscle from exercise and getting down to 115 would require losing a bunch of lean muscle mass, well then the goal may need to be adjusted. But for now I'll aim for 115...

Comment #32

Once upon a time, Kimberly, in a galaxy far, far away, I weighed 118 lbs. I probably could've weighed 110 but I felt good and looked good at 118. A lot of that was muscle since I used to walk about 5 miles a day Monday -Friday. I recall once eating an entire package of cookies one Saturday and not gaining an ounce..

I guess the muscle was still burning the fat back then. So I am shooting for 120. How's that for logic? I weighed 115 the day I got married. End of story...

Comment #33

It's hard for me to imagine weighing 150 let alone 120 or 115! It's hard sometimes because I've been on Medifast for almost 6 months now and the end isn't really in sight. How can I keep doing this for another 43.2 pounds? I guess the same way I did it for 51.8 pounds but it's very daunting!..

Comment #34

Kimberly, did you ever imagine that you'd weigh 168? You just take it one day or one meal at a time. Don't think about the big picture. There are many people on Medifast who have lost way more than 100 pounds. Look at their pages and see what was their inspiration...

Comment #35

Hi Kimberly - Moving from plus size to regular size is such an enormous milestone in your journey that it will keep you motivated to keep going. You've come so far, be proud of what you have accomplished. You deserve to be at the weight that makes you happy, Medifast will get you there, and you absolutely CAN do it!.

I have never focused on how much I had to lose or how long it would take me to get there. Am I sticking to 5&1? Am I progressing in my weight loss? Yes and yes? Well that's all I've ever thought about..

I've no idea if I will reach 115 or if that is the right weight for me. I've never weighed that. From Junior High when I started weighing myself I was around what I weigh now, if I recall. I've always been fat. For my final goal, I suppose I'll figure it out when I get there. Am I sticking to 5&1? Am I progressing? Yes and yes, so I'll just keep doing that until my body tells me otherwise..

I'll echo that Kohl's has great petite pants on the cheap. The Apt 9 Ava Fit pants and the Daisy Fuentes pants are awesome - they have belt loops (a must as we all well know), fit great, and often go on sale for $20 - $25 per. JCP has nice Worthington pants too. My current mission - finding a place with a good selection of 2Ps! :-)..

Comment #36

Oooh, I have a 30% off everything at Kohl's coupon. I know what I'm doing this morning...

Comment #37

Morning all. Been very busy so not a lot of posting time. A little NSV, I'm wearing a belt for the first time in probably 20 years. What makes this a true victory is that it's comfortable, not digging in and it was a gift from my sister that I got to wear maybe once before it became too small. Love a little closet shopping..

Kimberly you deserve to be the weight you feel is right for you. Don't sweat the goal weight. You stop when you feel good and find you look good. You're done when you feel you're at a healthy and sustainable weight. If nothing else, consult your family physician, he/she can certainly help guide you there too. I'm constantly arguing with mine about my goal weight and more...

Comment #38

Q: How do you eat an elephant?.

A: One bite at a time..

Thinking about the total amount of weight I had to lose at the beginning of MF, or even the amount I have left to lose - even after all this time! - is too daunting for me, too. I focus instead on one meal at a time, one day at a time, one week/weigh in at a time. Any more than that and I get discouraged..

I'm also trying to focus on the NSVs. I'm down to a size 6 pants. Last night, my DH picked me up - yes, right there in the kitchen - and didn't even have to strain to do it. DH says he like my "bony" hips. I tried on running tights today and dang! My legs were looking rather shapely in those skintight tights (they were too long, so I didn't buy them, but still...). I'm wearing smaller sizes than I did in high school.

I can run up the stairs and not even think about it. I can run - period!.

Focus on the little, more managable bits. The big stuff will come along for the ride...

Comment #39

Congrats on your NSV, Adrienne!.

Getting kind of quiet around here the last few days. What's everyone up to? I had my first fitting for dress alterations on Saturday and they have to take it in quite a bit even though it fit perfectly when I bought it. They aren't going to alter it until my second fitting because I told them I was still losing weight so the weight I am for April 2 is the weight the dress will be altered to. I think I will be very nervous about losing anymore weight from April 2-April 23! Not sure what to do during that time..

I also went shopping for the stuff for my centerpieces on Saturday. My FMIL and I picked out some really beautiful glass bowls, purple and red flowers, dark red glass stones, and floating candles from Michaels. I think they will be gorgeous at the reception!.

I've been so busy lately that I'm starting to fall behind in school. I have an overdue paper and was completely unprepared for a test I had today. I need to learn better time management and get my act together! I would hate to ruin my gpa in my last semester!.

Anyway, hope you guys had a good weekend!..

Comment #40

Thanks! I've been super busy at work and home so only here for bits and pieces of time..

Hugs all!..

Comment #41

Kimberly, Your centerpieces sound lovely. I hope you guys used some coupons at Michael's. Just a quick question, why are you going for a fitting so far from your wedding date? It makes more sense to me to go closer to the wedding. Don't go by me but I recall picking up my dress on Friday morning before my Sunday wedding, but I procrastinate..

I have a funny wedding story for you. When we got married, I had picked out tuxedos for my husband and the groomsmen to wear. When they went to pick them up a few days before the wedding, my husband's jacket wasn't there so they told him to come back for it. I spoke to him the evening before the wedding and asked about the jacket. Guess what? He forgot to pick it up and it was evening and the place was closed. Wedding next day and no jacket.

Well, they didn't have this information but one of the officers knew someone who knew the store owner. So, he called his friend and the store owner happened to be at his house playing cards. So the store owner came down, opened the store, my husband got his jacket, and my father kept quiet. On the 25th it will be our 20th wedding anniversary. And that was the last time my husband wore a tuxedo...

Comment #42

They made me go in this early! The seamstress insisted that March 6 was the last possible day to get me in for my first fitting. It doesn't really make sense since she says she isn't actually altering until I come back in a few weeks. I'm picking up my dress on April 16 which is a week before the wedding. I figure that will give me a week to fix any dress issues that come up. My next fitting then has to be around the 2nd or so to give her time to actually alter the dress. I could maybe pick it up a bit later but then I'm nervous that I won't have time to fix anything should problems arise with the dress..

That's a really cute wedding story! I would probably go crazy if something like that happened to me but it seemed to work out just fine in the end! It's funny how some things work themselves out like that...

Comment #43


MT - congrats on yor NSV!.

Kimberley - getting ready for wedding is fun, but can be stressful...sounds like you have a lot on your plate! It is interesting that your fitting is so far away...I'm sure it will all work out and you'll look wonderful in your beautiful dress! You've lost so much, that's awesome! Just keep making small goals and hopefully that'll help feel less daunting..

Sorry if I'm missing someone. Hope everyone is doing well OP and making progress...

I lost 2 lbs this past week..

Have a great day!..

Comment #44

Hello one and all - congratulations on your losses! I'm also a shorties - 5'3" - and I have been following your thread for a while, but I laughed so hard at Grace's post that I just had to chime in!.

Grace - I wanted to tell you I had a similar occurrence on my wedding day - but it was my sister-in-law, not my husband. She just assumed that the tailor would be open on Saturday - needless to say, bad assumption. So my mom's friend tracked down the police, who tracked down the owner of the shop next door, who contacted the landlord, who contacted the tailor who then came to open the shop so my SIL could get her dress. I was just so happy to be getting married to my husband that it didn't even bother me - I told her she could wear any black dress she wanted as long as she and my brother still stood up with us! She was so embarassed but I was just like c'est la vie!.

Kimberly - good luck with your wedding planning - it's so close and it will be beautiful!..

Comment #45

Hello there. This is my first time on this thread and glad to here..

I'm 5'3 and weight in at 131, started at 135. I've been on Medifast for 3 weeks and 3 days and I was only able to lose weight the first week. It's very discouraging that my weight can't seem to budge. Now that I see a few are struggling, I don't feel as bad - no offense..

I thought the whole time it might have been me or possibly my age is really getting to me..

Anyhow, I hope to lose 21 lbs by summer. I hope to get some tips and encouragement from all of you that I can do this and I will do the same..

MF Weigh in:.

Feb 22: 135.

Mar 01: 131.

Mar 08: 131 (Grrr!!!)..

Comment #46

Hello all,.

I've been following the thread. I don't know if this is true "shorty" but I am 5'4". At 208.5, this is the heaviest weight that I have ever been. It just crept up. 10 lbs this year, 5 lbs the year before, 15 lbs the year before, etc. The thinnest I have ever been is 135 (15 years ago), and I was a size 8 and in pretty good shape.

And I want to lose the rest by my birthday in August. I've set my goal as 150, which is still a little heavy, but it seems easier to think I only need to lose 50lbs than that I have to lose 80 lbs. But we'll see...

Comment #47

More Newbies for the SHORTIES! Welcome to all of you!.


Make sure that you're getting in all of your Medifast meals and your Lean & Green, even the healthy fats (too many people are "fat-phobic and skip that). Weigh and measure your food, too. A little too much or not quite enough can stop your weighloss, especially for a Shortie. And water, water, water! If you've gotten in your required 8 glasses for the day, have another one or two..

Realize, too, that because you really don't have that much to lose, you will lose at a slower pace. Sucks, I know..


5'4" is still on the short side of average, so pull up a chair and join the group!.


Welcome to you, too!.

No one in our wedding party forgot to pick up their clothes, but our maid of honor and best man (her fiance), were almost late for the wedding. They arrived just as the rest of the wedding party was lining up to start walking down the aisle...

Comment #48

I'm heading to bed but wanted to pop in and welcome you guys! Shelly is giving good advice there too. See you all after I've had some sleep. (can't call it beauty sleep. there's no help for my any more at my age..


Comment #49

Hi Everyone!!! I haven't been on in quite a while and wanted to catch up with you. So good to get caught up and see how everyone's doing and to see the successes. It is so inspiring to me and I SO needed to be inspired. I have been having a really hard time these past 2 days because I'm SICK of the food.... same thing over and over. But reading the posts puts me back in focus so I can keep my eye on the ball!!! Thanks so much to all of you for being here and just sharing your lives..

I got home from Mammoth on Sunday night (remember I had like 4 events in a row and was nervous about staying on plan). I did very well..... I ate my food throughout the day (even when all my friends were eating chili fries at the lodge after a long, cold day of skiing) and ate lean and green at night. The only thing I DIDN'T do correctly was refrain from cocktails. I did drink but no more than 2 or 3 and let me tell you..... when I party I PARTY usually....

Ha ha ha ha. Anyways, I am going to weigh myself this Friday and at the very best I'm hoping I at LEAST stayed the same and the alcohol didnt cause weight gain..

I really, really, really need to drink water though. I am SO bad about that and constantly have to remind myself at work since I'm so busy. Any suggestions on what you do to make yourself drink water??? ha ha.

Hope everyone is well, take care!!! xoxo.


Comment #50

Welcome back, Jennifer, sounds like you had a great time. Alcohol is call carbs so at worse your knocked yourself out of ketosis, at best it had no effect and you've lost tons!.

As for water, what works for me is to bite/sip. I take a slug of water after every bite. Doing the bite/sip thing made it easier for me to work my way into drinking more water and now I think nothing of drinking 3 liters of plain water a day. My first liter (half our daily requirement) is always finished before lunch. The other two just happen during the rest of the day and evening. I still drink my 2-3 cups of coffee a day, but I've given up all other beverages to ensure I get my "medicine" in.

I think of Medifast food as medicine. Just like a prescribed med from the doctor, I don't fiddle with it (like making shake cakes) and I follow the plan to the letter. If this is the medicine that's going to make me healthy and thin, then I'm not going to mess with it and I'm going to take my "medicine" every 2-3 hours as prescribed. It's part of the mental game I need to play with myself to keep me on plan and focused on my goal. Might not work for you but despite my slow loss, it's helped me stay focused...

Comment #51

Good morning all,.

I'm feeling pretty good. I did 34 minutes on the treadmill, at varying intervals, and then weight myself again this am. Another 1.8 lb lost. Since it's not official weigh in day, I won't change my ticker though. Hopefully I will feel confident enough to stop the daily weigh in's, but I really need to see the scale go down...

Comment #52

Tammy, it will come in time. Drink your water and stay on plan and it will go. Just remember we might lose a little slower because we're at the far bottom spectrum of size and that means it takes a lot more for us to lose a lot less. I only lost 6 pounds my first month. I know most lose that in a week. We can't let that stop us from being successful...

Comment #53

I can't believe it - I spend 2 days in the hyperbolic time chamber and we have a bunch of newbies and a long lost oldbie (?). Hope everyone is doing well. I've been swamped at work (squeezing 5 days worth into 4) and at home..

My kid finally took his road test on Tuesday and ......he failed! He was so nervous that he screwed up the parallel parking and that was the first thing he had to do. Needless to say, his eyeglasses met with an untimely end (he twisted them into a pretzel shape out of frustration) so we need to get new ones on Saturday - at his expense. So he hasn't been able to drive or see the blackboard since Tuesday. I really wish I could have taken his pain from him. This is not exactly one of those 'let me kiss it and make it all better' situations. Even when I told him that I hit a tree on my road test, it didn't help.

Adrienne, he took it in Salem, right by the Delaware Memorial Bridge. Apparently no one takes their road test there so there are plenty of open dates available but it's a hike even from me! It took 45 minutes to get there..

Got to go...

Comment #54

Way down there? That's almost to Delaware! I'm so sorry he flubbed that badly. Poor little guy. Hopefully next time he'll be less nervous and more determined. Taking it out on the glasses he needs to use to keep practicing? Yikes. Sorry you had to watch him go through that Grace..

For both of you...

Comment #55

Congrats on 2 pounds gone, Lesley!.

Welcome to all the new shorties!.

Grace, I'm sorry your son failed his test and was disappointed. Honestly, most people I know failed their test the first time! That's funny about the tree but I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time!..

Comment #56

Yeah, that tree was tough especially since it was my 17th birthday. It's hard to remember back to nearly 33 years ago (yes, a lifetime to some) but I can only assume that I cried on the way home. I certainly hope that 33 years from now, my son won't remember too much other than he didn't make it the first go round..

The thing with taking the test in NJ is that it is on a closed course. In NY, where I took my road tests, you are out in everday traffic and so the course is unpredictable. Trees may even sprout up instantaneously. The fact that NJ's route is in the back of the DMV makes failure a small percentage. That's what's so frustrating. Unfortunately because of that so many kids still don't really know how to drive but their parents hand them the keys anyway.

Yes we were evil parents but we survived..

Adrienne, NJ has closed so many testing facilities that in order to get an appointment to the one closest to our house, he would have had to wait 2 months from the day he was snowed out in February, so we opted for Salem and that's where he has to go back at the end of the month. Otherwise, I think we'd be looking at May or even June for Cherry Hill...

Comment #57

Hello Shorties! I'm new to Medifast and would love to join this group. I'm 5'4" and weigh 208 as of this morning. I need to lose about 70 lbs to be back to my normal weight. I never had a weight issue until I went to college and took full advantage of the buffet and lazy life. Then I had two kids and you know how the story goes... I work full-time and go to school on the weekends for my masters.

Anyways, I'm hoping this program works for me. I do need some advice on what to do to make the oatmeal more edible. I don't want to waste the food I've received..


Comment #58

Welcome, Yazzie!.

I've always had a problem with the oatmeal and have tried a million ways to make them edible. The latest thing I've found is mixing the Blueberry Oatmeal with the Blueberry Antioxidant Shake and cooking the mixture in a sandwich maker. That's probably the tastiest of all the concoctions I've made. Unfortunately, they've discontinued the Blueberry Shake so I'll have to find something new when I run out. If I remember properly, I think the Peach Oatmeal was good mixed with the Peach Tea and cooked but I haven't tried that in a long time. I wish I could just eat the oatmeal normally but I've never been able to stomach even regular oatmeal...

Comment #59

Thanks, Kimberly! I found an oatmeal muffin recipe on another thread so I will try that this weekend. I had oatmeal every morning growing up so I can't stomach it anymore :-)..

Comment #60

Good morning and welcome Yazzie! Sounds like you have full days! Wow. That's a lot going on. Best of luck on your weight loss journey..

Just remember, if you use the muffin recipe, that takes condiments away from your lean and green. Condiments are very sneaky at adding hidden carbs to our days and why a lot of people have slow or reduced losses. Also, even if the oat meal isn't palatable now, try it in a week or two after you've finished your "detox" we all go through. A lot of things taste really really different afterward. I can also suggest making the oatmeal is 1/4 cup more water than they call for, soak for at least an hour and then cook on the stove, not nuke it. Really improves it...

Comment #61

Hi Shorties!.

I have been remiss in posting for quite some time and thought I would say hello and catch you up with my progress. I hit 50 pounds lost during the past week. For the past month I have been working with a trainer 2 to 3 days a week and doing quite a bit of cardio in addition to the training sessions. Yes, I know that it's more than the Medifast recommendations, but I am now in the mode of not only losing fat, but working on how what is left when the fat is gone is looking. My endurance has improved tremendously as well as my strength..

My trainer is currently working on his Masters in Nutrition. At first he was skeptical about the Medifast Plan. I took print outs to him of specific products that I use and info on the plan as a whole. I've also given him tastes of my maintenance bars and cheese puffs. He did make one tweak, which was to up calories a bit on training days, hence the maintenance bars. Man, they are delicious! In fact, he likes the plan so much, he's given my info to another client for her to call me and learn about the plan..

Two of my dearest friends, shorties too, have been so impressed by my progress that they have now both started MF. It has truly been a blessing to help those most important to me take this step toward better health..

This week is spring break in my area. Lots of plans with friends and family coming to town for a music festival. Hope that everyone has a great week..

Keep Shrinking,.


Comment #62

Hi I did not know there was a shorty group Icould be president I am 5'0 I am at 134 goal is 125. Hope you are all well..

Comment #63

Oh I almost forgot to mention my son failed his written driving test twice and the behind the wheel twice, I think it was actually a blessing he is 21 and is the safest young man driveand no tickets..

Comment #64

Good morning everyone..

Funny thing about the change in the clocks Saturday night - we forgot to set ours ahead. My husband was supposed to take our daughter and her friends to the airport Sunday morning and we kept hearing her roaming around the house at what we thought was 4AM. Finally at 4:30 my husband asks her why she's up so early and she wanted to know why he wasn't out of bed yet. It was really 5:30 and they were supposed to leave at 6AM! Good thing she changed her clock!.

Welcome Yazzie and Maria! Maria, you need to stand in line to be president: I'm 4'11" and so is our resident belly dancer!.

Beth I can't believe the transformation. It's just incredible what you've accomplished. I hope to start working with a trainer at our local Y as soon I can scrap together the extra bucks but I want a nice one - not a drill sergeant. You rock!.

Have a great day all...

Comment #65

Hi ya all. Things are crazy, ISO audits at work keeping me busy! Welcome to our new comers. I'll try to shimmy my way back in here later...

Comment #66

Wow, congratulations on your awesome progress, Beth! You're almost at goal!.

I only lost 0.6 pounds this week but I'm happy just to be losing. My new exercise regiment is pretty tough so maybe my body is freaking out and holding on to some weight..

I started my jog/walk program this week. My trainer really pushes me and I end up doing things I never thought I could do. I've been wanting to start jogging but kept putting it off for a variety of reasons: no jog bra, too tired, would be embarrassed to jog at the gym and be out of breath, etc. Well, when I went in for my first session last week, my trainer put me on the treadmill to warm up and made me jog! I can only jog for about a minute and a half before I need to walk but I will slowly be working my way up to jogging continuously. I've also been strength training 3-5 days a week (meeting with the trainer twice a week). I really want to tone up my arms as much as possible before the wedding.

Anyway, I'm holding in there. I've been eating a lot of brownies lately. I hope I don't get sick of them. I am getting really sick of my usual lean and greens. I need to start getting creative!.

Hope everyone had a great weekend! Daylight savings has definitely messed me up too. My clocks all set themselves for the right time but this morning it felt like I was getting up an hour earlier than I was supposed to. It will probably take me a few days to get my sleep schedule back on track again...

Comment #67

The worst is that the cats are wondering why it's dark now at breakfast time and how come the birdies aren't out yet. I went to Kohls and got some cute pet frames for photos of my kitties. One says Purrfect and the other says Meow all over. I was so happy to put their pictures in the new frames. And it was my orange kitty's birthday on Saturday. I gave him a sardine and he was quite pleased...

Comment #68

Hello everyone! I have been lurking here too and would like to jump in. I am 5' 3" so I believe I qualify.

This sounds like a great group and I look forward to getting to know each of you and following your success..

I was a little nervous when I saw a few folks whose Starting Weights were my Goal Weight - yikes! I know it is all individual, and I know for me (who has been overweight basically my whole life) 135 will be maintainable. I am also in my 40s so I am not looking to being stick thin, since I never have been! I am already in Size 10P-12P and figure I'll be 8/10 once I lose these last 12 pounds, which is a great improvement over 18 and 1X & 2X!.

Oh - I failed my drivers test the first time too. It was on a closed course and it was the Parallel Parking that got me!.

Everyone have a great day!..

Comment #69

Welcome, Marble! Wow, you are so close to goal!.

Poor kitties! They are just as confused as the rest of us are!..

Comment #70

Hello All!.

Welcome Newbies!.

Well, the scale moved this morning, down 1.6 lbs. I'll take it. I'm not sure if my increased exercise is helping or hindering my weightloss, but I'm going to stick with it regardless. After all, what's the point of getting down to my goal weight if I'm all flabby and weak and unfit when I get there? Right? I'm not doing Medifast just to lose weight; I'm here to get healthy and stay healthy for life. The only potential problem with my exercise is that I'm hungry all freakin' day long! A couple of days last week, I added an extra Medifast bar in the evening just to shut my stomach up long enough for me to at least try to get to sleep (allergies and the wind storms lately have me sleep deprived). I'll stick it out for another week or two to see how it goes. If the scale starts crawling or stops, I may have to switch to a 4&2 plan...

Comment #71

Congrats to all of your losses. Unfortunately, I weighed again for my third week and I haven't lost anything! Grrr!!! I swear 131 lbs won't budge. My next shipment of Medifast is on it's way this week and it may be the last time I order any. I feel like all the working out (5x a week), drinking a ton of water, and eating correctly isn't working. I mean how long do I have to wait until I lose a pound!? Sorry to be negative but it's not fun when the past 3 weeks I've weighed the same. I feel like I have nothing to look forward to but disappointment...

Comment #72

Marble, you're doing great. Don't compare yourself to anyone else. Goal weight is an individual thing..

Mlong I also stall every few weeks and I think it's when I stop paying attention to the number of condiments. So this week I'm keeping very close track and hopefully that will make a difference..

I neglected to mention that my daughter gained back the 10 pounds she lost during winter break. Gained it in 7 weeks. My mom thinks that she may be a compulsive eater (isn't that how we all got here anyway?) I looked up compulsive eating and it is an eating disorder just like bulimia and anorexia and it has it's roots in depression. I have felt that my daughter was a little depressed for the last 2 years so maybe Mother knows best. I put my feelers out to see if someone can recommend a person who specializes in eating disorders. I am extremely concerned for her health.

We went shopping on Saturday for her trip and she looked awful in everything she tried on and she was trying on women's sizes 14 and 16.

! She has these bright red stretch marks all over her breasts and hips. But when I think of her, I see a smaller slimmer girl like she used to be about 3 years ago. Am I being a terrible mother? I think so...

Comment #73


I think it's time to call your family physician and ask for a referal for your daughter. This severe yo-yo weight thing seems to be getting out of control. She could very well have some kind of eating disorder. If so, better to get her seen by a professional sooner rather than later. Her university health center/counseling center may be able to help, too. Stay strong...

Comment #74

I've been wanting to jump in here for a while and finally am getting around to it! At 4'10.5" I'd better qualify as a shortie!.

Grace - I have to say what you've posted about your daughter reminds me of me at that age 10 years ago. I was just about the same weight and it was so hard, especially here in Cali where all the girls seemed six feet tall, thin as a rail, and somehow always sunbathing in bikinis instead of going to class. I gained my freshman 15 living on an all-you-can-eat cafeteria that was open breakfast, lunch, dinner, AND for midnight snack. Imagine, unlimited burgers, fries, soda, and pizza at midnight, in college, footsteps from your dorm!.

Unsurprisingly, I started the first, and most unhealthy, crash diet of my life after my first year of school. I think in retrospect, the thing that would have helped me the most was being able to talk to my mom and have her be supportive in helping me lose the weight in a healthy manner. But thinking back to my 18yo self, there's probably nothing she could have done that wouldn't have offended me! Ahhh teenage-self, I was such a dramatic little thing! :P..

Comment #75

Teenage angst. I don't miss it. LOL. Welcome to all our newcomers! Wow nice to see a lot of petite people here..

I need coffee...

Comment #76

Thanks to everyone for their advice. I just got a voice message from her and she sounds so happy. I don't know what to think..

My husband and I are thinking that she is depressed and that is all started when we moved about 5.5 years ago. When she comes home in May for good, we will make sure that she gets some help. At least let someone diagnose and tell us if she has issues or not and then we can take it from there. If she is indeed depressed, all the dieting in the world won't make a difference. We need to get to the root of her problem..

When I told her that she wouldn't be going back in the fall to her college, she didn't even bat an eyelash. I think she was relieved..

Chickpea, I appreciate your insight. I know that whatever I do or say is wrong (even if it's right). When you tell someone who's been out of the coccoon that they are going back into the coccoon and they don't flinch, you know something is wrong. I can feel her pain and I wish I could take it away. She lost the 10 pounds over winter break by just eating regular meals and snacks. She watched portions, drank water and played on the wii fit.

My husband keeps saying that she needs a boyfriend but no one will go out with her when she looks like this..

OK. I've said what I had to say. I really do appreciate eveyone's concern. I think we just need to wait for her to come home in May...

Comment #77

Hello again all! Thanks everyone for the warm welcome here!.

Kimberly - you are doing great!.

Shelly - WOW - another 50+ pound loser - woo hoo!.

Mlong - sorry about the plateau. Good advice from Grace, also check your sodium numbers, if you are getting too much salt that can cause bloating..

Welcome chickpea - you are doing great!.

MT Cup - Good Morning - hope you got your fill of Coffee and caffine! I know I did, I'd be a mess without my morning cup 'o Joe (or two)!.

Grace - Sorry I came in late to your discussion, but it sounds like you got great advice from others and have a plan in place. Good luck with the situation though, and keep us posted on how DD is doing. I love your kitty Avatar. My screen name "Marble" is my cats name, and I did have her picture up for awhile. I'll need to get a picture of her on My Page...

Comment #78

Grace sounds like you need.

I really do hope things work out for your daughter. It's always hard to watch our children struggle and to sometimes let them fall to learn from the experience. It's also very hard to know when to intervene. It's far too easy to second guess as a parent because we're just too emotionally involved. So I'll just pass more.

S on and hope the best for you and your family...

Comment #79

I haven't been feeling well the last couple of days (allergies, insomnia), so I'm a bit behind in my exercise for the week. Oh well. I started feeling a little more human this afternoon, so I'll try to jump back into the exercise in the morning..

I almost cancelled my hair appointment for today, but figured that sitting in a stylist's chair for an hour or so couldn't be that exhausting, so I went. My hair always had a little bit of wave in it - just enough to be annoying - but it has been getting more and more curly over the past year or so, so I decided to let it go curly. Today was my first haircut at this salon and my first curly cut ever. It looks fabulous!.

I'm so glad I went - it made me feel so much better. Maybe I should have DH take a picture of me with my new haircut and change my avatar.....

Comment #80

Wow Shelly you look fab!!! Love the new do and the avatar. What a great smile too! *is jealous*..

Oh and.

Hope you feel better soon!.

Not around much, work has me absolutely swamped, it's audit season. Had two already this week (ISO audits, ugh) and we have a big one on April 1 of all days. Hopefully I'll be around more soon...

Comment #81

Hi. My name is Amy and I was wondering if I could join? I am currently 5'1" and I weighed in this morning at 149.5. Today is my first day on MF. I just got my shipment last night. I am soooo excited to start losing this weight. I really want to get into shape before the summer.

I am hoping this will be my spring to lose the weight. I would like to lose 30 pounds by the end of June. I am looking for a group that will help cheer me on and support me through this journey. Thanks!!..

Comment #82

Hello and welcome Amy! This plan rocks so I hope you stick with it. You won't be disappointed. If there's anything we can do to help you with your journey and to be successful, just ask...

Comment #83

Hello Shorties!.

I was hoping to also join this group of lovely ladies. I am 5'2" (maybe, I think I am shrinking! lol) and right now 164lbs..

My name is Jessica and I am 27 years old, from Minnesota. I have been married for almost 5 years now, and we have 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 3 horses (they are currently at my dad's). Busy, busy!! 2 of the dogs are not ours. We are watching them for some people that unfortunatly cannot keep them right now..

I also work with a rescue group named RAGOM (Retrieve A Golden of Minnesota) they rescue Golden Retrievers in SD, ND, MN, Western WI, and Iowa. So we also have a foster dog occasionally.

But I love doing it!.

I was on Medifast about a year ago (for about 9 months), lost about 45lbs, and now I am back to finish it off!..

Comment #84

Welcome Amy and welcome back Jessica!.

I love seeing other shorties here!.

My completely frivolous shortie-gripe of the day:.

I just bought a beautiful bright turquoise purse that you can wear off the shoulder or across the body, but when I got home and tried it on, I realized the bottom of the purse pretty much hit my knees! The straps stop mid-thigh on my body. I don't know how I didn't notice this in the store!?.

I would return the bag, but I love the color so, so much. I ended up putting a knot in the top of the strap so it hits at my hip instead of my thigh...

Comment #85

Happy Friday ladies!.

As I was working my way through the posts that had come since I last posted I swear the first thing I noticed was Shelley's great new avatar - then read your post about the Hair-Do - I love it and you look great!.

Welcome Amy! Good luck with your goal. Stay On Plan (OP) and you will lose, it is that easy!.

Welcome/welcome back Jessica! Your screen name should be Dr. Doolittle - LOL! I love animals too and it is great that you can help so many. Me and DH just have one cat, and she is the queen of the house. One day much further down the road, once we are retired and home more I'd love to get a dog and a few cats..

Chickpea - great solution to your purse situation - and you can still enjoy the purse - yea!.

Hello Grace, Kimberly and MTCup - hope you are all doing well today! I live in MD and it is a gorgeous day, in the 70s and abundant sunshine! Yea for spring officially here tomorrow!.

Everyone have a great weekend!..

Comment #86

Thanks so much for the welcome!!.

I have been told before that I should change my name to Dr. Dolittle. lol! My sister is convinced I should just stay home with all my animals I seem to rescue. That would be lovely!!..

Comment #87


Is there a shoe repair shop in your area? If so, they should be able to neatly take those extra inches off the strap and stitch it back in place...

Comment #88

Thanks for all the compliments on my new do! I'm loving it - still getting used to the ins and outs of handling curly hair, but I'm getting the hang of it. I took the plunge and colored my hair strawberry blonde today. Looks good. I have a redhead's complexion, so I figured I might as well go for the curly-haired Irish lass look, even if it is a couple of days late for St. Patrick's Day. I thought I looked a bit too pasty in my avatar picture and I think the warmer hair color warmed up my face a little, too. Now don't tell anybody, but there's not a drop of Irish blood in my veins - I'm half Polish and the rest is English and German!..

Comment #89

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.