Can I find Medifast, the appetite suppressant in any store like Walmart?

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Question I have... Can I find Medifast, the appetite suppressant in any store like Walmart? Looking forward for any comment. Another question I got... This is a club dedicated to the Betty Pages of the Medifast world. The rock-a-billy harlets, the va-va-vixen starlets, and anyone else who wants to connect with their inner vixen are welcome here..

Now, the pin up girl is HOTT; She loves herself completely, body and soul; She stops the most stern and otherwise un-noticing men in their tracks, and she melts the hearts of those lovestruck boys with the sensual sway of her body..

As members of The Pin Up Girls, we are Vixens In Progress. We are 100% committed to MF, each other, and above all, ourselves. We are sisters in stilettos, the hottest of the fiery femme, we are here to ask and answer the questions that make the cheeks turn red..

The Pin Up Girls are here to support each other in becoming the sexiest diva we can possibly be, inside and out. We are determined to maintain the highest confidence and nothing builds confidence in the Medifast world more than staying 100% OP. We brag because we can, we boast because it's fun, and we build each other up to succeed..

Join our community by stating your cause and desire to be a Medifast Pin UP Girl and you will be welcomed with open arms!.

But before you do, you better know that a Vixen doesn't give up, not on herself and not on anyone else. 100% OP at all times is a must for the sexy seductress' that wish to be members here..

So get in gear and strap on the sexiest pair of heels you can get your hands on. Good luck to all and never forget to lean on your new sisters for support..

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Of course! but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can help better...

Comment #1

Morning Hotties!.

It was a crazy, crazy weekend. I had a blast on Saturday. My friend got way, way to drunk though. I spent most of the night trying to keep her up rights. I still had fun. I found BT4! He is 23, owns his own landscaping company, his going to school for landscaping design, used to be a football player until he hurt his shoulder twice.

I had almost no kids yesterday. I have a ton of candy left. I am going to take it to the lab today with a note that says eat me!.

My face feels stuffy. I hope I'm not getting sick. :-(..

Comment #2

Ahmagah!!! We got like no trick or treaters and there's a ginormous bowl o' candy on my counter. I'm not tempted, but dang I could have saved some money. We got a huge bag from BJ's..

Sarah swung by with 2 of her girlfriends. We had soooo much fun. We were giggling and talking over each other. It feels good when a group of 15 yr olds worship you!!! They were talking about how the popular girls in school were being evil and talking about all of the girls' friends, and I told them not to worry, that for now being different might be harder than being a sheep, but later in life they get to tell those kids to suck it!!! :P Sarah was a steampunk vampire, it was super cute, although her skirt was shorter than I'd like......

Jessica-Nice on BT4! What is with the rash of pinups having to babysit drunken friends?? I'm feeling sick today too. I skipped boxing. I can't breathe very well..

Ashlee!!!! What up grrl? I have to admit, I haven't been very diligent in keeping up on politics over here, but I'm hoping to cram a little before I vote. I will hit the bigger issues, then vote 3rd party when I don't really know much. Get those incumbents OUT!!!.

I have to get a sono of my thyroid nodules today. And swimming tonight! Oh, and I have to write up an experimental design for my bio lab tomorrow. Nothing like waiting til the last minute, huh??..

Comment #3

Howdy all,.

Well I had tons of trick or treaters..I had to much candy of course so the last few kids got quite a bit. I didn't want to leave it in the house. I was very bad over the weekend with the candy so it needed to be gone before today. I am ok with it, I beat myself up last night but that was par for the course..

I have 6 more days of having to deal with the teenager riding my horse. She did a show yesterday and did well with him but was on him to much. She is not a very good loser at all. He does well with me but I also know how to get the best out of him to display..

After she got done she tied him to the trailer with hay and went off her friend. Total disregard for the fact that I wanted to load them up on the trailer and go home. So I loaded him and put the stuff away. Once we got back she tried to get out of cleaning the trailer out of her stuff and the pasture muffins on the floor..but her mother was like A..get over there and clean out the trailer..

This week should be intersting but again it is only SIX more days and she is no longer allowed to ride him..

Today I prepacked my meals, brought my water bottle and my gym bag. YES I went off plan but the world is not going to stop spinning on it's axis because I was naughty. The last couple of months have been trying for me in many ways. I have done the best I can. November is a new month, and I handle Thanksgiving & Christmas much better than Halloween...

Comment #4


- I am no more educated but I plan on reading platforms before I vote tomorrow after work...

Comment #5

BANANA!!!!!!!! Nom, nom, nom. Started stage 2 of transition today.

I really want to cry right now. My bugs didnt grow at all over night. I dont know why this isnt working anymore. I just dont get it. I havent been making progress in weeks. I dont know what I am doing wrong..

Dawn I had hoped that the stuffy was because I breathed in the red hair spray Saturday night but it is still there. I can breath; I just have a sinus headache..

Katie You are doing great. Although we should try to minimize slip ups, they happen. You are doing the best thing by getting right back on the diet. You will get to your goal weight as long as you keep trying. YAY for 6 more days..

Hi X-tina and Ashlee..

Comment #6

Heres my lil iron man!.

Oh and I'm dyeing my hair black and cutting it this week! Woooo (this is me Saturday night)..

Comment #7

Good Morning everyone.

I had a good weekend, Saturday I took my kids over to my friends Halloween party my Hubby was being a stink so he stayed home, I got back here about 8pm and then yesterday we took the kids out trick or treating, they got tons of candy and had a blast. I had troubles getting them all moving this morning it was slow motion..

Comment #8

Morning, educated and informed ladies! I early voted last week, and i'll be glued to the news all day tomorrow... the governor's race in TX is a big one. rick perry's been governor since 2000 when bush became president.... 10 years is far too long! i'm ready for change. it's a loooooong shot, but i'm keeping hope alive..



! thanks for starting the thread..

You do anything fun for halloween?.


, wooo for an awesome weekend! good stuff about BT4..

Sorry your bugs aren't behaving, and sorry you're feeling stuffy! I hope you're not getting sick, either. I SO want a banana right now. before MF, I had a banana every single morning for probably 4 years. hardest habit to break. I can't wait!.



! bummer about the trick-or-treaters! I was at a house party last night, and they had a pretty steady stream. I haven't lived in a house since I lived with my folks, so it was so cute to see them walk shyly up to the door and stick out their little plastic pumpkins. how's the toof feeling? or the lack of? all better?.



! I like your attitude. I definitely munched on some sweets this weekend, but you're right, it's a new day, a new month, and we're gonna kick some A! sorry you're having so many issues with teenager riding the horse. i'm glad it'll be over soon!.




Comment #9


! your little iron man is great! and purty, purty pic of you, too. how short are you gonna go??? I just dyed mine dark red. I like making hair changes with the seasons. fall = new hair!.



! bummer about your husband being a stinker saturday! did y'all have fun trick-or-treating as a family yesterday? do the two of you dress up?..

Comment #10

Morning Taylor, I didnt really dress up I just did my make-up and wore a Halloween t-shirt, Oh and I used the triple barrel curling iron on my hair so it was nice and wavy, and my Husband wore his Orange and Black Camp pants and hat.

I'll post a pic of my kiddos, in a min.

Awww Melly, you and Alex are so cute..

Comment #11

Pic Taylor! I love dark red!.

I think just under my breasticles. I think Black is sexy (even tho I'm hella white, it looked ok!)..

Comment #12

Sorry it's a little dark.

Sierra 9, Tyler 6 & Kyle 12..

Comment #13

AFM: good weekend, but i'm pooped today! friday night, I went to karaoke. we ended up staying for over 4 hours! it was so. much. fun. I sang, "son of a preacher man," "proud mary" (ike & tina, NOT ccr), and "welcome to the jungle." it was pretty sweet..

Saturday, I ran errands, had improv rehearsal, and went to another party as axl rose. it was a lot of fun. at first, people were like, "lesbian...white trash... biker?" and I was all, "whaaaat?" but you know... axl rose kinda looks like a lesbian white trash biker, so there you go..

Yesterday ryan and me went to a coffee shop and read the NY times, went for a good walk, and I JOGGED A MILE for the first time in, oh... several years? felt good. went to one last party last night and then took my partied out self to bed!.

I love halloween, but whew, it was a whirlwind this year. i'm ready for a relaxing start to november!..

Comment #14

I have a hair apt on Friday, first time in forever but I'm not really sure what Im going to do with it probably just a trim..

Comment #15

The guy at the lab gave me something to try to get my bugs working. I wanted to be out here early so I could crawl in bed before class but that isnt going to happen. I am sooo cooolllllddddd. I have a tank top, sweater and hoodie on. I should be out in time to eat and head to class..

Melly He is so cute! I think you would look good with black hair. I need to dye mine again. The color is called ginger twist..

Amy Cute pic..

Taylor Before Medifast I had either an apple of a banana everyday. It was so hard not to buy every kind of fruit there was. I am also loving being able to have potatoes again (that was with stage 1). I think I have had potatoes almost everyday...

Comment #16

My singles love horoscope for today: Take on a more active role when communicating early this morning. Hand out compliments, compose an email or send an awesome text. By later in the afternoon, it's more about responding than initiation..

Oops! I haven't talk to either of them today. I need to think of something witty to say...

Comment #17

Merzzie drive by! Thanks for starting the thread Ashlee!.

Things super busy at work, they have me running all over the production floor trying to track down time tickets. The gal who usually does it is in the hospital and since I didn't really have anything to do it became my responsibility. Not that I mind, but it is interfering with my internet time, lol..

Sorry, no QODs, so I need a sub or would be happy to switch days with someone. No time to backread, I hope you all have a great day!!..

Comment #18


- I didn't do much Halloween related stuff other than carve a pumpkin Friday night. Sorry for not having anything more exciting to report...

Comment #19


ASHLEE, I love seeing your face!..

Comment #20

Off to work I go, catch you all later.

Yes Ash, I have to agree with Mel. Its very nice to see you back on the boards..

Comment #21

Even though I got attacked by the candy monster....

I walked 3 miles on Saturday with my horse. It was a cold day and he was feeling fresh. SO I put the lead rop on him and took him for a long walk. Both of us were feeling good after it was done. After that I put him away and rode another horse. I slept real good Saturday night..

I plan on either treadmilling it tonight or walking around the neighborhood. It is Day 1 of the Couch to 5K program for me. I also have a bike ride in Februrary down in Mrytle Beach that I would like to do. I haven't done it in the last couple of years due to much school work...

Comment #22

Sorry guys...we're doing this new thing at work and it's killing my internet enjoyment! Halloween was fun! We did a party at my sister's house and took Xavier trick or treating. It was fun seeing everyone dressed up. Even me and my hubby dressed up! Good times! I'll have to update my blog with pictures tonight! Sorry no more from me today...but I'll see ya'll tomorrow!..

Comment #23

Hey girls!!.

Trying to backread but that was pretty easy..

Amy. the avi and your curled hair.Very pretty! The kids look great in their costumes. Boo on VB being cranky. Is he still working a lot? I saw your pic of Cooper! Too cute!.

Melly. make a pretty Snookie. Ri went as her last night (she had two other costumes for other things) but I didn't get to see it. Hopefully I'll see pix. Alex is adorable as lil' iron man! Your new hair sounds like it will look awesome on you. Blue eyes and black hair are a striking combo IMHO. You look like you have blue-ish eyes..


How was your b'day? And the dry party? How are you feeling?.


..I agree! Great to see your face here!.


..sorry about the internet issues at work. What was Xavier for H'ween? What were you guys?.


...I hope you get your bugs growing again..





..I want to see pix too!.

I think we only got one trick or treater by what was left out. I made goodie bags and only one was missing. We usually get at least 5 kids. lol!.


..I know what you mean about those short skirts w/ the costumes. Yikes! I saw more than my share of them. Cute about the 15yr olds worshipping you!!!.

AFM: My quiet weekend was pretty busy, I'm trying to catch up today. I need to order a new stove (cook top) and I think I found one that will fit in our cut out..

We met some friends in South Philly yesterday for brunch. They are from the DC area and were in town (sort NJ). We were walking around the Italian Market was really fun!!! We couldn't find brunch so we had a long lunch at this really neat little Italian restaurant. We were the only people in there. They had just opened a few weeks ago. It was soooo good!!.

Took Iz trick or treating in her friend's neighborhood. and then went to our other friend's haunted house that was super good! They go all out. We walked so much and it was COLD and windy but it felt like Halloween with the kids crunching on the leaves..

It was hard to get the kids going this morning here too.


! But Iz is off for Election day tomorrow so that's nice for her...

Comment #24

We carved pumpkins on Friday night. I just used an apple corer to make a polka dot pumpkin. Iz did a really good owl. I roasted some of the seeds too..

Saturday we babysat my niece for awhile while we looked at cook tops and she came home w/ us. We went to the movies on Sat. night. I took Iz to see Legend of Guardians and my hubs saw Red. He said his movie was really good. Legend of Guardians was ok.

I love owls!! It's kind of a dark, violent movie for little kids, I'm glad Iz knew the story because the books are the same way. Can't wait for MEGAMIND this coming weekend!.

I've been cleaning today and doing laundry, etc. The house is a mess..

Iz is invited to sleep over her friend's house tonight (since they are off tomorrow) and they are both going to a party where they get picked up in a limo and go out to lunch. Must be nice!..

Comment #25

Your pumpkin sounds cute!!! I love looking at all the diff pumpkins!.

What is megamind?.

Thanks hun! (my eyes are greenish.


Comment #26


, carving a pumpkin IS exciting! i'm 28 and I carved a pumpkin for the first time ever this year. fall is my favorite season, and I LOVE halloween, I just somehow missed pumpkin entire life..


, your kids look great!!.



! your weekend sounds fun. love the polka dot pumpkin and crunching on leaves!!! still waiting for that in texas....

Here's a pic of the hair (from facebook).

Http:// 691.669132591.

Are we FB friends??..

Comment #27

Yo chica-la-las!!!.

Been busy around here today so I am just now getting a chance to speak to you all. Sounds like everyone had great weekends. I surely did as well. I got so many cool things for my designs. So much going on these days that every free moment I have I am working on my line but the work is paying off. A jewelry piece I posted this morning is already gone as well as another piece I had planned to post tomorrow.

Heather, have you seen the PR finale yet??? I won't say anything just in case you haven't. I didn't get to see it until Saturday night. And thanks for the card!!.

Gotta go girls. I hope I have more time tomorrow...

Comment #28



! glad work on the line (and the jewelry sales) are going so well! bye,.



Comment #29

Jackson and I are going to see Megamind Friday after school. He got a free ticket from school the other day, so SCORE!!!.

Melly, I love pale skin and light eyes and black hair. It's like Snow White! Rock it gurl!!.

Hi/Bye SheShe!.

It's dead in here today. That makes me sad. And bored......

Amy, you're kids look awesome! I wish I had taken a good shot of the kids. I gave Mark the camera and he took a total of 5 pics. And one is of my butt. Sheesh, I took 7 or 8 of Ivan before we even left the house! Next year I'm on photo duty.

He if you guys are on fb, I linked to the flickr album, and you can see Ro and the fiance!..

Comment #30

Howdy howdy, sounds like everyone had a busy weekend. Im home from work, I am super tired today and really dont feel like making dinner, I came home and ran the dishwasher and started some laundry I just feel blah.

Heather- last week my Hubby had a full week but not alot of long days which was nice..

Comment #31

Morning ladies,.

I am just not feeling life today. I don't know why I am so down other than maybe TOM. I agreed to have lunch with BT4 but I just don't want to go. I have text him all evening for the last few days. He is nice but there just isn't anything 'wow' about him. He isn't BT1, who makes me laugh non-stop.

I miss him. Well, I miss the way I feel around him..


Comment #32


- Make yourself go! That's just my two cents...but sometimes even the boys I didn't think I could hit it off with after a few long convo's ended up being the most interesting ones I dated. Getting caught up on how awesome one boy is versus the other doesn't do you ANY good it just usually gets you catching feelings for someone who you may not know all that much about yet. We as women ALWAYS get easily attached ESPECIALLY after a big breakup. HAVE FUN! Meet TONS of boys & don't give any of them extra attention until they express an interest in making it serious and even then, consider rejecting such a silly idea! LOL..

Comment #33

Good Morning Ladies.

Jess- My Husband is a total opposite of anyone I thought I wanted to be with or attracted to and we have been together for over 10 years now, So ya never know.

Hola Ashtastic..

Comment #34

Morning Vixenistas!.

THANKS everyone for saying you like seeing me! For someone like me who doesn't think I much matter to anyone it means THE WORLD..

I don't know where else I can talk about what's been bugging me lately I hope you guys can tolerate a lil nonsense from me for a minute. If not, feel free to skip this next part..

I feel like a green-eyed monster! I am ridiculously jealous of a friend of mine who went from a size 24 a year ago to a size 4. She hasn't done so in a healthy manner & it's actually due to illness that the Dr's can't quite figure out. More or less, she gets super sick every month around her time of the month & is unable to keep fluids or food down for several days at a time. She LOOKS amazing & is SOOO much happier with her appearance but even knowing how scared of her health issues I can't help myself from wanting to look like she does. She and I have been friends for over 14 years & have always been bigger girls. When I was also losing weight & we were on the same path we were close and I felt no pangs of jealousy.

We are still close but I feel horrible inside with jealousy and envy. I have really really unhelpful thoughts where I think if food just stopped tasting so good I could stop eating unhealthy stuff. I've thought about ways to destroy my tastebuds or sense of smell just to stop myself from craving sweets or savory things as they won't taste good any more. And this is why I need therapy and help for my sily crazy mind! ugh.

Hope everyone is having healthier thoughts than I am today!..

Comment #35

Ashlee- I understand fully! Its hard, and especially for her to lose it with out going through the struggle like we all do. You will do it the right way Ash and you (and us) can be totally proud of yourself! Honestly, I feel better about doing things if it is a struggle, weight loss isnt easy and if she lost it that fast, when they fix the problem...who knows how fast she will gain it back! Jealousy is normal (im kinda jealous too) but we can either whine about it or DO something about. Lets DO it!.

BTW good morning!.

Oh SheShe- I got my jewelry!!! I love it. I cannot wait to wear it.

My sister and mom loved it too! I was like ima tell SheShe, they are like whos SheSHe? I said oh just my personal fashion advisor! LOL..

Comment #36

Morning, all!.


, I think we can all relate in some way to what you're feeling. my childhood best friend (who's still my best friend, 25 years later) is 5'10, about 140, with absolutely stunning looks. I used to talk to her about how I wished I was skinnier, taller, etc, and I found out she felt awkward, too tall, gangly, etc. your friend may LOOK good, but what a horrible way to lose so much weight, and like melly said, who knows what'll happen when the problem gets fixed? YOU are doing it the healthy way, with a built-in support system (a la the pin-ups, of course) and that's way more important. YOU are beautiful inside AND out, and you're already taking those important steps to take care of YOU. you've identified your issues, and that's half the battle! we're all in this together, and thank goodness, too.

Like the other pin-ups, I miss you when you're not around!!!!!..

Comment #37

Dawn-LOL on the pics! Thats why I take over, plus no one can gets pics like I want so I better do it myself LOL..

I cannot look at pics at work through fb..

Comment #38

Amy & Melly.

- Thank you! I'm gonna try SOOOOO hard to hold onto my jealousy/envy & turn it into fuel for motivation to get my weight under control the right way struggle included!!!..

Comment #39







, sorry you're having a blah day. i'm with ash. go have some fun with BT4, and try not to compare him to BT1. he may be totally awesome in his own right, but if you're stacking him up against other BTs, he'll never have a chance! hope it's a great lunch. have you been rocking the leggings and boots???.

It's in the 60s in austin. loving this cooler weather!..

Comment #40


- Thanks!!! *huggles right back atcha* At times I feel like the opposite of an anorexic in how I am so big yet I know my unhelpful thoughts of wanting a perfect body are just as bad as anorexia behavior patterns...

Comment #41

I still havent gotten my booty back on the MF'ing track..

Comment #42

Amy! come on girl!.

We all need to dig down and find that strength we all had!..

Comment #43

When I'm at work it's really hard for me to use the Potty, and if you know me I am in there every 10 mins without the help of MF.

I am going to start on Thurs or Friday, so I have the weekend to feel like crud..

Comment #44


- I love putting SF mint syrup in my coffee in the winter! Yummers!!.


- Good luck girly! I know firsthand it's really hard to re-start but I can re-start with you on Thursday! We can do it together!!!! I (like you) have about 2 full months of Medifast to get through and I am not wasting the money I spent or the effort I once put into getting my body back in shape!..

Comment #45

Sounds like a great idea Ash.

Ive been using the sugar free french vanilla creamer, the liquid coffee mate stuff. But I think I need to stop drinking coffee for awhile, I'd probably feel better..

Comment #46

What motivates me -.


Success & strength to keep on' keeping on!.


Continued success at keeping it off for welllllll over 2 years now!.


Priceless advice & will power & realistic adjustments to her initial plan once her body felt like it had reached a healthy place..


Transitioning success & joy of adding food back in during transition!.


Recommitment to herself!!!.

Dawn & SheShe's.

Ability to make it work even without the structure of Medifast & finding what DOES work for them!!!.


Go get'em attitude!!!! Your fierceness sticks with me when I wanna give up..


Sense of humor and how she got rick back on track!..

Comment #47

Aw Ashes! WE <3 you!.

You have never given up.

Failure is an event, not a person!.

Remember that...EVERYONE!..

Comment #48

Oh my gosh Ash, I have the perfect pic for you..

Comment #49

This is my youngest son Tyler using our kitten Jinx as a hat..

Comment #50

Good morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

Actually, ((BUGGLE HUGGLES)), honey! We love you and miss you when you're not around. We are here for you when you need to talk about ANYTHING. You know this. We can help you get through those feelings you are having because I'm sure we have all been there or are there so don't beat yourself up, k?!.

Melly, glad you like your gift! Makes my heart sing.

Taylor, waddup chic??.

Jessica, girl, just have fun and don't try to concentrate on on BT right now. You have enough going on as is so why add to it by making your dating scene stressful?! Just do that dayum thang!!!.

Amy, love the new avi!.

Amy I missing someone?? Dawn?? LOL! Love you girl!.

And, MER.............where you be??? I miss you!!.

Check out my blog. Design of the Day: Glamour and Glitz!..

Comment #51

Hi girlies!! There's a lot of love in here today...which you know I LOVE!..

Comment #52

Well lighter eyes in general. Mine are greenish too...

Comment #53

Morning Girls!!! Been a busy, productive morning! Did our walk and then voted, bought our cooktop and stopped at the grocery store then to get Isabel's sleepover stuff from her friend's house..

If any of you have time would you Please vote for my photo at this site??.


It's pitiful...I only have one vote so far and it was from me. Lol!!.

Off to backread.....

Comment #54

I love the love, too!.


, that is an awesome list. those are the things I remember when I feel like quitting, going off plan, skipping the gym, etc. you gals are my big ol' rock!.



!!! actually, quite a lot is up! I have big news on three fronts:.

1. RYAN GOT A JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!! after almost 7 months of being unemployed after being laid off back in march, he got a job offer last week and started yesterday. it's temporary initially (still full-time), and they're going to let him know after a month whether or not he'll be able to stay on permanently. either way it's money in his pocket, it's getting him out of the house, and I think he's going to enjoy the job once he gets the hang of it. woo!!!!.

2. on the same day I found out about ry's job offer, I found out from my boss that they're building me into the budget as a permanent staffer for next year. woo x2! i'm finishing a 2-year fellowship, and I wasn't sure if they'd have the budget to keep me on when my fellowship is completed. and they do! so looks like i'll be here awhile, which is awesome, because I love it..

3. I joined a gym last week. haven't been in a gym in ages. it was a shock to my system, but it feels good! I actually joined with ryan's best friend paula, and we've done two early morning workouts so far. our goal is tuesday/thursday morning doing weights at the gym (and some light cardio), and then something outdoors on the weekend. bike ride, hike, etc.




Comment #55

Ash I kind of wished I did, especially now that I am stuck out at the lab all day. (my experiment isnt going well so I am trying extra stuff and ran out of supplies so I have to make more which is an all day thing) But I didnt wear anything close to cute. I didnt think I would be here long so I didnt bring lunch with me so I am going to have to go out ANYWAY. Blah! I think I will reschedule for Thursday..

Taylor Ive only wore the sweater dress, leggings and my black city boots once. It hasn't been cold enough but I wear my jeggings and country boots a lot. I have more tops to go with that so I wear it once a week of so..

Amy and Ash Being almost to goal, I can tell you it is so worth the struggle. There were days I cried because there was nothing OP I wanted to eat (I get a bit cry-ish around TOM hence the blah today) but I did it. I slipped, I fell and even jumped off the wagon a few times but as soon as I could I got back on. You girls can do this..

Melly I like your quote. I will have to use that..

Hi X-tina, sheshe and Heather..

Comment #56

So, no lie, I feel like I need to share this with you all:.

I'm having a lot of trouble staying on track right now. With Halloween candy EVERYWHERE it was extrememly hard not to partake and I had, what I like to refer to as a "MOMENT" last night. Eh hem...basically I told myself, "I have to get this out of my system or I'm going to be struggling to stay with it." So, in haste, I ate about 4 tons of Halloween candy BUT I did eat everything I wanted and I'm done now. No more Halloween candy until next year, thankfully. Candy is like my biggggggest sweet weakness. Cakes don't do it.

It's a sickness...but I digress..

I'm back in the saddle today. I have to do this; for myself and also because I had a competition going on in my head. One of the girls in the office who is a BACKSTABBER is losing weight by exercising. I am NOT going to let her beat me. Maybe the competition is what I need to get my butt back in gear. I hate coming in second place.

Ash and everyone else ::hugs:: I love you girls...

Comment #57

Jessjust a quick comment on BT4: When I went on my first date with my husband, I never thought we would be anything more than friends but there was a connection there that was so strong that neither of us could deny it. SO, the moral is, give everything a try. You never know what'll happen...

Comment #58

Congrats on all three fronts!!!!! Ya Ry and Tay!!..

Comment #59


I did see the finale of PR. I was not pleased..

Ash. all your insight!! I can totally understand your feelings about your friend but what everybody is saying here is true and you know deep down you are doing this the healthy way. I'd worry for her, more than anything...and keep your head up!!.

You can do this!.

Got my first Christmas cup from Starbucks. I love them..even though it is kind of early....they are playing Christmas music in the stores...

Comment #60

Congrats Tay!! ::happy dance:: That's good news all around!.

Heather Xavier was Spongebob for Halloween. LOL. Tony was a wrestler, not sure if anyone follows professional (FAKE) WWE wrestling but he was Ric Flair. I made him an AWESOME robe. I was um, dunno. Dressed in black, had a little half sequined mask and some black fairy wings.

We walked with Xavier for like an hour. He was really excited about everyone calling him Spongebob all night...

Comment #61

X-tina, I know and I will. I'm just not feeling it today...

Comment #62

Have a good day everyone, I am going to finish getting ready and head out a little early I need to mail a package to my Grandma..

Comment #63







, what's in the package? my grandma sends pretty awesome care packages. I should send her a lil somethin' one of these days!.


, I will totally vote for your pics any time, any place, but I don't see yours on the site! would it be under your blog name, "our life in a click," or something else?..

Comment #64


I can't see it now either. I think her blog is down or something. I will keep checking and get back to you because I kept trying to get back on and you can't scroll down to see the entries. Thanks for trying though..


..aww that sounds cute and I do know who Nature Boy Ric Flair is (my hubs used to be into wrestling). Funny costume!.



! Love the pic of your cat as a hat...

Comment #65

Try this for voting for me, I might have had the wrong link. Thanks guys!!.


Comment #66

Thanks for your votes!! I'm also running a $40 csnstores giveaway if anyone is interested..


Comment #67

I got you, Heather!! Voted!! I love that pic anyway.

And PR was such a disappointment for me this season. Gretchen??? UGH! I was upset! Her collection looked awful, imo! Heidi sure was fighting for Mondo who I feel should have won it all. Andy's collection wasn't bad but it wasn't as good as Mondo's..

Taylor, WWWWWWWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I am soooooooooooooooooo thrilled for you and Ry both!!!.

Xtina, as much as I hate to say this sometimes we need to do what we have to do to get to the other side of the fence! If that's what it takes to get some things out of your system then you just gotta do it. Now that you have your focus back, let's get it, girly!!!!..

Comment #68



! good luck!!.




Good things abound these days..

To both of you this was the first year I didn't watch PR. I haven't had a tv or cable in a long time, but I always watched with my friend ro. well, after hearing all the drama going on, we picked it up about mid-season. it was almost hard to watch with all the cattiness! GEEZ!!!!!!!!! I just wanna see some beautiful clothes, ok?!?!?! anyway, I read all about the finale online (and saw pics), but we're gonna watch the actual thing this weekend. what do you think of jessica simpson as their choice for guest judge? that girl. dang. she is so beautiful, but daaaang, she needs a stylist in a bad way!!! she, perhaps you could contact her?!?!..

Comment #69

OMG! Taylor, I hope I didn't just ruin it for you! I'm so sorry! You still need to watch it. It's very interesting. And I thought it was a little weird to pick Jessica Simpson. I think she is gorgeous and I do agree she needs/needed a stylist for the show for sure. She looked a sick mess but stil beautiful at the same time. Sickening, isn't it?!.

Maybe I should give her a call...

Comment #70

Thanks for voting.




! (and.


For getting in on the giveaway! I want to win that someday, I love that website!!!).

I'm starting my photography class today. I should get to it (it's on line)..

As for PR, I liked Andy's stuff better than Gretchen's for sure so I thought I must have been way off base when she won. I guess it was a really tough decision and they just liked her a tiny bit better than Mondo. [mad face!]..

Comment #71

Yes, Jessica Simpson wasn't put together too well on the show...

Comment #72

You didn't miss her,.


She was having to take on a co-worker's load (who was in the hospital), so she had a lot of extra work to do yesterday. probably carried over into today! I know, I miss her, too!..

Comment #73

It's not the same w/out her. I didn't get to back read too thoroughly from yesterday..


I can't see your pics. I will friend ya if I can find ya...

Comment #74

Taylor, to answer your question on my blog, currently I am working on getting a PayPal account set up for payments. Until that is done I am accepting cash and checks. The PayPal should be set up soon. My blog is the main "shop" at present. Hubby is working on my Web site. I'll let you know when it's up! If you see anything you like let me know...

Comment #75

I miss Mer too.

Good luck in your photography class, Heather! I'm so happy you are pursuing that. You're already so good at it!..

Comment #76

SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oH eM gEEE!!! Thanks Amy! I love being the resident crazy cat lady everywhere I go! Jinx (and your son Tyler!) is CAYUTE!..

Comment #77

I just read my first lesson and assignment. I have to photograph a stuffed animal, a doll outside, some other stuff too. Luckily I'll have no problem finding props!.

I'm going to print it out to follow along better, I lose focus on the screen...

Comment #78

Grumph! I'm tired, hungry and I don't feel good. I am still at the lab. Dreams of spending the day warm in bed totally didn't happen. I didn't bring lunch with me because I had planned to only be here 1.5 hours. It is almost time for my next meal on top of that. I still have about another 2 hours of work to do.


Comment #79

DAwn. lucky to score the Megamind passes!!! We are planning to take Iz and a friend over the weekend. You get to see it before it opens!!!..

Comment #80


, totally forgot to comment until I saw ash's post, but that pic of tyler is hilarious!!! i've never had a cat as an adult (had lots growing up), but as you can see from my facebook, I find cats to be hilarious and adorable..

Thank goodness for.





Comment #81

*from backreading*.


- CONGRATS girl! That is 3 really awesome pieces of update! You rock that gym girly!.


- *does the Ric Flair WOOO* Awesome costume ideas!! Ok, so you had a moment but the best part??? You got back on! It's not our failures but what we choose to do about it after. You don't want to know how many literal tons of candy I have consumed in what would be considered multiple moments strung together enough to equal probably over a week of binging. Candy is a weakness & the best way to defeat the weakness is to first identify it & know it's a trigger. I still struggle STRUGGLE struggle with my triggers but if I want to get healthy I have to resist. I am giving myself advice as I pass it out...sorry! I need to hear it as much as I can to get back on track too!.


- Thanks! I probably sounded heartless by leaving out the part where I too am concerned about WHAT is making her sick. I get scared everytime her mom tells me she went back to the ER & had to stay overnight to keep her hydrated. They have an idea about it being cysts that burst on her ovaries but the weightloss is mind boggling still to them so far..


- I was P E E D off that Witchen (gretchen) won! And I can't find a piece of your jewelry that I DONT like! You are a super star!!! And I still swear you need to coin that phrase "SheShe Chic"!!!..

Comment #82

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.