Can I get a Godaddy domain name and/or hosting for a website for free? Where?
First question I got is Can I get a Godaddy domain name and/or hosting for a website for free? Where? Looking forward for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. I just registered two HostGator and under new different acc reg at.


It was supposed to be a $1 register fee for each of domain.. one of their staff name max k told me it was a $1 billing and yet I recieved a $7.95 for both of my domain.. I sent a complain email to.

But yet till now I still havent recieved any reply.. when I chat with them this morning they said will refund me but now when I just chat with them again they said different things... I need some advice.. please help me.. Thx..

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Yep, however you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you email the Godaddy guys because they can give you an answer better...

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Well if Verisign is charging $6 to every ICANN registar for every .com reg, then how do you expect a one dollar domain. Personally I think it's partially your fault for sending them your credit card info..


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Get a "tursted" HostGator name registar like godaddy or enom..

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I have to be honest here....

It's fairly clear that it's 1 HostGator per customer.

"* Limit of one HostGator per customer. Additional domains $7.95 each. ".

And in your post you make it clear that you registered 2....

And you are surprised somehow?.

Please explain..


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Not that much! ICANN charges some pennies (if I'm not completely wrong)..

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ICANN charges .25 per HostGator no matter what extension, but then the person that owns the extension (regristy) can charge whatever they want. Verisign owns the .com extension, and charge $6...

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If you want discount domains, just use the godaddy loophole. No need to use unsecure methods of getting cheaper domains...

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And it is for new customer only. 1 HostGator per customer...

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Tandiono, you are in the wrong here. And when you complain to them, please be a little nicer, it helps...

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Im in a lost track.. I dunno what to do... they said will refund me but up till now still no reply from them yet.. even if it's a $1 registration for new acc I dun think they will ever charge this price.. just try it guys open new acc..

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Why should they refund you if you tried to purchase 2 domains from them when the TOS says 1 HostGator per customer?.


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Agreed, Sorry but I think you are in the wrong here...

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Are you trying to cheat them or they cheated you?.

* Limit of one HostGator per customer. Additional domains $7.95 each..

** Free HostGator name registration does not apply to all HostGator extensions. The following HostGator extensions are only available at an extra charge: .tv and .cc...

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What do you think sibaong? ru indonesian? just wondering hehe..

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Ok they cheated you, but ....

IMO... you cheated them.

Well, I think you should reg both domains with different account and different credit card.


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Apa kabar pak? haha.. well I register different new HostGator with new acc... HostGator A with acc A while HostGator B with acc B.. Look whose fault now?..

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I suppose this indicates you did indeed tried to defraud them and they likely became suspicious because both accounts A and B are from the same IP address, consider yourself lucky your account has not been suspended if that is the case...

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Kabar baik, hope you too.

Singaporean? I have gf in runescape, shes from singapore.

Hmm I dunno, maybe both of you are trying to cheated each other.


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"* Limit of one HostGator per customer. Additional domains $7.95 each. ".

It's not really their fault. More of your fault, because you didn't read or misread that sentence...

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The terms on their website clearly state 1 per CUSTOMER, not 1 per ACCOUNT that a customer creates....

You don't think you were trying to cheat them?.


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