Can I get a personal web site as free from this iPage?

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Quick question: Can I get a personal web site as free from this iPage? Looking forward for any answer. Second question.. Hi, all-.

I am getting this error when loading my catalog:.

I can't find the file that is calling for TABLE_COUNTER- any ideas??.

I've got 2.2ms2, and have Easy Populate, STS-1_8, and Article Manager installed also. I had to do a clean install of osc due to some other problems, and then I re-altered the files for the article manager (re)install..


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Ye, although you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm it as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you contact the iPage guys because they can answer your iPage question better...

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I am having the same problem and same error.. Did you and anyone ever find out why this is happening and yes, mine happens to be the same exact error and occurs where the footer should be..

Thank you..

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That error simply means that the table does not exist in the database. Take a good look around your websites, in case it's not the only one missing..

If it is the only one missing then go to your database via phpMyAdmin, click on the SQL tab and insert this code into the box and click the Go button (after you've made sure that the 'counter' table really isn't in the database)..


CREATE TABLE counter (.

Startdate char(8),.

Counter int(12).


Remember, backup your database before running any sql queries..


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: 14 March 2006, 01:47..

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I know this is an old thread but I had the same problem, and this worked perfectly! thank you!..

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TABLE_COUNTER chek whether it's defined in database tables dot php file..

It is not defined for sure..


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