Can I lose a couple LBS on the Medifast Diet without working out?

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First question I have is Can I lose a couple LBS on the Medifast Diet without working out? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question.. Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset..


Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:.

1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:.

1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstenance from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

8. Be honest with ourselves and our Medifast family and to stay 100% OP at all times. We also swear that WHEN (not if) we are having a tough time and feel like we may eat SLUDGE, to come to our Medifast family first and ask for support and help to get us through the struggle..

Getting the banner:.

1. Copy the following text using your favorite method:.


2. Click on the "Edit Profile/Settings" link at the top of this page.

3. Click on the "Edit Signature" link on the left of the page.

4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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Yep, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm this as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Medifast guys because they can help better...

Comment #1

Good morning Penny! I'm so thankful for MF, everyone here and my husband who really supports me. Life is good..

Good morning to all that follow, I'll be back in a bit!.


Comment #2

Morning Penny, thanks for the coffee..

I am thankful that we got Eric home if only for 9 days! And that we have one last day together before he leaves tomorrow. I am also thankful for my wonderful children.


My 13 year old is in.

Battle of the Books.

Today and My dh and I were volunteered to keep time/score since we were going to be there anyway. Then we have to laundry and my dh has to pack, he flies to Seattle to pick up our car tomorrow...

Comment #3

Good morning penny thanks for getting us started.. I would have but I have no idea how to start a new thread... help!!!.

Anyway, rainy nasty day here but who cares I am down to 133.6.... BMI 22.9 and soon I will be able to say that my son weighs more than me... He is already taller so it's time to weigh more than me too... I think I will try on a pair of jeans this morning that I have been unable to wear and hopefully not have to take them off...

Have I mentioned how much I love Medifast and all the support I get from these posts.. Thanks.. It's amazing what 100% OP does... In the past I always picked and said 1 wont hurt... Oh but trust me 1 KILLS!!!!.

Hope everyone has a great day.. I am swamped at work but will try to check in... If I wait to get home from work I find myself reading 15 pages of posts and it makes it hard to shout out to all of you...

So hugs to all.


Comment #4

I am truly thankful for Medifast and all the support we get.....

Great idea for a rainy ugly day Penny... Puts a smile on my face.


Comment #5

Morning all! Thanks for starting us off Penny and the coffee. I'm off and running. Lots to do at work today. We're also expecting a lot of rain again so might end up on sump pump watch tonight. We'll see. So far most of it went up north to you guys in NY and by passed me...

Comment #6

Morning Cindy and Anna! Yes, lots of rains here too. YUCK..


The avatar is my first charm - my reward for getting to mini-goal! I ordered it from Amazon and I should get it anyday now... :-) Yes, I'm easily amused..

I'm off to buy bird food before work and then off I go. I'll check in from there..


Comment #7

Good morning early risers..

I'm thankful for the amazing support I'm getting at home from my DSO. And I'm thankful for the help I've gotten here from this team. Thanks to my confidence about staying OP, I'm taking DSO to a brewery she's been really wanted to visit this weekend. I went online and checked the menu, and I can eat a lot of their offerings. So off we go..

I had my first off-plan food dream last night. I was in NYC, on the way to see a play, and a marketing guy on the street gave me a non-diet soda, which I drank on the way to the play. Not exactly a pigout, but when I realized that I was drinking a non-diet drink, I freaked. When I got to the play, there was a full length mirror, and I looked in it and was at least 25 pounds heavier than I am right now. And my nose was different, but I think that was unrelated..

De- I finally got WF pancake syrup and had it this morning with the plain mug pancake. It was wonderful!.

I took a personal day on Friday because I never, ever take a day off, so I'm also thankful this Thursday that I don't have to work tomorrow!..

Comment #8

I'm thankful for each and every one of you and the support and tough love I get. I'm thankful that Medifast is so simple to follow - not always easy, but simple.

I'm thankful for my renewed health and vigor now that this old body is 70 lbs lighter. I'm thankful for DH and his wonderful children and their wonderful children..

I turn 60 on Sunday. I'm trying really hard to stay in the day. I really wanted to be at goal for my birthday and it's so hard not to go to the woulda-shoulda-coulda place where I would be at goal if I had done T&M. DH always says "If my uncle had wheels, he'd be a trolley car" It takes what it takes and I am where I am...which is close to goal, mostly a size 8, and in the best group in Medifast land, heck, in Cyberspace!.

So, for my 60th birthday, I get to be a kid.

DH arranged for me & all 4 grand kids to go to Splash Universe, an indoor waterpark. Should be a BLAST!! The 2 moms are coming along, too, to make sure the 5 kids don't drown..

So, I'm thankful I'll be able to whoosh down those water slides without getting stuck. I'm thankful I can wear a bathing suit in public..

And again, I'm thankful for all of you - and the coffe this morning, thanks, Penny!..

Comment #9

Lots of good, positive thoughts already! And, yes it's a rainy, icky morning here, too. It's not too cold, but just rainy, icky, and icy in some spots..

Cindy, under the Clubhouse forum, find yesterday's thread and highlight/copy the opening post. Then back out of there to the Clubhouse forum again, click New Thread, enter the title (i.e., Tough Love Thankful Thursday) and then paste the opening post into the box. And that's how you start us up!.

I must have exhausted my creative stores because I have not made anything in two days! But this morning, I am on a roll. I think sometimes you need that little break to come up with some new stuff. And that's just what happened. I don't have time to photograph and list them this morning, but I made a pair of beautiful pearl and silver earrings with some fabulous glass pearls I bought. They are so pretty and ladylike. I can't wait to list them!.

For all of us who love the pancakes in a cup, I tried something different with them last night. There's an old trick when making regular pancakes, to make them with seltzer for the bubbles. So I made my pancake in a cup with a little diet cola. O. M. G.

Off to start my day. See you all at the office...

Comment #10

Jan... Happy early birthday... You will have such a great time on Sunday with your family.. In your wildest dreams did you ever imagine spending your 60th birthday at a water park, and actually going down the slides... Good for you... You are doing awesome and you should be so proud of yourself....

Take pictures!!!.


Comment #11

Good Morning Sweethearts!.

Thanks Penny for getting us started, making sure the COFFEE is available, and setting the tone for a grateful day..

I'm thankful for everything on my NSV list in my blog, and everyone in this group who has made those NSV's possible. I'm grateful that Medifast has so many delicious products making it impossible for me to feel deprived and totally possible to stay 100%. I'm thankful for my job, my family, and my mom and grandmother "angels" watching over me each day..

AND - I'm thankful that I was 234.9 this morning on my official weigh-in day!!! WOO HOO. Under 235 is less than I have weighed since 2002/2003. Uber-happy..

Sorry I haven't been able to check in over the last two or three days. I havne't really had time to do more than log my food and my weight. Just working early and working late, and am at that place where I just have no choice but to go to bed at 10pm. My body just sorta unplugs and that is that..

Oh and I have to stay in two different hotels in Atlanta the last week of this month. I called them both and they either have a mini-fridge already in the room, or I can get one on request at check-in!! I think the second one even has a microwave!! Life is GOOD! LOL.

So good to see everyone having victories and lots of loving thoughts to share. I wish everyone the very best OP day ever!!.


Comment #12


I'm thankful for :.

Dh still has a job..

MF and all the wonderful peeps and their support..

Getting to 155 and moving downward! I just don't want to stop. I think I'm addicted to MF!.

Happy Thursday...

Comment #13

Good morning!.

I'm thankful for abstinence, for 100% on program support and that we have the funds for me to do MF. I have a new order arriving sometime today. A case of nacho cheese puffs and a case of the s'more crunch barsboth are delicious and make staying true to program easy..

Gotta, get one more cup of coffee before babysitting the troops. I'm going to watch 4 grands today. Oldest is 4, youngest 15 months. Going to be a busy, tiring, fun time..

Have a great day!..

Comment #14

Good morning TLers.

Thanks for the coffee Penny..

I am loving reading all the thankful thoughts this morning..

I am thankful for finding MF. I am thankful for the difference it has made in my life. I am thankful for the TL group. The support, wisdome and ideas are so valuable. And I am thankful that I have such a wonderful supportive husband who has been with me on this almost 6 month journey..

Happy waves to all who have been here and all those who are coming in now. I hope all of you getting rain stay dry today. Have a great OP day. I am off to get myself ready for work and get the little one ready for daycare. I will check in laater...

Comment #15

Good morning TLers!.

And I fixed my clock and got the appropriate amount of sleep last night so I'm thankful for that!.

Penny - Tried the Nacho Cheese puffs last night. They have great flavor, but I have problems with both puffs. They are drier than I can handle often. Right after CC was born I had a radiation treatment and it damaged my salivary glands. Once they're scarred, they apparently never heal, so really dry foods are tough for me to get down. Same problem with the pretzels.

I do like to just munch on them occasionally, but don't do it very often. The Nacho ones should add some great flavor to some OP chicken fingers!.

Melissa - Thanks for the answer. It's a beautiful charm!.

I am thankful for all of you and this wonderful program..

OK. Another case of total brain shut down and right in the middle of a thought. It's gough getting old, I tell you!.

Supposed to be near 90 here today! If all goes as planned, I'll be taking the kids to the Renaissance Festival on Saturday..

BBL when the brain is functioning...

Comment #16

I am thankful for the new lease on life Medifast has given me! Some days I feel like I won a lottery or something! Nice way to start the day, Penny. I am thankful for you doing that, too~..

Comment #17

Someone here in my office has a hankering for chopped broccoli and I have a fork that I've left outside in a snow bank.....

Comment #18

Aww, thanks, Nan! When my little one was in the Montessori Primary program, we had Marvelous Monday, Teriffic Tuesday... Thursday was always Thankful Thursday where we would make a point to say thank you to everyone who was nice to us or who helped us in some way. It's a nice sentiment. Especially when you wake up crabby like I did this morning...

Comment #19

Good Morning!! It's lovely to see everyone and a big pot of coffee..

I'm thankful that my mom's procedure went well and the doctor is confident he took care of her pancreas issue. Next week, neck surgery on my father..

I've managed to stay OP despite another long day at the hospital. Which by the way, have few really healthy options besides salad..

And I'm especially thankful for the cute contractor at my work. Wish me luck flirting.

I'm out the door and hope to keep up with the thread today!..

Comment #20

De, in TWO more days, our counters will start with a 5!!..

Comment #21


Steph - I am so sorry that you're having to spend so much time at the hospital lately. Glad the prognosis for your mom is looking up though. Cute contractor at new job? Nice. Flirt away cutie...

Comment #22

I know I havent been here long but Im so greatful for everyones support. I had a bad experience on another forum for a very popular weight watching.

Program and it was very snarky and rude to eachother. Everyone here has been nothing but supportive and wonderful. Im so glad that I joined. Thank you so much..

Im also greatful for being OP, my kids and DH, not having to stay over night last night at work as I thought I would, having a job, coffee, Medifast hot coco to go in said coffee...

Comment #23

I am thankful for creativity, beads, wire, and tools with good grips that don't put blisters on my hands!..

Comment #24

Good morning TLers! Today I am thankful for:.


The support I get on this board.

A week off for spring break in 8 more days.

Wow oh wow, the amount of weight I've lost.

Getting my life back.

Dating and having fun with it.

Lots of stuff to be thankful for...

Comment #25

Good Morning All! I love the "Thankful Thursday" idea..

Tops on my list are: my DH and my kids (and grandchild) because they are just what I need..

Medifast and the ability to pay for it!.

Support from my Medifast friends here, because I think ANY diet is too hard to do alone..

I have to say that I am really very grateful today that I had the wisdom to try MF..

You know how when something SOUNDS too good to be true, then it usually isn't? Well, when I first investigated Medifast I thought it sounded too good to be true and I came VERY CLOSE to unceremoniously dismissing it..

Why did I end up giving it a try? Well, I guess that's the part I'm particularly grateful for today. My doctor had mentioned that I should find a "low carbohydrate" program to lose weight with. Honestly, the fact that Medifast uses the "low carb" and "mild ketosis" method was what sucked me in..

I'm so thankful it did!..

Comment #26

I like this thread.... I am thankful for my children, they are a major motivation for me to succeed. I'm also thankful for the support here, it's great to have others to talk to about medifast..

Comment #27

I'm with pittiekisses, I am thankful that I can afford Medifast and thankful that my health is good to allow me to be on it. I am most thankful for my self will to stick with it. If your head isn't in agreement with your body, no diet will work.......

Comment #28

Good morning, all!!!.

I am thankful for soooo many things. I am thankful that DH's ER visit turned out to be just gastric reflux and a spasming esophagus. I am even more thankful that he woke up in the middle of the night Saturday night while I was at work and was coherent enough to check his blood sugar (40!!!) and eat something and didn't just sleep his way into a coma (we have adjusted his insulin)..

I am thankful for seven beautiful healthy children who are pretty good kids, too. I am grateful that they have had safe bus trips to and home from major excursions with the jazz choirs that four of them are in despite the snow and icy roads..

I am thankful for a good job (that pays for MF!) with supportive coworkers.

I am thankful to live in a small rural community where everyone cares for everyone else..

I am thankful to Medifast for finally allowing me to get some weight off, for watching myself literally start to shrink, for not feeling deprived while doing it, and for the reality check on how unhealthy my eating patterns were..

And I am very thankful for all of my new friends here who have the most awesome ideas and are so supportive...

Comment #29

Hey walden farms lovers.... I think I have finally decided to jump on the WF bandwagon and order some. Where do you all order it from? From netrition or from WF directly? Who has the best prices?..

Comment #30

I bought mine directly from WF (I had never heard of netrition). What I didn't like was that until you get a shipping email from them you have no clue the status of your order... there was no way I could figure out to log in on their website and check it...

Comment #31

Do you have a Sprouts in your area? They carry almost the entire line of WF products. You can also find some of the syrups and dressings in some of the bigger grocery chains..

Comment #32

Closest one to us is Albertson's... but WF has a store locator on their website that can help. And that Albertson's is 90 miles away across some pretty treacherous icy roads with lots of wind and snow these days, so I decided the UPS man was better equipped to manage them than I am. I will be checking out what Albertson's has in stock come spring!..

Comment #33

I just got some from Netrition. Fast and inexpensive shipping, decent prices, no hassles. You may also be able to find them in your local grocery store- I go to a store named Shoprite that carries many of their dressings in the refrigerated section of the produce department, and a few sauces and dressing on the shelves with the other sauces..

I've only tried the refrigerated ranch, which I hate on salad because it's too sweet but like dipping spicy chicken into, spicy BBQ which I thought was awful, and maple syrup which is very good...

Comment #34

Good morning! I'm thankful for my lovely clean house, for a reasonably decent talk last night with Morty where he apologized reasonably convincingly and I got a sense of closure, for having a job, for my friends and family, and for being so damn skinny. Today I tried on a skirt I bought a couple weeks ago and realized I have to return it because it gaps at the waist. It's stretchy fabric, and it gaps at the waist..

Want to guess what size?.

Any guesses?.

4. Freakin' 4 has to be returned as too big. I'm thankful for that!.

Have a lovely OP day!..

Comment #35

I love WF, but have never ordered from their website. I buy my Walden Farms stuff from Kroger, but I'm not sure Kroger exists out there in the West..

If I had to buy it from a website, I'd probably use because the shipping cost is $4.95 no matter how heavy the order is. When I buy stuff like the sugar-free syrups...I always get it from netrition..

I have only tried 1 WF salad dressing, the Honey-dijon one, and I really like it..

I also really like WF caramel dipping sauce (which I add to my vanilla pudding and make a shake...same as Melissa!) I like the Marshmallow dip too, but I know some people think it is vile..

I love WF BBQ sauce and the Chocolate Sauce too but I don't use the Chocolate Sauce very often since I tend to use up my 3 condiments pretty quickly..

I know it has been said before, but if you are new to WF, you should know that they taste much better mixed in stuff than they do by themselves...

Comment #36

Pittie - Kroger is out here. Ralphs, Fred Meyers, Fry's are all Kroger stores...

Comment #37

Thanks for all the input girls. I always shop at Albertson's, but don't think I"ve ever seen WF at my store. I think I'll use netrition if I can't find it local. The shipping deal sounds good..

Pettie brings up some good recommendations. I'd like to try the bbq sauce, caramel dipping sauce, marshmallow dipping, and the pancake syrup. Anything else super yummy?..

Comment #38

Oh Freya! What a problem to have! Returning a 4. Congrats on being so damn skinny!!!!!.

Ok folks. I have a question that is going to sound like I am a total newbie but keep in mind that even though I've done Medifast a long time, I rarely add stuff to the Medifast meals and very rarely do recipes (even L&G recipes)..

I decided to look at the Medifast recipes for oatmeal. So, I went to the Success Tools and clicked on recipes...clicked on oatmeal and found the following:.

Gingerbread Cookie Oatmeal.


1 packet Medifast Maple and Brown Sugar oatmeal.

2 tablespoons sugar-free gingerbread syrup.

1/2-3/4 cup cold water.


Empty oatmeal into a microwavable container and add.

Water. Heat 11/2-2 minutes or until it starts to boil. Add.

Syrup and stir well..

Nutrition Info..

Cal 100 | Fat 1.5g | Chol 0mg | Carb 15g | Pro 11g.

Medifast, Inc. All rights reserved..

I don't have any sugar-free gingerbread I'm not making the recipe but here is my question: Aren't we supposed to COUNT the sugar-free syrup as a condiment? I always do. But look at the nutritional info at the bottom. The "Carb 15g" is only referring to the 15 grams of carb in the oatmeal. seems to me that they aren't adding the extra carb that the sugar-free syrup would have added..

Any idea why they don't add the extra carb to this recipe?.

(This might be the reason so many people think it is ok to add so much stuff on the recipe boards. I dunno.)..

Comment #39

Ok, good. Maybe they sell WF at those stores. I didn't realize they were Kroger affiliates..

(I don't spend a lot of time in the West, so honestly I've never even heard of Fry's, and I've never been in a Ralphs or a Fred Meyers.)..

Comment #40

Yes you are Pitti. 2 TBSP = 1 condiment I believe..

Keep in mind that the liquid syrups are a little different than powdered sweeteners. Liquid sweetener really doesn't have carbs, like the powdered stuff does. So there really may be no countable carbs in them. I've often wondered about the count as a condiment thing, and it's MY belief that they do that to get people to limit their use of products like this. If there were no limits, there are some on these boards that would go through a bottle a day!.

So, count them as a condiment like a good little TLer.

And enjoy in moderation...

Comment #41

I recently bought some pancake syrup and chocolate syrup at Fry's top shelf where the rest of the pancake syrup is. Haven't looked there for other items, because this is all I really use. If I want something different, I usually drive a little out of my way and go to Sprouts..

Lots of stores keep them in the health food/organic sections. If you look hard enough, you might be surprised...

Comment #42

Good morning TLers!.

I'm thankful for finding Medifast and for giving it a shot..

I'm thankful that the scale was down 1lb this morning after my *ahem* issue yesterday. Made my day a lot happier today and easier to concentrate on fixing the problem rather than dwelling on the fact that it happened..

I'm thankful for the accountability you all provide..

I'm thankful that now, when I talk to my mom on the phone and she makes suddle remarks to try and make me live the life of a WWer, I know that I already have a better plan. (They don't know that I'm doing Medifast yet.).

And I'm thankful that I'm getting control of this when I'm 25, so I can practise prevention, rather than waiting for a medical wakeup call (which wouldn't take long at this point!)..

Penny- I tried to get to the thread yesterday, but they live in the boonies and my phone wasn't getting an internet signal. I thought I handled the situation by just having the 1T of PB, but before I knew it I was at 3 and could've kicked myself..

My one saving grace is that I logged it, I blogged it, and I'm working to make sure it never happens again. That in itself is a HUGE behavior change for me- and I have all of you to thank for that!..

Comment #43

Well, that makes sense...the limitation/moderation aspect..

I think because of that "liquid" part of it, people just go ahead and give themselves permission to have more or something. When I look at some of the "doctored up" Medifast meals that are posted, I just think to myself, "How can they use up all their condiments in 1 meal like that?.

Thanks De...

Comment #44

God job, Jess. Now you can put it in the past and know why you won't trust it in the future. I could binge just at the THOUGHT of the SMELL of that stuff..

Netrition is here in Albany and has great customer service. Their prices are good, too...

Comment #45

I think the same thing. Some of those recipes over there make my skin crawl. And when they post pics of the stuff they are making, it kind of makes me nauseous! I'm a very visual eater and the stuff in some of those pics I wouldn't feed to my dogs! It probably tastes ok, but DANG!..

Comment #46

Ha, I don't feed Medifast to my dog, even to lick out the bowls because artificial sweeteners can supposedly be bad news for dogs. Sometimes it's funny when I think about how my current diet isn't fit for a dog! He's temporarily on a vegetarian diet while we try to get his food allergies sorted out, so he's getting carrots and other veggies instead of bones and other meaty treats. So at night I make my lean, my green, and his green. So far he's only rejected mushrooms!.

I am having major hunger pangs today. I'm ridiculously hungry. I don't even usually eat the optional snack, or use all my condiments, so for me to be this hungry is weird. I think it is hormonal. I'm at work, nothing here to eat but Medifast packets, so I'm just going to drink a lot of water and focus on work...

Comment #47

I'm sitting at my desk checking email and eating a bag of chili nacho cheese puffs and my coworker took some! And liked them. I didn't bite her hand, though I was tempted!.

I don't doctor my Medifast meals much. I only add baking powder. I don't want to mess with counting and I'm kinda lazy. It's just easy to add water and shake. My lovely exception is making bread/bagel with the soups..

Off to flirt..

Comment #48

Steph - Rude much!! I would have bit her hand just for taking food without asking! Have fun flirting..

Zoe - Have a diet soda. I've found that helps a bit. Other than that, just tough it out...

Comment #49

Hey Zoe - I have had the same issue especially during the "special time" and the Medifast flavor Infusers in my water have helped me. I just have to be careful not to have those and the Essential Calorie Burn Medifast meals or I feel like I am going to vibrate out of my my co-workers can't keep up with how fast I am talking. Oh, and if you like tea that might help too. Keep up the good work. It's worth the little discomforts we experience from time to time..

P.S. I am thankful that I can afford Medifast and that it's my Saturday!!!..

Comment #50

Thanks gals, I have a soda machine here and I finally allow myself to have change at work again (now that I don't even look at the snack machines) and a lot of types of hot tea. I'll make it. But I do want to eat my desk...

Comment #51

I like this page. I am thankful for Medifast helping get my eating habits in check. I normally can go the whole day without eating sometimes and then load up like crazy at night and most days even if I ate more than once I always skipped breakfast. Medifast has taught me to eat regular spaced out meals in appropriate portions. I am thankful for the energy I feel and looking forward to being healthy...

Comment #52

Steph, I would have sooooo looked at her and said, "Excuuuuse me, but I am on a medically supervised diet and while.


Can eat anything you want,.


Is what I am allotted for the day and you just took some of what I am allowed to eat." and just given her the "glare" until she whimpered away..

My kids tell me my glare, they call it "the mom look" could stop ANYONE in their tracks. I once came out in the middle of a Saturday when there were a group of middle school aged girls giggling right outside my bedroom door (I desperately needed my sleep that day) and said, "Excuse me, but in case you didn't realize it, I am a nurse and if I don't get my sleep, PEOPLE could DIE! Do you understand me??".... I actually got a "Yes ma'am" out of three girls that aren't even mine! (I had already tried yelling loudly from the bedroom, "Do you think if I SHOOT one of them the rest will SHUT UP???" with only momentary results.)..

Comment #53

I'm thankful that I'm only .4 pounds from goal, even though it's the same .4 pounds I was from goal last week. It's a whole lot better than the 142 pounds from goal I was not too long ago..

I'm thankful for a group of people here who don't blame being human for their poor choices..

And I'm thankful for a husband who understands that he needs to tread lightly around a wife whose period is a week late and who definitely isn't pregnant...

Comment #54

Ella - Oh, the LOOK! A am master of the LOOK. <snicker> Funny thing is, it works better on my DH than it does on my son. LOL..

I wouldn't have gone into all that verbage with the co worker. I think I would have just looked at her as said something like "I hope you washed your hands before touching someone else's food, beyotch!" and given her the LOOK. Yes, we are all aware that I am a big meanie..

Gigi - <sigh> I feel your .4 from goal pain. Mine was .2 for weeks. Perhaps it's time to at least PLAN transition? I found that once I had a plan in place, that I would start on a specific day regardless of what the scale said, then I stopped obsessing over that .2 lb and started planning ahead. My next weigh-in put me below goal. I think we get so focused on that stewpid number that we start to stress about it whether we realize it or not, and sabotage ourselves...

Comment #55

BWA HA HA.... True, De... If I'm going to use the look, though, I want the other person to feel about a half inch tall! (I particularly enjoy the "night shift nurse" rant when a telemarketer calls. I'll do it even if I don't have to work for a few days!! We had one company that I asked nicely a few times to take me off their list... and then I lost it on the next call from them. Went into great detail as to what could happen to my pediatric emergency room patients if I didn't have enough sleep to be able to use good clinical judgment...

I never got a call from that company again.)..

Comment #56

Is there any other way to USE the Look Ella?..

Comment #57

And she was right, of course. As soon as I picked a transition date I skidded over home plate...

Comment #58

I actually have chosen a date. It's the monday after Easter, regardless of what the scale says, up or down. Historically, I have had a real binging problem during the Easter season so I'm sticking with the relative safety of the 5-1 till the Cadbury eggs are gone, and then it's on to transition. Even though there is still a lot of structure to transition, I need the peace of mind that the 5-1 provides to get through what is usually a very bad time for me..

I make light of it a lot, but it was nothing for me to go through thousands of calories a day during Easter; something about treats that would not be available at other times of the year just sets something off in my brain. After a lot of thinking and discussion with a few people, including a real heart to heart with my husband, I've decided that I don't need to face my biggest challenge immediately; I can do it next year when I've got a year of maintenance under my belt..

The .4 still hasn't dropped off, though, despite my new calm and peaceful demeanor...

Comment #59

Jess: You bring up a good point about being thankful you didn't wait for the medical wakeup call. I feel the same way. At my age, I am amazed that I was so completely healthy even at 275.5 pounds! I'm so lucky I gained control before the proverbial "shoe" fell..

Zoe: I have two dogs that are very allergic to a lot of foods. I feed them a kibble made of duck and oatmeal because that's all they can eat without practically chewing their own feet off!.

Steph: I also LOVE the soup bread/bagel. (Enjoy the flirt!).

Kitty: I don't believe we've met, have you just recently joined? Welcome, and enjoy your Saturday..

GyieGyie: Hello to you too, and I just have to say that your ticker comment is something my husband says all the time. It makes me smile..

Gigi: I know I've told you this before, but I have to say it again with emphasis: You are AWESOMELY inspring the HECK outta me. Seriously. I just wanna have that total 140 (plus I'll take some odd pounds too) gone off my body too!..

Comment #60

Gigi - Put the scale away then. Just put it away until after Easter. The scale is evil...

Comment #61

Hi all! Having a crazy day at work - just wanted to stop by and say hello..

Jan - Happy Birthday to you - enjoy the water park!!!!.

Penny - when you have the cola pancake thing worked out, please let us know the recipe, ok? :-).

Pittiekisses - is that shake the BEST or what? I live for it!!!.

Freya, a freaking 4?????? THAT is just amazing! You are a wonderful motivator, thank you!!!!.

My boss and I are going off to pick up the party sludge. He's on WW and has hit goal, so he won't be eating sludge either..

Hope everyone is well!.


Comment #62

I can't quite put it away, but my "Yeah, whatever, you don't intimidate me" attitude is firmly in effect..

And Daisy, I'm thrilled for you. I've loved watching you power through this, never making excuses, just getting it done. Love it...

Comment #63

My first opportunity to check in today. It's been an eventful morning..

Freya- that's awesome! I can't even imagine what that's like..

I'm thankful for a healthy family, great friends, supportive parents, and MF! Also, I'm thankful for my great sense of humor and positive attitude. That way when I dump half my coffee in my lap in my car pulling into work, it doesn't completely ruin my day. So, yes, I smell like coffee. Luckily I'm wearing black pants!.

Have a great day!.


Comment #64

I just have to say.....

I LOVE READING ABOUT PEOPLE HITTING GOAL!!! Or those getting soooooo close to it!.

Motivation... in spades. I have thoughts of sludge and then I think of Freya's 4 or De's smack <snicker> or GiGi's success or Beth's inspiration or all you other lovely wonderfuly bullies, I mean Tough Lovers..

Re: my puff stealing coworker: I can't smack her too hard, she made me kale chips and brings me big lovely cold fountain diet pepsi. But she did an oh crap! you can't each much face so I'll forgive it from her. Anyone else I probably would have threaten to cut off their hand..

I don't glare. I just have a "I can hurt you face" that tends to work...

Comment #65

Thank you!.

I was talking to my bff about it, and she was like, "well, you're not really a 4." And then she said, "I'm not really a 4 either," talking about some item of clothing she was currently wearing that was a 4. And I realized that we are both "4, 6, 8" sized. There just isn't any possibility of being one size anymore. I'm a 4, a 6, or an 8. That is my size: 4-8...

Comment #66

GG I so completely know where you are coming from with the easter candy! I think your plan of staying on 5 & 1 thru the dark days of easter is excellent!..

Comment #67

Welcome Gyie! I don't believe I have seen you here before! You are in the right place for success!..

Comment #68

I firmly believe that Congress needs to stop worrying about crap like health care and balancing the budget and concentrate on important stuff like standardized clothing sizes. I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore!.

I'm a 4-8 as well but my 4's all come with a big explanation of the effects of vanity sizing and how it's really more like a 6 or an 8..

(And thanks, Nancharity, I'm feeling much better about things since grabbing a little control back and making a decision. )..

Comment #69

Steph - I'm sorry, and I realize that this person has done nice things for you, but when did it become OK to walk by someone else's desk and help themselves to whatever food is on their desk? Was she raised by wild animals where they just grab food away from each other? Or am I just too old and manners have completely become non-existent and it's now appropriate behavior? My mind is completely boggled by your coworker's behavior. Hope I don't offend you...

Comment #70

The wild blackberries are ready for picking. It's time to add fruit...

Comment #71

I forgot one! I'm thankful that the jeans I'm wearing are no longer painful and cutting off my circulation like they were two weeks ago, but they're actually loose! (I steadfastly REFUSED to buy the next size up. What would I have done if I hadn't found MF??).

Oh, and Freya- It sounds like with your gaping 4's, you're actually a size 2-8!..

Comment #72

Freya - congrats on your size 4 return. You and Robin can start a new clothing line. All size 2 - 8. The same actual size, just different numbers...

Comment #73

No offense at all. You are right that it is rude. And manners have become uncommon. I wouldn't take without asking. I guess I let it slide with her because I do know her and well, yeah. I hate to say it but I guess the behavior doesn't shock me anymore. And that's pretty sad...

Comment #74

I get all sorts of grief from people about insisting that my children use pleases and thank yous and treat others with respect. They say I'm too hard on them. (Actually, haven't had to do hardly any training with the little ones, they "caught" what I "taught" the olders because that is simply the expected behavior.) What's funny is people will tell me how great they are and in the next breath criticize the parenting that got them there! Although I get less flak here than I did in Phoenix. I got a LOT of crap because I was raising kids who "weren't normal"...

Comment #75

Well, Ella, I've raised my kids (and grandchild) to be polite, and no one considers them abnormal here. Maybe it's a different attitude in Scottsdale? I don't know. I'm proud to say I have never been embarrassed by any of them in public. Ever...

Comment #76

*raises a suspicious eyebrow*.

Surely this cannot be true. I'm waiting for the punchline where you admit that you've never actually taken your children or grandchildren in public...

Comment #77

Scottsdale can be a little different in that then the west side, but sometimes it's the west side kids that are better behaved! (You ever mess with a Hispanic mama? That's a NO GO!) It is also somewhat generational as well. Too many people MY age want to be their kids' "friend" and don't want to be their parent. In many ways my kids ARE my best friends, but there is no question that I am their parent first and foremost. They will have lots of friends. They only have one mom..

The nice part is now that my oldest is 18, a lot of the process of going from "mom" to "mom-friend" is underway and it is more of a consultation among "closer to peers" than it is a straight "I'm the mom" sort of thing. Very fun..

My mom says the same thing as you do, though. She has a friend, a little older than her, who refuses to take her grandchildren anywhere in public due to their bratty behavior. My mom loves to brag about the (very true) fact that she can take my kids anywhere and be proud of their behavior. Of course, she understands that toddlers need naps and snacks to keep away grumpiness is pretty much an all ages type thing if the outing is a long one... but their behavior is always respectful. Right now my brother is going through a tough spell with his 2 year old and I know he is mortified when Jamie acts out in public...

Comment #78

I am thankful for the consistent "Can Do!" attitude of this Tough Love Group..

I am thankful for the great role models we are for one another..

I am thankful for working the plan each day..

I am thankful for losing as much weight as I have (miracle)..

I am thankful for lurking,learning, and receiving support from everyone here..

I am thankful DH is taking me home to IN tomorrow, because I can hardly think or walk at this time..

I am thankful my Sis in Seattle said it was too windy and rainy there for a nice visit anyway..

I am thankful for my bed waiting for me at home..

I am thankful DH might be able to drive me to a tanning session on Sat..

I am thankful for my beautiful DD1, SIL, and DGD1 and the wonderful visit which has been a gift from God..

Thank You, God..


Comment #79

True it is. I can't say many good things about my oldest son, but he was the model child when we went out in public. Same with my younger boy. CC has been a bit of a challenge, especially when she was a toddler. It's different when they aren't yours and with you 24/7. For a while we did stop going to restaurants etc when she was about 2 because she wouldn't sit still.

I would absolutely NOT take my kids out if they were cranky. I can't stand when other people let their kids run amuck or pitch royal fits and no way would I inflict cranky misbehaving kids on others. If that meant I couldn't do something until my hubs got home, Oh well..

Ella - So true about parents now thinking they have to be their kids friends. Just doesn't work that way and that's really not what they want whether they admit it or not. That said, my youngest really is my best friend. He's 18 now, but he's always been closer with me than his dad and has been emotionally 40 since he was about 3. hehe..

Comment #80

I do think a big part of success in that is knowing when NOT to take the kids out. Hungry, not feeling well, tired kids don't make for a successful venture. A little planning ahead makes a huge difference (kinda like MF!)... a well stocked bag with healthy snacks in case we get stuck out longer than we expected, some quiet toys and books, etc., all make for a more successful trip. And, when the kids know you mean business (I have told mine that I can find a corner ANYWHERE and I'm quick to intervene if I sense an impending issue) it helps..

Plus, "practicing" helps, too. Short trips with toddlers, firm boundaries, increasing gradually the length of time and the places you go and the amount of "leeway" you allow the child allows them to "grow into it". Also, exposure... if you.


Take kids out they don't know how to handle it..

Our strongest willed out of all 7 kids is little Miss Amber. When she was about 3 we went out to dinner (At this point we often went out for long dinners... it was not uncommon for the 3 and 5 year old to fall asleep during sludge. The restaurant had big comfy chairs and the kids would just quietly nod off) Anyway, this one time she decided to "test" the limits. The second she started up with a loud fuss, my husband just clapped a hand over her mouth, stared her down for a minute, and said, "Not acceptable. SHHH!" She glared at him for a while, but she was quiet! A lady who was walking by glared at him, too.

Her kid was running wild! About the same age, and he almost knocked over a server with a full tray of food for another table. Somehow this lady thought it was more acceptable to have a wild child than for us to discipline our child...

Comment #81

This all reminds me of growing up in my house with five older brothers. It was a madhouse at home, but there was one simple rule which you violated on pain of death, "Thou Shalt Not Embarass Your Parents in Public". By the time you were two, stories of older brothers who had tested this rule were being passed down like it was the word of God..

We spent our time at home biting, fighting, and scratching at each other, but my Mom was constantly being told how well-behaved we were by the parents of friends and by strangers...

Comment #82

Ella - Haven't you heard that the government has said we CAN'T discipline our kids anymore?.

One of my worst experiences with someone else's little brat was at the grocery store. Big dad, 2 little boys running like maniacs up and down the aisles and me walking around with a huge boot on my foot from having surgery on my toe. Littlest brat comes barreling around the corner and jumps onto my cart, throwing me backwards. I damned near ran him right into the wall. Told big daddy to put his little brat on a leash and I thought the guy was going to hit me. He then proceeded to explain to me how he couldn't put little brat in the cart because he wouldn't fit because of the case of beer.

This is the store I shop in every week and the company my DH works for. hehe. They were well aware of what was going on. One of the clerks told me later that they were so upset by him and his kid's behavior, he was banned from the store. Never mess with the spouse of a Basha's employee! Just sayin..

FEAR THE FUZZY!!!! Bwahahahahaha.........

Comment #83

When my son was young we always took him out with us.. One time he was uncontrollable that I made my husband take him outside I Got the check and the food to go.. I didn't qant to disturb the other people in the restaurant.. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same attitude...

Comment #84

De screw the government.. I discipline my kid....


Comment #85

Yup, THAT!!!!.

And I doubt anyone in TOUGH LOVE believes it's good for kids to be coddled! LOL..

Comment #86

Good evening all. I am thankful that my house is on high ground and I am not floating away. I am also thankful that this is rain and not snow. Off to catch up on the thread...

Comment #87

I am thankful for MF. It has saved my life. I am thankful for staying at goal for almost 16 months..

I am thankful for 25+ years with DH and 22+ with DD..

I am thankful that I love my job, have great friends and support in my life, that I am cancer free today, and that I can fight the good fight every day!!!!!..

Comment #88

Oh....and I am also thankful that I can run!..

Comment #89

I may not have kids yet, but I know exactly what you all are talking about. I have very little patience for other people's children. When I nanny, I love to play with the kids, but I also have hard and fast rules. I try to treat the kids the way the parents would, but sometimes I'm surprised at the way they react!.

Last month I was watching my favorite 2-y-o and his 5-y-o brother. After we were finished with dinner, both boys were allowed a treat of their choice. 2yo wanted his right away and chose ice cream. 5yo wanted to wait a bit and about a half hour later he chose an ice cream sandwich. 2yo began crying and screaming that he wanted an sandwich, too, but I told him that he already had his treat and he could have a sandwich tomorrow. (I also have to add that he is NOT a tantrum-throwing kid and any sort of tears usually means he's overly tired.) He continued to cry, so I distracted him with one of his new toys he had gotten for Christmas and 10 mins later I took him to bed (where he fell right to sleep, go figure)..

When Mom and Dad got home, I let them know what had happened so they knew I wasn't torturing their child if he was still unhappy with me the next day. I got to the part when 2yo started screaming and crying and I said, "So at that point I thought..." and both parents jumped in with "...ok! Just have the ice cream sandwich!" What I was going to say was "...somebody is way tired and needs to go to bed early." Mind you, the boys are generally well-behaved, but I see them do things in front of their parents that they wouldn't even try with me!..

Comment #90

Although this isn't mandatory for staying on plan, I did not make any recipes that weren't on the Medifast boxes. I did this because I wanted to keep it simple. That was important to my ability to gain control over my eating. I found that there were many recipes that weren't even on plan. Things with onions and other items that either weren't on the list at the time or they put you way over in condiments for the one recipe..

I needed to modify my behavior to be successful...

Comment #91

Augh, I just got home from work, drove through several inches of water for about 10 miles and got home to find my pretty little house surrounded by water. The basement is dry, but the garage is flooded and the yard is a lake. And I live on the side of a steep hill! There's just too much water and the little bit of flat that the house sits on is a wee pond..

I had to dig trenches to get it to start flowing again. And tomorrow was supposed to be a fun lazy day off..


And I have cramps..

OK, pity party over...

Comment #92

LOL....I am the same way. Most of the time I am a 6, but I can fit some 4s and sometimes for dresses, depending on the chest. I am an 8. Go figure! At least I don't worry about that anymore. I grab the 6 and go from there. I am thankful that I can be a 4/6...

Comment #93

Hugs! Later you can join me in sump pump vigil...

Comment #94

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.