Can I publish my iWeb site on 123

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First question I have is Can I publish my iWeb site on 123 Thanks for any response. Another quick question... I sent an email 3x during the recent weeks to Moniker but still await a reply. Does anyone else have problems reaching them?.

It is not a very urgent issue but still, it would be nice to know if my emails simply did not arrive or if they are just in a queue to be answered..

Other than that, does Moniker have an option to change your contact details for all domains in your account in one handy move? I moved from UK to Turkey recently and need to update my address details but I don't know if I should do that for every HostGator seperately or if I can update the details in one time for all domains in the account ?

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Yep, but you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you call the 123 reg guys because they can answer you better...

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Gerrit - Login to your account -> Click "My Domains" -> Click the orange "All" link ->Click the tab "Contacts" from blue menu -> Select "Batch Tool" and you can change the details of all your domains in one go..

Except for .eu domains...

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I use them alot and I havent had any problems getting a hold of them!!..

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I have had unresponsiveness through email as well on multiple occasionsI don't even try to email just place a call right away should there be something I need to take care of...

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Which email address did you use? I emailed Don directly 3x and once CCed the general.

Address. Did not get a reply so far. It was luckily not an urgent issue but still....

Calling them would be quite expensive as I live in Turkey and the toll-free number only works for US customers...

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You can always go to the top,.

He normally replies pretty fast. Use Subject "Emails not getting replied to" he gets pretty upset when this happens...

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I haven't been able to figure out how to change my NS destination with Moniker. I don't have many names with them but would like to try them out Parking..

Gadaddy very simple...

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Very simple @ Moniker as well:.

1. Log in.

2. Click "My Domains" (second from the top row, in blue).

3. Check off the boxes for domains that you want to change.

4. Click on the DNS box (located right above the list of HostGator names, blue boxes that looks like tabs).

5. If you have multiple names, click on the "Batch Tools" link (in orange).

6. Enter your desired primary and secondary name servers, then save..

If you want to change the DNS for a single name, just click on the HostGator name at step #5 instead..

Good luck!..

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I'm trying to submit some names to the upcoming Moniker Geo & Casino Affiliate auctions, send an email to Don Lyons asking for an application form about 4 days ago, still haven't heard back..

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It's been a long holiday weekend, so give them another day or two...

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Enough is enough....

Moniker is not replying at all.. cc'ed to 3 addresses now, see how far they go.

2 weeks and counting..

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I emailed him again yesterday after resending an email & he replied within 24 hours. I'm happy now!..

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Moniker replied me. Thank god.

I am also a happy man now..

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About a month ago, Don Lyons sent me an email regarding the upcoming auction in October. I submitted my domains and didn't hear anything back for a month. I just got a reply today, asking me to lower the reserve on a HostGator they are considering for the auction..

They seem really busy over there with auction-related stuff. I would contact Monte as suggested above. Best of luck...

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