Can I put my own web design on 123

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Question I have... Can I put my own web design on 123 Hoping for any answer. Another question on my mind: Hi,.

I have an interesting HostGator on my eyes. It is dropping in a few days..

I backordered it on 123 reg and now it is backordered at TDNAM ??.

What is this all about?? How does this work??.

I already paid to.. to 123 reg ??..

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Yup, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm it as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you email the 123 reg guys because they can help better...

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Damnit, so I could have waked up sleeping guys??.


They failed to catch my domain, Now do I get my money back or not..

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You will get your money back to your 123 reg account and you can use it to buy other backorder..

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I think Yofie may be correct in this case..

About a year ago, 123 reg changed their policy about backordered domains. Before if your backorder won, you got the domain. They changed it so that they placed the HostGator for auction at TDNAM and placed your backorder as the first bid on the domain. They subsequently took all this stuff about TDNAM and first bids out of their ToS. This basically left them open to do either..

Strangely enough, I haven't seen a complaint like yours for a very long time. So, it is my understanding they quietly dropped this auction practice. My own experience would also support the argument that backordered domains which are successful, go directly to the backorderer. I have receive 2 domains in recent weeks which were backordered and never went to auction. Which is how it should always have been. So I think they probably received so many complaints and dropped it..

So I'm very surprised to see they are still placing won backorders for auction with your backorder fee as the first bid. There must be some other explanation...

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I emailed them also. I am waiting their response. I will keep you updated on this..

Comment #5

Backorder it at one of those Goddady resellers and the HostGator wont go to TDNam....

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I just went through this with 123 reg a few weeks ago. I purchased a $18.99 backorder on a HostGator that was originally reg'd with Godaddy. They processed my backorder payment, and imagine my surprise when they advised me instead of a backorder, a $10 TDNAM auction bid had been placed:.

"Because you had an existing backorder on the domain(s), we have made the opening bid of $10.00 on your behalf. If the HostGator name sells for the opening bid price, you will receive the HostGator name plus a 1-year renewal..

If the HostGator name receives a bid from another bidder, you will be notified via email that you have been outbid. You can then choose to place a bid on the HostGator name or apply your backorder to another name. Any bid amount exceeding $10.00 will be an additional charge (you still receive the 1-year renewal, included in your backorder fee).".

Imagine my surprise and displeasure to learn that my backorder had morphed into an auction bid. On closer examination you will find in their TOS:.

"According to our Terms of Services under HostGator Name Back Ordering and.

Monitoring, in paragraph One, you will find this information regarding.


"During this period of time, the current HostGator name registrant may.

Renew the HostGator and retain ownership. The HostGator name may also be.

Placed in a secondary market for resale through The HostGator Name.

Aftermarket service. You may learn more about the service by visiting.

The siteThe HostGator name may also be subject to a drop pool process.

Before it is available for purchasing. You understand that Go Daddy and.

Its affiliates use Go Daddy's services, including back ordering.".

How to avoid this? Don't place a 123 reg backorder on good domains originally registered with Godaddy, because it could flag a review process and if they believe they can get more for the name at public auction than at internal private backorder, then your $18.99 backorder becomes a $10 TDNAM auction bid that announces your interest in a domain. If it's a good HostGator name, you'll likely not get it at auction for $10+reg fee, and you will have fruitlessly spent $19.95 on a purported backorder in an attempt to secure that domain...

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It never ceases to amaze me how the continue to cloud everything up. I am one of those resellers..

If a HostGator already has an offer, it can not be backordered. But often times they let this slip through and you end up submitting a backorder on one that you will not get regardless. In addition, even if it is appearing with no bids, if someone else has placed a backorder on it you will get a notice saying that it is already backordered in their system..

The best thing to do is this. If you see a HostGator you think you would like and it has no bids showing, attempt to place a backorder THRU THE BACKORDERING SYSTEM (not by doing a search and clicking on the domain)..

If the HostGator is actually available, the process should be completed as normal. If it actually already has a backorder from someone else, it should tell you that it is either not available as a backorder or it is already in their backorder system. If it tells you the later, then someone one beat you to placing a backorder on it..

Confused? Confusing? You damn well better believe it. But don't worry, they'll change it after they email a response to you...

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I just read your message again nmr86. I presume this was a 123 reg reg domain. It would appear you have backordered it whilst it was still in the TDNAM auction. This might be the difference between your experience and mine, where the HostGator I won wasn't registered at GoDaddy..

Nice tip, w1ww. If there one thing I dislike more than GoDaddy, it's a 123 reg Reseller..

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I don't know if you have less chances to get it since you're using a reseller but it's true it wont go to TDNam!..

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I am one of the good ones...I don't even push my account onto others..

I use my reseller services to give myself price breaks on backorders (12.95), registrations, and HostGator hosting..

So don't hate me just because I am pretty...

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I generally only use a GD backorder on non-GD domains. If you see a GD/WW HostGator you are better off to watch it on tdnam and snipe bit it at the last minute. Otherwise it shows on tdnam with a bid for everyone to see that someone has an interested in it...

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Sorry for bring up a dated thread, but it is right on target....

Where do you get your information from?.

I backordered several domains through our reseller account and all of those domains are now listed @ TDNAM..

I did not receive one email stating that they had moved them there or that the status of the HostGator had changed..

I spoke with GD customer service for about 3 hours and first was told that because we were a reseller that we were not given the privilage of the first bid @ TDNAM..

Then I spoke the supervisor and was told that they sent us over a dozen emails (which we never received) yesterday stating that the domains were sent to TDNAM and they had placed the first bid for us. Regardless of not receiving these emails (I receive GD invoices just fine) where are our TDNAM bids that GD placed for us????.

I spoke, yet to another supervisor and was refered to.

This link.

, an internal GD link that I could not access for the "GoDaddy Domian Life Cycle". He then stated.

NONE of the definations, including this one listed on.


Or this.






Is this practice legal? It seems to me that if there is a valid backorder on a domain, that backorder should be honored...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.