Can I put my website I wrote on notepad on my godaddy domain?
Quick question: Can I put my website I wrote on notepad on my godaddy domain? Many thanks for any answer. Second question of mine... I occassionally skim through Wired News because it's one of the modules on my Google home page, and I saw an article about this thing called IPTV, which is basically television over IP (like VoIP), and a lot of the major companies are getting involved. This was the first I've heard of it and I assume it's a fairly new term, so I tried to register some IPTV domains - every good HostGator I could think of was taken. So then I got to thinking, if I found some good tech blogs to regularly read about the next big thing, I could register these domains early and hold on to them. Obviously IPTV has been known for a while because everything was taken. So, my question to you is, do you read any sites/blogs for the next big products or terms, and if so, which ones?..

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The answer is Yes, although you might want to make sure and wait for another member to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Godaddy guys because they can answer you better...

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For me, I read industry newspapers and articles to keep up with new trends or tactics. Also blogs are a wealth of information if they come from an "inside" source. Anything that has a chance of getting big, might be worth a $6 registration..


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Good point, whats a $6 gamble when you could make xxx or x,xxx later..

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For me, have to learn all news and tech event Often!..

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I read my news from and have shared the news with forummers here in one of the threads. I agree that it's diff. to predict the direction of a new technology (how big it'd get) and most of the domains are regged very fast..

Here are some that I registered in the last week:.

1. satellite radio -

2. sony psp -

3. dmb tv -

4. iptv -

5. rfid -,

I know, most are crap domains right? That's cos most of the good ones are taken, but mostly because they were regged on impulse..

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How do I stay ahead of the game? By regging good keywords in new namespace before others see it's value..

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If he told you... he would have to kill you...

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Excuse my being overly gullible, but are you serious?.

That does match your stated method, but at the same time, the sites don't seem to support the claim..

I realize you're probably joking, but seriously... An example would be appreciated as your original statement is somewhat generic.....

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Yeah but in my example, IPTV... thats a comparable term to VoIP or HDTV, those terms are widely used and really wouldn't have a problem using them. I know Wired is very widely read, so people must be reading other smaller, less-known blogs or journals that have the news first...

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I am currently working on a RFID implementation project so, I have regged

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I read my news from a lot of different online, magazine, and newspaper sources. But I am always late when I try to register some of these new and hot domains!..

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Usually by reading tech magazines and keeping an eye out for hot terms or new technology that could become big...

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Cisco owns the trademark on IPTV as an industry term.....

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Oh what r you talking about here.

Do you mean IPTV is a tv over the net or a tech site.

I dont know what is going on here..

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It's the latest technology for TV show over web..

Microsoft is already into it. many more companies and all major TV channels are planning for their interactive TV over web. This probably is going to be the next generation for televisions..

You can learn more about IPTV on microsoft's website...

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Yes, you should read up. It is one angle that you can take..

This way I got and sold it.

I also have a few domains relating to cellphone drives or disks that will soon be commonplace around the world..

Sure, you get no instant returns, but they are very good investments for the future...

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It just comes down to research and speculation on future events..

I registered months before John Paul II died along with about 40 other possible pope names..

Paid off for me, and chances are I have the next popes name as well, as long as he doesn't choose Benedict or John Paul I think..

I would gamble on future events, products and services long before I gambled on any new HostGator extension...

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Haha, making money of the Pope is just funny. Have to applaud your insight though...

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