Can I start Nutrisystem 6 months into pregnancy?

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My first question is Can I start Nutrisystem 6 months into pregnancy? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Alright you losers, the gauntlet has been thrown down, the die cast, the.. the... awww Hell let's get it on..

First one to lose ten pounds wins. We'll use your weight from tomorrow morning as the official start. Honor system here, if you need to win an Nutrisystem forum contest so bad for your self esteem that you need to cheat then I'll declare you the winner now..

The prize is: bragging rights. Come on, did you really think there was going to be a cool prize? Oh yeah,.


You'll be ten pounds lighter..

Respond tomorrow before 6 pm and I'll tabulate them. Once you've lost ten make a post and our experts will certify your results, (yeah right)..

Now I've got to go order a bunch of BBGG and Black Beans and Rice..

Bring it!.






Comments (83)

Yes sir! however you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm my answer as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

Comment #1

I'm in! Thanks Big Biker..

I was 190 last couple days, but 193 Monday. Will just give you whatever number comes out in morning after my leak. If it goes up, so be it. I won't sandbag and would rather have it at 190 or even lower!.

That would be so cool to ride this little challenge down to 180. I have a linear waist to pounds function from 200-160 (38"-30"). 180 would get me into a lot of old 34 shorts and dress slacks...

Comment #2

Count me in! I'm feeling a.

Big Drop.

In weight coming so look out boys...

Comment #3

Rhino is a scary weight-losing juggernaut. Actually all y'all are..

I may need to see if I can tolerate a little extra time on the bike. (Refuse to reduce rations...I am at about 1850 cals to support exercise.)..

Comment #4

Ouch I just did the 3 mile loop in 30 minutes. that's really not bad with the hills I have here and the three 1 minute walks in the midst of it...i think I had the heart beat up for 30 minutes definitely - it's still at around 112 and it's been 12 minutes since I stopped - but I have to work so here I am..

Comment #5

That's pretty stellar for a guy with serious weight to lose. You will be back in peak condition, soon...

Comment #6

It's not bad - I'll work on it..

When I make 185 I'll be at a very low BFI being an x-weightlifter and all. so the miscle is still there, it just needs to be awakened. the lungs need lots of work hence the 30 mintutes at least from now on..

Comment #7

I'm 274 right now but I had a Blueberry Muffin and a large coffee so let me head on out to the restroom and I'll be back in 20 minutes the winner...

Comment #8

Doesn't Curly in "City Slickers" say something to that regard?..

Comment #9

I'm in. Be sick the past few days, but that "rest" should have help me heal up my whole body!..

Comment #10

I'm IN, Bill..

200 again today. I think I've figured out how to remain stable (I've been stuck around 200 for a couple months now), so it's time to take it to the next level. 190, here I come!!.


Comment #11

My official weigh in this morning is.


I'm also tracking it in the TLFC thread in the Fitness Center. If any of you want to join us in learning how to work out and get some Tough Love feed back, come on in!..

Comment #12

Huge Bear, you wanted today's weighin to be my start number: 189...

Comment #13

Alright, game on:.

Hugebear - 224.4.

Evil_Jeff - 231.8.

ApolytonGP - 189.

Ninerbuff - 189.4.

Gordon55 - 200.

MaxEntropy - 274?.

Bob_m - ? .

TxRhino - ? .

You guys are all going down! Hugebear's headed for the 210's.....

Comment #14

OK Boys, I am officially checking in at.

251.6 lbs.



Comment #15

I did it! 250 today. boy 240 is going to feel so good - haven't been there in years...

Comment #16

OK, I've been a lurker far too long. I'm in at 175.6 this morning. My weight loss has slowed to a crawl so I need this motivation to exercise more..


4/23/09 Start.


Comment #17

I'm in. Start me at 219.6 Let the games begin. How often are we supposed to check in?..

Comment #18

Jholler any gain (well loss) is great to post - post whatever and whenever - you let us know..

You'll get praise and/or advice. just talk it up.

That's it I think. In fact even setbacks are something to talk about - or just something good you did to be "in control" that's what we are here for..

Let it begin boys best of luck - i'm glad you all are here to push..

Comment #19

Alright, so this is the official start:.

Hugebear - 224.4.

Evil_Jeff - 231.8.

ApolytonGP - 189.

Ninerbuff - 189.4.

Gordon55 - 200.

MaxEntropy - 274?.

Bob_m - 250.

TxRhino - 251.6.

Robert_c - 255.

Yellerdog - 219.6.

Jhollerich - 175.6.

No need to check in on any schedule, but smack talking is definitely encouraged! Of course, there won't be time for too much smack talking as I'll have this 10 pounds lost before you know it....






Comment #20

Hi John, great to hear from you..






Comment #21

Damn i'm stuck for 3 days now. no change..

Must exercise more!..

Comment #22


I can appreciate your.


On the otherhand, I have been true to my plan and woke today feeling.

Very very thin..

Unfortunately, my scale showed a.

2 lbs gain..


All this time on plan I show a steady.

2-4 lbs.

Per week loss. Then we start the challenge and I get.

2 lbs.


Comment #23

Hmmm, maybe the moon phases are making us heavier...if the moon was pulling us upward, we'de be lighter right? we do have massive amounts of gravity!.

Or maybe I lost a lot of water weight last week and now the loss of fat is catching up - I did run a lot more than I have in a long time...but I drank gallons of water - makes some sense I guess..

Maybe it's my time of the month and i'm bloating - (do I look fat in these jeans) - my wife and I are cycling together now - lol - I hope estros dont read this...just joking ladies!..

Comment #24

There's not nearly enough trash talking going on in here..

I'm down 1.4 elbees since start as of this morning, 233.0. Watcha got?..

Comment #25

I'm more than 2 down, but will put in an official weigh in tomorrow morning...

Comment #26

Down 1 lb - even with the damn run yesterday...i'm stuck - but i'll officially weigh in as well on thursday....

Haven't heard from the master of tough love, robert_c...maybe he's not practicing what he preaches.....

Comment #27



, I had a minor set back and a unexplained.


Gain over the weekend; however, this morning shows that 2 lbs.



Fat-Burning Machine.

Is reenergized and firing on all cylinders.



Comment #28

I follow the plan, and the plan says to weigh yourself only once a week. Look at you guys going crazy having a gain one day and a loss the next. That would drive me insane...

Comment #29

Mind if I jump in on the fun?.

I weighed in at 339 lbs. this morning..


Comment #30


There's a $500 entry fee - you can send it to me.....

Comment #31


It's on it's way!! Check is in the mail!.


Comment #32

I'll weigh in on Wednesday's:.

Start: 189.4.

Today: 186.8.

So far so good...

Comment #33

No time to weigh in this morning. I think i'll go with robert_c now and start weighing in once a week. so tomorrow i'll weigh in. I was 100% yesterday but no exercise...i worked on my piece of crap LG dishwasher...what garbage - especially for the price..

Comment #34

Well, I weighed in yesterday at work on one of our calibrated scales with my clothes on (pants, shirt and shoes) and was 339 lbs. We bought a new medical scale and last night I weighed in at 334 lbs. with no pants and shoes. So, I better readjust my start weight to 334.8 lbs..

This morning, I weighed in at 329.2 lbs. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!!.

Happy weigh in,.


Comment #35

2 lbs so far, I think i'm being left in the dust!..

Comment #36

You? Ha! I had trouble kicking this horse out of the starting gate..

Look out, guys. I might have gotten off to a slow start, but now that I'm rolling, this Weight Loss Juggeranaut is gonna roll right over you!.

I'm down..... 1 pound..


Comment #37

It is Oct 1. a good time to start even better habits. I need to kick up my water intake again - just plain stupidity on my part, no excuses.....

Comment #38

Started at 334.8 lbs..

Today at 327.8 lbs..

Loss of 7 lbs. so far..


Comment #39

I do not weigh until Friday morning ... so I have no idea what tomorrow will bring...

Comment #40

Holy cow Tim, eat a burger or something will ya?.

This morning I was 220.4, so I'm just picking up a good head of steam...

Comment #41

Hell I can lose 1 pound just by going to the bathroom..

NSwinner2B- slow down!! I don't even weigh in until Monday. You'll have it won before then..


Comment #42

"Hell I can lose 1 pound just by going to the bathroom. ".

How do you think I lost that single, solitary pound, man. I s@#t you not!.


Comment #43

Day 7 for me - I weighed in at 218 this morning. Closing in on ten lbs!..

Comment #44

This has been a bit of an odd week for my weight loss but I weighed in today and am down.

(-2.6 lbs).

For the week and the challenge. Additionally, I have officially broken into the.



Needless to say ... I am overall very pleased...

Comment #45

Good job Michael. Yes, the 240's are my next goal! Thats also one jeans size smaller for me...or I can grease them up and put them on now....

Yes I have all my old clothes. I have a size 33 pair of shorts from when I was 22 yrs old and working out daily...i can't imagine that's ever possible now but you never know. I guess if they are 20 year old shorts they are slightly out of style - I think they are chinos- guido shorts..

Comment #46

186, down 2..

Good job, Rhino. 240s is great. Sub-quarter thousand..

You'll be in thoses shorts, Bob...

Comment #47

Dang, some of you guys are major losers. Weighing in this morning, I'm at 173, so 2.6lbs down since beginning the challenge..



Comment #48

Hey John,.


3 lbs.

To GOAL. Way to go dude...

Comment #49

Thanks Tx, my original goal was 180, and when I hit that, I knew I needed to lose more. I've put this much effort into it, I'm going to get down to a weight I want. Once I'm happy, I feel like it will be all the motivation I need to NEVER get bigger again. My plan right now is I think 160 (I'm 5'6"), but we'll see what happens on the way down...

Comment #50

Down another lb. that's 3. not bad for a week and a day..

Said I was going to weigh in weekly, but I can tell I lost another lb the last two days - i've been too good and even drank my water the last two..

Altho I did have a Bakon Vodka and V8 last night instead of Nutrisystem dessert...yummo - I'm glad I don't own the Bakon Vodka.....

Comment #51

188.5 (up) on Mom's scale. I have this theory that it reads 3# high...but not sure...

Comment #52


Funny, that is the exact same thing the girls I work with say about our scale...

Comment #53

Yummo? I'm this close to taking away your man card. Luckily you put bacon in your vodka. Now that's a mans drink...

Comment #54

Down 9.8 lbs. this morning but will need to see what happens tomorrow morning. Good luck everyone..


Comment #55

I take back the yummo - it's actually called Bakon - it's bacon flavored vodka - anyhow, putting a strip it couldn't of hurt except your artieries. f'in awesome! better?..

Comment #56

9.8 lbs? damn looks like i'll have to settle for 2nd place...weigh in tomorrow..

Comment #57

4 lbs down - my food ships in 2 days, I might be 20 lbs in 1 month but i'm not pushing it - actually oct 11 is my 1 month anniversary so I should definitely make that! those first two weeks of monster losses make that possible....

I'm a senior member now, that makes "senior moments" ok...

Comment #58

Back to 186. 2 pounds down. Will be good to get home and check my own scale...gotta keep up with you 250ers...

Comment #59

Well, weigh in this morning was 324.8, which is exactly 10 lbs. lost since last week. So, what kind of prize do I get? New car? lots of money? or maybe, the satisfaction that I am 10 lbs. closer to my goal?.

A car and money would be nice, but right now, I need to lose weight! Thanks for the encouragement!!.


P.S. When is the next challenge???..

Comment #60

You have to lose >10 lbs - so you need two days of consistancy..

Ok, i'm making this up as I go - but I think it's a good idea. You could go gorge today and be up 3 lbs tomorrow....

I'll send you all my Nutrisystem Oatmeal, how's that sound.....

Comment #61

We have a winner! Congratulations Tim!.

So which body part did you have to cut off?.

Seriously, great job, way to work the program. Amazing how my weight loss has slowed, I lost less than 4 pounds in the amount of time it took you to lose 10. Then again, I wouldn't trade and be at the other end of my weight loss again!.

As for the prize, you have won...bragging rights... Oh yeah, and the satisfaction of begin 10 pounds lighter, and making us all look like, uh, losers..

Way to go everybody, it looks like everybody lost weight, and hopefully had fun...

Comment #62

Congrats NSwimmer!! You earned it!.

Way to run a classy challenge, Bill..


Comment #63

I think it might be fun to continue it until we all lose 10#. We can still compete for second prize, third, etc...

Comment #64

I'm in. 2nd place is good for me!.

I'm still sending out my oatmeal..

Comment #65

I'm back at 189.6. Can't wait to get home to my own scale.....

Comment #66

You have been 189 since we started...if this was "the bigget loser"'de be out - but you are starting out low and lifting - maybe we need a percent of body mass competition instead of 10 lbs?..

Comment #67

We already have to weigh and measure everythingnow we have to do more math?.


Comment #68

Bob, the variation is the variation. BL wants a Monday measurement and I gave it to them. If I stay at 189 for another couple weeks, I'll worry then. But I can see my clear changes over the last 3 months and the trend is down. Also, there was a scale change within all this...tomorrow back to previous scale..

I have been lifting for 3 months. In the last week, muscle growth does not explain the variations...

Comment #69

So you should weigh less on your scale? I get it.

Either way, Tim still wins! even if we do math..

Comment #70

Wasn't trying to say otherwise. Just responding to your concerns for me.....

Comment #71

I don't kmow why but I'm just not a fan of oatmeal - or these pancakes - and I eat anything. Not complaining, I fixed my order for next month. just saying. Tim, your winnings await you...where should I send all this?.

Maybe I can bring them to a shelter or something.....

Comment #72

Do the oatmeal with a 1/4 cup of boiling water and mix it in a coffee mug. Works like a charm. You even get a bonus and can just "use" the milk somewhere else (in your Bellavita omellete, coffee, etc.).

I have not got the pancakes figured out yet...

Comment #73

185 this morning, Bob. That's four down. I figure as long as I beat you, it's all good...

Comment #74

I'm looking at at least.

4 lbs.

For this week alone, so watch out.


(Bob & Poly)..

I'll have almost.

7 lbs.

Total since we started this contest...

Comment #75

Damn now I have to weigh myself tomorrow.

No way I am at 7 - closer to 5.

I know what I'll do, go buy a scale that says I am a lower weight like someone I know..

Comment #76

Lets see, 246, no.

245 no.

247 noooo.

241 - OK I'll take this one please..

Comment #77

6 lbs down and I broke the -20 barrier. people are beginning to notice - which is good, because to tell you the truth, no one noticed when I was -15 or so and I was thinking, "Am I so big that 15 lbs is a drop in the ocean?".

And like some people, yes, I enjoy when people notice - some people don't that's fine - it encourages me to keep going..

Time to get below 240 - 4 lbs to go to do that and get 2nd place. run run run..

Comment #78

You go, BobM!.

I'm FINALLY getting back on track after a couple months of fooling around w/it. It feels good! I find I have so much more energy and feel so much better when I'm sticking to the Nutrisystem Way. Dropped a couple this week..

It is SO easy to slide away. I've found that just getting contraband out of my house is key..


Comment #79

Good job, BobM. I was big enough so that people didn't notice either until 20+, not 15. I think part of it is yes, you are that big. The other thing is people have this construct of you in their heads...and you have to change enough to break that. It will happen more and more now. Have fun with the praise!.

186, 3 down..

Still going to kick your ass...

Comment #80

When you are at 350 the first 15 or 20 don't look that different. Now, when I meet the first goal of being under 300 for Thanksgiving and see my bro and new sis-in-law since their wedding in July-hopefully they will see a difference. One of the motivations to lose is when I saw the wedding pics..

I did get my first compliment from my 9 yr. old son the other day. He said "Dad, I can tell your losing weight because I can see your belt buckle now. Before it was covered up by your tummy". That meant the world to me. Little victories to keep up the program.


Comment #81

Keep it up, winner2b. I think you will start to feel so much healthier in the 200s. Like becoming younger...

Comment #82

Down 5....halfway there. Fat burning pistons are pumping. Gotta beat Bob, gotta beat Bob, gotta beat Bob...

Comment #83

You better try and beat me.


Today I am down.

4.0 lbs.

For the week.


That's a total of.

7.0 lbs.

For the contest. OOOH RAAA!..

Comment #84

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