Can I still retrieve my cancelled iPage pro website?

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Quick question: Can I still retrieve my cancelled iPage pro website? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Another question I got... Hi Group....

I am currently trying to migrate a shop from OSC2.0 to OSC2.2RC2a.

Do you know a database migration guide?.

Working on a vanilla installation, just replacing the new with the old database, appending an "administators" table appears to work, all products are there, but the account setting process popups a command screen for half a second (could come from Apache or my SQL, donno exactly), and OSC returns to the unlogged state..

It is impossible to log in, neither with old accounts, nor with newly created ones..

I did not touch any line of code, just swap the database..

Wo has got a clue?.

Thank you in advance.


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: 13 December 2008, 21:36..

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The answer is Yes, but... you might want to make sure and wait for another person to confirm my answer as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you email the iPage guys because they can give you help better...

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Please excuse the confusion..

In application_top.php the Id is given as follows:.

V1.280 2003/07/12 09:38 hpdl.

From a list of tables, the database does not seem to be that different, but....

Thank you for your help..


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That's the version number for application_top.php, not for osCommerce. Use.

This thread.

To find your osCommerce version..



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Happy me: It appears that I have got MS2 at least (without RC1 or RC2)..

I have applied the SQL patches and the migrated database should be ok now..

I however still have got the impossibility to log in..

It always retuns to the original state without any error message..

That is really frustrating..

The migrated database has got another collation than the OSC default, since I have been using.


Instead of.


...but it worked before and the passwords are hexadecimal which should be pagecode neutral..

I made another try by importing the values only. Same result!.

Any clue?.


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Are you storing sessions in the database? If not, try that. Other errors in the setup could also be causing this problem. Did you install 2.2RC2a and test it before migrating your database? If that doesn't work, migrating the database is not going to help..



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Thank you, I am already storing sessions in mySQL..

I have got following environments to test:.

A Vanilla OSC 2.2RC2a with install generated database. (Reference).

B Sandbox (copy of Vanilla OSC 2.2RC2a, with my mods) using migrated and patched database (Development).

C Quality (copy of Vanilla OSC 2.2RC2a, with my.


Mods) using migrated and patched database (Test).

D Productive /Copy of my actual running shop) using migrated database (Productive).

The A version works (can create users and login, -> local AMP environment is OK ).

The B version do not work (can create users*, but not login).

The B version works using the database from A -> modded OSC B should be OK, it should come from the database, but: what could have been wrong???.

The B version do not work using a copy of the database from A where all table records were replaced by CSV imports from B very, very strange, isn't it?.

*upon creating new users, I get a short (apparently empty) command line screen, which could however come from Apache or mySQL.

Does anyone know what happened?.

Thank you.


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: 15 December 2008, 07:39..

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Something in the difference between your B and C versions is throwing an error. Can you look at the server error logs? That might tell you where the problem is..



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The only error I get, is from the email output, which does not work since I am at localhost. (that is probably the popup command screen).

That does not explain the main error, I suppose..

The fact is that logins and passwords are apparently correctly detected (wrong emails or wrong passwords do issue an error message, which do not come after a correct login) the point is that the login procedure forwards to the unlogged state and not to the welcome screen....

Still struggling with that thing....


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