Can I take Medifast diet pills after having bypass surgrey .?

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First off, Can I take Medifast diet pills after having bypass surgrey .? Hoping for any answer. Another question on my mind: WELCOME to the Can Do Crew where TOGETHER we CAN DO IT! Whether you are a veteran or new to this healthy lifestyle you'll find encouragement, friendship, accountability, support and laughter. So jump in and join the happenings!.

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Yup, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm my answer as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

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Here is a link to the new introduction thread, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other better, and newbies have a link to get to know us as well!!!..

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Hi there crew.... I have been having so much fun this halloween. Yesterday we took our grandkids to the main street trick or treat. It was so crowded and so may cute costumes. I got a good measure of walking in - about 2 hours so I was happy on many levels. Tonight we will let the uncle take the boys out to trick or treat in our neighborhood and today they will go to the halloween party at the YMCA.

The candy has not really been an issue for me so I feel so very lucky..

Maintenance is going well. I still use alot of Medifast food but I think I will forever. It holds my blood sugars in check..

School is going great. In fact, it is almost time to pick the next quarter classes. I need to decide what kind of degree program I want to pursue or even if I want to do a transfer degree. Lots of thinking to do..

We have been having sunshine with bursts of rain but it is sunny today with no rain til around midnight. I will go out for another walk today. Soon it will be all rain..... sigh..

Have a great day all of you..


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Hi everyone. Quick check in. Beautiful day in DC cheering on my sister as she ran the Marine Corps Marathon. She passed in the middle of the pack and I stayed and cheered on the rest of the pack. I know how some must be struggling with SO much emotional stuff on that run. So many people are just trying to accomplish a goal.

No matter how big or how small, we all have goals and we all need support. None of us can do this alone..

Let us be here for each other, day to day, week to week, as we all fight the good fight to accomplish our goal!.


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Hi, Crew! Just back from Chicago/Maine - had a fabulous week - first with my kids in Chicago, a nice birthday dinner and there was champagne.... MWed. I met my BF in Maine and we had so much fun laughing all week and visiting the museum and lots of walking and sightseeing. Loved the lighthouses and the coast and Portland is terrific. She ate lots of 'lobstah' and I ate lots of chicken and veggie burgers..

I am up a few pounds as I was before I left. I am planning the next week ahead and will try to automate what I do - that's my best trick, just automate. Same as MF, no thinking, just doing. But first, I have to make my plan for the week to cut some of the calories I have been taking in. I could make some less carb choices and will add in 2 Medifast packets a day until I am back to goal. As I always said, I will hover around goal, but will not hover 5 lbs.

On the trip, what I found the hardest was not having snacks at the ready while we were out touring. I was out of puffs and bars, hadn't ordered in a long while, and will do that tomorrow so I am prepared with the 'snacks' I need. But, no worries, I know what to do - don't think, just do..

Happy Halloween everyone, we didn't have our porch light on tonight, went to dinner after the airport and stayed gone until trick or treat was all over around here..

I'm anxious to have tomorrow off and be able to regroup and get on my meal routines for the week. I always feel so 'off' when I am 'off routine.' Just not the same. Love the Medifast feelings that I have achieved and now I know how terrific I can feel. I prefer that!.

Thank you all for the birthday wishes and HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BARB..

My best to everyone for a fabulous week ahead!!!.


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Hi all, I hope to have a "normal" week. Things have been so busy, that I get easily sidetracked. I have not been 100% lately, but I am back on track today. I do good through the week then, get sidetracked with events on the weekend. I have had plenty of OFF plan food, and missed meals too. I restocked my supply of Medifast crunch bars in the vehicles, purse, desk and lunch bag.

This way, I am not hungry when I get there and don't dive in to the chip bowl. The other side of that is last event was at my house. So, I have the non so good for you food. Most of it was gone last night, and what is left, DH will take care of. I will certainly not be taking a sneak peak at the scales early this week.

How is everyone doing?.

Courtney, nice to see you back. Your new avi looks great...

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Thanks for the shout out!.

I'm trying to behave in regards to sugar but realizing and accepting that every day will be a struggle has made it easier for sure. Love your Boo graphic. Umm am I the only one that thought it looked a little umm naughty? LOL!.


Glad to hear you had fun in all your travels!.


Very anxious to hear what happened with the nurse during your weigh in. Please post soon! Congrats to your DD on finishing the race!.

Hope everyone had a successful OP halloween. I budgeted my calories yesterday so I could include a few pieces of candy. I was handing out candy at my friends house- they live in a large wealthy subdivision so I knew there would be lots of trick or treaters. I was blown away by all of them! We actually ran out of candy at 730 and had to run to the store to re-stock! I had a few mini candy bars. I was shocked at how unappealing they were! I used to gorge around Halloween but last night I just had a few and I refused my friends offer to send me home with some more candy. After I ate the candy I was a little sad that I wasted my calories on something unappealing.

Okay hope everyones having a great day!..

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Happy Monday everyone! Back on track day for me as well. I went a little overboard this weekend in the calorie department. I decided not to count on Saturday for my birthday. Then I had a full dessert and wine. Not sure how much damage I did, but I'm going to tighten things up for the week. Gotta get it taken care of before weigh in on Friday.

I am just going to do the math. I know what I ate and I know what I must do. I want to run! It makes maintenance so much easier. January can't come soon enough..


, I am glad you enjoyed Maine! I would go there in a heartbeat if I could. You probably had some great daytime weather. Too bad you don't eat lobster. There is not better place to eat it. I automate as well. Chili for lunch (120 calories a serving), lean and broccoli for dinner.

Carbs under control, life goes on!.


, I love the idea of eating an Medifast bar or a protein snack (in maintenance) before I eat out. It makes a huge difference it what I eat during the meal. I find I am not as tempted to eat off my eating plan if I do that. Have a great week!.


I got rid of all of that candy! Thankfully. I can't have the temptation in the house right now. The dessert I had on Saturday put my on shakey sugar ground. I know I am going to have to be so careful!.

Story on the nurse to follow..

Fight the good fight!.


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Why is it when we are obese, no one believes us when we tell them how much we weigh, but when we are thin, people believe us?.

First, I apologize for writing as I speak, but I feel like Im telling a story here..

On Friday, when I weighed in at the doctors office and she weighed me at 142 (not the 138 I told her I was on my form, which, I might add was the weight on my scale that morning), the nurse wrote 138 on the form. Why did she write the weight I told her and not the weight on the scale? She said that as an athlete (ok so when did I become an athlete?) I probably knew what I weighed better than she did. She figured that I kept track of those things since I was in such good shape..

Excuse me? Athlete? Good shape? You trust me to tell you my weight?.

So why is it that when we are thin, we know our weight and when we are obese we dont? Dont get me wrong, I knew exactly what I weighed when I weighed 246 pounds. But there was no way under the sun I would tell anyone, except my doctor what I weighed. And then I was ashamed..

Thats it. The shame of obesity. No matter how much we try to convince ourselves we are happy obese people, we really arent. We are ashamed, but we try to hide it. We dont tell the truth about it, our weight or our feelings..

As a thin person, the shame is gone. I am happy and proud of what I weigh today and where I came from. And people believe me..

Fight the good fight every day!.


Month 1: -8, 5, - 2, - 4 = -19.

Month 2: -3, -2, -1, -3 = - 9.

Month 3: -4, -2, -4, -2 = - 12.

Month 4: Scaleless in Maine = -11.

Month 5: -2, -2, -3, -2 = -9.

Month 6: -2, -3, -4, -1 = -10.

Month 7: - 2, -2, -2, -2, -2 = -12.

Month 8: -2, -2, -2, -2 = -8.

Transition: -20 (for a total of -108).

GOAL: Black Friday, November 27, 2009.

Current Weight is 138. I am healthy!..

Comment #9

PS....I changed this a little for my blog. You may want to check it out. I think I did a much better job of saying how I feel...

Comment #10

Barb... I LOVE that the nurse referred to you as an athlete... that is AWESOME!!!.

Sherry... glad to hear you are back in the groove today. Goal is within reach... keep working it girl!!!..

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Hey Crew!!.

Hard to believe it's November...with the craziness of the past several weeks, I haven't updated my ticker by week-to-week losses especially since there hasn't been any. Anyway, I spent some time today going through my calendar and calculating how may weeks I've been on MF...Today is the beginning of my 31st week - started March 29th. I cannot believe it's been so long - yet seems so short. Did measurements today as well, and no change since last month. It's weird though because I feel my clothes are fitting differently even though the measurements haven't changed. doesn't matter.

My goal this week is to focus on water and ensuring no BLT's throughout my day. I haven't been as committed to that goal as I should be and I know it's had an effect on the scale..

I don't have much time to write but I at least wanted to do a drive-by tonight. Thanks for the sweet comments on my recently added pictures. I've added a picture of my husband and I at my 20 year class reunion....

Happy November 1st and hope you all have a great week!!..

Comment #12


I was MIA a little this weekend and I completely blanked and forgot to wish you happy birthday. So Happy Birthday!!! Enjoyed reading your scale blog. I was worried you were going to say the nurse had some snarky comments. That definitely wasn't the case though! Must have been great being referred to as an athlete. Was it stressful to not count calories on Saturday?.


Great picture! You look amazing! Whoa your husband is one tall drink of water. You both are radiating health..

Comment #13

Hi, Everyone - you are probably in bed, but I am sitting down and checking a week's worth of messages, emails, etc. Saved the best for last, so here I am! SO many things to comment on from all of you..

BARB - hope your bd was fab - uh, you ARE an doubt about it and what a great NSV to have in your back pocket (of those skinny I brought home the mix for the 'Fisherman's Hearty Stew" and used chicken in it (I know, I know...).

Had it tonight and it was out of this world. DH said he wished I had brought home more of it. I'm sure I can find it around here somewhere. Anyway, I have to figure out the cal. count, but it's probably much the same as chili. Lots of beans and I threw in some barley.

JAN - Thanks f or the BOO graphic. Hope that you had a wonderful Halloween, did you go in to town at all? When we lived in the country, my kids had to trick or treat in town and then I just got used to going to see all the kids' costumes. Let's make a plan for L & G..

COURTNEY - you look wonderful in that reunion pic. Your husband, by the way, quite a good looker, too. What a great looking couple!.

HEIDI - thanks for the candy calorie breakdown - stops me in my tracks. I keep 'moving my body' every day and once I'm out there, I get carried away. thanks for that voice in my head. Hope all's well with you!.

MELISSA - Hope all's well and you are rockin' the days OP..

SHERRY - In the plan to live a long time - there will be not-so-good-for-us foods in there from time to time. Aren't we glad we learned such good lessons in MF? At least there is a desire to get right back on track. Gotta love that. Hope your weather continues to be pleasant. We are getting cold here..

Waving and cheering on you Crew-sers and I sure hope you rock the week OP!.


Comment #14

Thanks for the sweet comments, Melissa and Debbie. We're definitely less camera shy than we used to be!! I feel like we should buy a photo album and entitle it "the missing years" for all the pictures we missed out on taking because we didn't want to see ourselves. My husband has always been health conscious, but I was teasing him the other day saying that my weight loss makes him look good!!.

And Barb, I do hope you had a happy birthday. I seriously don't know what we'd all do without you on this board. I value you and your opinions and advice so much!!.

Well, I have to run get my little man at preschool, but again, wanted to drop in today and I'm off to drink more water, of course!!.

Have a great Tuesday!..

Comment #15

Well Tuesday is my weigh in day and I'm still happily maintaining. Its been 9 weeks I've been maintaining. Yahoo!.


You guys are a handsome couple for sure!.


Hope all is well with you too!..

Comment #16

This was me last night running for the first time in a week because I was sick Had to post it's so cute!..

Comment #17

Your signature guy is pretty cute, too.

WTG on 9 WEEKS!!! You've been maintaining as long as I've been floundering...I feel like such a....????.

I don't even know the word - failure, fraud, addict for sure! But I'm back to day 1 today. No more messing around!!..

Comment #18

Happy Tuesday everyone. I hope you all voted. I am hoping for some change in PA. Can we just say it was a little weird to be called an athlete, but that could be due to the fact that I went to a sports orthopedic specialist for me knee. The best part was that she believed my weight. She wasnt going to dicker over the difference.

Rounding up. Why is that?.


, I wasnt too stressed about not counting calories on Saturday, but I am now. Now I am worried I did some damage. I get that way sometimes. Woo hoo for maintenance..


, thanks for making me chuckle!.


, isnt it great when the camera goes from a dreaded thing to an NSV!.


, one day at a time. Im a little worried about the sugar I had on Saturday. Had a little sugar low moment today. I quite literally have not had one of those since I started MF. Scared me when I started shaking and realized what it was. I have got to be so careful with sugar..

Have a great day everyone..

Fight the good fight..


Comment #19

Courtney, that is one great pic. You must be doing something right.

You look fabulous..

I just love to read these posts. Sometimes I dont have time to respond but it starts my day by coming here to see how everyone is doing and seeing garfield running and ghosts and gobblins, dogs blowing in the wind.

I just love it..

I am off to school..


Comment #20


Oh a sugar low that is scary. I didn't feel so good after my few pieces of candy on Sunday either. Hope you are feeling better today!.


I'm guessing your sugar monster has reappeared? Can you identify where you get your sugar fix from? Maybe that will help. Like I know when I used to go to the gas station I would head straight for the candy isle. Now I will never go in there unless it is absolutely necessary. Maybe writing some post-it notes and keeping them everywhere with a list of how you feel after you eat sugar?.


Love when you post too!.

Hope school is going well...

Comment #21

The sugar monster just went into hiding, and not very far. I've been totally out of control since Oct 10 when I had a BLT of some very triggery food. This is the worst I've ever been and although the food tastes good and my body hasn't complained, the guilt and shame have been torturing me. Obviously not enough to get back on track right away, but I think I finally hit my sugar bottom. Enough is enough!!.

I know I have to stay out of Target...or at least not go into the food section. And no candy or bakery aisles at the grocery store. Shopping the perimeter of the grocery store works well EXCEPT for the bakery..

I just had lunch with a dear friend that struggles with the same issues. She wants to do MF, but can't afford to right now. We made a pact to text each other BEFORE we eat or buy any sugar foods..

It's one day at a time for me right now...even one meal at a time. If I don't fight the good fight, I'll be the loser...loss of health or even life!!.

I know Medifast works...time to change my thinking, too, not just my eating..

Thanks to all of you for being here and giving me someplace to come and vent and get the support I need...

Comment #22


Course we are always here to lend an ear of support! I'm surprised your body has accepted the off plan foods. Glad you have hit your sugar bottom though. Having that little step to preform before you eat something is a good idea. I do that sometimes if I am really struggling. Just make sure your friend keeps her phone on her at all times! If not then I can definitely be your back up..

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I need the sugar pact! I'm purging it from my system by concentrating on protein. No fruit this week for me. Carbs in the 120 to 130 range. All fiber....high able. It makes me overeat. Period..

Not much time to check in, but wanted to pipe in that the sugar monster sometimes is very very close. One little bit here or there and boom, it leads me to overeating. I thought I had control. Saturday night showed me I am still not in control over sugar..

Plan for the holidays in the works. I can't fall back into old Christmas cookie and baked goods habits. I will fight through this one. I will find a way to burn all the calories I burn when I run..



Comment #24

Oh Crew, how I've missed you and not done well away from you. Two weeks of floundering, telling myself one moment, one meal, one candy snack off-plan is no big deal. Well, it is a big deal and I am re-committing myself to the Plan. I am not ready to stray yet. I am not in control yet. Oh, BARB, how I long to have your self control..

Ok, enough whining. I can do this. I am re-inspired reading about you guys that have done this, that are doing this. I can too!!! I want to look as good as all you guys in your pictures..

We had some snow and rain yesterday but the white stuff is on the ground. It does brighten things up as we enter the darkest part of the year. The dogs are running well. We are doing 20 mile runs now, still on the atv's but when enough snow falls we will be ready for the sleds. 21 dogs are in training. Monday I was off work and without any of my helpers.

Took the whole daylight hours but man was it nice to be outside all day. If I had my druthers I'd choose outside over inside most of the time. I say that now when the temps are still 20-35. See if I'm saying that at 30 below. But nothing beats fresh air..

Time to go run the dogs again. Thanks for the stories and motivations..


Comment #25

Hey there Crew-sers - sounds like everyone is really fighting the good fight out there!!.

CHRISTINE, you just kill me with your 'matter of fact' talk about snow and 30 below - I've already had the fireplace on at night (gas now) and our highs are still in the 50's but the mornings are cold, well, cold for us.... what a wimp I must, no DO, sound like here in Michigan. Well, we are supposed to have 'some flakes' on Friday and everyone will be talking about it all weekend....

If anyone figures out how to kill that sugar monster - PLEASE LET ME KNOW! I have been running to the cupboard to add the strawberry/lemonade additive to my water. I wasn't using them at all for a while, but suddenly, they are really helping me get through the sugar cravings. I did eat a couple of whopper malted milk balls at work today, but they were in that mini package and they were stale! I was glad, served me right..

Anyway, I would just love to have a good old candy bar and even perused the check out today at the grocery store. But I won, left without anything extra. I'm so darn afraid to slip back....ugh. Thanks for all of the advice and sharing regarding this subject. Does everyone think that Halloween was a trigger period??? I don't know.....

I still feel like I'm floundering without the complete Medifast transition (dr. ordered after the pancreas attack). She felt I was far enough along to go on my own. GULP... I am always afraid, need to do something about that. I am relatively good about tracking my food, but last week - fuggedabout it!.

JAN, call me for a L & G when you get some free time..

MELISSA, COURTNEY, BARB, BOBBI, HEIDI, KIM, and all of you, my friends - let's head into this weekend with great OP ideas and great OP attitude!!!!.


Comment #26

Checking back in before bed...that's one of the things I did in the beginning - read & post, read & post - check in with the Crew! Day 2 is coming to a close, just finished my brownie and I'm heading to bed..

Flavored water helps me get my water in and abates cravings. Part of my problem is not just sugar - it's the old hand-to-mouth thing of an ex-smoker. So, I've been chewing more gum than allowed, but better a few extra pieces of gum than a candy bar..


- YAY for you getting out of the store without anything extra!!.


- I love all your stories! Your life is SO DIFFERENT from anything I can even imagine - more like what I see on TV and read in books than reality..


- thanks for offering back-up support. I just may take you up on that.

PM me with your email address..


- I know with your determination and commitment you will make it through the holidays at 138.


- glad you're enjoying school and being busy. Happy to see you posting here & there - I miss you!.


Waving to Courtney, Heidi, Sherry, Brenda and the rest of the crew!..

Comment #27

Well you guys would never guess what was in my email inbox this morning. A whole newsletter dedicated to Sugar Addiction from Gwyneth Paltrow! I signed up for her newsletters called 'Goop'. They are actually pretty interesting especially the one today! If anyone wants me to forward them the newsletter you can PM me your email or you can google Goop and her site will come up. Newsletter is free. It discusses taking a supplement called L-Glutamine, 1000-2000mg to relieve sugar cravings. I think I'm definitely going to try it!..

Comment #28

Debbieway to go getting out of the store. Those candy bars on the checkout aisles are the hardest. So is reading the First or Wonen's Day magazines with the latest and greatest quick weight loss schemes. I used to buy all those to see what I could do different..

Good thing I found what works!!!!.

Day 2 back OP 100%. Feeling great. Snowing again. Yeay!.


Comment #29

Ahhh, yes...the latest and greatest quick weight loss schemes...on the same page as the recipes for decadent desserts! I found myself picking those up last spring when my weight loss had slowed down. Then I thought, DUHHHH, you know what works and how it works, so get back 100% OP and the lbs will come off!.

It's day 3 100% OP for me - perhaps it's a mind thing, but I think I can feel myself sliding into ketosis. I'm more energetic and less hungry..

It's been a challenging day at work, too, and I'm feeling empowered that I haven't given into temptation. The old 'just say no' mindset is reigning over the 'OK, just one and I'll start tomorrow'.

Folks brought in all the leftover Halloween candy and we have a new guy that brought in bagels.

Thank goodness my boss traded cubes with me a while ago so I'm no longer in the 'snack aisle'..

Almost time to go home - which means I have to go over there to wrap things up. A little check-in with the crew is just what I need to get me home OP...

Comment #30

Happy Thursday everyone. Ive got a little more time tonight, but the next 2 weeks or so are going to be a mess for me. Its fall play time and we have stage crew every night, on top of my regular busy schedule. The only good news is that Ill be too busy to be tempted by sugar. Ill make sure I make all my meals the night before, so if Im not going to be home for dinner, I can take my meals with me. I precooked chicken tenders and froze them from chicken breasts that were on sale in September.

Ive also order a few extra Medifast meals for the next 2 weeks, so I can stay focused. My goal date is Black Friday and while I know I will be below my goal of 148, I want to be at 138, which is where Ive been hanging for quite some time. The other thing is that I want to purge the sugar from my system BEFORE the holiday. I really dont want to fall into bad habits over the holidays..


, control for me was critical when I was on 5+1. Before I started MF, I identified all the reasons I had failed over 30 years of dieting. One thing that kept coming to the top of the list was not sticking to the plan. My breaking point always started with a little cheat. I rationalized it by saying, one little thing wont hurt. When I realized that, it helped me to select a plan that would hurt me if I cheated.

That fear alone, kept me on plan. Today, I am learning that there are still things that are going to mess with my maintenance. Ice cream is one of them..


, there just has to be a way to get rid of that sugar monster. Maybe it was Halloween. Never good to have your birthday when there are so many sweets about. I have to remind myself that my birthday is not a reason to overeat..


, I am a big gum chewer today. It really helps..


, the scientist in me looked into L-glutamine, which happens to be an amino acid used by the body to make proteins and enzymes. I am not seeing any research or data to support curbing of sugar cravings, although some of the nutrition supplement sites make the claim. There are some data to show that it is used in cancer treatment, intestinal health and repair of injury and illness for the body. The body is capable of making this amino acid and it is very common in foods. That being said, if it works for curbing sugar cravings, let me know. Can't hurt!.

Have a great day everyone..


Comment #31

Good evening, Crew! I was off looking for a glittery signature...should have done it last week (or befoe).

Kinda big for 'everyday use', but cute, no?..

Comment #32

OK, so I found a fall one. I refuse to use a Christmassy one til after Thanksgiving. And I just can't bear to use a wintery, snowman one, either, although as Debbie said, we're supposed to get 'flakes' this weekend. So this'll be me for now..

I made it through the day 100% OP - YAY!! Each day staying OP gets easier to ignore the temptations..

Barb -.

What you said about staying on plan & staying in ketosis really hits home for me. I always said Medifast taught me to say "No Thank You" like WW never did. It was for that very reason - not going out of ketosis. But I didn't really learn to say "No Thank You" because once it was OK to be out of ketosis, the old thinking and juggling the 'numbers' took over. More work to be done! Have fun with your play - I remember you doing it last year..

Past my bed time, so pleasant dreams, everyone.....


A little early!..

Comment #33


Thanks for looking that up! The article did say that was a last resort. Listed about 5 things to do before that. I do all those other things though! I'm not struggling that bad with my sugar monster but like you said can't hurt. I'll let you know how it goes!..

Comment #34

Hey, kids! I am reading everyone's posts and identifying...I am struggling to get my exercise in, I waited until I got home from work today, then waited another hour - just until it started to rain and the wind blowing like crazy. Not only I, but the dogs needed that walk badly. I am spending the rest of the evening beating myself up, but hey, tomorrow is another day, as my Mom used to say. Ok, ok, I followed my plan all day today until tonight when hubby ordered a pear dessert (my weakness) because I wouldn't do it. I did get a little bit of it and it was good, but I didn't need it and wish I wouldn't have. Tomorrow is another day - I am still determined not to go 5 over goal.

It's work, though. I know if I could just do 5 & 1 for a while, but the dr. said to get on with it and so I am. I am using 2 Medifast a day, though..

JAN - love the first and the second signature - fun creative!.

CHRISTINE- hope you had a good day today ! Looking around for those snowflakes tomorrow..

MELISSA - thanks for the 'scoop on the GOOP' site....I'm checking it out..

BARB - gosh, I hadn't even started to worry about the holidays yet, but I KNOW KNOW KNOW it will never be as bad as last year or any year before. This is going to be the supreme test of them all - geez, what a goal..

I guess I'm going to state right here that.

I am going to stay in my goal range during the holidays..

It will take a lot of work, but frankly, I think we are all up to the challenge - In 7 or so weeks, it will be behind us and I know we can all take on that challenge. I REFUSE to say, "I'll tackle this in January" - I started Medifast last January and don't want to go back there ever again.....marching on..

Here's to all of us -.

WE CAN....

...FIGHT THE GOOD FIGHT......!!!!!!!!!!!.

Here's to you, Crew! Here's to a GREAT weekend OP and happy!!.


Comment #35

BTW - I will be brining the crustless 'pumpkin pie' to my Mom's for Thanksgiving and have ordered brownies to get me through holiday parties. Everyone has a microwave, no matter where I party with friends, so no excuses......

In December, let's share strategies for the holidays..

Meantime - carpe diem!.


Comment #36

Ahhh, the Holidays, the Holidays...DH calls this time of year.

The 3 Festivals: Gluttony, Materialism and Drunkeness..

Well, we don't have to celebrate them in that fashion at all. I'll look up the link for the totally OP Thanksgiving...even for those on Maintenance, they're healthy variations of stand-by fare. Reminds me of the Galloping Gourmet....anyone watch the old food-show of yesteryear? Before cable? When he got sober, his show took on a new flavor, so to speak. He took all his old recipes and made them healthy. He used de-alcolized wine instead of the real thing, reduced the fat or cut it out entirely. He called it "taking out the fat and adding the flavor".

It was quite interesting - and AMAZING at the calorie savings. I was health conscious at the time..

I don't know how I got onto that tangent...early morning musings..

Deb's talk of challenging herself got me to thinking...there hasn't been a team challenge in a while. There's a couple individual challenges going on...I've been participating in the Percentage Posse challenges as was Bobbi and a few other Crewsers in the last couple they had. At any rate, maybe our own little Can Do holiday challenge amongst ourselves..

I haven't done very well in the last 2 Posse challenges - part of it has to do with the thread itself. There was less participation and chatter going on so I wasn't really connected to the people. All the talk about accountability didn't punch in for me...they were strangers that reported on weigh-in day. Once I started keeping score, I didn't even have to be totally honest because I didn't have to post my weigh ins, just record them. This only hurt myself, I know, and it was all tangled up with my head games..

Sooo, maybe a free form - whatever we commit to from now til New Years...staying OP, exercising, staying in range, keeping the sugar monster at bay, losing...whatever helps each of us get through the holidays..

Time to get moving....


Comment #37

Yes, Jan, I remember the galloping gourmet! So funny when you reminded that when he sobered up he got healthy cooking.....such a long time ago. (ahem...).

Have a great day!.


Comment #38

Thanksgiving Recipes: I don't have the link, but I copied the post into a doc. I also have a file that was posted last year or there was a link or something. Anyway, here they both are. The doc file is the post I copied and the pdf is from the link or previous post or wherever - who cares, they're good recipes..

Comment #39

Debbie, we were posting at the same time. I had to google GG. He called the new method of cooking Minimax - ".

This new method of food preparation minimised ("Mini-") fat and cholesterol, while it maximised ("-max") aroma, colour, texture and taste.".

Certainly brings back memories...I used to watch him ALL the time...

Comment #40

Jan, If I had to give up one of those three I'd start with the Gluttony..

I'm trying to figure out how to live through the Holidays/winter without my normal alcohol intake. Not that I'm a drunkard by any means but gosh, I enjoy a few drinks at social gartherings. And a nice glass of wine in the hot tub after a long dog run. I made it through much of the summer and fall with reduced alcohol intake, but something about the dark and the winterI know it will be a total sacrifice to avoid the "Spirits"..

The snow fell all afternoon yesterday and the dogs and I had a wonderful run last night. Bumped up to 23 miles and the heavy wet snow filled in some of the ruts, making the trail a little easier to manage. We are supposed to get 4-6 more inches this weekend. Tonight I am cutting frozen salmon on the band saw. I will use that for dog snacks. We will run again Saturday and Sunday.

Hope everyone has a great OP weekend. Day 3 of my re-committment to these last 50 pounds. I can do this..


Comment #41

Happy Friday Crew! I am so glad it is Friday. A fairly laid back weekend planned, although I need to finish grading work and post my grades for the first marking period. The scale keeps me in maintenance, but I am up a pound. Blasted sugar. So a little tighter this week with my eating plan and a little more exercise.Funny how fast that sugar just finds it's way into the nooks and crannies where it can be stored..


, there are days when I wish I could maintain on 5+1 and not have to worry about carbs. I think Im finally starting to understand why this is so hard. I still have to eat. I just have to always make the right choices. I have to abstain from more than 150 to 180 grams of carbs a day. Protein is my friend.

It is hard when I allow myself sweet treats, even if I have the calories. This was one of my problems with WW. Im sure you remember me saying how I would eat 12 points from 6 ice cream sandwiches. I just have to keep the fact that 12 points of ice cream sandwiches is not healthy..


, after last weekend, I decided I needed to worry about sugar and the holiday. Jans DH has it right. In the past, I ate my way through the holidays. Now I want to make good decisions. I actually waited to add foods last year, so I stayed in ketosis during the holiday. I was so afraid of the baked goods.

7 weeks until it is behind us? Hmmmm..putting it that way, I think I can do this..


, will it help you to think about what alcohol does to your metabolism? That helps me. We are supposed to have some snow flurries, but no real snow yet. I have a nice fire burning in the fireplace though. I love to have fires at night in the winter. I have a family room with windows on three sides facing S, W, and N. It warms up so much in the winter with the sun.

Warm fires make me smile..

Waving to.

Melissa, Sherry, Courtney, Bobbi.

And the rest of the crew..

I have been laughing about the Galloping Gourmet. I had forgotten all about him..

I am up for a challenge or something to get us through the holiday season. It could be staying on our eating plan, whether it is 5+1 or our transition or maintenance plan. Im up for a challenge!.

Fighting today and every day!.


Comment #42

Hey Crew!!.

It's a crisp, cool 40 degrees here in central Texas this morning. Nothing like a cup of coffee and a bowl of apple cinnamon oatmeal!!.

It's been a good week, hoping to finish off strong..

Had a HUGE day yesterday of NSV's! I am a member of a Mother's of Preschoolers (MOPS) group here and our last meeting was early May. Due to our travel schedule, I've missed the 3 meetings since September so yesterday was my first meeting of this year. I think if you asked some of my friends what they though of me they would say "shocked!" It was WoNdErFuL!! Comments like "you're so skinny", "did you lose weight? " {wanted to answer duh, YES!}, "how have you do this?", "you look fabulous!"....anyway, it was so rewarding! I wish I had a recorder so I could save them and play them at moments I want to cheat or give in...but instead I'll just have to remember that saying that one of you posted when this journey began "nothing tastes as good as being healthy feels!".

I'm now about 10 pounds to goal and I know I need to spend some quiet time really focusing on what my plan will look like after that milestone..

Well, we've got a busy day today and are having some friends over for a campfire tonight with their kids. As they make smores, I'll settle...I mean, I'll look forward to a Mint Chocolate Crunch bar!!.

Have a great weekend, Crew!! By the way, I'm ALL IN for a holiday challenge!! We go away to a family camp for Thanksgiving each year and I know they'll have a monstrous Thanksgiving feast!! In fact, the whole weekend involves way too many will surely be a HUGE test!!..

Comment #43

Happy Saturday everyone. The leaves are really coming down now. Past prime they say. Its been a little windy here lately. I'm cooking up some more stuff to freeze for the next two weeks and trying to finish my grades. Got me exercise in already.

I found a new product that I've been using with my spagetti squash. Jimmy Dean makes a pre-cooked turkey sausage. The only problem, is that the nutritional facts say that 2/3 a cup or 57g is 80 calories. Well when I weighed out 57g (I always weigh the first time I use something just in case) I found that 57g was really 1/3 a cup not 2/3. So when I measure it, I need to only use 1/3 a cup. But with 1/3 a cup of sausage (80), 1 cup of spagetti squash (40) and some tomato (calories depend on how much, what type, etc) I can have a nice 160 to 180 calorie lunch that is very filling.

Have a great day everyone..

FIghting sugar.....


Comment #44

Happy Saturday!! I'm excited that folks are up for our own little challenge. I'm not sure how it'll work, but I made a banner...and I'm all about glitter & spraklies...I know they can be distracting and annoying, so I can take them out. I'm also not very adept, so it's not too fancy. Anyone else want to give it a whirl, my feelings will not be hurt. And I just made up a name.....

Comment #45

Looks like I got ahead of myself a little. If we start this Monday, Nov 8, there's 55 days til Jan 2, 2011. Starting on the 15th (like the banner says, but I didn't really mean to wait that long) gives us 48 days. Or, anytime in between..

Since we're all in different phases, and places, in our journey, we could have a generic goal. Days that we stuck to [fill in our own personal blank]. I need to focus on staying OP and getting the excess weight off. I signed up for the 100 days til Christmas challenge that started a few days after I recommitted in September, but I obviously wasn't committed - I've gained more weight since then.

I know I did better when I was in the team challenges with all you Crewsers, so I'm DOING IT this time!.

If anyone has any ideas, put 'em out there! If we need a tabulator/statistician, I can do that...

Comment #46

Love it, Jan!! Either day works for me and the banner is spectacular!! I love the sparkles!! And I respectfully decline being won't want me in charge of numbers!!..

Comment #47

Hey Jan, I'm in. What are you thinking? I'm not good at leading but I'm an okay follower. Love the banner..

I've sworn off wine until Thanksgiving Eve..

I'm trying so hard to get in 100 ounces of water daily. That's huge for me, BTW..


Comment #48


Love the banner! I'm a big fan of sparkly things tho.


Took me a few days to get rid of my Halloween candy weight. You're right sugar immediately finds a way to be stored as lbs. Pretty crazy. I sent you a PM btw..

Honestly reading all this chatter about holidays has given me sweaty palms! Christmas Eve is our big holiday get together. The whole time I've been losing weight/maintaining I have this vision or nightmare in my head of being fat again on Xmas Eve. It's the most bizarre thing I just can't imagine being this weight on Xmas eve. Just so many memories of being overweight and miserable on that day. So I'm definitely in for a crew challenge! Getting past that day and all the family drama will make me very very happy!..

Comment #49

Jan, great banner..

I vote we start tomorrow..

Lets report daily (I need this!) with a weekly summary on Sunday?.

On our plan (5+1, 4+2, transition, maintenance): yes or no.

Water: _____ ounces.

Exercise: ______.

What do you think?.


Comment #50

For the Sunday summary:.

Days on plan:.

Days with water:.

Days with exercise:.



Comment #51

Our internet took a dive earlier and I lost my post.


- have you tried the flavor infusers? They really helpme get all my water in quite easily. The frutier ones could be your wine substitute - pour into a nice wine glass and get in that hot tub!.


- I almost called you yesterday. DH & I went to RT for our anniversary and there was a long wait. So, I went to the grocery store that's in the same mall. I got horrible cravings on my way there - it's the store where I did more than visit the bakery - plus they have candy EVERYWHERE. Just the thought of calling or texting you helped it to pass and I made it through without anything off-plan landing in my cart or mouth..


- thanks for organizing! If you all want me to do the stats, I can only realistically collect on Sundays and report our standings Mon. or Tues..

Dinner buzzer is ringing, so more later. Let's start tomorrow now - so everyone report your starting weight - that'll give those of us on 5&1 a loss number next week..

Here's the banner code, although it has the wrong start date. I'll fix it later. Take the stars out of the beginning and middle..


Comment #52

Hey there everyone - I"M IN!!!!! I'm struggling to stay in the 'One-teens' and I am SO ready for the challenge..

I'll post when I see what every one else is doing. Is tomorrow the first weight we should report?.

We have a 5 day trip (business) to Palm Springs, CA this week. It sounds beyond great, but both of us would kill to get out of it. Anyway, I am now getting out my summerish clothes again and I HOPE I am fitting in them the way I did a few months ago. I'll be trying on later tonight. Yikes..

I have been needing to use the flavor infusers these days to get my water in, and I will be taking them with me to CA. I also have bars and puffs and a few other things to take with me so I have the snacks as needed. I will have to be VERY FOCUSED this week and I am going to try to check in with you on DH's computer..

Will post the stats tomorrow. THANK YOU JAN - Anyone who volunteers to keep stats, well, you are my new idol..

Tomorrow, Crew - thanks for the challenge!.


Comment #53

Reporting our stats daily sounds like a brilliant plan!.


What do you consider maintenance? Just not going over allowed calories?.


Glad the desire to get stuff at the grocery store passed! Feel free to call anytime! I almost texted you yesterday just to check in but didn't want to bother you. I definitely am going to do it tomorrow though! Do you want to start us off with a new thread?..

Comment #54

Jan, thanks for agreeing to do the stats..

This is what we will do:.

Every day as able, post results from previous day..

On plan (state type, 5+1, 4+2, transition, maintenance): Yes or no.

Water: Yes or no....or 1 for 2 if you want to.

Exercise: Yes, no (type and time if you want to).


Days on plan:.

Days with water:.

Days with exercise:.

Weight change:.


Comment #55

Melissa, maintenance for me is if I followed my food plan for the day. I plan it the day before or on the weekend if I need to plan for something special. If I follow the plan for the day, or only eat calories I have in the bank, I will say I'm on plan..

Does this make sense?.


Comment #56

Just testing my signature stuff to see if I have too much..

Fight the good fight every day!.


Month 1: -8, 5, - 2, - 4 = -19.

Month 2: -3, -2, -1, -3 = - 9.

Month 3: -4, -2, -4, -2 = - 12.

Month 4: Scaleless in Maine = -11.

Month 5: -2, -2, -3, -2 = -9.

Month 6: -2, -3, -4, -1 = -10.

Month 7: - 2, -2, -2, -2, -2 = -12.

Month 8: -2, -2, -2, -2 = -8.

Transition: -20 (for a total of -108).

GOAL: Black Friday, November 27, 2009.

Current Weight is 138. I am healthy!..

Comment #57

Christine, I love the flavor infusers. I still use them today instead of a crystal light. I usually have one a day..


Comment #58

OK, I fixed the dates - actually I had to start over cuzza the internet crash. New code:.


I personally don't want a separate thread for the stop shopping for me. Check in with the Crew...gather the stats. Diana hasn't started this week's yet, so if there's not a new weekly thread by tomorrow, maybe I'll start one. I don't want to step on her toes....


- have a great trip. I think the challenge will be just the ticket to coming home at the same weight..

I get to FINALLY meet my great-nephew tomorrow. I'm very excited. They're bringing him to lunch and we're going to RT right next to my office. I love it when they make it easy for.



Have a great evening, Crew!..

Comment #59

I think I've got the new one here..

Fight the good fight every day!.


Month 1: -8, 5, - 2, - 4 = -19.

Month 2: -3, -2, -1, -3 = - 9.

Month 3: -4, -2, -4, -2 = - 12.

Month 4: Scaleless in Maine = -11.

Month 5: -2, -2, -3, -2 = -9.

Month 6: -2, -3, -4, -1 = -10.

Month 7: - 2, -2, -2, -2, -2 = -12.

Month 8: -2, -2, -2, -2 = -8.

Transition: -20 (for a total of -108).

GOAL: Black Friday, November 27, 2009.

Current Weight is 138. I am healthy!..

Comment #60

I'm thrilled with the challenge - Jan is right, it's EXACTLY what I need. DH and I have been talking about this week and he agrees that I really need to focus while on the road (Wed - Sun) and will help remind me as we get through the week. I'll be home for the next two days, which will be a good thing..

There is a small chance that his 'big boss' and wife will back out at the last minute and DH will accept an award for him. THAT would put a whole different spin on our trip, with us in control of our dinners, etc. Oh well, I will be reading your posts every day for inspiration and you will hear little peeps out of me when DH isn't using his computer..

Great week everyone and WE CAN DO THIS CHALLENGE UP RIGHT!!!..

Comment #61

WOW!!! So much helpful activity. I have had a really busy week. DD is working 4 days instead of two so that means double babysitting duty. Also I have been working frantically to get the bookkeeping done for the farm. We have to have info before the end of the year. (and I hadn't done any for the year YIKES!!!) I am lke some of you.

I will do great for 5 or 6 days then go off. I haven't gained but I also haven't lost but 2 lbs in the last few weeks..

I love the idea of a challenge. I'm in. It is exactly what I need too. Because I am having trouble getting in the water and being consistent with the exercise. GKids think it is really fun when you exercise but it isn't easy when they sit on you or want on the treadmill..

Also I want to comment on all the great posts I just read. But by the time I went through 7pages I can't remember exactly who said what. Sorry...

Comment #62

Hey Crew!!.

I'm so excited about this challenge! Thanks, Jan, for the banner design and setup and Barb for determining the parameters. It's great knowing this is how the week is starting off. I am going back through the early chapters of Dr. A's book tonight and came across a great thought to share:.


Is the enemy..



This week as you make the choices for every morsel of food that goes into your mouth and every drop of liquid that rests on your tongue..

Let's do it Crew!!..

Comment #63

It's fun seeing the banner on all of the new posts!!! We CAN do this!!.



Comment #64

I am in for this challenge. Halloween was not a good time for me. I do miserable thru the hollidays so might as well be proactive with this challenge. Thanks to all of you that set it up and for all the wonderful support in this crew. I am looking forward to a challenge. :O).

I will be here tomorrow to post..


Comment #65

Here we go!!!.

I made a new ticker - I've got to get over the guilt and embarrassment of gaining back some weight. I didn't follow the T&M plan, so.


, it didn't work! This is the only way, for me, to move forward. I have to be honest not only with myself, but with the Crew. You and Medifast got me to goal the first time...I didn't stay at goal because I started doing things.



So there it is, for all the Medifast world to see - I gained over 20 lbs by.


Following the T&M plan. I always have to learn my lessons the hard way, but maybe some of you can learn from me....FOLLOW THE PLAN!.

Have a GREAT OP Day, everyone...

Comment #66

Good Monday morning everyone. I am still here and was hanging around last week, I just didn't have time for shout outs. I am going to try to do better about being here, I feel more accountable when I am with all of you..

Melissa, your story about your friend has been on my mind for weks. She seems a little jealous. My MIL is the type to try and sabitoge anything that is going good for someone else. Some people are just made that way. I no longer take anything she says personal. Actually, I usually have some perky, smiley, upbeat feedback for her..

Jan, Glad you are back on board. I worry about transition myself. I am getting closer, so things are starting to come into focus for me. I really only chose my "goal" number because it was the first # that put me into a healthy BMI. I would really like to get below that #, then I would feel like I had some room to breath. Otherwise, I would panic if I gained a pound..

I really need to get back 100% OP. I have indulged way to much in the halloween candy. Then bought some more for DH because it was on sale. I haven't gained.... much... but I could have been losing.

Not sure what that was about, but I am prepared to be 110% today!!.

Brenda, as soon as I go off plan I totally stop losing, I can pretty much maintain, but never lose..

Hi Bobbi, Debbie, Heidi, Barb,.

Courtney, great picture of you and DH..

Christine, keep warm..

Gotta run, the phone is ringing off the hook this morning...

Comment #67

Guess I'll start us off with the daily accountability!.

On plan: Maintenance.

Water: Yes 162oz.

Exercise: Rest day.

128 lbs as of this am.


I just didn't know if you considered OP maintenance as having any Medifast food. I just don't eat it any more so I was wondering. Glad you suggested us checking in every day!.


Glad this new Holiday challenge was the push you needed to post your ticker. Very brave of you for sure! Like you said we are only as sick as our secrets. You will be very healthy now that you've put yours out in the open!.


I can't stop thinking about my friends visit either. I still haven't gotten over her condescending looks over me eating a apple! Glad you aren't letting your MIL get to you. That kind of sabotage takes it's toll for sure!..

Comment #68


, She is always so mean and negitive that I "kill her with kindness". She has one son, my DH, and one daughter. So I always say that I am her favorite DIL, LOL.... She is the kind of person that makes you want to do good just because she wants you to fail...

Comment #69


I like the kill her with kindness approach! I do that to people too sometimes. I just don't get why some people just can't be happy for others. It makes zero sense. Glad you are back Op Sherry hope you get rid of those last 7 soon!.

Warning food talk.

Went to Panera today for the 110 calorie chicken noodle soup because 60 is very cold for us Floridians!.

I told them to put the apple with my soup but of course them being Panera I saw the bread in my bag when I got in the car. Ugh. Well luckily the bread made it to the trash instead of in my mouth. I have to say that texting Jan and telling her to stay away from stuff today was definitely playing in the back of my mind. Sooo glad I didn't eat it.

Hope everyone else is resisting temptation today!..

Comment #70

OP - maintenance.

Exercise - walking.

Water- 2 oz. for 1 lb. + 20.

Weight this a.m. - 122.

Mindfully going through the day, hope everyone else is doing the same. JAN inspired me to post my ticker again. So necessary to SEE it right out there..

Happy Monday and hope your weather is as good as our warming trend in Michigan!.


Comment #71

Oh yea, 5 inches of snow this morning. Started the day with 45 minutes of shoveling. Good exercise. Bot OMG, I have been starving all morning. Is it lunchtime yet????.

More later..


Comment #72

Hey Crew....

Some of you may have seen this before...but I came across it on a Medifast coach's site and I swear my mouth started watering so I had to share!!.

It's Legal Punkin' Pie!.


1 packet Medifast-Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal.

1 packet Medifast-Multi-Grain Crackers.

5 oz water.

Teaspoon + Pumpkin Pie Spice.

3 packets Splenda (to taste - ) or Stevia.

Mix Oatmeal, water, Pumpkin Pie spice and Splenda together. Microwave on high 2 min. Stir thickened mixture. Chill in freezer 10 min and spoon onto crackers Enjoy this tasty treat it is so good that is seems sinful, but it's not! You may crunch up the crackers and add a snort of water and press them into a plate sprayed with Pam and then spread the pie filling on top of the crust and eat it that way, too. (Optional: Squirt a teensy-tinsy bit of Redi-Whip or a teensy blob of Fat Free Cool Whip on top). Stevia has no carbs. Each packet of Splenda has .9 carbs...

Comment #73

I am going to try that punkin pie recipe.... it sure looks quick and easy..

My check in... Jan is not the only one that gained a few pounds. The halloween candy got me and I gained a few.

I am on the 5 & 1 for a little bit..

5 & 1.

Water: 100 oz.

Exercise: leslie or elliptical.

Weight: 137.

So there it is. Not too bad but it just seemed like after I ate that first packet of whoppers that I just couldnt stop sneaking the candy in my mouth. sigh.

Hope every one is doing great this evening..


Comment #74

I am like Jan. I finally gave in and updated my ticker. I was determined to get back to my lowest weight but never did. So a new ticker..

OP 5&1.

Water 88 oz.

Exercise none.

Weight l55.4..

Comment #75



No exercise.

263 lbs..

Ok, I'm just catching up after a couple of crazy weeks. I'm ready for the challenge. Today was not a good day, but I'm in. Starting right this minute. Tomorrow I work out before work and I'm going to eat right. Ready, Set, GO!!..

Comment #76

Weighed in this morning at 159.4, OP all day.

, ALL my water, but no exercise.

I was going to report all this in the morning, but just couldn't sleep. Maybe now I can stop tossing and turning..

Great new avi, Christine!..

Comment #77

Good morning, Crew!.

Just got off the treadmill - 2.5 miles in 50 minutes! Haven't done that in over a month! So, I'll be able to report a YES in the exercise column tonight.

Reading all the stats for yesterday got me thinking on how to track for the weekly. I'm not going to track the daily but I'll compile our weekly summaries. Please copy this format somewhere to use for Sunday summaries so we're all consistant:.


Days OP:.

Days with water:.

Days with exercise:.

If you haven't posted your starting weight and phase, please do that so I can get us all accounted for..

Gotta hop in the shower. See ya later!..

Comment #78

Jan, WOW, 2.5 miles in 50 minutes.... Awesome. I haven't been paying attention to my distance, I have started focusing on my calories burned..

Starting weight: 145.6.

Plan: 5+1.

My first goal is to check in with the crew everyday. So here I am..

Second is to stay out of the left over halloween candy..

Good news is I have been wearing size 8 pants this week..

{{{hugs to everyone}}}..

Comment #79

Morning Crew!.

I'd like to join the Crew challenge through the New Year..

Holiday festivities have always been a food frenzy around our home... I'm hoping to make changes to how we celebrate and try to bring the focus on relationships rather than what we are going to eat. I've done it for myself fairly successfully so far, but bringing the family along is a bit more difficult. I'm thrilled you've decided to set up this challenge... I know it will definitely help me stay accountable!!! YAY CREW!!!.


Comment #80

Okay, if I've read correctly, I'm to report today on yesterday....

Plan: Maintenance.

Starting Weight: 138.


Exercise: 1 hr/Run/Walk.

Water: 100 oz.

OP: Yes.

Another part of this challenge for me is to stay connected with you all. I've been lurking but not participating... going to try to join in more.

Staying connected is a HUGE part of the success of this program... speaking of success....

Today is my 2-Year Goal Anniversary!!! I was talking to Sherry last night and it hit me that today is the day... I've never been able to keep at a healthy weight for more than a few weeks after stopping the weight loss portion of.


Plan. But all that has changed since I found MF!.

Each of you can have this same success!! Keep working the plan, because the plan works!!!.


Comment #81

Here is the link for the new weekly thread:..

Comment #82

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.