Can I upload a frontPage-built website to iPage FREE ?

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My 1st question is: Can I upload a frontPage-built website to iPage FREE ? Thanks in advance for any response. Another quick question... Hello..

I installed all catalog files in my https folder of my virtual server..

I had a single and unique IP, so I'm waiting for SSL certificate..

But I have some doubts about if it's the better way to install and to set-up,.

I mean....

Going to see other e-commerce stores most of the pages are not https and they just go on https.

After or during the payment check, especially for credit cards..

Now, all my e-commerce iPage site is under https way of pages..

Is this good? Better?.

Or it could give security problems to always stay in SSL ??!?!?!?!?!.

Sorry, probably my question is for someone something stupid, but I'm totally new in server maintainance....

So I have many doubts and expecially a lot of nightmares about security....

By the way... Can someone suggest some - most important - security tips ? .


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The answer is Yes, but you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the iPage guys because they can answer your iPage question better...

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Oh! Really ?!?! ....

...I understand better now..

In my main space I have 2 folders: httpdocs and httpsdocs..

Can someone please explain to me how to divide files ? .

Which files should go in httpsdocs ? .

But how to divide the include folders ? Do I have to make a copy of it ? .

If someone can show me a link also, for more news about this, thanks a lot !..

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Just put all the files in.


Folders, and if you change a file in one folder be sure to copy it to the other one..

Keep them "in sync" and you won't have a problem...

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...But, in this way, do I have to change something in the configure.php ???.

If someone goes on http files, how do the links works for payment method ? .

I mean, do they automatically go to https ? .

Thanks for help!..

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The configure files are the same as they would be for anyone else with SSL.

It's the server that decides where they are directed to...

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With the ridiculous dual folder setup the host should really symlink one folder to another so that you only need work on one directory. By using two independent directories things WILL go wrong...

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Robert please, can you better explain what do you mean ? .

I'm newby, so please let me better understand....

So you suggest to not use httpdocs and httpsdocs folder ? .

Not to duplicate files ?

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Your hosts should set up a symbolic link (e.g. as the httpsdocs).

This way you could just work in the httpdocs directory and not have to duplicate files..

You don't need to know the details about symbolic links your hosts should do it for you...

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