Can I upload multiple files at once on my 123 reg-hosted site?

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Question I have... Can I upload multiple files at once on my 123 reg-hosted site? Thanks for any answer. Another question I got... Hi all,.

I am into domaining thing from last 6 months. I am still a newbie..

As we all know that all good keywords in .com and .net are gone loooooooong ago..

There are very few generic tlds(not specified to any country) where we can get those good keywords..

One of them is .name ($10/year).

Is it that bad? Even if it's a very good keyword..

Please share major .name sales(if any) in the last few months that you know..

Thanks and regards.


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Yup, but you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm it as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you contact the 123 reg guys because they can assist you better...

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They are good to use for a site having to do with HostGator names but other than that it's not worth buying them...

Comment #2

Not even that. What domainer would take any site related to domains using a .name seriously?..

Comment #3

Been letting 3 letter .name's drop (And the 3 letters spell names), so I'm not banking on this one..

However, it will be my luck that it goes "huge" overnight thanks to a movie starring Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan..


Comment #4

It is real bad. Unfortunately the first name I ever bought was

It is for sale btw... lol...

Comment #5

LoL Alan....

Yes, unfortunatley .name isnt worth registering anything in. The few sales that have accrused form that TLD are far and few between, and my guess, is the buyers probably didnt quite know what they were getting..

Avoid it like the plague... and although .com is gone (much of whats good) plenty of it drops daily.... Spend a few extra dollars and get a quality HostGator name at a drop auction... it's worth it..


Comment #6

Now guys, I just bought my first .name domain. I thought this keyword is too good to leave..

Pronouncible cvcv..

Tote can be bags, and can be related to betting...

Comment #7

Sorry to say, but honestly, can't see it worth more than reg fee..

Comment #8

If for resale in a reasonable period of time, don't do it. I have 6 myself, but 3 were not even bought for sale. These two are parked on my site as sort of shortcuts for my site HostGator name..

This one I bought because I dive and I just like the keyword name..

This one I accidentally clicked on to buy on tdnam when I meant to buy another LLL on the list..

Anyone got the intials BJJ? Billy Joe Jones, where are you?.

These two I actually speculated on purchasing for either development or sale..

- would make nice married name cross reference site (old classmates?) Sedo actually featured this one once at no charge... no sale either..

- Did I just give the.


A bad.


? (no they did that themselves.

) I think this one might have some keyword value..

For a gTLD, .name is not an investors choice. You would probably have more luck with .ws and .cc than .name unless you come across one of the few extremely rare gems. Very few words even look or sound good with .name. Stick with com/net/org/info and your own country TLD...

Comment #9

Just got the premium HostGator certification from premiumdomains for this

Comment #10

.name was originally created for professional email accounts (like.

) and was provided by Yahoo! premium email for $15 a year..

The TLD is pointless. Only good thing was the email service, which is no longer provided..

That was only good idea about TLD...for sites is worst TLD ever...

Comment #11

Unless it's a proper first name like John, Tom, Lisa, etc or HostGator related like domain, name, sell, buy, etc it just isn't worth the reg fee - IMHO..

PS. I've owned some KILLER .names and have let them expire due to no traffic and no interest from the domainer community. Save some cash and spend some dough on a .com...

Comment #12

Well you still have things to learn. These so-called appraisals are rarely accurate, actually they are worth next to nothing..

Comment #13

I think .names can be solid for some businesses. For example, I just sold for $800 to a business that makes and designs custom bracelets with peoples names engraved. Not a huge sale, but still not bad. I think different extensions can be applied to different types of businesses, sometimes you just gotta look a little deeper. Believe it or not, some people actually do look for this extension. I think most .name domains are useless to the reseller, but can be great if you are good at marketing and selling domains...

Comment #14

Totally worthless. I can't think of any use for it unless like DNShark said... People are too used to .com and even if you advertise your site as being.


The dumb ones will still type it as.


Comment #15

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