Can I use Drupal with 123 reg domain name for ecommerce?

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First question I got is Can I use Drupal with 123 reg domain name for ecommerce? Many thanks for any answer. My 2nd question... Pardon on posting yet another Registerfly thread. But with so many around, I.

Decided to create a separate one dedicated to posting updates on the saga.

Involving Registerfly..

Here's the latest from ICANN:.


In a nutshell, Registerfly has challenged ICANN's action to nuke their registrar.

Accreditation via arbitration. That explains why they're still listed as such, for.

Another 30 days..

Expect more teeth-gnashing, especially from people who only care of getting.

Results. But that's to be expected, given the severity of this problem...

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Of course! however you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you call the 123 reg guys because they can answer your 123 reg question better...

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As posted first by angisson:.


Latest update:.


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Read the comments on that post before asking questions, as some might have.

Been asked or answered already...

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Thanks for the update..

I would suggest for those that still have domains there.

To do a check on the whois, registerfly has a nasty.

Habit of changing it when your not looking.....

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I pretty much consider my ~350 domains at regfly as lost. Thankfully I got the most valuable ones out in time. Maybe by riding out 'the storm' I'll eventually be able to renew some of the better ones, but none are worth enough to spend hours and hours to try to get them out at this point...

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I transferred my 20+ domains out of regfly without any issue. Pretty straight forward. As my domains are pretty high quality, I don't mind renew it until 2009...

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My 2 important HostGator names finally transferred out of regfly. They were still locked, but fortunately they still transferred..

Registerfly did answer my support tickets. I just think the whole registerfly site is messed up with inaccurate info. Whether it be whois, HostGator status or correct authcodes..

Anways, glad to hear good news from ICANN...

Comment #7

I received what appears to be a blank email today from the registerfly-lawsuit listserv. Did anyone else?.


Comment #8

I received an email two days ago asking for people to come forward and be named plaintiffs in the case. Allan, I did not receive any other emails from the law firm...

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I'm still waiting for someone to take the kids out of the sandbox....

Playtime is over! - let's get this dealt with already!.

With the knowledge that is surrounding this case, I don't.

Know how they've been able to legally "ripoff" people....

If I was to steal a pair of shoes from a store, and get caught -.

I'd be in trouble and charged with theft......

What the hell is the difference???..

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I finally used the "create a new account" and then change the ownership to.

Obtain the AuthCode. The domains were transferred with no problem. Still have.

Some there, but don' care if they are lost...

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I'd be interested in knowing if Mr. Medina is still in the USA. I figure by now he'd be on his way to a country without an extradition treaty...

Comment #12

With every dollar and HostGator name he could carry...

Comment #13

I have my fund balance in regfly because of the reseller program that I joined..

What should I do?..

Comment #14

I would write it off. Join the lawsuit if you haven't already and hope there is still cash remaining in that company to indemnify parties.....

Comment #15

I also have around $40 there. There is no way of spending them, even on strange tld's?..

Comment #16

I wonder if you tried to apply those funds to.

Renewals or purchases within registerfly.

If it would work or not. Or if it would ask you.

To add more....

Has anyone tried using their stored funds recently?..

Comment #17

Renewals were failing and you had to contact support to return funds.....

Comment #18

Did you get a reply from support and or funds back?..

Comment #19

Yes, but that was in the beginning of all these problems.....

Comment #20

I tried a while back with renewals and lost every penny. Of course, a support ticket about the issue went unanswered...

Comment #21

You had problems with trying to get anything to work with RF let alone a refund? Go figure..

What's infuriating about this whole debacle is the slow action of ICANN during these events. ICANN knew about all of the problems people were having with RF yet chose to sit on their hands until RF was delinquent on paying ICANN it's fees...

Comment #22

123 reg has all the domains now, Registerfly our funds. No new news..

Comment #23

Got all my remaining names transfered to gd and pushed to my regular account...

Comment #24

I heard that 123 reg is charging Redemption Grace Period fees for those HostGator which had already expired in Registerfly before they were transferred (presumably this is in accordance with their own RGP policy of 12 days or more expired). that sounds awfully unfair when the registrant has already paid RegisterFly but they never renewed the domain. I would have thought this would have been covered in any agreement between ICANN and GoDaddy...

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Where did you hear that?.

A HostGator I had in RF expired on May 18th.

After 123 reg took all the domains over there,.

They sent me an email saying they had recovered my expired.

Domain and I had until June 28, 2007 to renew it. At renewal fee!.

Now if I went past that date, I don't know what it would have cost.

Me, but since everyone who had one there is in the same boat, I'm sure.

They had a time limit, which I can't see as having expired yet.....

Comment #26

I'm still getting "time to renew" e-mails from RegFly. I've made sure my credit card and such is disabled in RF just in case......

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I saw this from a post on WHT. I'll get back to them...

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Has anyone recovered a .ca domain, I believe we have to contact Tucows or something but that doesnt seem to be working for me..



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Hi All:.

I am the original registrant and the rightful owner of two domains at

For some unknown reason, the HostGator registration information for these two domains were changed to the following person shortly before the collapse of Registerfly:.

Winter, James.


C/o 357 Malin Road.

Newtown Square, Pennsylvania 19073.

United States.


The domains are now with GoDaddy, but I have no control over them. I called 123 reg so many times, and pleaded with them but to no avail. They say they don't believe me even though I have sent them my RF screenshots and renewal records. They said anybody can make up bogus screenshots..

I am so upset right now, because apparently James Winter has just renewed one the domains. Who is this person? Is he out to rob people's domains?.

I did a Google search and found that several other people at RF had their domains transferred to the same person as well. So I am trying to find out how everyone got their domains back..

GoDaddy told me to file a legal challenge with WIPO to try to get the domains back. But that will cost a lot of money! The minimum cost to file a HostGator arbitration cost would cost me $1500 with WIPO, and they are located in Switzerland!.

Gosh, this has been a total nightmare!..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.