Can I use food stamps to buy Nutrisystem products?

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Quick question... Can I use food stamps to buy Nutrisystem products? Thanks in advance for any comment. Another question... DISCLAIMER: This post is not intended for the ladies who OCAISIONALLY post here with appropriate, Men's Room style responses. If you are one of the NON-estro-nazi-troll-beast ladies who posts here, read this and take notes, but then don't take it as personal (unless it applies to you, in which case, apply it and move on)..

So, here we go:.



The title of this room is the MEN'S ROOM. The description of the room says "Guys come and share your game plan for losing weight and getting back into top form!".

The operative word there is.


Ladies, we love ya, but the place is starting to smell like a Tampax factory. If you would like some coddling, whether male or female, may I recommend the FREAKING EMOTIONAL RESCUE ROOM, which can be found here:.


Ladies, it's not that we don't like you, but the original intent for this room is to have a place where GUYS can go and be MEN, and we just can't do that with your active girlie participation anymore. We tried, but the room is turning into an ad for Summer's Eve and Stay Fresh, and frankly, it's not helpful or supportive at all..

Some of you say you're here to be helpful and for support, and because we're funny, straightforward, etc. Well, the more you turn this into a panty-waist flower festival, the less of all those positives you will see because men will begin to either lose their distinctive honest/funny/smarty-pants/to the point responses (for fear of setting off a baby estro-nazi troll beast enough to whine to a moderator), or they will begin to attack you, which will end in the same result. Even worse yet, men will begin to leave these boards altogether..

Please, please, please, go away or hide in a corner where we can't see you. If we want to play with you we'll come to your front door and ask your momma if you can come out and play. In the meantime, thanks for playing with us, but get the heck out of our tree-house and take your My Little Ponies and Care Bears with you..

And guys that are agging them on or encouraging them in someway to continue, you can ease on down the road with them to fairy land because we don't need you here acting like that either..

As I said earlier, if the above does not apply to you, then take it for what it is and realize it doesn't apply to you and be happy. If you are not sure if it applies to you or not, IT DOES, so when in doubt, don't post here..

Let the carnage begin...

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The answer is Yes, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you an answer better...

Comment #1

Holy crap dude! Do you listen to "The Bobs", because you just quoted (perhaps unknowingly) one of their best songs!..

Comment #2

Totally unknowingly. Name of the song? I gotta see this crap.....

Comment #3

Look, I'm not waging war with the opposite sex, I'm waging war against ANYONE who tries to change the tenor of this room to something it was never intended to be. I love the ladies, and I love for them to weigh in on issues WHEN APPROPRIATELY STATED in a non-girlie way..


Oh, and the song is called "Mr. Duality". The Bobs are an alternative a capella group..

Here's a link to the lyrics from their own page:.


Go here to listen to a clip:.


Comment #4

I agree, and for what it's worth I promise to not give a s#!t about people's feelings and just tell it like it is..

Remember, calling someone a fat-ass can be the nicest thing you've ever done for them if it makes them look in the mirror...

Comment #5

This is where I need to be. Started Nutrisystem on 4/1. Most call it April's Fool Day. I have named it No More Being the Fat Guy Day..

So you will #1 reason for doing this is so I can be around to see my 4 kids. I started at 270 lbs...Have lost 6 lbs so far. This isn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be..

I also want to be able to actually participate in my soccer practices for more than 2 minutes before I need a break!!!!!.

I will respond more to GET OFF YOUR FAT ASS AND GET GOING to Your trying very hard...keep up work!..

Comment #6

I like em. Never heard these guys... I'm gonna get the CD, they're cool.....

Comment #7


I agree whole heartedly. I just wish somebody would have called me a fata$$ a little sooner than they did so I would already be at my goal before we cruise next month. I have read things in here that have answered questions I have had since I got fat, stuff you just don't feel comfortable talking about in mixed company. So Ladies-like Haggis said- we love ya but get outta da house!!!!!!..

Comment #8

Brad, I also (re)started Nutrisystem on 4/1 and will adhere to your naming of this date..

Now I would like to ask a question which might bring this thread back to the board purpose. Other than milk/yogurt/cheese combo's with fruit are there any favorite afternoon snacks made up of protein/dairy and fruit? The obvious one's will become boring quickly IMHO. Thanks..


Comment #9

This thread is so warm and fuzzy, I just want to hold hands with you all and share a Nutri-hug with each and every one of you!.

Now I'm off to observe some butterflies..............

Comment #10

Don, one of the things the councelors told me is watch out for too much dairy (slows weight loss). I like to have some jerky (about one ounce, watch the sodium some kinds have way too much.) Hard Boiled eggs, Shrimp cocktail (2 oz, which is about 8 of the 55 to the pound shrimp), chicken or ham lunch meat (1 oz with 2 grams or less of fat). These are just a few ideas..

By the way I support the men's room (I don't like having to say "sorry" everytime I blast a hole in my shorts)..


Comment #11

Fathog ~ Jinx, you owe me a coke, but I'll settle for a glass of water...

Comment #12

Damon, I should have known that you're always watching over us.......

Comment #13

If you like venison try this...took a tenderloin and cut it in to very small chunks. Wrapped the chunks in bacon and then soaked them in fat-free ranch dressing mixed w/ onion powder for 24 hours. Slow-cooked the chunks over a charcoal grill. I peeled the bacon off the chunks but 3 or 4 chunks makes a nice little treat. 3.5 oz of venison = 150 calories..

Comment #14

Thanks to Woody and Brad for the snack suggestions except this does not resolve my issue of the protein/dairy and FRUIT. Hard boiled eggs/shrimp cocktail/venison along with an apple/orange/banana just doesn't excite my innards. If the need is to separate non-compatible edibles, then the number of meals go upward from six or make one of the scheduled six mighty fulfilling. IMHO..

I also do not wish to have to issue apologies for discussing the discharge of odorous air at whatever G factor..


Comment #15

Don't worry guys. Now that I've found out all the horny women hang out in the OT, I'll just get my mack on over there. Consider this place solely for scratching my crotch and letting the crabs jump free...

Comment #16

How many of us have seen them close up before?..

Comment #17

Not my first time, Army films show way worse, but that pic took me by surprise...

Comment #18

So true. There is nothing better than sneaking out a burner and waiting with a big grin until it is acknowledged by another man in the form of, "Dude, that is nasty."..

Comment #19

I have. Dermatology rotation senior year of med school...

Comment #20

Too Funny! FH99.

In the Army some guy on the film had some kind of VD that bore holes. He could pee in three urinals at the same time. Nope, I don't have a pic of it and I'm not going looking for one either...

Comment #21

I'm in, even with all the grammar ho's around here...

Comment #22

This is cool! I have been on Nutrisystem for a month and was not too impressed with all the chick related stories on the other threads....but this one hits home...

Comment #23

I'm with you Robert. I know I'm new here, but I've read hundreds, if not thousands of posts today. I started out just learning about the program, then got hooked with the humor, then got caught up in the drama..

From my point of view, it looks like you guys tolerated one chick for a while, then some other chicks saw her getting attention, and couldn't stay away (what's the estro equivalent of "c0#k blocking"?)..

Bottom line, you have to be consistent, or they'll start swarming the place like flies..


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