Can I use iPage web host to host SAMP server?

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First of all Can I use iPage web host to host SAMP server? Thanks for any answer or 2. Another question... How to I align an image to the bottom-left corner of a cell?..

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Yup, however you might want to make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm it as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you ask the iPage guys because they can answer you better...

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You still had white space in yout <td> tags. This was between the <img src blah blah> and </td> tags. It was one single space, you should have none. I have tried the following and it works. What are you creating your code in? I suggest you use notepad..

<table cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0" border="1">.



<td width="9" height="9"><img src="Band Name Home_files/top_left.gif"></td>.


<td width="9" height="9"><img src="Band Name Home_files/top_right.gif"></td>.




Another thing, all tags should be lower case and try to include all your width and height varibles between "these". Anyway it should work now, let me know how you go...

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Why should I write in lowercase? Are there any benefits? The reason I am writing in uppercase for tags is because that way I can defrenciate regular text from tags...

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Q. Do I have to put HTML attributes in quotes?.

A. Only if they have spaces or special characters..

Examples of good code:.

<table height=500 width=75% border=5>.

<tr bgcolor=#cfcfcf>.

<tr align=center>.

<form name=form1 action="submitAction.cfm" method=post>.

<input type=text name=titles value=history>.

<input type="text" name="titles" value="history">.

<input type=text name="titles of classes" value=history>.

Examples of bad code:.

<input type=text name=titles of classes value=history>.

<input type=text name=titles value=history()of*cars/#>.

If your dynamically creating pages with server side code, and your setting attributes/ values-place them in quotes just in case..

Examples of good coldfusion server side code:.

<input type=text name="" value="#query.value#">.

The rendered code might look like:.

<input type=text name="Types Of Beer" value="O'dells 90 Schilling">..

Comment #4 the previous posts and try this:.

Instead of this:.


<IMG SRC="bottom_right.gif" ALIGHT=RIGHT>.


Do this (make sure the attributes you use in the html is the same as the image you are using):.

<td width="9" height="9" valign="bottom" align="right"><img src="bottom_right.gif" width="9" height="9"></td>.

You see what I'm doing here?..

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Yeah, you emliminate spaces. But what benefits for lower case?..

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Hmmm... But plain HTML seems to work with capitols...

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Because you will be doing yourself a favour in the long run. I was only trying to point out a hint or two. You can do it how you like. But when browser producers get there act together and fully support html 4.01 and related design protocols they will support html tags written in lower case..

Nothing more and nothing less. Want to learn something then chuck out the bad habits from the start and get funky with the correct ones...

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Where do I learn these standards? ie the lowercase thingy..

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Try this book out..

Web Design in a nutshell, a desktop quick reference..

Published by O'Reilly.

Author: Jennifer Niederst.

ISBN 0-596-00196-7.

US $29.95.

CAN $44.95.

UK 20.95 (what I purchased it for).

Or visit.


This book is my bible and will not have a bad word said about it.

All the stuff you will ever need.....

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Aw man. too long. aint gonna read. also the iPage website is hard to use. They should have hired Steve Krug to spruce up their site. man. Bad sites lose customers...

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You are something else rj.

Always good for a good belly laugh...

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KW is right, you are funny. they won't lose any customers as they set all web standards. read it if you want, if not don't ask about the lower caser thing. even M$ goes by most of those standards...

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Well what can I say to the "can't cook won't cook school of learning" how to put together a web page?.

I have no problems helping out and adding a few thoughts and know-hows for those who are learning or completely mystified. I might not be right all the time but I am willing to help all the same. Thus your last post mystified me..

I wonder, did you try to help your self before posting to the forum? It makes me a little mad, especially the comment you posted quoted above? Why ask for sources for futher help if you can't be bothered to follow them up? Sounds like a bit of a silly request to me. Feels like I am wasting my time. Man I wish I knew about such resources when I started learning HTML many years ago..

Don't abuse peoples time and effort if you are not going to take up some of their advice or are not prepared to help yourself before having others help you. There is some great stuff out there on the net and most of it is free. These pages are created to help you out, to teach you and guide you..

Your comment is somewhat of a slap in the face to all those that have invested their time to point you in the right direction..

There ya go, I have added my two pennies worth...

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Well, all the help other than posting the W3C link was worth it...

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Ya but the w3c link is the most important. they determine what tags your browser supports. if you don't follow them then the next version of any browser won't see some tag you like using and you won't know which one it is..

Come on that iPage site is not any worse than M$..

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Somehow I don't think W3C will be worried about losing customers. I was reading iPage website reviews and you have a iPage site where you claim to be a web designer, and yet, you have never heard of W3C or used the resources there at all???? They explain everything your browser is supposed to do, and will do in the future. That is important information for any real web designer, you should go back and bookmark it if you are serious. Most importantly all that valuable information is FREE! I know I take advantage of it and I bet there are many others here who do too...

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Somehow I don't think W3C are worried about losing customers..

Did you see any banners, any ads, any pop-ups! Were they trying to sell you something? Well? There you go..

W3C is the web..

I suggest you come to grips with that rather quickly if you wish to get anything done...

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Ok I will. you guys can stop saying good stuff about it now...

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I am sure that Tim Berners-Lee would love to meet you!!..

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[start history lesson].

That "Foo" as you put it is the reason why you are sitting behind your computer attempting to design something that resembles a web site..

He was the first to invision a decentralised network of networks on a proper global scale system that could link documents together by simple hyper links, he made the first web browser and web server in the early 90's. He founded the W3C the guys who develope and maintain HTML, CSS, XHTML, XML and DOM (DHTML). When this guy talks people listen, even that monkey boy Steve Krug that you love so much!!.

He developed the world-wide-web in 1989, and still is developing it..

Alot of people say he developed the Internet but that was put together in the 70's by Vint Cerf and Bob Khan who both invented IP (internet protocol), which is basicaly a way of sending data packets to different network computers based on their IP address's..

[/end history lesson]..

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I can't believe such a simple post has almost reached 3 pages... This really shouldn't have got past 3 posts.....

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Hey man. steve krug is an awesome iPage website usuability expert man. don't diss him. His book rocks man. That is why I chose it over those other crappy books...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.