Can people with diabetes follow the Medifast Diet Plan?

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My 1st question is: Can people with diabetes follow the Medifast Diet Plan? Looking forward for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. Everyone is welcome here, even if not a Ruby. We would hope you will join us though!.

We believe in support, no matter where you are in your journey. We don't judge, but we will help you jump back on the horse!..

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Of course! but... you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm it as I am not very confident. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

Hi Schu...Yeah the weather was nice, however, I did not venture out today. I had a lot to do, so the day just slipped by..

I am making some chicken noodle soup and will check out the boards and maybe get some homework done. We shall see! The term is almost over I am sooooo glad!!!..

Comment #2

I admire you for going back to school maria,,,I keep saying I will take a painting class some day, just for fun. we will see,,,I paint some already, but it sure would sharpen my skills a bit,,and yet still let me keep my own "style'. Some day,,,,,.

I am soon heading to the shower and make an early night of it. got lots accomplished today, but more to do tomorrow!..

Comment #3

Evening girls,,.

Shu I am having a early evening as well deperate housewife and off to bed, may stay up to see Brothers and Sister...

Maria good luck getting that homework done...

Was a busy day laundry, cooking, cleaning, working on a computer that is not even mine.. And that drives me nutso.. But hopefully it's working...

Weather was great we have not had any rain in I don't know when...

I was not quite done and it posted....

I logged all my meals today but did not run today,, No exercise but work.. Scale is holding within two pounds of where I started since starting this medication.. I am lacking at least 4 cups of water thou for today.. I will get it in before bed and be thankful I get up at 4 am. lol.. Weather I want to or not...

Today is DS one gf b day, going to take her out to dinner on Wednesday when we all have time off together.. To be 22 and a twig.. how nice...

Hope the rest of you girls are doing well....

Chelle I am so sorry to hear of your loss, my heart goes out to you and your family Hugs...

Good night girls....

Comment #4

Wow you got that right Maria.

And that is about how I feel this morning... Ugg monday... This is my three day week which I hate by the end of tomarrow night I will feel as If I have been run over by a truck...

Of course I had to finish my water last night before bed and it found me at 11, 2 and 3:30 then I could'nt go back to sleep.. SO will be a fairly early night for me tonight..

12 hour days are really starting to suck...maybe I am just getting to old to do One of the two...

Anyway coffee in hand hoping it helps.. Really craving this morning for some reason the past two days seems worse than other day not sure why.. But I have learned if I don't have them I don't smoke them.

Must get a happy face on and get dressed (that is an important step)lol and get ready to go...

Have a great day.


Comment #5

Hello Rubies!.

Sorry I've been MIA... been a rough couple of days!.

My grandmother passed away on Saturday (very ironic as the day before I mentioned her to Maria on here!). Like I said she had very advanced Alzheimers, and early last week had pretty much stopped eating. She was ready, I think she's been ready since Grandpa died 5 1/2 years ago. So it was very much a blessing, I know it was what she would have wanted. I was a WRECK on Saturday though, I would be ok for one second, then the next I would remember something she did with me as a child and completely lose it. Then Sunday I was a wreck trying to decide if I would fly to Washington or not.

Then I talked to my mom and she said if I really wanted to come, that is great, and they would pay, but Grandma would want me to stay with my girls, and to take them to the Fall Festival on this coming Saturday (the day of the funeral) and that she and Grandpa would be smiling down on us and our family. Then I really felt as if I was getting a message from them to stay with my kids, I think that is what they want me to do, so I am. I will remember them by celebrating life with my children doing something fun like they always did with me..

As for the scale, I haven't even looked, I think I'll just wait til Friday ..a little scared of it!..

Comment #6

Chelle, I am so sorry for your loss,,but you are right, and she is in a better place. Doing something special with your kids that day is a great way to celebrate her life, as opposed to mourning her death. I feel you made a great decision and your parents are very wise to have suggested it too..

Laurie, I was never a smoker, but I know from family members who are/were that it is a tough habit to break. hang in there, you can do it..

Maria, wow, you posted at 4 am?? do you sleep??? lol Hope you have a great day! and study,study, study!!.

Hi Jane, Jeanie, ZZ,,,and all others who drop by!!.

AFM, I am finishing laundry, taking oldest grandson shopping for his birthday, going to try to get my walk in,,,if not, it is ok,,as my laundry room is in basement, and I have already pulled some time on the total gym in the exercise room down there, and the running up and down the steps to laundry room. a great day here for a walk though!..

Comment #7

Happy Monday - finally getting a chance to post. Thanks to all my buds for all the good vibes on Sat for my ride. I felt all teh kindness and support. It was wet and chilly and foggy like a scene out of Twlight but no vampires or wolves on the foggy beached of Ventura. It was fun and I have some pics posted on FB if you wanna see..

I am ready to get bacl on my program and post more often now that my busy season is over until the next one..

Chelle - so sorry to hear about your loss ... sending you some huggers.

Love you friends..

Comment #8


I'm so sorry for your loss. ((hugs))).

I am sooooo tired, I hope you are all well. I'll be back to post more tomorrow..


Comment #9

Went back to read what I missed on the old thread and SHARON, I want a beach wave! My hair is about 1.5 inches below my ears, fine and flat..

ZZ, so glad your ride went well, as I said in my pledge my SIL has MS, fortunately she mostly recovers after she has an exacerbation..

Maria, I am envious of you going to school. I'd love to go back and get my master's in something. I have a BSN in nursing. Where do you live? (general vicinity) I guess I don't always want to broadcast my hometown either..

Laurie, I am so impressed with your committment to running. I hope I can do it again in the spring. Right now I'd destroy my joints. I hear you on the quitting smoking, one of the hardest things to do. Right up there with losing weight..

Hi Jane! Are you busy at work. I'm patiently waiting to hear how you got to goal. <tapping foot>.

DS came home a few times last weekend. He sees a counselor here, when he came home and I asked him how it went he said his counselor told DS he has a "world class mind", Saturday he had his first guitar lesson, his teacher told him he was very talented musically. I , being the smart butt that I am, asked him if his neck is sore holding up that big head. It's so good to have other people noticing his good qualities. He is so unsure of himself..

OK, I just ate a can of green beans and 3 scrambled eggs. Gourmet, no, easy, yes. Still doing OK OP..

It's getting cold here. I hate winter. Someday I'm going to live where it's warm in the winter. I saw a pair of new style of UGGs that I want, I'm afraid I couldn't get my fat calves into them..

Sleep well my friends..


Comment #10

I enjoy the classes. They are good for me. I have about 2 more weeks for this term then I re-start Nov 10..

I am in Massachusetts. It is getting cold here too and I dread the winter. I don't like summer either. I am more a spring type person...

Comment #11

Morning ladies.

Server not wanting to let me log on this morning....

I have a busy day ahead, which is why I turned in early last night.. Found out two of my closest co workers are prego.. So excited for both of them.. Both has had struggles with pregnancy in the past.. So keep them in your prayers...

Halloween party this weekend.. WIll post pics next week sometime...

I have a huge case on today which I will be scrubbed in on all day. So won't get back till tonight.

Hope you all have a great tuesday and I will do shout outs tonights...

You daily challenge dring 1 oz of water for each pound you weigh anyone in???.

GOtta get ready for work will check in tonight.



Comment #12

Hey girls!!.

Congrats on the ride ZZ,,,,and glad you are back on your plan. You can do this!!.

Jeannie, Beach Wave is great if you want just the body it provides,,you won't get curl, and on hair as short as yours, you won't get more than a turn or slight wave. it is done on foam blocks as opposed to rods,,,, Only takes about 17 or 18 of these blocks to do a head, even if hair is long,,it is really cool and young people love them..

Laurie, can't wait to see the halloween pics! I already have my treats ready for the 300+ kids we get on halloween. Usually when it falls on Sunday, our town does Trick or Treat on Sat,,,haven't heard that decision yet. I already have half my weight in water down, and not quite 1 here,,,I can do it all for sure!!.

Maria,,,I bet it is getting cold in Massachusetts,,,,brrrrrr! we are getting lots of cool days now down here in Virginia too..

I have to pick up payroll in a bit, take it to the salon for the girls. Then tomorrow, I have an eye appointment, and on Monday, I go to see the oncologist/hemotologist,,,fun, fun. lol..

Comment #13

Yes, it is getting cold here and snow will be her soon..

Don't forget to make a check out for me too!!!..

Comment #14

OK! Then I will be waiting for it ...and waiting.....and waiting.......

Comment #15

Good morning lovies...

Sorry sorry did'nt get back last night for shout outs....

Ms. Maria, I think we should call you Ms. Kitty.

With you cute little kitty pics you post.. And do you ever sleep? Post on here are all over the place. Holy crap, Glad school is going to be out for a while for you it's always nice to take a little break. The water cooler looks like it is taking off.. Which is awesome!!.

JD Ok you never did tell me what happened to your kitties? The crazy one that used to jump ontop of the fridge and into the cabinets? Sadly we lost another kitty a couple of days ago, not sure what happened found her in the front yard.. I think maybe she got to close to the dog and he shook her and she made it back to the front yard.. If someones gotta go it has to be the cats.. Me loves me doggie.. I like the cats but they are PITA.. most of the time..

Shu dang girl you are buzy buzy buzy the next couple of days... The wave give a whole new meaning to block head then huh?? LOLLLLL sorry could'nt resit that one... 300 kids.. I have been in this house almost 20 years and we never had one trick or treater. But then again I am inthe middle of BFE, and my drive way is about 1/4 mile long so maybe that has a little something to do with it.

Definatly be thinking about you at the Dr on Monday sending happy vibes your way...

Chelle hope the girls are feeling better... Don't sound like that way any fun.. The way you spent the day with the girls remembering is awesome.. Glad you had a great day with them.. Hope you doing much better now...

ZZ- so glad you are ready to focus on you now.... Lets get it done...

Where is Janie??? Hi jane miss you...

And for me, nothing new or exciting, the halloween party this weekend, we had a great time last year, I am sure it will be just as much fun this year. Same struggles with the boys and always.. they are lazy azzes.. I feel like I have 17 personalities in my head always a good and a bad, and I sure it's med related. the freakish dreams have subsided. I am on day 10 of not smoking and feeling pretty strong even went outside with a gf while she smoked and I was ok with it..

But I did'nt smoke or even try to inhale any of it lol.. All my moments are not strong, but I have been getting throu them so far. Sometimes it's hard not to pull into the gas station and buy a pack then I think I only have to start again with day one and the first week was a real ******.. Not willing to do that, and I tell myself it has been *___ days since you had one why do you need one now.. And I am using the only line support this time which makes a differece as we all know.

I will try to check back later.. BUt of course I have umm Laundry to do dishes, floors.. I so need a maid... OH get this for one I have been the ONLY one doing anything around here for probally the last 6 weeks or so.. The other night I asked if my car could be leaking oil cause there was a oil spot when I left work where I was parked.. I was told to check the oil or I could blow up my engine!! I blew up right then...

I WAS LIVID..... Three flipping men in this house and I am suppose to check the oil.. I DONT THINK SO!!!! Just said well if it blows up I will buy anew one :P.



Comment #16

I don't sleep much and I am working on my final papers for both classes. I will have about a 10 day break between terms. I am taking 2 classes again. I guess I am just a glutton for punishment..

I am glad you like the kitties...

Comment #17

I know??? I am starting to feel like we did'nt make to much progress of getting the team back together.

Makes me sad..

Comment #18

I'm around and certainly can not post here everyday yet. Trying to catch up with my life and responsibilities after my busy season. Just wanting to say AHi and I'm alive. A rough emotional personal day ...... makes you know that you're alive...... going to bed soon..

Comment #19

I fell asleep at 10pm and now I am wide awake! My tail will be dragging by noon!.

The weather forecast is RAIN...all week long!!! RAIN!!!!!!!.

I hope everyone has a great day...

Comment #20

I woke up with a nasty headache today Gosh I hate that and I've got to get dressed for work after I do some exercise first. I had to take my DD to a cancer center yesterday as she got a bad pap and had some more tests ........ geeeez pray for her for me - okay my friends. I love that kid so much...

Comment #21

Morning girls...

ZZ glad to see you again.. So sorry to hear about DD will defiantly keep her in my prayers for the best outcomes of her test.. We have not had any rain at all this month. Pretty dry around these parts but of course they are talking some this weekend enuf probally to ruin the halloween party...

Maria, I had a rough night sleep too tossed and turned all night, but did'nt let it make me get out of bed.. I would rather lay in the warmth of my bed with the window open and just a slight breeze coming in than to get up...

ZZ I had that terrible headache yesterday all day and seemed to get worse as the it neared dusk.. that was after taking some sinus medication.. That obvisouly did'nt work lol...

Hope you all have a great day,, hang in there maria if you sleep today you will be up again tonight.. (I would be anyway) More coffee...LOL should do the trick..

Hi, chelle, Jane, JD and SHu hope everyone is haveing a great week... Good Luck on WI tomarrow Chelle...


Comment #22

One more stop to log meals , getting ready to make dinner here in a bit thought I would check in.

Did get out for my run today,, guess what running in the wind is like peeing in the wind,,, You should just not do it.. lol.

But I got a good hour 15 minutes in today so I am pleased with that.. I can hardly wait for the day when I can run all of it lol.. Still a run/walk for me but I get this runners magazine that I subscribe too. And it suggest running for time not mileage.. That the mileage will come in due time.. You need endurance to make the longer runs..

Last week I went for just an hour and this week I adding 10 to 15 minutes.. And you continue to add 10 to 15 minutes every couple of weeks till you hit 1.5 to two hours... Which should be about 10-13 miles depending on pace?.

Any how enuf of that... Just thought I would say hello. better getting started before I just don't my head is all closed up and all snotty, my camelback that I have only used twice is leaking like a sieve.. So other than that un eventful day.. here.... Back to work tomarrow....

Hugs all around..

Comment #23

I live in Massachusetts. Good old New England..

Sending prayers for your daughter and you...

Comment #24

I am a dummy. I get up and start doing homework then I am dragging all day. I am going to force myself to stay in bed if it happens again tonight...

Comment #25


I am not sure I could do homework at that time of morning ..... But I guess if your up may as well doing something useful.. and that has to be done anyway.

It almost break time for you.. then what you gonna do when you wake up?..

Comment #26

LOL - Just saw that wicked cat - too funny Maria okay - I missed it - why are you doing homework? Are you in school or a teacher? New England....... yep - you guys actually get season. Are the tree really beauitful with all those colors yet?.

Laurie - how is the headache today - mine is not as strong as yesterday but still here... it's almost 5:00 and I want the heck out of this office..

Going to a Pumpkin carving party today...... hey I'm always game for any kind of party.

Just saying Hi to you gals and wishing you OP Weekend..................... I'm taking measurements this weekend... wish me luck..

Comment #27

Yup!! It looks like this!! I am not a teacher. I have gone back for a Masters in Criminal Justice with a concentration in Terrorism, Homeland Security and Weapons of Mass Destruction..

Glad you like my wild kitteh!!..

Comment #28

Hi girls.

Good luck on the measuring ZZ....

Hi Maria...

Me tired me going to take a bath a get ready for bed.. Have lot to do tomarrow. Will check in the morning...


Comment #29

I took a nice hot bubble bath with the new Philosophy stuff I got. It was nice and relaxing...

Comment #30

Morning Girls...

Maria too Cute caturday!!! made me LOL...

I can't believe I was in bed by 915 last night, but I have been doing alot of tossing and turning that bath pretty much did me in.. I was out of the tub long enuf to warm up the son a plate of food told him is was in the kitchen and off I went.

And still not sleeping very well tossed and turned hot then cold.. grrr.. Oh well it will be back to normal when I am off these meds I am sure...

Hey ZZ what you got going this weekend? Anything fun?.

Chelle again sorry about your grams... Hugs.

Hi JD.. How was your week???.

Jane where are you??.

I have a busy day, want to get out for a run here soon hubby may go with me this morning... I am going to be the DD tonight at the party.. Day 13 and still counting.. getting easier but not gone. Don't want to tempt it by have a couple of drinks.

Just as easy not too...

Ok much to do , try to get back later hugs.


Shu where are you?? What is going on?..

Comment #31

Poppin in - Happy Saturday -.

I'm cleaning around the house today as it is finally raining a bit and I don't want to ride my bike when the road is wet. Maybe take my dog for a walk and get my food pantry organized. Got to finish some wedding favors I'm maiking as a gift for one of my BFFs who is getting married next Saturday..

Everyone must be super busy this week.... Shu - you okay?.

Have a great Day Laurie.


Maria * jealous of your seasons*I like you area of study - very interesting indeed I'm sure..

Okay - I might even take a nap today - Oh my!..

Comment #32

Hi Laurie:.

I am glad that you liked the caturday post! lol.

Look at this:.

* Disturbed sleep Another nicotine withdrawal symptom is disturbed sleep patterns, you either feel sleepier or facing difficulty in getting proper sleep and this is because of the absence of nicotine in the brain. Exercising, listening to relaxing music, doing meditation, drinking warm milk with honey to improve the melatonin level before sleeping, etc are some ways to improve your sleeping pattern..


I am glad that you quit smoking. As a nurse, you know that was the best thing to do. It is hard. Although I have never smoked, I know what I feel like when I don't have caffeine. I would.


The nicotine is 100 times more addictive than caffeine!.

Hopefully, it will all fall into place and you will feel better!! (((HUGS)))..

Comment #33

You would not be jealous of our seasons when we get slammed with our famous nor'easters! Major blizzard snow storms and cant see 2 inches in front of your face, freezing cold, ice cold whipping wind and then shoveling out! Come visit when we have one of those! I bet you wont be so jealous anymore. lol.

Fall and spring are nice though...

Comment #34

Morning Rubies....

Maria, me loves me some tweety in the morning... Sad news I lost two kittens yesterday.

My favorite one got to close to the dog, the next favorite drowned in my pond.. Sadly it's not the first one I lost in fountain pond.. I tried to revive it, but it lungs and belly were already full of water...

Went to party last night, home by midnight and did'nt start till 8.. Will try and get pic up later of of custumes.. Others may have them posted on FB later today...

Maria thanks for that information on the quitting smoking.. It does not seem to be easing up.. But I made it throu my first socail situation, gathering, and was not even tempted.. One of the girls did say I did'nt even get to smoke with you.. I said no, you did'nt because I quit... She was like OH well good for you..

I would like to think I could do that.. But I don't think I ever could, but I am becoming better adjusted to not having them in my life.. Sad thing is I have felt so much worse with other aliments since I have not smoked than I ever did while smoking!! Yeah that I don't care to much for.. But IN all honesty I think my immune system is not quite right since my sleep pattern is so out of whack and not getting the proper rest. It will get better in due time I am sure...

Want to get out and run today if I can find the energy someplace. I will check back later have a great op day.. Hope everyone is doing well...


Comment #35

WOah Snow okay you win - no longer jealous. I don't like the cold much and I certainly don't have the clothing to live in it Maria.... yikes..

Okay - so I am a busy gal to day cleaning house, organizing my life so my program fits in and leave me little room for excuses.... got to get to feeling better in my skin and clothes and it's getting colder and I don't want to buy anymore fat plants..

Laurie- enjoy your run and Maria - thanks for being here. If any of you other gals check it- Hi and have a lovely Sunday.

I am in Continuing Education for the next three day ( lucky me) so I won't be on the puter much - Have a great week and weigh in - RUBY Hottie!..

Comment #36

Here I am!!!.

Let me apoligize right off the bat - I had a horrendous week at work - literally a meltdown and had to walk out. Wasn't pretty. Not that it was a huge deal to anyone else - I put so dam many hours in that I'm sure no one even noticed.... but needless to say I needed to take some ME time in the evenings last week that did not include the computer. And it's almost impossible for me to find time during the day. So sorry ladies! I will try to be better..

Quick shout outs - I.


Gone back and read ALL the posts!.

Chelle - so sorry about your grandmother. I have lost both of mine so I know some of what you're going through - it is really tough. One of my grandmas was like a 2nd mom. Hang in there girl..

Laurie - you rock the friggin' party on the non-smoking thing! SO very proud of you!!!!.

ZZ - Good for you on your bike ride - so proud of you too! I knew you could do it - jumpin on that bike must feel like old hat already..

Maria - well obviously you're one of the brainy ones of this group! LOL - very impressive. I can't even imagine going back to school at this point in my life..

JD - I will post my weight loss journey, I promise. I saw your foot tapping down there! How's it going for you? Read your catch-up story - wow. 8 months for the DH. Well I went 9 months without a job after 9/11 so I know how that goes. And this time the job market is worse I think - at least in my industry. Very happy I have one right now, even though I wish I could quit.

Schu - good luck at the oncologist/hemotologist - we'll be anxious to hear how it goes..

I'll try to be better this week ladies! Hopefully everyone will read this and not go to a new thread first thing tomorrow - story of my life!..

Comment #37

Oh Laurie!!! I am so sorry to hear about the kittens. The poor babies! It is always sad to lose one. I know you tried to save them..

I hope you feel better soon. You did a great thing by quitting smoking. It will take awhile for your body to adjust. Maybe a hot bath and some yoga before bed? In that order too as your muscles should be warm before doing yoga and a warm bath is a good way to warm up your body temp. A yoga teacher told me that!..

Comment #38

Nice to see you back!.

And sorry about your meltdown. We all have them, I know how that is..

Brainy??? No just a glutton for punishment! lol..

Comment #39

OMG you're killing me that was super funny!.

Oh HI Jane- Sorry bout the meltdown - no wonder I didn;t hear from you this week - Your room is ready when you need to run away!.

So a question - do you think that my DH might be my sabotager?.

So I am reading my program and getting things in order and motivating myself.... you all know the drill ...... and I ask him to buy at least 100 SILVER kisses so I can put those in the wedding favors I'm making- He brings home some silver and various other colors.... and he doesn't have candy issues SO WTH is he bringing that crap in the house for I only used silver - He knows I don't keep that stuff in the house - SO WTH? I ask him - so what are you planning on doing with those and why colors when I specifically asked only for silver....................... crap - I'll take them to work but I don't want them there either..

The other night he brought home a big ol' cake I got rid of that too! Interesting not very supportive but I doubt he sees it that way - Okay - control my venting or I will want to eat that crap!..

Comment #40

I don't look at anyone as saboteur of my program. I am in charge of my plan and what I eat. My husbnad is not on the plan and I can't and don't expect him to go without certain foods because of me. I am a big girl and the choices are mine. I do not forbid him from bringing anything into the house. I just ask that he do not offer me any and only buy what he knows he will eat and not to stock up.

I can't and don't expect everyone to accomodate me because I am on MF. It is up to me to make choices whether I am at home, at a restuarant, a party or at work. Now I would be MAD if someone was pushing the food on me. I know people are going to offer and I need to say NO! I know my husband is going to eat things that I am not able to have right now. It is all up to me...

Comment #41

Sorry for the MIA,,been a hectic busy week,,,and now time for me to shower and get some rest. I will put up the new thread,,,and we will just run that for a monthley thing, as we don't seem to be seeing much action around here. I am guilty too!!.

Anyway, post to the new thread,,,,,,and maria,,love the kitty pics!..

Comment #42

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.