Can some one help me please!! I need some opinions! wieght watchers or Nutrisystem!!?

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Quick question... Can some one help me please!! I need some opinions! wieght watchers or Nutrisystem!!? Looking forward for any response. Another question on my mind: Never ordered one but I got one in my latest order.....tried it last night, and just about gagged. It had this slimy, skin-like coating to it. I tried to choke it down and just about hurled. Thinking back, I don't even know if the taste was so bad, or the look of it just made it so unappetizing. Is this what they normally look/taste like?..

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Of course! although you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else to confirm my answer as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Nutrisystem guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

Yuck. I've never had a.


Chicken patty from NS. I'd much rather just grill a chicken breast on the Foreman...

Comment #2

Make sure you rinse it off, it taste much better.....

Comment #3

I hate the regular chicken patty, but the grilled chicken breast is really good. Which one are you talking about? If it's the former, I'm with you...

Comment #4

Not sure if you noticed the sign on the door. This is the MENS ROOM!!! There is no whining or glitter graphics in the mens room. We aren't going to hug you and say, Ahhh poor lil' feller, he didn't like his chicken samich?.

If you can't man up and eat a slimy chicken protein product then maybe you just aren't that hungry. Next time you might want to try brushing the sweet rainbow sprinkles off your fat candy butt before trying to eat MAN FOOD..

Life is not all Pizza, Burgers and Beer my brutha' and the majority of us in here are cranky and know the food is not going to satisfy the sophisticated palette. So your complaint falls under the "Jimmy Crack Corn" clause..

Jimmy Crack Corn....(and I think you know the rest)...

Comment #5

Well aren't you a complete jerk Richie, feel better about yourself now..

Never was much of a fan of the chicken or the burgers for that matter. New addition to your do not order list. But the poster who said to rinse it off was right that does usually help them some. Something to try anyway you have more of them...

Comment #6

Why do the skirts insist on coming into the Men's Room? Then think we even care what they have to say? You girls have all the other boards to post your glitter graphics and give out hugs and sugars. You can spread your fake smiles and insincere support elsewhere. Here in the Mens Room we tell it like it is, it's raw, it's real. Let the Men be Men, and if you can't stay out, then please keep quiet. Now go eat some cake or sew or something. I got man things to take care of...

Comment #7

My, my Richie you are full of the holiday spirit, aren't you?..

Comment #8

Damn dude that was harsh. And I'm the harshest one in here. Carry on...

Comment #9

HaHa.. damn I came in here just for a peek, and curious about the slimy chicken patty. I thought I'd be the only "skirt" here and looks like there are more women than men. Maybe just mouthier.

DPS - I think it was meant to make you hurl so you'd lose that last ONE LB!!.

Ok - I'm out.. don't slam the door on me...

Comment #10

I love this place, it's the gift that keeps on giving...

Comment #11

Read the rulez again Richie. There's nothing against estros posting in the Mens room as long as they abide by the rules. No whining etc.....

Comment #12

I gotta admit richie, a lurker out of nowhere giving the rules is a bit harsh - I did chuckle a bit tho. Max is right - as long as they don't whine and they occasionally post something on the "proper way to eat a banana" thread - I say go for it.

Wait I just looked at his profile, he's not so good at photoshop and is probably 12 - so i'm officially on ignore mode for him (or her)..

Comment #13

Richie....or is it Retard?.

If I didn't think you were a "bit" or some fat 13 year old posting on his laptop for the first time with one hand and jacking off with the other, I might be mad. As it is, GFY....was just wondering if maybe I got a bad piece of chicken (it happens) or if this is the way they're supposed to be..

Thanks for your help internet tough guy...

Comment #14

For the record, I'm not retarded. I have a form of Autism, we all have our crosses to bare in life. At least mine isn't whining about chicken..

I'm 41 not 13, that's my age not my maturity level. If being mature requires me to whine about chicken then I don't want to grow up. Hugs and Stuff your bestest pal,.

Little Richie..

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