Can someone from a Medifast Diet answer these questions?

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My first question is Can someone from a Medifast Diet answer these questions? Thanks for any answer. My other question... HAPPY FREAKIN' SASSY SEXY SWAGGERIN' TUESDAY SEXY SHAMROCKS!!!!.

For anyone stopping in, please know that new members are always welcome here..

This is a place full of love, support, encouragement, inspiration, and FUN!.

We have members just starting 5/1; people just entering transition; and those who have been on maintenance for a while. An amazingly wonderful diverse group!.

I love you ladies - love each other - love yourselves..




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Ye, but... you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

And I just saw Kori's pic on the challenge link ....dayum...girl you look FINE!..

Comment #2

Good morning Ang- I just said the same thing about Kori on the challenge thread..

I'm tired this morning because I stayed up too late last night catching up on TV shows on the DVR. I'm a little ****** off this morning (as you all know I'm a daily weigher) because the scale was up. WTH- I was stellar yesterday. I'm not gonna stress though because I'm sure it's just my muscle holding water. It just better be down come the weekend..

Ok off to get kiddos up and going- have a great OP day including your special challenge...

Comment #3

Lara - you did say you exercised last night...I wouldn't sweat it...

Comment #4

Good morning!.

Miss Lara ~ You will be down by the weekend, I just know it. In case you haven't noticed by now...I'm never wrong.


Hi Ang! How'd the sleepover go or should I is it going?..

Comment #5

Kori ~ OMG! I just looked at your start photos for the Challenge, too. WOW!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!..

Comment #6

Miss Lara ~ You are as gorgeous as always!.

I am about 80 pounds bigger than you...that's like a whole person. BUTT (yes, butt)...I had the same reaction about my backside. Where the h3ll did that come from? I know where MY 15 pound gain went. YIKES!..

Comment #7

Good morning all my favorite people....

Thanks for the props about my costume pics. kids cant stop laughing at them. my avi is now my screen saver at home..

Lauri.. hey there. loved your JOB joke. again, easier than this job.. just sayin. enjoy Kohls.

I heart disney and kohls. I agree that nothing should be bought there unless on sale/coupon. my mom even goes on whatever day is discounts for seniors and buys my stuff for more savings. kids and I will be there in saturday to buy winter coats. it was 28 degrees here this morning and I have a credit card there....

Hey lara... dont sweat that little bit. good for you for working out. have a great day.

Sandy... great quote from little gs. enjoy your golf today. did you read I woke to 28 degrees????.

Ang... sorry about the ex-wife and her PITA self. that sucks. hope girls had fun.

Kori... havent seen the hawt pic of you yet. enjoy the day in disney....

Hi lori and andi and darlene.....

Comment #8

Ok. while I am not a dumb individual, I cant figure out how to post pics on here. my ds tried to help last night. I'm wearing my fav pants today but no time to take pic in the morning...

Comment #9

Lauri... dont know if you left already, but my fav pants that are the only size 12 I can wear come from kohls..

Funny story for disney fans and others: 3 years ago, kids and I went to disney orlando cause BFF had a time share we could share with them. they booked it and we tagged along. turns out first day there was when when LA soccer team (with david beckham) was coming to NY. All day kids complained about missing the game casue they HAD to go to disney. I lost it, told them to suck it up. I said " you WILL have fun at the happiest frickin place on earth!".

I'm not proud. At least they do have good memories of our trip (actually not many for little ds since he was only 7)...

Comment #10

Hi jo and andi... good morning..

Ok. anyone can feel free to kick my azz after reading this... (anyone hear from lori today?)....

My defiant inner bratty teenager seems to think this program is called 6 and 1. Yes, that sixth Medifast has been sneaking into my day lately. so mad id like to kick my own azz. not sure if it's night time, anxiety, or bordeum, but it is definately not hunger. I gave up PB this way, and hiding at night, so that sixth meal has to go. maybe ill bite off a finger in it's place...

Thanks for listening to me rant......

Comment #11

Andi - breath girl - you got this! most important is that you know it and see it for what it is... more food than you really need. that is SUCH an important lesson - if you can hang onto that - you will have even greater success..

Now breath again and do 5/1 as you know it is... and - you know me - drink your water..

Comment #12

Thanks andi.. breathing and drinking water as we speak... I got this. life is about lessons, right? ok. more water and air... aaaahhh...

Comment #13

Morning gang,.

Hope everyone is up and at em on this election Tues. I'm so glad it's almost over. Sorry but I hate politics and am tired of the constant phone calls telling me who to vote for. Nothing much on the agenda today except changing sheets (which I always hatelol) cuz sometimes it hurts my back lifting the mattresses. Oh well suck it up and get some exercise in. DH just got up so I guess it's coffee time with him so I'll bbl...

Comment #14

Hi barb... hi ang. ok. going to actually do some work today!..

Comment #15

Hi hookers... I am able to check in today b/c our closing got pushed another day.

... It was supposed to be on Friday but our loan person dropped the ball and got it moved to today. As of closing yesterday the title company still did not have what they needed from her and she won't return anyone's emails or phone calls. If this does not get taken care of I am flying out to California to kick someone's ***!! I have had everything I own in a uhaul since last Thursday and am getting pretty frustrated!!!.

Hope you all have a great day! Today is day 1 of getting back on track with my healthy lifestyle. Hopefully it all goes as planned!!..

Comment #16

Sorry about the closing hassel - hope it works out immediately!! I know you can do this with Medifast cuz look how far you've come. Keep us updated on move...

Comment #17

Checking in on lunch break. We are having a big fall festival here today so everyone is down eating goodies- hot dogs, chips, cookies, ice cream, carmel apples and popcorn -oh and tons of candy around. So I'm staying in my office so that there is no temptation..

Andrea- No more 6th Medifast meal. You recognized it and are doing something about it. WTG!.

Andi- I need to go drink me lots of water, I'm behind..

Barb- I'm with you on the elections. I can't wait for this day to be over so I don't have to see or hear anymore advertisements..

Ang- Sounds like the sleepover went ok. I haven't braved that one yet- well only with one child..

I'm thinking of doing a yoga class tonight if I'm not still meeting about GS later. We'll see. OK need to go get a Medifast meal and water. CBL from home...

Comment #18

Hi all...OKay so I made it through 3 meals without eating Off plan. Restarted yesterday and F'd it I am back....being inspired by ALL esp KORI!!!! You look AMAZING!!!!!!!!!.

So I haven't been able to stay OP since Puerto Rico in July...gained back about 10 lbs up and down...and I want to STOP this right now. I hate myself like can I join the challenge? I think it will kick my ***** back into working out (since I haven't in 2 months)..

Thanks for listening and those who stalked me out, thanks. I needed it!!..

Comment #19

I am checking in with the limping computer..fighting with the rest of the family so we can all catch up with our social network addictions =). We had to reload the entire operatiing system so I lost all my favorites, and any non web based lists. Luckily Medifast is web based so I can get back here quick..

I have a ugly list of to dos including the fact that Tim is sick with a cold and middle son has wicked cold/asthma/smoking complicated issues too..

I have many CEU's-30 yikes (continuing education units) to complete online for my licence renewal deadline..

One more gripe- I am up 2 lbs, so the challange is even more callling to me. I pledge to my myself and I, to get back on here this afternoon to review posts, review and post up for the challange and chat some more..

Its a great day to vote and to have all the commercials and robo calls end!!!!.


Comment #20

Welcome back Kirsten. Also, glad you can get back with us Darlene. Seems kinda quiet here today - hopefully people out having fun or having a good day at work. I'm continuing to shop online for Christmas and that seems to take all day. It's fun however...

Comment #21

Hi slores.

Bye slores.

I'll get to "see" you all on thursday as i'll be home all day.

I really need to catch up!..

Comment #22

Kristen- Glad you decided to come back and join us. Glad to see your going to join the challenge too..

Erin- Can't wait for Thursday so that you can grace us with your presence for longer than 1 post. Yeah..

Barb- Any good Christmas shopping buys?.

Darlene- Sorry to hear that Timmy and DS are under the weather. Glad you can get on with us. we'll hold you to your promise to come back and catch up later..

AFM- I'm about to fall over I'm so tired. I know I walked at least 1.5 miles at work today, probably more, but counting 1.5. I'm eating Chili Cheese Puffs right now and can't wait for dinner. Deciding between Kori's chili or chicken alfredo- both Medifast style...

Comment #23

Great afternoon lovelies!!!.

Hope your day is going well. And your water is sliding down.

Sitting at a work conference. Enjoyed the Chix ceasar with VERY minimal dressing. Not even really tempted by any off plan stuff. The power of MF... This time last week would have been a completely different story....

And so is PB... Just to be clear...

Comment #24

Andrea- WTG on staying OP at the conference..

Where is everyone tonight?..

Comment #25

I made it make here to check in =)...I need to check the challenge boards. I guess that is where all our great guidelines set up by Sandy? Keeping my fingers crossed every time I press enter or navigate to a new page, because of computer cooties..

Water water water...90 degrees here water is good today. I sure wish I could check into a Medifast ran spa experience. Wouldn't that be fab for a week or so ;-).


Comment #26

Darlene - I think they should have a spa as well..

Andrea -5 & 1, 5 & 1, 5&1. OK you got this..

Kristen - of course on the challenge. Love to have you..

For those of you doing exercise, remember 3 times a week gets you 3 stars. 5 is the max but 3 is good..

Barb - I count walking on the golf course so I say of course count all that walking you did yesterday..

I had 4+ miles today. Counting 4..

I had a fun time on the golf course. Tomorrow I am going to Phoenix to see Mom so again won't be on till later. Got a call inviting me to a Sip and See. One of my golf buddies is having a party. Wine and snacks at her house and see her new Grandson. I have never heard of a Sip 'N See.

( Thanks Andi).

OK, going to check the challenge board and see if I have any spreadsheets to update...

Comment #27


I'm sorry I haven't been here..

I hope e'one is doing well..



Comment #28

Please send all the mad shammy love you can to the Captain. I think she needs it!..

Comment #29

AFM, I just spent an hour raking leaves and I say that absolutely should count towards exercise.

Very nutty for me lately. The hearing for Kaitlyn is on Thursday but it looks like her Mom is going to try to get it postponed...yuck. And Sam is looking like possible tubes in her ears for sure..

Finally boss is hassleing me long distance from's sad. But, funniest story ever...boss took his cell phone with him in a waterproof bag when he went swimming with sharks...he dropped the bag and a shark ate completely made my whole day...ha ha ha!..

Comment #30

Hugs to Capt for sure and Thanks Ang for the great banner for Rockstar Challenge. It is fab..

No Hobo Dinner for Tim and I tonight. His cough is nasty. Remember that my FIL is 94, Hobo supper for all his old friends. I dont want to spread germs around..

That is for no shrimp and salad for my l&g..

So glad to be back to cyber land..


Comment #31

Angela - funny shark story..

Lori - sending hugs your way. Please take care of you...

Comment #32

I was just thinkin that same thing....

Lori - ((HUGS)) and all well wishes. Peace, mi amiga...

Comment #33

Evening Lovelies!.

Waiting for hubbie to get home. will start sippin my evening water STAT. feeling pretty good. didn't TM today but walked a BUNCH downtown after my conference was done early (YAY!!) and will count that as 30 minutes!.

Might check in later and if not - mad love to all and see you in the AM...

Comment #34

Lori ~ BIG hugs and mad love comin' your way. I'm sorry things aren't going well. Know that you are on my mind and in my prayers. I was pleased to see you here today, in only for a moment. It makes me feel better..

Take care my friend,..

Comment #35

I'm not sure how long I'll make it on here tonight, as I am exhausted and in terrible pain. I will try to come back after I rest for a bit. I took Nev to "school" this a.m. Then went to Fred Meyer (Kroger store) and bought some new bras and Toy Story 3; then to Kohls where I bought more bras...they were cuter there; dropped DD at the Mall; picked up Nev; dropped him off with Sissy at the Mall; and then came home. Thank God daddy took over from there. He worked on his car that broke down as he drove up to the house last night; took Nate to bowling with Easter Seals; picked up kids at the Mall; worked on car some more; picked up Nate from bowling and is now playing with Nev..

Funny story about Nate & bowling today...when he got home he was telling me that he helped one of the guys, who is blind. Nate was watching to make sure the guy could make his way back to where they were from the restroom. Then Nate went over to help him. I was very proud of him and gave him a big hug when he told me. Then he said, "it wasn't easy, Mom". I said, "I'm sure it wasn't".

You don't understand...he didn't wash his hands". Oh my!..

Comment #36

Great story... think I can hook up with that shark and see if he will swallow my work cell phone too?..

Comment #37

Great story, Lauri. poor nate. hes a great sport. hope you get some rest and less pain..

Lori... lots of love hugs out to you tonight. we heart you like white on rice (hope that my attempt at ghetto lingo made you smile).

Hi erin... see you thursday.

Hi darlene.. nice to have you back.


Comment #38

Im back....

Great to see you too, kirsten. keep coming back!.

Hi barb... xmas shopping already. youre good.

Sandy.. sip and see? thats one I havent heard of. reason to drink? sounds right to me. LOL.

Gotta do laundry (for real) and watch glee!..

Comment #39

Dear Sexy Friend.. I am so sorry you are in pain. I sure hope being tired will allow some blessed sleep to find you and recharge and heal.....

Aw...Fred Meyer i<3 for sure. BBF lives in Portland, miss her. with great friendly people...need to get back for a visit..

Luv your Nate. We live your interesting take on life and love with special kids here all the time too..

BTW- now that I can type AND send info...You rocked the black leather jacket in your photos..


Comment #40

Thanks for the HI...Love your costume photo and off to Glee I dance...have a great night..

Comment #41

Ok it is commercial time and I would to share some neat trivia to all the Glee lovers here in Shammie land. My DD was in High School with Matt Morrison ( will of Glee) adn the performing group Kids Next Door. They were in Orange County High School of the Arts together along with some other great talented kids. Small class, very close often at our house ;-). More name dropping later..

Comment #42

Hey! Disney and Kohls are my favs, too!.

You should have told me you needed a coat. lol I never throw that stuff away for some reason. Here's a little more of my "quirky" mentality...I do donate clothes to the Salvation Army and Goodwill...but coats...I keep (oh, and swimsuits, case anyone comes over and they need a suit...we have every size...but no friends). I would donate the coats if they gave them away to someone who needs one...but I don't want anyone to have to pay for a coat. Crazy, huh?..

Comment #43

Hey Sweets!.

Try clicking on the paperclip (on the same line as the font & smiley's above)...then, do the "browse" on your computer to find the picture and do an "upload". I think that's how I did it. It's not the best programming on here. That's why it doesn't make sense to you...because you are ABOVE AVERAGE INTELLIGENCE..

When you first load the picture it will show something like "attach#####attach", but if you wait a moment or hit "post reply" it will show up...

Comment #44

Ok...not feeling so hot. Gonna go lie down for a bit..


Comment #45

YAY on the size 12! I don't care where there from...but I would have bought a bunch. lol.

You seriously crack me up! GREAT Disney story..

Speaking of the Mother of the Year Award...I was feeling really stressed today. Everytime my kids irritated me, I wanted to tell them they were acting like "a horses azz". I used to call them "my little pig droppings" (from the musical - Annie). OH! and I'm not proud either. Ha!..

Comment #46

Andi ~ You are such a gem! Just wanted to let you know...

Comment #47

We've been getting the phone calls from the political campaigns at 8:30 PM EVERY night. I've heard people say they were going to vote for any candidate who DIDN'T call them. lol..

Comment #48

Hi Mel! That really sux (about the closing). It's too bad there wasn't someone, other than the seller, to blame...if it was the lender, you'd have a little bit of leverage to ask them to split the U-haul $$$. Not sayin' they'd say "yes", but the bank I ran, would have done that if the customer complained (and was nice about it) and it was the bank's fault..

Keep thinkin' about that wedding dress and you'll do great with the healthy lifestyle...

Comment #49

GREAT job stayin' away from the crapola food today. I forgot that people usually bring in leftover candy to the office so they aren't tempted to eat it at home..

Did you make it to yoga?..

Comment #50

I hope Tim and "middle son" start feeling better soon. That's just what y'all need...NOT!.

Nevan started throwing up after he went to bed tonight. I let my DD take him to the mall the other day (and today). He likes to play in the little public play area they have there. He seldom gets sick, but it seems as though he gets this crud EVERYTIME he plays there. My DH was very nervous when I told him the kids were there last week, because he's afraid the Mall doesn't clean the climb on toys very often, if at all. Now, I will be forced to tell him...HE WAS RIGHT!..

Comment #51

Barb ~ We have so much in common...the Christmas shopping on-line. I LOVE it! We should probably play Christmas music in the background, so we get some similence(sp) of the Holiday spirit. lol.

It sure was slow on here goodness...doesn't give me much to work with to try for 100. That's a whole lotta Lauri!..

Comment #52

I forgot about the chicken alfredo...YUMMY!!! I hope you got some rest...

Comment #53

YAY for you!!!.

Thanks to the water (and the reminders from you), my rings are spinning around my fingers, like they should be...

Comment #54

I like the spa idea! That would be fabulous! Not that I could afford to

Comment #55

Have a safe drive to mom's and enjoy your visit..

Way to go on the 4+ miles! You must be sleeping like a baby these days with all that exercise..

How was the "Sip and See"? Need details on what the others were sippin'...

Comment #56

Hi Captain,.

I know I speak for everyone when I say "we miss you madly when you're not here, but we do understand"..

Hugs to you (again)...

Comment #57

Here-here on the raking! That's probably one of the best workouts. I can't do much "exercise" (for the past few weeks), but I do get the "chores" done around here. I raked the leaves yesterday; mowed the lawn; vacuumed up the leaves (with the leaf blower thingy...not the sillies); then stood there and watched thousands more of the frickin' things fall again. Maybe I'll climb the tree, with my leaf vacuum thingy and get right to the source!.

Poor baby Sam. I'm sorry. That doesn't seem pleasant, but I have heard that it sure solves a ton of problems and pain..

Have I told you lately that I don't heart Kaitlyn's biological mother? If she is able to delay it, I wonder how many times they will allow her to do it..

Hee, hee on Asshat's phone! What are the chances of that happening? That'll teach him to call from vacation...

Comment #58

Bummer 'bout the no hobo dinner. Yeah, germs around 94 year old men...not a good thing. I bet for good food though, they would have taken the risk..

Let us know how Tim's doing. The cold that's going around seems to hang on forever! Right Barb and Ang?.

We're glad you're back to cyberland, too...

Comment #59

Oops! I forgot to empty my bladder before reading this. Lori will be laughing at your ghetto lingo. Sound's like something I would say. lol..

Comment #60

Thank you Sweetie,.

I didn't get much sleep, but will try again soon..

I forgot you know someone in Oregon. I think we are approx. 5 hours from asked me that long ago, and I forgot to answer until I saw this post. Sorry 'bout that..

I love Fred Meyer. I'm not sure what # I am now, but I was on their top 10 customer list...I was #6. I'm there ALL THE TIME. Miss Lara's DH works for Kroger...I think he's an executive of some type there...if I remember correctly..

Thanks for the leather jacket compliment. A gift from an ex-BF. It FINALLY fits again!!!..

Comment #61

Kori ~ I hope you had a wonderful time at Disney. I hear the weather was WAY nice in that area..

Ok, only need to post 25 more to get us to 100. lol.

See you in the a.m...

Comment #62

LOL 23. This could get us to 100 very quickly...but i'll spare you..

See you all soon..

Much love,..

Comment #63

Lauri - You f'in rocked the shout outs tonight! Thanks for that...and DITTO!.

Lori - Hugs chica, you are in my thoughts..

AFM - I am butt tired right now. Can hardly keep my eyes open..

Disney was it always is..

Nephew had the bestest day ever and the greates 1st visit to Disney..

Rocked the gym tonight with the trainer..

Hoping the scale reflects it tomorrow..

If not, I may have to go into hiding from the scale until it catches up to me laying off the PB..

Going to bed...STAT!.

Mucho love hookahs..

Comment #64

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.