Can someone give me a good free iPage web hosting site?

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First question I got is Can someone give me a good free iPage web hosting site? Looking forward for any response. Second question.. Hi everyone,.

I juse want to know if I need a META tag on each of my pages, or just on the front (index) page?.


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Yep, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you contact the iPage guys because they can answer you better...

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Yes, a lot of search engines still use them..

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Google likes to read the.


Element within the.


And the.

META Description.

Element. The.

META Keywords.

Are deemed less important (as people used to use these to spam the index), but some other Search Engines still use them to some extent. Other elements that are important include the.




Tags, the.


Attribute on Anchors, and the.


Attribute on the.


Tag. Use them to your advantage, and optimise each page for half a dozen words or so...

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You would be surpised. like giz said they are diminishing and not as important anymore. and the big searhc engines could care less and thoughs are the ones to worry about. and SPiders don't worry about them either..

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Yea but it's the big search engines that are powered by smaller engines. Those engines sometimes look at meta tags. Spiders crawl my meta tags all the time. I rather have them there, than not..

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If you do a search on google for a keyword, and that keyword is in the META description tag, it will post the description straigth from the meta tag undernesth the URL. The spider will look at the tag still but it wont give it as much weight as it once would have..

Alot of Meta tags bloat the code, in reality you only need the robots, description and the keyword meta tags on your page..

The best place for keywords are:.


Is the keyword present in the title?.


Is the keyword present here?.


Is there some place on the page that the keyword is used in a <h1>-<h3>, bold, italic, or in a Hex type heading?.


How many times does the keyword show on the page? The number of keywords in relation to page text is called Keyword Density..


Although deprecated, some search engines till read Meta keywords and Meta descriptions..

Outbound Links:.

Who does the page link with and what are keywords in the link..

Inbound Links:.

Who else on the net has linked to this site? What are the words of the link? These are called "off the page" criteria because it's value is not immediately controllable by the page author...

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No problem. Are you aware that your sig image isn't displaying?..

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Yes I am aware thanks! I stupidly deleted my signature from my web server.

, but since the spelling is wrong, I am doing a new one anyway, I will disable it for now, cheers...

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Good good. Thats my new one. You like it?..

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