Can someone share Godaddy promo codes for NET domains?
My first question is Can someone share Godaddy promo codes for NET domains? Many thanks for any response. Another quick question... Hi,.

I would like to try to make the second row datacell expand to 100% of the available space irrespective of the content in that cell..

I have this code at the moment, but the only way I can make it work is to remove the DOCTYPE.

Obviously I don't want to do this..

Thanks for any ideas..


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Sure, there are many Godaddy coupon codes out there. Good way to save dough on Godaddy now. I suggest you to sign-up for their promo emails so you can get emails of their latest discount codes. They typically email once a week or so..

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Thank you both, guys..

I've had more luck with RysChwith method..

Although it works well with FF & Opera, it completely flops with IE..

Any ideas for a work around?.

Thanks again,.


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I looks perfect in the compliant browsers, but in IE....

The centre cell is the thinest and the top and bottom cells are way more than 50px..



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Hmm. Umm... I have no idea. I'm tempted to go on an anti-tables rant, but really that's just avoiding the problem. The only dent I can make in it is changing the size of the bar TDs, but that doesn't have the desired effect. Other than that, it persists in rendering exactly the same.


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Cheers Rys,.

Appreciate the feedback anyway..

Actually, I was just searching on Amazon for a 'good' CSS book - to try to break from tables..

(I'm really old-fashioned - I prefer to study from a book - real paper!!!!).

If this is do-able with CSS - then I'll do it......

Diolch yn fawr, (.....and if anyone can suggest a good book ).


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I've just ordered Designing without Tables from Sitepoint at You can download a few sample chapters and the author is well regarded around the place...

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It can be done in CSS. Content can't go past 50px from the bottom though..

Edit: Revised the code, content can be infinite it shouldn't ever go behind the absolutely positioned bottom div...

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Cheers mate, I was looking at that one on Amazon - and it comes in conjuction with a basic css book from SitePoint also..

My CSS knowledge is sadly lacking (beyond the very basics)..

Time to invest some 'time' & cash I think.


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If you order it direct from Sitepoint, they are currently including a CSS wall chart supposedly valued at $9.95 for free...

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