Can someone tell me anything bad about the Medifast Diet?

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My 1st question is: Can someone tell me anything bad about the Medifast Diet? Many thanks for any answer or 2. Second question.. Baby it's cold outside, Morning girls!!.

Monday, this day in history.

"1941: US President Franklin D Roosevelt appeals for peace to Japan's Emperor Hirohito one day before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. He also authorises the Manhattan Project, which results in the creation of the atomic bomb"..

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Yup, but... you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm it as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you email the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

ARGGGGGGGGG lost my browser and my long post not going to repeat it wasn't much anyway LOL.

It's supposed to be a beautiful day here highs in the 60's, we really really need some snow or it's going to be a fire summer...

Comment #2

Joyce passed to be with her Lord today around 1 PM. While she will be greatly missed, we are all so glad she is now whole again and with her family and pets who have gone before..

I am sad and happy at the same time. The funeral will be Saturday..

Please keep her family, especially the 4 grand children in your prayers. Hugs NA..

Comment #3

ALI - Prayers that your nephew's PT goes well and that they can get him back to his old self soon..

When I was cold, you all were warm, not we are turning things around..we are warm and you are cold. Our snow is turning to mud and mush. LOL NA..

Comment #4

CHARLY - Thanks for the reminder that tomorrow is Pearl Harbor Day...I loose track of time. NA..

Comment #5

MONICA - It is so frustrating when you loose a post. Usually if I am going to do a long one, I do it as an e-mail, send it to myself, and then copy and paste....if it is lost, I still have it..

I cannot make out what your new kitty avitar is doing and saying. NA..

Comment #6


NA - so sorry for you with the loss of Joyce, bless her heart. I will continue to pray for her and the family..

Sending virtual hugs..

Comment #7

Yes NA sorry I didn't mention it last night, May she rest with God..

Another day another dollar here, if I can catch it with the wind blowing..

Comment #8

NA, my heart is with you and Joyce's family today, she will be in peace now. Hugs to all!..

Comment #9

Morning Girls!.

Cold one this morning again..snow was falling again last night, not enough to worry about, but it was out there. Fell asleep on the couch again last night and when I got up this morning, no glasses. Couldn't find them, couldn't remember if I took them off while I was watching TV and set them on the table, or if they were still on my head and were now "hiding" somewhere in the couch. After searching the couch, the upstairs, downstairs and the bathrooms..couldn't find them. NOW I'M.

I turn the love seat over, start pulling out that fabric that cover the workings of the recliner thingie and low and behold, I turn around and they are sitting on the floor under the dammmmm end table. ARRRRGGGHHHH!!! They are so hard to see because they are frameless. So that was the start of my day. At least they weren't scratched..

Jumped on the scale this morning and I'm down a few....been following that new WW plan since I'm out of Medifast food. Will see how it works out. I think my body went into shock when I ate an apple. LOL.

Other than that, same old stuff here. Hopefully something will come in the mail today from the college..

Talk to you all later...keep warm and safe!..

Comment #10

Good luck with the college thing Ali.

I did LOL at looking for your glasses, I did that once didn't put them where I usually do and was just about to call my dad to come help me look, my prob was that I couldn't see well enough to find them, they were on the back of the toilet, who knows why I set them there. Glad yours were safe..

I'm avoiding doing the bank reconciliation, it always gives me a headache LOL They lump the CC payments together by the day they deposit, but my accounting keeps them separate and of course no 2 CC's go in at the same time, some take 2 days to go through, some go through that day and AMX takes 4 to 5 days to clear. OH well it's not going to get done by me just looking at it LOL..

Comment #11

MONICA - That is just too cute. Thanks for fixing so I could see it. NA..

Comment #12

Thanks, all of you, for your kind thoughts for Joyce's family and me. I am really OK and so glad she is no longer lingering and wanting to go home to her Lord. Hugs NA..

Comment #13

LOL, ALI - Maybe you need one of those little bug things on your glasses so you can clap your hands and they will shout out at you..

LOL, about the apple. I think I will try WW again, this time in person not on the internet. There are chapters most places we travel and I know there are some in Glendale, AZ..

I am out of Medifast too and need to order some of the hot drinks. I really miss those. I wonder how to figure out the points for those. LOL NA.

PS: Congratulations on being down in pounds. You are doing good...

Comment #14

Nancy Ann, So sorry to read about Joyce but you are right that she is not suffering anymore and gone to her Maker. She sure put up a good fight. You were an excellent friend to her, prayers for all..

It was 31 in sunny FL yesterday. Brrrr.....

Stay warm and safe ladies...

Comment #15


Hi Pattishakes - 31 would be a heat wave here these days. Used to think it was 'character building' to tolerate these temps, now don't care about 'character building' (LOL).

Ali - how did your nephews first PT go? Are you doing the WW online or going in somewhere?.

NA - Seems it could be a good option for me too, I need a change up and almost out of Medifast (except I did just get a delivery of hot coco). I like the hot drinks and what I've tried from the grocery make me want to gag!.

Monica - what is the latest on the kiddo and 'non-boyfriend'?.

Not much here. Tree is up but not decorated, we'll work on that in the evenings now. Just seems to be so much else to do. I am officially done with the buying piece, now I just need to round up some visa gift cards for my Dad's shopping list and it's all over. WOOHOO!..

Comment #16

Morning Girls!.

It's cold here this morning....burrrrr!! 13 degrees at Midway! I'd love to be back in the 30's but that won't happen now until Spring. LOL.

Nephews first PT went really well. His therapist was amazed at how much he can do, strength wise since it's been almost 3 months on crutches. Shows what dedication to the gym everyday will do. He only did upper body stuff at the gym for the last few months (he goes daily) but his therapist said because of that, they will be able to have him off the crutches by the end of the week. I think he's scared more than anything to totally walk on that leg without the help from the crutches. His doctor seems more worried about the tib/fib fracture and where they inserted the metal rod.

ARRGGHHH!!! So we can only hope for the best..

Now for the WW stuff, I'm doing it online. I don't do well with those meeting things. To be honest, I get bored really easy listening to all of them. When I used to go to the center, I would walk in, weigh in, walk out. Total waste of money! I have access to the calculator so let me know what drinks you are drinking and I'll figure out the points. I did calculate some of the foods that I ate and most of them were 3 points.

I only did the cold ones...not a good thing in the middle of winter..

Supposed to snow again tomorrow and would figure that it's the one day I'd be out shopping. Heading to Ulta for the big friends and family sale with 40% off. Wooooo Hooooo! Wait all year for this one. Have my list made out, my plan of attack. I'll be in and out of there in no time at all. I'll be on a mission..

Have a great day everyone! I'm off to wrap! Stay warm, stay safe!..

Comment #17

Morning Ladies.

Patti so nice to see you.

Things here are about the same,nice except for the wind.

Other then that I got nothing, I'm so bored..

Comment #18

PATTI - Thank You. Wow, you are not used to those low temps. Hope you have some warm clothes..

How does Peanut like the cooler weather?.

What is Patrick up to?.

How is Bible Study?.

OK, that is enough. Hugs, NA..

Comment #19

CHARLY - Those gift cards are so great for our seniors who have a hard time shopping. You can almost relax until your nephews show up. NA..

Comment #20

ALI - Thanks for the offer to point stuff for me. How can you find the point for the Medifast Cappy, Chai and Cocoa? Those are the only Medifast things I will still be using..

I hope the TPist does not rush Nephew too fast...let him get used to the idea. Especially if the rod is questionable. I didn't know he had been going to the gym...good for him. He and Charly must be related. LOL..

Comment #21

Good morning, Good morning ( you sort of 'sing' it in your head (LOL))..

Down right cold here, 4 degrees, ugh! Lemme see......I have my fancy spa pedicure with facial this evening. The orders the girls placed for the tastefully simple and thirty one parties are in so I'll be playing 'delivery person' this Saturday. Looking forward to that, get to see how everyone has decorated for the holidays!.

Not much else. Work is slow and that's not helpful but only 7 more working days AFTER today then my 2 weeks off work!.

Have a good day...hugs and freezing smoochies!..

Comment #22

Morning Girls!.

Cold one here also..but not as cold as Charly! BUrrrrrr! We're in a heat wave at 14 degrees with snow coming tonight..

I knew it had to be freezing outside when I heard the furnace kick on at 3am, it goes down to 60 at midnight. Ahhhh my nice electric blanket was so toasty this morning I didn't want to get out..

NA I will figure out those totals for you. I'll look up the nutritional values and post back..

Other than that, nothing else is new around here. Have a great day, stay safe and warm!.

Talk to you all later......

Comment #23

Tried to get it in under my first post but wasn't quick enough. Trailed off doing something else in between. LOL When they say 15 min, they mean 15 min. to edit..

Here ya go NA... Chai is 2, Hot Cocoa is 3 and the Cappuccino is 2...

Comment #24

Good Morning Ladies.

I'm almost envious of the cold weather you gals are having.

It's going to get up to almost 60 today. I don't really want to be cold LOL but some snow for Christmas would be nice or just some snow for winter. We have only had a light dusting a few weeks ago..

Charly you asked about kiddo and her BFF and to be honest who knows LOL she stays over there just about every other night, but that's been the norm for awhile, they sit all tangled together but they are not dating.

OK time to get moving I guess LOL..

Comment #25

Oh Charly...It's 9pm, have you looked outside? IT'S SNOWING AND IT'S MOVING EAST! Why or why do I live in this state? I need someplace warm and sunny!.

Watching House Crashers on TV..I need to find that guy running around Home Depot or Lowes when I'm in there, he's a cutie. And I ain't talking about him fixing anything in the house..I want to just sit and stare at him. LOL.

Nighty nite girls.....

Comment #26

Take a pic for me Ali doesn't look like I'll see any for awhile..

Comment #27

Friday Friday Friday !!.

What more needs said? Seems there is a snowstorm heading this way making late Saturday all day Sunday and Monday morning our winterwonderland..........yuck!!..

Comment #28

Ali - if you do find that guy in and he comes to the house, call me. I wanna come stare at him too!!.

Now, here is the next challenge at the gym:.

Summer-Size Me Starts January 3, 2011 and runs through March 19, 2011. Seeing the results you are looking for will take more than signing-up for Summer-Size Me; it is going to take Your Hard Work. We will give you the tools to get there and the access to classes if that group/trainer involvement is what motivates you..

With Summer-Size Me you will track calories-in -vs- calories-out helping you look at the bigger picture of what works for you. We will take your measurements before and after Summer-Size Me to help you see the changes that happen over the 11 week challenge..

Throughout the Challenge you Must Complete the Following to have "Compl eted" Summer-Size Me!.

- 50 Miles Running/Walking.

- 300 Optional Miles (Elliptical, Summit Trainer, Bike, Etc.).

- 30,000 Calories Burned Through Your Workouts.

I'd like to do it simply because I want to learn the real story of the calories in/out, could be interesting. 300 miles of elliptical/summit/bike would be obtainable as would the 50miles running/walking. I'd damm sure be curious about the 30,000 calorie burn in an 11 week period..

What do you think?..

Comment #29

Morning Girls!.

Ewww, Charly like the new challenge. I've always been so curious about the calories in/out thing. Dr. Oz swears by it, I just can't be bothered to look the crap up in a book to chart it. Hey how many miles do you spin on a weekly basis? You must burn a ton of calories doing that. I wish I could just get motivated to exercise..I can't!.

The cute guy from House Crashers...OMG, if I ever find him, I'll get you on speed dial to drive in. What does it take..3 days to house crash someones house? Heck you could be at my house in a matter of hours. We'd have days to just "stare" at him. LOL.

Other than's cold, it's snowy and according to the weather guys, this isn't the end of it. Supposed to get hit really good tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. Ahhh winters in the Midwest..

Stay warm, stay safe and I'll talk to you later.....

Comment #30

Charly sounds like just up your alley.

I do get the calories in and out business but I don't think I burn that much on a normal day. I must though because I do seem to lose more when I do a 4&2 like program rather then a 5&1. 5&1 3 days and I steadily rose up 2.4, 2 days with maybe 3 diet meals and a mix of regular food (mostly heathy choices) and I went down 3 and continuing on I'm holding at the same not doing the up and down I do so well with 5&1, I'm to the point that 5&1 must throw me into starvation mode. I can't figure out anything else..

I will be very interested in how it works for you, assuming you do it LOL.

I want snow, think I"ll go pout about it LOL.

OK Ali guess I'll have to find that show and see what your talking about LOL don't think I"ve heard of that one maybe go look it up on line.


Comment #31

Hi Girls,.

Laptop slid off the ottoman, need I say more. I have had the hardest time trying to sign on the Medifast sight. Finally just got a new password so here I am.....

Sorry to be so long away. Where does the time go? I mean really, I feel like I am on a treadmill trying to catch up but my house is a mess, my car is a mess ( so unlike me, I promise) and the laundry room looks like a horror movie, maybe I am depressed and.

Don't know it? Well whatever, I put on my big girl panties and face each day but seems.

Like I am back peddling many days..

Patrick is fine, still growing, heavens, this child is slim but big. He can pick up a basketball with one hand, scares me! LOL He is studying for mid-terms, maintaining a B average..

He went to District in CC I think I told you, now on to BB conditioning. DH is a porker,.

What can I say, he eats all the wrong foods and thinks walking to the car is exercise..

Peanut is wonderful, we have been running all over Florida in Horse Shows, having a great time. She can be a brat, but I love her and still look forward to seeing her every day..

I am off to NYC to see my son and DIL next week, bringing my friend Carrie with me..

We are going to be in the Regis and Kelly audience (not my idea!) on Wed. next week..

I'll be waving! LOL Going to see the Rockettes and a play Promises, Promises..

It will be jammed packed with things to do but I need a vacation so I get to see sonny boy and NYC all in one trip..

I read where some of you are having SNOW! Brrrrr, it is so pretty but a pain in the **** so to speak, right? 20 yrs. in NY cured me for wanting it ever again..

It is 72 here right now, it was 40 yesterday, so weird. Don't know what to wear when you get up, flip flops or a coat -.

I am going back on Medifast when I get back from NY - I can't believe it but it's true..

I am so bloated and sluggish, need a kick in the pants (which are way too tight).

Hope everyone is having a good Friday and feeling good too!.

Stay warm and enjoy your weekend!..

Comment #32

Ali - we (Rob and I proved that I can be at your exit off the interstate in less than a few hours) so I'm on it if your man shows up!! I've seen that show, HAWTNESS abounds!!.

Monica - you want snow........I'm sure Ali and I know I have an extra room for ya, stop on by!!.

I'll do the challenge, hellwhat else am I gonna do for 11 weeks. Ali, to answer your questions I get an average of 75mi per week for spinning soooooooo that will be easy to know out, it's gonna be the calorie thing that beats me up. Can't wait!!.

Pattishakes - ok, you wrote that you have been all over the state with p-nut so no you aren't depressed you are busy and living life, to hellwith the house work!! Enjoy, you are doing what you are supposed to be doing. Have fun in NYC - no smacking the DIL and if you do, have Carrie take pics so you can share (LOL).

It's 4:10p which means the work day is done and it's Friday so I need to get started on the 'decking the halls' round here. We're finally doing it! I HATE this part of the entire thing!!.

Mucho hugs, snow bunnie kisses and Ali, call me if he shows. No! wait!! , call me when he approaches you in the store....don't wait til he gets to your house, I need a headstart!!..

Comment #33

Ali - Don't know the Crasher guy, but he must be somethin' for you to get so.

Excited about him! LOL If you catch him let me know and take a picture!.

Charlie - The new challange sounds exciting. I agree, I never understood the whole calories in/out. Seems like when I used to practically starve myself and work out I would.

Never lose weight, go figure..

Monica - I agree about the 4-2, I do better with it thatn the 5 -1. Don't know why that is either. Oh well, good luck to you on the journey as always!.

Charlie - It's not "I'm bummed, boo hoo" sort of feelings. It's more feeling like Superwoman has lost her cape. LOL Just can't do all I used to do and it's a huge.

Reality slap in the face. What I need to do is get more organized, way too much.

Carp, not enough time or space. But I will figure it out. Winter is not my favorite.

Time, even in Florida. I have also cut way back on working out and I REALLY believe.

That does a number on both body and mind..

Okay, I am ranting and raving - hugs to all...

Comment #34

CHARLY - Did you enjoy your special spa night yesterday. Maybe one of these days I'll try that too. Sounds like fun...

Comment #35

ALI - Thanks. That is pretty low for a wonderful cuppa in the cold mornings..

I used to nestle under my electric blanket, but this winter, even when it is cold, I am hot. I am usually under only a sheet with my feet out. LOL Roger, on the other hand, turns his blanket on high about an hour before bed, and it is on around 5 all night...

Comment #36

CHARLY, I think that if you burned those many calories there would be nothing left of you. LOL Actually, I don't know about the calorie thing, but the rest sounds really interesting...

Comment #37

PATTI - Prayers for a very fun and safe NYC trip. I'll bet it will be beautiful all decorated for Christmas..

Do you have your own horse trailer, or do you travel with someone to the shows?.

Glad to hear that Patrick is doing well in class and sports. Is he a Junior?.

Hang in there and see us when you can. Hugs, NA..

Comment #38

Well, the beginning of my trip to Boston is going to start on Monday instead of Wednesday..

There is a large storm headed into Oregon Tuesday and Tuesday night is supposed to drop tons of snow on the top of the mountain passes. So, I'll try to beat Mom Nature and leave early..

Since Kellie does not have an extra room, that means a couple of days in a motel that I had not counted on, but sure a lot better than fighting the icy roads..

It might be hit and miss until I get back. I am not taking my computer on the room for that and a puppy. LOL But I can most likely use Carolyn's once in a while. So from the 17th to the 22nd, I'll be sort of missing. I will have the computer with me when I am in the car part of the trip..

We set up for Joyce's funeral tomorrow, and Roger and I are the greeters for the service on Sunday. I have my cookies all baked for the afters dinner and the Musical on the 23rd. Glad I got them done, since I am leaving..

Hugs to you all. NA..

Comment #39

Hi NA - WOW, you are busy. Hello to Kelly, are you picking up a pup or traveling with one, sorry I missed that post. Whichever way, a puppy equals a big grin on my face!.

I do not own a trailer at this time. The ranch I ride with has enough trailer space for 16 horses. We took 17 to the last horse show so someone took their own. The ranch has grown like you can't imagine. I have sort of helped the owner see what was working and what wasn't, it's hard to change but she wanted to grow and boy has she ever. I think one of the reasons we were "Butting heads" awhile back was that we are so much alike.

John, my DH, and Patrick sat with some out of towners at the last show and they were so impressed with the ranch's entire operation. No nonsense and a lot of ribbons. We do have fun, but after the shows are over. It's good for everyone to do their best. One of my best friends has left and gone to another place, it was really hard not to have her there, but she didn't like the new rules.

Bible Study is over until mid Jan. I think. Didn''t much care for this last group or the topic..

Yes, Patrick is a junior. He now has his senior ring, where has the time gone?.

You have a safe trip too, be careful and enjoy the trip..

Charly, just realized I spelled your name wrong - typing too fast. How is the 4 footed Charlie doing? Does he like the snow?.

Okay off to bed!..

Comment #40


Charlie LOVES the snow after he got over the initial WTH is that moment (LOL). Hard to keep him inside but he doesn't stay out long, too cold..

NA - the spa night was good, I enjoyed it but can say it's not something I will do often. I didn't get the facial afterall, not sure what happened to that but didn't want to say anything and look silly. The guy I normally deal with there was away for the evening attending his grandmother's funeral. I go back in a couple of weeks for a hair appt and will inquire then. $50 for a pedicure is a bit much, gift card or not..

Off to pilates and spinning in a bit. I like the pilates, still think that spinning should be first then pilates but again, wouldn't have the strength for pilates after spinning..

House/tree is finally decorated so that's off the list. I did pretty well with my participation and attitude. I don't care about decorating or tree stuff and the mess that goes on while decoration gets to me but I did really well this year. Charlie hasn't figured out what the heck is going on..

Not sure what the day holds. I know Rob will go outside and put up a few lights on my one pine tree and some on the shrubs but he doesn't like me to help with that and frankly that's fine. 40 degrees again today so he wants to get it done, alleged snow storm coming tonight. I have some things here in the house to accomplish so may run a couple of errands 1st (I need to go to vitamin store and restock) then do some things inside (organizing,etc.) not sure...

Comment #41

Morning Girls!.

Nothing new here but the weather! Temps rose a little..but the snow is on it's way. Arrgghh! Car was supposed to go in this morning for tires but my brother told me not to get the ones they were going to put on...who knew? I could have sworn he had Kelly tires on his truck once..he said he did, and would never do it again. Duh! LOL So waiting for the BF's to come in and then have those put on..hopefully before it snows again. For having four wheel drive it was sure slipping around a lot the last snow fall..

Done Christmas shopping, presents are wrapped...nephews presents for my brother and his wife are wrapped and sitting in the front room. The childs presents went out by UPS on Thursday, should be at her door on Wednesday. Let's see....going to my Mom's tomorrow to put her tree up and whatever other decorations my lazy butt sister decided she didn't need up..

Have a great day everyone! Stay warm, stay safe!..

Comment #42

Morning Ladies,.

Now you can't get rid of me! LOL.

Ali - good luck with the tires. I have tried several kinds, I think the Pereilli's (sp?) I have.

On now are the best, for me it's the rain, not snow that worries me. Hope you get some good ones..

Supposed to hit 70 today, it was in the 40's, damp and cold this morning, ugh..

Boys just left for haircuts then lunch, stay away as long as you want- LOL.

I need to go grocery shopping at some point. Waiting for one more gift in the mail for SIL then I hope I am done. She is due in on the 22nd - 27th..

Enjoy your day ladies wherever it might take you .......

Comment #43

PATTI - I am picking up a Golden Retriever puppy in Marlborough, near Boston, from one of my best on line friends, who I have visited twice. (how is that for a run on sentence)?.

I am so glad that you and the ranch lady are now makes things a lot more fun..

Hugs, NA..

Comment #44

CHARLY - I know things are more expensive where you live, but for $50.00 I can get a pedicure, manicure with gel nails and a facial. I think you 'was robbed. '.

I would definitely say something to your friend when he gets back...

Comment #45

ALI - I wonder if your Sister's ears ever burn and she wonders why. LOL.

It is nice of you to help your Mom and get things done for her. How did your Nephew feel the day after his PT?..

Comment #46

PATTI - And you think we want to get rid of you? I miss you when you are not around. You do so much stuff and it is fun to read...

Comment #47

Morning Girls!.

Currently 20 degrees and it's snowing! ARRGGHH! Supposed to get 3-5 inches more before it stops. It really hasn't changed since I went to bed so it must have stopped during the night. There is only enough on the ground now to show it snowed, make the sidewalks/drive white but that's about it. If the sun were out heating up the asphalt it would melt. Miserable weather! It rained most of yesterday afternoon and now with the colder weather that turned to ice. It's all moving east so Charly watch out!.

That's about it around here. Stay warm, stay safe and have a fun Sunday!..

Comment #48

WEATHER UPDATE!!! The snow is coming down and it's coming down hard!.

Guess they were right with the Blizzard warnings. Well, I'm not going anywhere! Staying put!.

Until the next update....stay warm!..

Comment #49

Good Morning ladies.

It's so nice to see everyone, and you just try to get away Miss P LOL.

Nothing much going on here, just need to rouse myself and get my aquariums done today, poor fish are swimming in muck..

Other then that should be a lazy day at home..

Hope everyone has a great day..

Comment #50


Ali - it's here too! BOOHISS!!.

Hey to everyone! Not sure what will go on here today given the weather conditions but there is plenty to do inside......maybe......if I feel like it (LOL)..

Comment #51

Ali - I think you are more inline for worse weather than us here.......good idea that you are staying home today. I still haven't braved up to walk out to the road and get the paper (LOL)..

Comment #52

Holy Cow to the Weather Reports!!!.

Just saw Minn. on the weather channel, people can't get out of their houses!.

John's aunt lives in Bemidji, hope she is okay, I mean that is some mean snow..

Ali and Charly - stay warm and safe!.

NA - hope your travels go well and the snow doesn't hinder your trip..

Miss Monica - Hey lady, how are you? How are the pups doing??.

We have a nice day today but a cold front comes in tomorrow - nuttin' like what.

Anyone else is getting but in the 30's for 2 days..

I am off to ride, help P with his study guides - mid terms start tomorrow, he has.

7 in 4 days and I will be out of town. He will be fine, it's just me worrying..

Enjoy your Sunday, I have yet to get anything done regarding organizing my junk.

But maybe 1 hour incriments is the answer..

Be good and enjoy your Sunday ladies!..

Comment #53


Snow isn't bad enough the winds are right behind it. Haven't even tried to snowblow, why bother. The guy next door to me shoveled and you would never know it. The wind just threw all the snow back..

Temps have dropped big time.....

Stay safe Charly! Keep warm everyone!a..

Comment #54

Ali - isn't he the same guy that his leaves come into you yard? I'd say it's 'payback' (ROFL)..

Comment #55

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.