Can Yahoo! register name servers for a domain I purchased through another registrar (123

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My question is Can Yahoo! register name servers for a domain I purchased through another registrar (123 Many thanks for any comment. Second question.. Would you develop a top commercial keyword .biz HostGator into a store / e-commerce site? Let's take as example (I don't own it). Would it make a good store that people could take seriously? I know people are kind of reticent when buying from non .COM domains; I admit, I am too. Do you know any successful stores on .BIZ domains?..

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Yup, although you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm my answer as I am unsure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the 123 reg guys because they can answer you better...

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Always use a .com for retailing (and most other things too). Exception: Use country tld if you are concentrating your sales in a non-US country (in US use .com of course)...

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The quality of a one word .BIZ is similar to that of a three word .COM..

GoodShoes.Com > Shoes.Biz > GoodShoesOnline.Com..

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But is that reticence because you are a domainer?.

For the general public who don't know a com from a bz if they go to a developed site that sells what they want why would they have any qualms , it is more the online security that is the concern.


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Good point. I am primarily a developer although it's hard not to get caught up in the speculation. I was at a meeting with a client this week where we were talking about some ideas for another site where the .com was taken. He immediately suggested .biz and I promptly shot him down. My son, who was also there, pointed out later I was talking like a domainer. I think there are tons of business owners who are only concerned with their local markets and have no problem with non .com tlds...

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I agree, I also think quality of the site in terms of design, download times/quality, trustworthy payment system which people are familiar with, good range of products at the right price, quality security protocols, reasonable shipping times/ charges, cross promotion with trusted online brands, correctly targetted advertising, and many other factors contribute to a successful sale..

I think .biz sounds o.k. for a store or shop selling just about any product including shoes. I know in Australia there is a chain of shoe stores called "Shoo Biz" which sells mainly shoes..

I also think that another issue when selecting a domain, is the word of mouth advertising from customers. It isn't easy for someone to remember a quick recommendation from a friend like "Hey I found this great 123 reg website which sells shoes, the web address is". People are already saturated by advertising. Even a banner ad may be hard to remember..

I also think that if you are worried about reticence, it is worth considering, that in most towns and cities there are a steadily growing number of small local business using the .biz tld. Something which your potential customer will probably reflect on when faced with the address..

With now over 1.8mil domains registered, I'm sure there must be many...

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I own ($35 Landrush II) and ($450, private sale). The .coms would have been way out of my price range, so I had to settle for what I could get..

I did try to get earlier this year, which would have been better than, but when I went to pay my $2,100 TDNAM bid after the high bidder failed to pay, the original registrant renewed. "Missed it by that much." So I quickly hunted down the owner of and made my offer..

That said, when you can't get the .com, you have to either look for a variation of your desired name, or try to find an alternative Tld. I can't say whether or not, for example, is better than, but you gotta admit, it does feel good to own a generic .biz that would be worth six or seven figures if it were a .com. Maybe one day.Yah never no what will catch on in the future...

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I think the general public will not be as concerned as the developer and domainer when it comes to a site been a dot com or not. I also think tld's like .biz will become very accpeted in the years to come as more businesses turn to alternative tld's as the drought on dot coms becomes more extreme. I have several online stores using .info and they are my best selling sites for products although I must admit they have very targeted keywords..

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