Can you do Medifast Diet with only the prepackaged food?

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Question I have... Can you do Medifast Diet with only the prepackaged food? Hoping for any response. Another question on my mind: Welcome to the home of the SHORTIES.

- All those vertically challenged MFers. We are newbies and goals met successes, young and well seasoned, single and married or divorced, we are diverse. We cover every area except the tall ones - you know the ones, the overhead bins in airplanes, the top shelf in the grocery store, the light bulb in the dark closet, those elusive lofty places.

Some people call us.


, and we actually think that is a compliment, as we are.

Slim Hotties On the Road To Intelligent Eating and Stability.

We have to deal with special issues due to our height (or lack there of), and we can really relate to each other. We like that saying, The best things come in small packages, and people often say that about us we are small but mighty! We also tend to be feisty, daring, passionate, vocal, and we have a lot of love to give..

We are always welcoming new SHORTIES to the group (and anyone else that wants to hang out with us), so come on in, introduce yourself, let's get acquainted, pull up a chair and sit a spell! We're here to help each other as we travel together down that road to health!.

Heres our banner, so you can add it to your signature. Just copy & paste, then edit it to delete all the little * in the text:.


The Questions of the Day:.

"Creation Sunday" What is something you plan to do this week to make a change in your life?.

"Measuring Monday" What are your measurements this week (bust, waist, hips) and your total inches, all measurements, lost since you started?.

"Tempation Tuesday" What temptation did you face this week & how did you handle it?.

"Wonderful Wednesday" What victories are you celebrating this week?.

"Telling Thursday" Anything you want to tell about areas that you are less than happy with your decisions, behaviors, strength, etc. - where can we help you?.

"Favorite Friday" What was a new food that you tried this week that you consider one of your Favs now?.

"Sharing Saturday" Whatever you want to share with the group....

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Comments (97)

Yup, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another person here to confirm this as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

Good morning, Shorties!.

I weighed in at 154.4 lbs today, down 1.4 from last week, and I finally got off my lazy butt and started walking today (45 minutes on the treadmill)..

How's everybody doing today?..

Comment #2

Down another pound so no complaints..

Work has been so busy today that I didn't notice my mid morning meal timer go off and I was starving when I came up for air. Ate my mid-morning meal, chugged some water because I wasn't drinking either (talk about focused! LOL). Now I've set two timers for lunch hoping I'll remember but things have calmed down and I actually have time to browse here too before lunch. Phew! Love it when work's busy though...

Comment #3

Hi Everyone..

I lost only .8lbs this week but a loss is a loss. I weighed in at 157.4 which is the lowest I got to the first go round with Medifast in 2007. Adrienne, can you crack the whip so that it reaches the scale?.

It's amazing that since we are all so short even the most minute amount of weightloss makes a big difference. I am wearing a pair of pants today that 2 weeks ago were so tight that I had to take them off and the difference in weight is less than 4 pounds. Today they are loose in the butt and waist...

Comment #4

Honestly Grace, when the scale moves so little, I turn to the measuring tape to track my losses. I find that movement more satisfying, and since you now have baggy pants, I'd say not to worry, you're doing it right!.


Comment #5

Yay everyone on your losses! Any loss is better than a gain and yes as SHORTIES we get a bigger bang for our buck..

Does anyone think it's harder to lose weight as a shortie, as in our metabolisms run slower than taller people?..

Comment #6

LOL Absolutely! I could so easily get frustrated because I'm not losing the "normal" amount each week. I'll take the trend I've got going over the alternative though...

Comment #7

Snoopgirl, remember that Medifast is based on 1000 or fewer calories a day. That's why the people who have so much to lose, lose so quickly. We Shorties probably don't need much more than 1000 a day to maintain anyway. (I know at 1500 calories a day, I will gain weight.) Taller people will continue to lose at 1500 calories a day. But even at 1000 calories a day, it probably will take a week just to lose 1 pound. For example, look at our belly dancing granny.

The reason is that she needs fewer calories to maintain her weight so there isn't that big a deficit between that and the number of calories on MF...

Comment #8

I don't think our metabolisms are slow, it's just that because we're smaller, our bodies just don't need that many calories compared to taller folks. Hence, if we eat the same amount as a big person, we gain while they maintain. Kind of a pain, but there is a good side - Healthy shorties generally live several years longer than their taller counterparts. I suspect that if we were to really dig into the numbers, shorties probably lose the same.


Of their total weight as a taller person...

Comment #9

Stayed the same weight this week. My body is probably still adjusting from being sick. I started strength training today so hopefully my hunger doesn't increase...

Comment #10

Kimberly, I was wondering where you were. Did you lose any inches since the scale didn't move? How are those wedding invitations coming? Did you get any help with them?..

Comment #11

I haven't done my measurements in awhile so I'm not sure if they've moved at all. Last week's weigh in was for 2 weeks and I dropped almost 8 pounds so my body probably just needs some time to adjust so I'm not too concerned about a no-loss week..

I kind of compromised with the invitations. I having the basic invitation printed then I'm going to assemble all the materials into a card pocket rather than printing, designing, and assembling everything myself. It should save me some time and stress..

Congratulations everyone on your losses this week! As a whole, we shorties are really rocking it!..

Comment #12

Hello everyone,.

So glad to find this thread, very informative for those of us vertically challenged or better yet, adorably low to the ground. I just started Medifast officially on Saturday but had tried on my own to get started about a week ago. kind of depressed when weighing in I didn't lose a thing, and may have even gained a pound! I do realize I may not loose very fast on this but I need the assurance that I will lose even if slowly, so any encouragement is appreciated. the diet isn't too hard so think I could do it for a while but only if I know I wil get a little smaller. I am a petite shortie so although I only need to lose between 16 and 26pounds, I look alot larger, mostly in my stomach like I'm 8 months pregnant! yuck. well, just wanted to check in and say hi, i'm sure I will be asking lots of questions.

Thanks a bunch all.

Karen M..

Comment #13

Welcome Karen. We're here to support each other any way we can. Wait and see what the scale says after a week on MF. I bet you'll be pleasantly surprised...

Comment #14

Welcome, Karen! I agree with Grace. Weigh in after a week and I'm sure you'll see a loss if you've been completely OP. You may lose a little slower than some people considering that you don't have as much to lose but stick with it and you will get the results you are looking for!..

Comment #15

Welcome Karen. Make sure you take your measurements in addition to what Grace and Kimberly have said. A lot of times the scale won't move but your body will change! I have a "front butt" too..

After almost 4 months on Medifast I can finally walk up a steep flight of stairs without having to hold my belly up or feel it hitting the tops of my thighs. What a great feeling! Now I'm waiting for the day my thighs don't rub together..

I think it was Jessica who said, we're not short, we're fun sized!..

Comment #16


Welcome to the SHORTIES!.

You can subscribe to this thread and make it a breeze to find us again. To subscribe, click on "Thread Tools" up near the top right of the page. Drag down to "Subscribe to Thread" and click on that. You can change your notification preference or choose no notification right there. Then the next time you want to get to SHORTIES, click on "Quick Links" in the top right corner of the page, then click on "Subscribed Threads," select the SHORTIES, and you're here...

Comment #17

Thank you all for the encouragement and answers. like I was saying, very helpful thread and glad to be part of the Shorties..


Comment #18

I just received an email from my DH about a company anniversary party to be held in late May. No further information was in the email (more to come later), but since the party will be on a Saturday and spouses/guests are invited, I'm going to assume for now that it will be a more formal affair. You know what that means -.

The little black dress.


I have no little black dress. I've never owned a little black dress. I've never even tried on a little black dress. But, oh! I'm actually looking forward to this journey into the realm of cocktail dresses! Never in my life have I had the self-confidence to.


To try on dressy clothes, let alone the infamous LBD - not until I found MF, that is..

So, now I have my own little challenge going. I want to get as much of this excess weight off as possible before I start dress shopping, so I will need to stay 100% OP and get crackin' on that exercise. I had planned on starting out with 3 workouts per week (2 down so far this week, twisted ankle), then gradually upping that to 5 or 6 over the next couple of months. Obviously, that ain't gonna cut it now. Time to up the ante. Minimum 5 days a week it is..

Granted, most of the people who will be at the party I've never met, but the ones I have haven't seen me at any other weight besides 200 lbs (and on a shortie, that's a lot!). I want these folks I've met to not even recognize me. I want jaws to drop, even if I'm not at goal weight yet. I want people to walk up to my DH and say, "Is that your wife?! You lucky dog!".

Yes, I have a way to go yet, but I.


Get there - and I'm going to look fabulous!..

Comment #19

You can do it Shelly, but watch out for too much excercise. It can be a bad thing and make you retain water. You remember Laura - Redhead Gal? She was excercising too much and when she cut back, she dropped 5lbs in one week! So, just be careful. AND PUT SOME PICTURES UP IN YOUR LBD!..

Comment #20

You go Shelly! Get that dress! I agree with Grace, you can over do it. Be cautious in how much you do. Work into it gradually too...

Comment #21

Don't worry. I'll be careful about the exercise. Been there, done that..

Years ago while on WW, I was hitting the gym hard (5-6 days a week, 1.5-2.5 hours each). My weightloss stopped. Then my weight started to creep back up. Major stress moved in. Everybody at WW was telling me that I was doing everything right, just keep at it. Several months and 20 lbs (gained) later, I was on antidepressants (can you blame me?!). Only years later did I find out that I had knocked myself - hard - into starvation mode because of too much exercise...

Comment #22

Everybody hunkering down for tomorrow's snow? I just saw the weather report for my area and they now say 12-18 inches. Where my daughter goes to school, they expect 18-24 inches. Someone is spreading a rumor that the dining halls will be closed because the workers won't be able to get to work so she is worried. I say that this isn't the first time in the school's 125 year that there's been a ton of snow. But it's her first experience being away from home in such a storm and she's a little nervous. And today is her 19th birthday and it's hard for me to be away from her.

Seems like yesterday instead of 19 years ago..

I convinced my husband to change his flight and come home earlier tomorrow. Now he'll be back in Philadelphia around 5:30 PM instead of 6AM Saturday morning (which wouldn't happen because of the weather). I am relieved because I wasn't looking forward to shoveling 12-18 inches of snow with only my son. Now I just have to make sure I have enough cat food and litter - the necessities of life...

Comment #23


Have fun in the snow!.

Doesn't look like we're going to be getting any of it - maybe a light dusting on Saturday...

Comment #24

Dear Shortie medifasters, I am new to this group and started on my 3rd week on Tuesday and going strong. I have a question about being sick and doing medifast.......

Wednesday night I started feeling a sort throat coming on and thursday woke up with killer sore throat and NO voice at all. Today still no voice and a little feverish. I have kept on plan but was wondering if it is a good idea to diet through an illness??? Everyone keeps telling me I need to eat more calories when I'm sick but I'm not sure. What do you think?..

Comment #25


You shouldn't need to increase your calories just because of a minor illness - and a run of the mill case of the flu is a minor illness. If you were seriously ill (pneumonia, hospitalized, chemo, etc.), then that would be another story and you'd need to talk to your doctor about your nutritional needs..

I've had the flu while on Medifast and I stayed on plan as best I could. There were a couple of days where I was too queasy to even think about my L&G, but I ate my Medifast meals and drank a lot of water (even more than usual). I survived just fine..

Just focus on staying well hydrated, even though it hurts like heck to swallow, and eat what you can, but don't use this as an excuse to go off plan..

Feel better!..

Comment #26

Thank you so much Shelly!!! I tend to agree with you because if I'm getting enough nutrients in my medifast meals then I would be fine. I think it's everyone's automatic response when people get sick that we have to feed ourselves more. I should know better because in actuality our bodies use more energy to digest food and if we saved that energy to "Heal" ourselves then I'll probably get better faster. Thank you for confirming my suspicions!..

Comment #27

3:45 and no snow yet. Went to the supermarket this morning and it wasn't too crowded. I guess everyone shopped last night. The problem was that there were only 3 cashiers open and that made the store more crowded than it should have been..

Jen - sorry you're not feeling well. Anytime an adult gets a fever it's something to be concerned about. I agree with Shelly that you should just up your fluids (water, tea). I don't think you need extra calories. Watch the fever and the throat. If you have no other symptoms (runny nose, cough) and it still hurts, I say get cultured for strep.

I think he got it 4 times in one year. I got it only once but it was enough for me. Feel better..

Adrienne, I'm sure you have some belly dancing like advice for Jen...

Comment #28

Thank you Grace! You know that was my very first thought.... must be strep! Yuck..... since I had no fever or congestion. The crazy thing is that 4 people that sit next to me got the same thing!!! We have all been knocked out by it. I'm drinking, drinking, drinking tons of fluids and teas... you are so right.

ARGH!!! Oh well, my body is doing what it needs to do to kill the germs so I'm going with it. Ha!!!.

Take care and have a GREAT weekend...

Comment #29

Welcome Jen! I can't really add to what's already been said, I too stayed on plan when I was sick between Christmas and New Year's. I just got sugar free lozenges (no more than 3 a day) and that helped...

Comment #30

Thanks for asking, Shelly. He got home last night at about 7PM just as the first flakes were falling. I'm so glad he listened to me and changed his flight. He said when he landed in Philadelphia there were already notices about cancelled flights and his original flight was on the list..

I think we got about 2 feet of snow and where my daughter is they got close to 3 feet. She said when she went to the dining hall, she slipped and fell in a snow bank and her friends had to dig her out. At that point they only had 2 feet of snow. But it's over now and the digging out will begin tomorrow morning in the sunshine. Some of my neighbors are already digging out with snow blowers. I guess we should have bought one at the beginning of the season and saved everyone from this headache.

Rumor has it that there will be more snow heading our way on Wednesday which stinks because my son is scheduled to take his road test on Thursday and he's not getting enough practice in...

Comment #31

I hate snow so much! It makes everything so much more complicated!.

Have any of you tried any of the antioxidant shakes? I've been getting kind of bored with food lately and thought I might try some of them. I hope the brownies are yummy!..

Comment #32

I adore the antioxidant shakes! they are much thicker than the normal ones and have different flavors..

Grace, kudos to DH for listening. Hope DD didn't hurt herself in her tumble..

Of course, I bought a snow-blower this season, so the it didn't come far enough north for me to see a single flake. That Mr. Murphy and his law!..

Comment #33

I can't wait to order the brownies. I think they're supposed to be available on Monday so I'm already putting together a mini order with some oatmeal and COT. I really enjoy the oatmeal 'bread' type thing and I missed it this week since I was out of oatmeal. I had the peach which I wasn't crazy about and the apple which was OK. Has anyone tried the blueberry or the maple brown sugar?..

Comment #34

My daughter has plenty of 'padding' so she didn't get hurt. She laughed about it. She's 4'9 so there must be plenty of drifts that are taller than she is..

My husband thinks that he can go to Home Depot or Lowes tomorrow and get a snow blower. I think it will be a waste of time. But I can't expect him to listen to me twice in the same month...

Comment #35

Hi Grace - Yes, I love all the oatmeal flavors. I eat it just as it is (no muffins, e.g.), one every day. I find it to be the most filling of the Medifast meals. It will be one of the meals I keep eating daily during T&M. I read so much how people hate it that I was thinking about starting a self-help group "Those who love MediFast oatmeal". I might be the only member. The MBS is the best!..

Comment #36

I tried the peach oatmeal that came with my first order. Yuck! But I have never liked oatmeal or any other hot cereal, so that was no big surprise (I think it's a texture thing). One of these days I'll order a box of the brownies - after the initial rush - but I'll have to limit how many I buy. Brownies and other chocolatey goodies like that tend to be trigger foods for me, even if they are "diet."..

Comment #37

So we dug ourselves out this morning. It took the 3 of us a little over 2.5 hours and that included cleaning off the cars. Fortunately the snow was still light and fluffy so even though there was about 18" it wasn't so bad. Today it's above 30 and the snow is melting. The street is almost black and I suspect that by the end of the day it will be totally clear. If we waited until the afternoon to shovel the snow would be much heavier.

He should have showed up a 2 hours earlier! Well at least I got my workout for the day. The cats came out through the garage and watched us on the driveway to make sure we were doing a good job. It was quite amusing to watch them watch us. And the snow in the backyard has receded enough so that the cat who refuses to use the litter box can get to the flower bed...

Comment #38

You ladies are so cute!!! I'm sitting here reading and getting updated (since I've been sick for the past 4 days and haven't had much energy to get on the computer) and see how you're dealing with the snow. I'm totally cracking up picturing it and also picturing your kitties supervising the show. Ha ha. I'm totally cracking up!!! I live in California and have been freaking out over our recent rain and 44 degree weather this morning. Ouch!! Ha Ha!!! Anyways, thank you for your funny stories and inspiration. I find it so helpful when I am feeling discouraged or like the weight is coming off too slow.

NOT this time though.... I'm going all the way.... even through my illness. Yay!!! Take care everyone and goodnight! Tomorrow is my 3rd weigh in and I'm nervous because I was sick and laying around for almost 5 days plus tonight it's still lingering so I'm resting yet another day. Wish me luck and even if the scale doesn't go down I promise myself to keep my eye on the prize!!!.


Comment #39

Hi Jen! If you're one of those that always quits because the weight doesn't come off fast enough or you see a little success and think you're done, you might want to pick up a copy of the Beck Diet Solution. It's very interesting how it works us through our self destructive behavior and ensures we have the tools to not only lose weight but to keep it off. Have you ever heard the expression "agonizing reappraisal"? It's painful for us to really look hard and honest at ourselves. It hurts. Sometimes a lot. But this book really helps you work through it and if you do the exercises as the books asks you to, you start building a really good reflex muscle to help you keep your eye on the goal and get strong enough to get there.

It's a great way to go..

Ok off my soap box. Sorry you were so sick and glad you're feeling better. Kudos for staying on plan through it too. I know it's not easy, I had it over the holidays. Yuck. Good luck on your weigh in.

Ready for the next round of snow, Grace? I guess it's supposed to start this afternoon or tonight some time. Sending hubby out for coffee and dog treats so we make it through. LOL Dog will pine away if he doesn't have his cookie after a romp in the snow. Busy work week, so talk to you later...

Comment #40


I was thinking of you yesterday while I was on the treadmill. I was listening to a Jesse Cook album and I thought his music that would lend itself very well to belly dancing. He uses a combination of Latin, Middle Eastern, and Indian rhythms that you just can't help moving to...

Comment #41

Yes, Adrienne, we're getting ready for more snow. They expect 12-18" on top of the 27 we got on Saturday. There's something about a pending snowstorm that makes you run out to the supermarket. I didn't need anything but the chance of not being able to get anything made me spend $72 this morning for almost nothing. I bought some fish and chicken and floor cleaner. All important things..

Looks like my kid will have another snow day and a delayed opening on Thursday. Thursday is the day he's supposed to go for his road test. His appointment is at 1PM but I don't know if motor vehicles will be open. I called them and they basically said that if no one answers the phone then they are closed. That wouldn't be a problem except that I looked online last night to change his appointment and the next available appointment is.

APRIL 15!.

So the kid is bummed. My husband said not to cancel or change anything. We'll wait and see. And we have to borrow a car because the rule is that the inspector needs clear access to the parking brake. So we are borrowing a friend's car that has the parking brake on the center console..

Glad you're feeling better Jen. So happy that my cats could amuse you. They always make me laugh as well. We'll see what they come up with for round 2 starting this evening..

I've heard a lot about this Beck book. Is it really helpful?.

And BTW I ordered my brownies yesterday but I guess with all the snow in Maryland I probably won't see them until next week...

Comment #42

Shelly, I'll belly dance to anything that has a beat that moves me..

Doesn't matter what it is, even metal..

I've not heard of Jesse Cook, I've made a note of the name and I'll go have a listen. Thanks for the recommendation! I'm always looking for new music..

Grace, fingers cross that weather clears.

And the test goes off without a hitch. I hope some practice time with the friend's car can be had before the test. Nothing worse than being nervous and in a strange vehicle..

I have found the Beck book very helpful, but it's like MF. It takes dedication. You need to do the daily exercises, you need to put time in your day for it and commit to doing it. I honestly feel it's setting me up for some life long good habits if I can keep this up. It's one of the reasons I'm still here and still positive despite my slow losses too. It's really changed my thinking about food, just as much as Medifast has...

Comment #43

He's been borrowing the friend's car for a couple of Sunday's but we want him to get the feel of it again before the test. We were hoping that he could practice Thursday morning but we'll have to play it by ear. I'm in no rush for him to drive and neither is he believe it or not. He just wants the status of having a driver's license. He's worried about the responsibility that comes with driving on your own...

Comment #44

Good luck with the snow everyone! I'm glad I don't have to deal with it down here. Instead, I have super bowl craziness to deal with hehe. The Saints parade is tonight and everything is pretty nuts!.

I keep meaning to read the Beck Diet book. I bought it awhile ago and just can't seem to make myself do the exercises. Writing stuff on index cards doesn't seem to help me much so I wonder if it would still be helpful if I didn't do that. Or maybe I just need to suck it up and do it anyway...

Comment #45

If you don't do the book, it can't help you. I tried it the first time without the response cards. Didn't really do much. This time I'm doing it with the cards and it makes more sense and I seem to be making real progress...

Comment #46


Look for Jesse Cook's albums in the "New Age" section of the music store, or at

Comment #47

I have and I enjoyed it, thanks! Forgot to tell you...

Comment #48

Good morning all. Yes it's quite early even for those of us with cats that like to go outside..

I came down with a cold yesterday and I can't find a comfortable place to sleep. I thought it would be better for me to get out of bed than ruin my husband's night of sleep. And the cats were happy to have some company so early in the day. I can't remember the last time I was sick. It must have been over 5 years ago when we first moved down here and my son brought home some upper respiratory thing. We were all sick with it for weeks..

As for the weather report, it started snowing here at about 7 last night and there appears to be at least 8" already but since it's dark, I can't tell if it's still snowing. Obviously school is closed and my husband even had the foresight to close his factory for today. (And he was smart enough to take the factory snowblower home with him.) And motor vehicles has a note on it's website that it is closed for the day as well. So if they will also be closed on Thursday my kid probably won't be able to take his road test until May since all of today's testees will take the April appointments..

I just stuck my head outside and it sounds like it's raining.....

Comment #49

Very little snow up here in Connecticut so far, but it is getting pretty windy. DH had to fly to Pittsburgh for business yesterday (the company sprung this trip on him on Monday afternoon!), and he was expecting to be snowed in at the hotel all day today. He said he'd call when he found out what day he'd be able to come home...

Comment #50

I can't believe you have very little snow. After the initial snow last night we had some rain and it has been snowing since 11AM. Big fat wet flakes...

Comment #51

Hello shorties..... well I decided to hold off on weighing myself until next Tuesday because of being sick. I think It will be better for my psyche. Ha ha..

Adrienne, I'm going to order the "Beck diet solution" and do my best to set aside time to do the exercises. I have 3 other things Im trying to "fit" in my schedule so maybe I will read it first and then figure out if I can do it again with the exercises like you did..

Grace... Love to hear your kitty stories. I have a kitty.... her name is "Petunia Puss" and she makes me smile daily. I love to hear other people's stories about their kitties personalities, they are such funny little creatures!.

All your talk about the snow has me longing for it.... I'm going to Mammoth (here in California) in March to do some skiing and I'm bubbling over with excitement. I guess the grass is always greener on the other side huh!!!.

Any suggestions or advice for me on what to do in social situations? I feel strong enough now to actually go places and am going to a "Casino party" this Saturday (was planning on only drinking sugar free red bull or something like that) and then the following weekend will be at disneyland and the following weekend at a wedding and then after that will be skiing in Mammoth..... it's like BAM, BAM, BAM.... one thing after another. Weekends seem to be hard for me as it is but with all the festivities I'd like to be armed with a plan in case I feel weak. (I feel like it's not going to be a big deal but you never know once you're actually IN the situation, right)..

Ok..... hope everyone had a great day.... only 2 more til the weekend. Woo hoo!!!! Goodnight!.


Comment #52

Shelly, I hope your husband will make it home today. It's one thing to be traveling and it's another to travel and know you can't get home when you want to..

Jen, I love a good cat story too so feel free to share about Petunia Puss (great name). Regarding your busy social life, I think you should work your L+G into these situations. Make careful choices at the wedding's cocktail hour by sticking to cruditee (remember carrots are not OP) and deducting it from you green should help you. And sauce on the side is alway big. (Think of Sally Albright from the movie When Harry Met Sally.) I've taken the puffs with me to more casual social settings in a plastic baggie instead of the Medifast packaging. It draws less attention to it.

So it looks like my son's road test is on. I'll let you know what happens after 2PM. I have to go find his school id now...

Comment #53

Hello all. 8 inches here. Not too bad. Roads were cleared by 11pm last night..

Jennifer, like Grace said, I try to make social settings my time for my L&G unless I know I absolutely can't. I would take a bar or bag of puff/pretzels with me, just in case, too. I try to keep an extra box of bars on hand so I know I always have one available, just in case..

Diet red bull is not a good choice for a beverage. I would also suggest seltzer or plain water with a twist. Looks like a cocktail and is on plan...

Comment #54

I'm sure you guys are just huddled around the computer waiting to hear the results of my kid's road test....

There was no test..

I had called motor vehicles in Trenton this morning (heaven forbid you should be able to call the facility directly) and after being on hold for 15 minutes, I was told that road tests were on in Cherry Hill. My husband and son got there about 40 minutes early and the nasty testing guy told them that it was off. They went to get a new test date and the earliest available was in Salem on March 9. Another month! Well that's better than the April 15 date offered at Cherry Hill. C'est la vie. It 's too bad because my son wanted to go on his own to the supermarket and buy his favorite flavor of ice cream. He doesn't know that I already have it in the freezer...

Comment #55

Yet again, the big snow storm failed to manifest here. The weather forecasters were calling for 20 inches or more of snow with significant blowing and drifting. On Tuesday evening, all the state's schools and quite a few businesses announced that they would be closed on Wednesday. We got 1.5-2 inches total during late Wednesday afternoon and evening with no drifting. Sure it was windy, but nothing to write home about. The state and school officals are looking like idiots - again.

They've cried wolf too many times. That could be a big problem if the "big one" really hits...

Comment #56

That's really disappointing for your son, Grace. March 9 really isn't that far way though. I was rooting for him!..

Comment #57

I'm sorry for your son, Grace. I had my fingers crossed...

Comment #58

Well the kid took it pretty much in stride but my husband was angry. Not wanting to disparage anyone who works for a government agency but how can they give out inaccurate information? In the scheme of things, this was quite minor but what if I had called about something of greater importance? How can we ever trust that the information we receive is accurate?.

I agree March 9 is not too far away and my husband is confident that the kid will pass. The problem is that the testing center is about an hour away from us near the Delaware Memorial Bridge so it will be a shlep. Let us pray for no snow leading up to March 9..

I'm still sick though I feel much better than yesterday. I have been off plan for the last 2 days: not eating all my meals and certainly not getting in all my water even in the form of tea. I couldn't swallow. I was so congested that I gagged every time I took a sip or a bite. On top of that, it's TOM so I was greeted this morning with a 2lb weight gain. I guess the body really does object when it thinks it's being starved.

Don't start calling me evil and make me stand in the corner, as other teams have been known to do recently. Where I really don't condone going off plan, people make mistakes and sometimes stuff happens..

Oh, and the kid has a 2 hour delay for school today. I just can't figure out why...

Comment #59

Here's one for Kimberly and Jen:.

Now that the snow has compacted somewhat, I put some dried breadcrumbs out for the birds that like to hang out in our yard. Well my two cats are glued to the window looking at them. They are making these clucking sounds when they see the birds so that they sound almost like chickens. It's like reality tv for cats. We call it The Birdy Show...

Comment #60


Of course you're not evil!.

You've been sick and getting your meals and fluids in as best you can. That's all you can do. I'm glad you're feeling better and I know that the water you're retaining from being dehydrated/underfed and TOM will go away shortly...

Comment #61

Not doing so well with the meals today but definately better with the fluids. I've had about half of the 8 glasses today but only 2 meals in so far but it's only 1:45 so I may still get all 5 in. Lean and green is another story. Haven't had that since Monday...

Comment #62

I love it when kitties chirp at birdies. It's so cute! Nobody is going to judge you here, Grace. None of us are perfect and you are doing just fine considering you are sick. I hope you feel better soon!..

Comment #63

The fluids are the most important at this point. The Medifast meals and L&G will come when you can handle them...

Comment #64

Thanks Kimberly..

Did you get your invitations out yet? Must be getting pretty close to time to get them in the mail. And when do you get your dress? I'll bet that they have to take it in a lot..


Comment #65

Glad you're feeling better, Grace. I can understand not eating because you can't swallow. If you're sick, you're sick. I also agree with Shelly, you really need to be getting the fluids in. Only way you're going to get better. You need to flush the crud out of your system. Eat what you can, that's all you can do...

Comment #66

Ordered brownies on Monday. Got them today. Just had one. There is a question....

Actually, I think the problem most people have with the Medifast food, myself included, is that you expect it to taste like non diet food and it doesn't. The brownie wasn't bad but I think there is room for improvement. I think some Capella drops would add to it. I'll have to try that next time. However, if you're going somewhere and there will be dessert, I would take this along instead of a bar. It gives you the feeling of eating a dessert because you cana put it on a plate and eat it with a fork.

That was meal 3 for the day. Need to drink more tea...

Comment #67

The invites will be going out by the end of the month. It will be great to finally not have to worry about them anymore. I go for my first fitting on March 6 but I have really been struggling lately so I'm not sure if they will have to take it in at all. I seem to be losing dress sizes really slowly in general. Maybe when I finally get out of plus sizes, I will go through sizes more quickly. I really just need to get my butt in gear and focus on being 100% on plan rather than 95% on plan.

I ordered some brownies on Monday through TSFL and they haven't even shipped them yet! I bet they would be tasty with some SF Caramel syrup. I can't wait to try them!..

Comment #68

I want to try the brownies so bad! I ordered some on Monday but they still haven't shipped yet. The weather is keeping my brownies from me!..

Comment #69

My order ships this week and I have a box of brownies in the order. Hoping they're good...

Comment #70

Oh and I've reached mini-goal #2 so guess what I'm doing this weekend..

More snow heading this way! Woohoo!..

Comment #71

Way to go Adrienne!.

I seem to be stuck in a holding pattern again. My weight was up 0.2 last week and down the same 0.2 this week. Ah well, it will come off when it wants to come off. Right now, I'm more concerned with being able to breathe - I've got a miserable head cold right now...

Comment #72

I am also vertically challenged! It seems like we do lose slower because we required less calories. I guess that is why I could never lose on WW. Too many calories and way toooo.

Many carbs!!!..

Comment #73

I agree with you - Going4Goal. I could never lose on WW either. It just seemed like too much food..

I'm feeling 98% back to normal and am ready to get back OP 100% with all meals, L+G, and water. I'm still holding on to those 2 pounds but I think by the end of the week they'll be gone again. Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well Shelly..

Congrats on the 20 lbs gone, Adrienne. Enjoy your day at the spa. I hope to join you soon in the 20 lb mark (not the spa, though. I can't handle strangers touching me.).

Hurray! We expect more snow today or tomorrow or both. Like we don't have enough already. We went to the mall on Saturday and the parking lot has lost 30% of it's spots due to 8 foot piles of snow. It's just insane the amount of snow around here but I know come August I'll be wishing that we had some. I guess I need to buy more bird seed so that the Birdy Show can continue and the birds stay strong so that they can fly away from my kitties...

Comment #74

Welcome Going! Glad you're feeling better Grace, and please get better soon Shelly. Thanks for the kudos. Taking a long time to get here but it's all good..

Grace, I don't blame you, took me a long time to get to where I could enjoy it. Now it's a treat I really look forward to. It's ok, we all have that special something we enjoy. As long as we remember to reward ourselves when we do well...

Comment #75

I just started the Beck Diet Solution and I am going to do all the index card exercises whether I think I need them or not! It's funny but the book is already helping me regain my focus and I haven't even completed very much of it. I definitely have a history of out of control binge eating so hopefully this will help me both now and when I go through transition...

Comment #76

Kimberly, if it will help reinforce the exercises, join us here:.

Where we're going through a chapter at a time together. I'm sure you can easily catch up and post the responses. We're in slow mode right now, but doing about a chapter a week...

Comment #77

Can you believe it? They predicted snow for yesterday and it actually snowed!! Only about half of what was predicted, but heck, they got some of it right!..

Comment #78

We basically just got a dusting. What a relief! I couldn't imagine where we would put it if we had to shovel...

Comment #79

I got my brownies finally and tried one last night. I like them a lot! They are a really good evening food for me..

I've been getting back to the basics this week. Making sure I drink all my water, logging my meals, and being a good girl overall. I'm sure the pounds will start coming off again. Hope you guys are having a good week!..

Comment #80

Hi everyone!!.

I am short too! Too short!! I find that if I stick with doing the basics and eat fish alot for my L&G that I lose faster. I could not lose on WW, infact I would gain. I think the calories and carbs were too high for my height, so it was not working..

I am glad that I found Medifast as it's the only plan that works for me. I know as shorties we need less calories to sustain our bodies..

I should get my new order next week and I ordered the brownies. I hope they are good...

Comment #81

I also need to keepmy carbs below 90 to see good results. I think my body just does better with less carbs...

Comment #82

Snow is actually starting to melt here..

I love winter. I swear I'm going to emigrate to Canada..

Hi there G4G! I agree, most of the time I need to keep my carbs under 85 and calories under 850 to see any movement at all. Good thing there are a lot of ways to do that..

Congrats on getting back on the wagon Kimberly!.

To all in need...

Comment #83

In order to keep my carbs low I have to limit the antioxidant infusers and not eat vegetarian. I love the Boca and MSF patties and those are high in carbs. I use the antioxidant infusers to get my water down. I am going to have to use more of the Momentum infusers (up to 3) instead of the 3-5 antioxidant infusers I have been using. I have no problem keeping the calories down, it's the carbs!!! And I am VERY carb sensitive!!!..

Comment #84

I'm fine with plain water, got into that habit when I was on WW for the first loss of my long journey. So it's normal for me to get up to 3 liters of water down a day without thinking..

I agree, going meatless makes it a huge struggle. I was eating mainly meatless before I started Medifast but I've gone back to almost full carnivore since I started the plan. And yes to the carb sensitive!..

Comment #85

I think a lot of people are carb sensitive. I could not lose an ounce on WW. I think the calories were too high and I was eating tons of carbs..

When the weather is cold, I need help getting the water down so that is why I use the infusers. When it's warm or hot I can chug plain water all day long!..

Comment #86

Have you tried your water warm? I have no issues sipping a cup of hot water when I'm so cold. I get about half my water in that way...

Comment #87

It doesnt sound too appetizing! lol.

I guess I could try it...

Comment #88

Everyone says it sounds horrible, so did I! LOL..

Comment #89

I've been known to sip hot water. I usually add a tea bag, though...

Comment #90

I dont like tea either!! lol.

I am using 1 infuser and 32 oz of water. So, I am using much less...

Comment #91

My husband thinks I'm so weird because I can't stand any kind of hot beverage - not even hot chocolate, and I'm a 3rd generation chocoholic! I'd rather drink something cold even if I'm freezing to death...

Comment #92

I lost 2 pounds this week so I guess getting back to the basics is working. It's nice to break through that plateau! Plus, I'm so close to being in the 160s...

Comment #93

That's so funny, Shelly because I'll have something hot to drink at night. I always find something warm in my stomach helps me get to sleep faster, so even in the heat of summer I drink a cup of something hot before bedtime. Viva la difference!.

That's fantastic news, Kimberly! Congratulations!.

I had one of my famous zero lost zero gained weeks. I expect to see more of them as I get closer to goal. I might have to eat more meat and less meatless options now too to keep carbs as minimal as possible. Not going to do that until I see more than two weeks with no loss though. I still like my meatless options...

Comment #94

Kimberly, what a fantastic loss! I can't believe that you're almost in the 160's. You've come a long way, baby. (You're too young to even know what I'm referencing).

Adrienne, I have to agree with you. As much as I enjoy the meatless options, I find that I do better with fish or chicken than with anything else..

After reading a bunch of threads, I've decided to eat according to the time and not according to when I get hungry. So I've planned my day out so that I'm eating every 2-3 hours and it's working. I'm not hungry but I feel silly eating when I'm not hungry but that is the point...

Comment #95

Woohoo Kimberly!.

Almost into a new "decade" AND just a hair away from the 50 lb mark!.

Go Kimberly, go!..

Comment #96

Grace, I think you're doing the right thing. I have timers set on my computer to remind me when it's time to eat. I eat then and it's been so much easier. Good luck!..

Comment #97

Hi everyone..

My name is Keisha....i'm 5'2".....I am so glad I finally found this thread!.

It is a bit harder to lose weight when you are shorter..

Everyone is so inspiring......thank you...

Comment #98

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.