Can you do Nutrisystem promotions back to back?

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My question is Can you do Nutrisystem promotions back to back? Hoping for any answer or 2. 2nd question I got is.. After lurking for a couple of weeks I thought I'd jump in and say hello...and make my first post a question. At 46, single, and never really learned how to cook (my mother was a great cook so I never needed to learn), I was looking for a meal delivery service that would be a lot more nutritious than the normal sandwich or grocery store nuked meals. At the same time, I knew I needed to drop about 45 lbs. So although I'm using Nutrisystem to drop some lb's (2 weeks in now, down 10.5), I'm using it more as my meal delivery service.

Even when I reach goal, I'm not sure I'll give up NS.

Anyone else using Nutrisystem for this reason?.


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Yes, there are Nutrisystem online coupons available you can get through email. Great way to save money on Nutrisystem now. I urge you to you to sign up for their email list so you can receive notification of their latest promo codes. They usually mail once a week or 2..

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It is very geared to single men in this fashion. I do find myself gradually learning to cook though from add in experimentation. Hang in the foodie threads.....

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Welcome to the Men's Room, daily lurking and posting here is one of the best tools we have..

The convenience of Nutrisystem is a by-product I didn't really expect when I started, but I've come to love it...

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Although I don't use Nutrisystem in this way, I often think back to 9 years ago when I relocated from New England to California. I moved here in January, my wife didn't come until July (she's a school teacher), so for 7 months I lived the bachelor life. I often wish I had known about Nutrisystem then. It would have been easy and I would have lost weight through good nutrition, instead of the two Jumbo Jacks with cheese and a side of fries that became a dinner staple at that time......

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Welcome! I did not start Nutrisystem for these reasons, but they are why I was able to stick to it and plan to make it a part of my life for the foreseeable future!.

It's what gives me hope for permanent control - using the Nutrisystem crutch..


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Single guys are lucky in that you can control exactly what is available to you. I have the opposite problem. My wife is a fantastic cook and prepares dinners almost every night. I have two high school age boys and guess what my refrig and cupboards are full of? Thats right, nasty temptations, you name it, it's right there. The worst thing is when she leaves something going in the crock pot all day and I have to smell it. I work at home and it drives me and the dog insane..

Im not the only one that needs to work on portion control at my home, but my suggestions and rants have all gone unheard for years. My family members are supportive of my choice and desires, but the environment makes it difficult. With the help of NS, Im able to stage my own personal peaceful protest. My ultimate hope is that Ill be able to teach by example..

Oh, welcome to the boards marktnf. Shout out if you need any help or a little kick in the butt...

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Jeff: HUGE salad. and veggies. And divide up meals. A lot. Sorry that you can't just purge bad stuff. I totally did that.

It is the only booze in the house. Told myself that if I took a drink, would pour it all down drain (before reaching goal). Would feel bad regifting it..

FORGET. Forget it is there!..

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I also use the reward bears a little differently than what could be considered ummmmm ...normal...

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Yep, thats what I do. My wife preps variety of fresh, grilled or steamed veggies and salads for me plus gets whatever dairy/protein adds I need on her shopping trips. See, very supportive, except.. well I dare not get into it. I keep my Nutrisystem stuff in the box in my office and that way I never have to open the dreaded carbo cabinet of shame..

Going for a bike ride, now...

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