Can you drink red wine on phase 2 of Medifast Diet?

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My question is Can you drink red wine on phase 2 of Medifast Diet? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Second question.. Welcome to this week's new thread and......

The Melt Away Wrapper Challenge.


Join in at any time on this challenge!! All you do is try to log in daily with your calories, carbs, water intake, exercise, did you log in your food, and if you were OP!.

Thanks Jennifer for coming up with the name!!!.

I'll try to make a sign thingy. If I don't get challenged by technical difficulties..

My yesterday's tallies for the challenge:.

Calories: 843.5.

Carbs: 84.3.

Water: 64 oz..

Exercise: Yes (10 lbs. Down Lower Body Workout) It was tough..

Logged Food: Yes.

OP: Yes, you betcha!.

I'll probably be reporting numbers from the day before. After my last meal I'm usually going to bed..

Well today is my weigh-in. If you remember last Wednesday, I didn't make it till onederland until Thursday. But, I'm proud to say, I have a 3.2 lb. loss to report this week. Oh, Medifast, how I love thee! Let me count the ways (weighs)!!!.

Cara, you'll have to post a picture of your charm bracelet. I noticed one poster on a board put what charm she got for what milestone she made. I thought that was neat..

On a more sad note, I have to report I only have one Cappuccino left, and no more Hot Cocoa. My shipment doesn't leave until the 5th. I guess I'll have to drink shakes. I was doing well with shakes in the a.m., but it's hard to drink a frosty shake when it's cold outside, even if they are delicious..

Happy Hump Day!!!..

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The answer is Yes, but... you might want to make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you email the Medifast guys because they can give you help better...

Comment #1

Tracey, what would happen if you drank your shakes hot? It might pass as ok until your shipment arrives....

Welcome, new members! It's great to have you here...

Comment #2

Gloria, Congrats on your losses. Your dog is so cute. You can tell you look thinner than in the older pictures!! You'll want to be center stage in pictures soon enough my friend. :O).

I hope you all like the challenge banner. I have posted it here:.

As far as I know, it should work as is, just paste to your signature at the quick links header at the top of the discussion page...

Comment #3

Well jinkies that didn't go as planned. Let me try the link again:.

[ URL= ][ IMG ][ /IMG ][ /URL ].

Ok take the first spaces out of the beginning and end of each bracket [ ] and it should work. Crossing fingers....

Barb, Sometimes, I add the shakes to my hot coffee. Just a splash though. I have wondered how the chocolate shake would be heated though. Hmmm?..

Comment #4

Tracy, I love that you chose the afro smiley..

By default, my challenge name wins! woohoo! lol You jazzed it up GOOD! I love the "unwrapping a new you" part!!!..

Comment #5

Goodmorning all! Here are my numbers from yesterday. I will confess, I have half and half in my coffee every morning, probably about 2 T total and I don't count it. I may try adding the shake like suggested since my losses have been slower than I'd like. I tried it in the first week but I added the mix, not the shake made up and it was NASTY!.

Also wanted to share that I had oven roasted turnips for dinner last night. Most awesome! Anyone craving a potato should give it a try!.

Thanks for getting the challenge together Tracey and for choosing a name Jennifer. I love it! Have a great day everyone!.


Calories 943.9.

Carbohydrate 83.7 g.

All water in: check.

Exercise: check (tennis drill, very light exercise).

On Plan: check.

Logged Food: Always!..

Comment #6

Hey, everyone. This morning I am so so very tired... I think I'm going to have to go to the doctor. It's horrible, but when my mother suggested I take some Delsym for my cough, I said "but that's not on-plan!" But I ended up taking some (and it helped, for about five minutes). Hopefully that won't slow down my weight loss!.

Here are my numbers for the challenge, on March 1 which has a great name, by the way, although every time I say it in my head I spell it "rapper" challenge..

Calories: 995.7 (yes, this is a problem).

Carbs: 93.6 (as is this).

Water: I didn't count, but I know it was a lot..

Exercise: No.

Logged Food: Yes.

OP: Yes, other than getting too excited at the yellow and red bell peppers at the cafeteria..

Okay, I'll do better today! I love the accountability of this challenge...

Comment #7

Hello, everyone!.


Calories 773.

Carbohydrate 66 g.

Water: didn't keep track, but probably not enough.

Exercise: Just getting through the workday.

Logged Food: Yes.

OP: Yes.

Weigh in is Friday...

Comment #8


- I don't think your totals on calories and carbs are a problem at all. I talked to my health coach and she said as long as I try to stay below 1,000 calories and 100 carbs I should be fine..

I was keeping my numbers alot lower, 800 cal, 82 carbs and wouldn't see much of a loss, my last week I had many days closer to high 900's in cals and 90-96 in carbs - I have lost the best. I read that if you have too low of numbers your body will go in starvation mode and hang onto what it should be giving up because it is afraid what you are doing. So if you are seeing losses with it, I wouldn't worry. But I felt the same as you, but after this week feel differently..

I have the Soy crisps (ranch) which I love and they will push the carb count up! So I don't eat them everyday..

Just my two cents on your question if too high..

Comment #9

Happy Hump Day Everyone!.

Love the new banner for the challenge and thanks for putting it together for us. Below are my numbers from yesterday..

Calories: 901.5.

Carbs: 87.2.

Water: 64+ (once I finish the 64 oz. I don't track).

Exercise: No.

Logged Foods: Everyday.

OP: Yes!.

Gloria congrats on your loss and the love your dog. We have a shepherd too - such great dogs and boy do they like to exercise! Hoping once the weather turns I can take mine out for some long walks too..

Kim thanks for the roasted turnip idea! I have been dying for some taters or something close. LOL.

Have a great day everyone...

Comment #10

Okay. I had a rough night. Husband was playing the most BORING (to me) game on the XBox and I decided to go downstairs to read a magazine while my pudding chilled out. Huge mistake. I was sleepy from being in the pool and just closed my eyes for a second. Woke up this morning and had not finished my water and missed my last meal.

I aspire to greatness today! I've already had two of five meals and am fixin' to make me some soup! I'm right on track and plan to stay there. Accountability, you are my middle name..

Calories: 780.4.

Carbs: 37.5 I know I KNOW!.

Water: Not enough.

Exercise: Yes (30 mins aquatherapy).

Logged Food: Yes.

OP: Not like this it's not...

Comment #11

Calories 919.

Total Fat 26 g.

Carbohydrate 82 g.

Water 64+.

Exercise I took the night off.

Logged Foods!.

Had a sugar free candy cause my mouth was icky and found out later sugar free isnt always carb free!! It had 3 carbs in that tiny thing but I didnt go over my carbs thankfully..

Comment #12

Jennifer, have you told us how you liked Zumba on the Wii? I don't see it on the thread, but I am getting older and a tad forgetful. My vision can be kinda iffy, too. Anyway, I have Zumba on dvd, but it's too energetic for me. I read somewhere that there is a Zumba Gold out there for slower-paced dancers. That might be more my speed.....

Comment #13

Tracy and Gloria, congratualtions on your weight loss. Great job!.

I just got home from work and have a ton of papers to grade. I need to catch up before spring break, which starts on the 14th..

Have a great evening, everyone...

Comment #14


I'm so excited that so many of us are MELTING! It feels so good!!!.

I also love the new challenge name and the banner, woo hoo!.

So, here's my Wrapper:.

Calories: 866.

Carbs: 69.3.

Water: 104oz.

Exercise:Yes, 30 min light aerobics.

Logged Foods: Yep.


And here is a picture of my first charm that I'm getting for my reward bracelet:.

Can I just say, I love MF!..

Comment #15

Calories: 837.7.

Carbs: 84.

Water: YUP.

Exercise: Lots of stairs.

Logged Foods: Every bite!.

OP: Yes!.

Much, much better day today. Made a "taco salad" with Morningstar Farms griller crumbles and seasonings with lower fat cheese over baby-thin green beans for crunch. Sounds weird, tasted amazing! Super great food today! Can't wait till tomorrow! Rock on, Meltastic sisters!..

Comment #16

Calories: 913.

Carbs: 102 Crap!!!.

Water: 120+ ounces.

Exercise: 30 minutes of Leslie Sansone.

Logged Foods: Absolutely!!.

OP: Yes!!.

Well, I ordered a box of the Swiss Mocha shakes with my most recent order and I can honestly say I don't like them. Anyone else? Only 6 more, I guess..


-CONGRATS!! -3.2 I love it. Did you try heating one of the shakes? Funny that you like the Cappuccino so much. I like it, but don't love it..


, when I make one at work, my students always come back into the class and tell me the room smells like dog food....without fail-every single time! Nothing like brutal honesty..


- -3.6 So excited for you! I also avoid the camera. I have almost no pics of me...which is why I don't have one in my profile. Any pics I do have, DH took and he takes crappy pictures. I hate handing off the camera to him lol Soy CrispsI also bought those this time. I am wondering how they qualify as a snack a day. The list of snacks is soooo different.

Those with all those carbs and 60-70 calories?!?! It just doesn't make sense. Anyone else have any input on this one??.


I love the challenge name for this month! Thanks!.


- Did the turnips actually taste like turnips? I don't care for turnips at all. My mo.

M makes them for my dad every year at Thanksgiving (mashed) and I can't even stand the smell of them. I will try them with your trustworthy opinion though if you think they are worth it..


Hope you feel better! Cold meds are full of hidden carbs!.


Zumba Gold may be more my speed as well lol.


-Good luck with the papers. Is it June yet? Since my break this month, my butt has been dragging. this year has brought about all sorts of new challenges for me and I am burnt. So much so that the papers I have to grade I left sitting on my desk!.

I had a great dinner option tonightalthough next time I will plan better so my carbs stay below 100. Last week I couldn't get them to reach 80 and now today they are too high. Go figure. Nothing like keeping my body and metabolism guessing, right? Pasta used to be a weekly staple in this house. Tonight however (for me), I tried making the spaghetti squash instead. It was a success!! I used 2 servings of it, 1/2 cup of cooked tomatoes, 3.5 ounces shrimp, and 1.5 ounces of low fat, part skim mozzerella.

It was soooo delicious. I think I have found a substitute for pasta night. Again, I will have to watch the carbs next time, but it was Yumm-o!!..

Comment #17


-How are the crumbles? I am afraid to try them. I did try the MSF sausage links, and while they weren't horrible, just different, they were just nothing like a sausage. What are the crumbles like?..

Comment #18

Today, 3/2/11.

Carbohydrate 69g.

Water 52oz.

Exercise none.

Logged food Yes!.

On Program Yes!.

I have two Medifast meals left for the day so I may eat one or both yet before bedtime. Mercy, thanks for reminder about not cutting food. I keep thinking, the less I eat, the more I lose, but skipping meals probably is sabotaging my progress. I'll try to get all the Medifast meals in. And, need to push the water..


Comment #19

Hi all,.

Here's my wrapper for today:.


: 858.


: 91.


: 64+ oz. (stopped counting at 64, and I'm not done drinking yet!).


: no, though I may bow to peer pressure and finally try out my WiiFit Zumba..

Logged Food.

: Yes, first time in about 3 weeks, thanks to this challenge.


: Yes ma'am!.

Good challenge, good challenge..

I measured my water for the first time ever. I just bought a food scale, so measured my meat - which I'd been seriously shorting myself on. And measured (instead of eyeballed) my veggies. I haven't been paying attention to my calories or carb counts, just "following" the plan guidelines. But seeing the carb count at 91 made me worry a bit. I guess it's optimal at the midpoint, but I feel like I should ONLY GET THE MINIMUM, or less!.

Haven't tried the.


Yet - but I watched it. Not a very interesting show, but the music is energetic. And there are tutorials on how to do all the moves. I usually work late, them come home and eat dinner, and then it's 9 or 10 at night - too late to exercise. NO! I take that back. I can at least do my yoga.

One last thing - a link for how to measure your.

Veggies by weight.


Comment #20

My report for the day.

Calories: 996.5.

Carbs: 86.9.

Water: 64+ oz..

Exercise: walked, 20 minutes.

Logged Food: Yes, love the MY PLAN page here.

OP: 100%.

Jennifer I found that weight chart for veggies a week ago and I wasn't eating enough. I weigh all of them now instead of measuring with cups. I was short changing myself..

Goodnight my Melt Away Friends, may you all shrink while you sleep...

Comment #21

Congratulations to all of you who have had.

Fantastic Success.

On the Scale!.

I truly have not gone missing or melted completely away, although that might be nice.

I have been extremely busy both at work and in my personal life. I have pretty well kept up with the post, but just have not done any posting myself. Since I last posted, I have had Wonderful Results from the Scale as well as NSV's! I am down another 9.6 lbs. This past monday I lost 7.2 lbs and the previous monday I lost 2.4 lbs. My total weightloss is now 34.2 lbs *Happy Happy Joy Joy Dance in Progress* As for NSV, I am down another 11 inches for a total of 30 inches *Happy Dance Continues* I feel amazing and have just a ton of energy. I thank God everyday for the blessing of Medifast in my life!.

I have to confess, I have not logged my food in over 3 weeks. When I first started MF, I was faithful in logging, but then I got busy and just trying to find time to log became a challenge. Now don't get me wrong... I am 100% OP daily and drink all my water. I log it in my head LOL just not on the computer.

I have been thinking I need to start logging again, but just have not broken down and done it yet. Low and behold, I find this wrapper challenge. Well, I guess I will be getting busy.

I have not started exercising yet, but I have seriously been thinking about it this week. I just want to speak with someone about it first to make sure I am not over doing it and obviously I would think I need to increase my calories, but not sure by how much..

Ok time for me to hit the bed, but wanted to let you all know I was still here and well. I hope the rest of your weeks go well!..

Comment #22

Hey, everyone. Just checking in for the challenge..

Had a great, 100% OP day! (Also, I know this wasn't in the original challenge, but I think it's useful recording condiments.).

Calories: 869.1.

Carbs: 82.4 g.

Water: At least 32 oz..

Exercise: Nope. I'm jealous of those with a Wii Fit!.

Logged food: Yessir. 100%.

OP: 100%!.

Condiments: 1/2 packet of Truvia.

1/2 tsp balsamic vinegar.

Sprinkling of garlic salt..

Comment #23

Late night tonight ladies! I went out to the Dallas Challenger Pro tennis matches tonight. Nothing like watching grown men behave badly. Wow!.

Melissa, This was my first time trying turnips so I can't say if they taste different or not. They are sweeter than a potato and much softer. But I really like them and thought I might try them mashed! The spaghetti squash sounds awesome. I have one that I picked up yesterday that I need to do something with. I'll have to try that tomorrow! Thanks!.

Goodnight all!..

Comment #24

Spaghetti squash is the bomb-diggity! Seriously, I love that stuff. But I do also want to try the miracle noodle... anyone want to weigh in on that food?..

Comment #25

Hi ladies I love this challenge......

Here's yesterdays wrappers.

Cals 808.

Carbs 80g.

Water 88z.

Exercised - YES!!!!.

Logged food - yes.

OP 100%!!!!.

I will try catch up on everyones post and try to check in at least once a day..

Claire - I'm with you... love the spag squash.. Have you tried turnip fries? Those are my new fav....




Comment #26

Turnips? do I prepare them?.

Claire: I use the shiratake noodles. They need a strongly flavored sauce over them. They are an acceptable alternative to pasta..

Jennifer: Don't bow to peer pressure unless you really want to! rofl.

I didn't loose any weight this week. Not pleased! However, I have had 3 compliments so far on how nice I look. It makes the plateau easier to swallow..

Congrats, Ladies; you are awesome!..

Comment #27

Good Morning!.

Yesterday's Wrapper Results:.

Calories: 837.3.

Carbs: 72.3.

Water: 70 oz..

OP: For Sure.

Exercise: 10lbs. Slimdown Core Work-out, 10 minute Latin-Groove (Billy Blanks Jr.).

Condiments: 1/4 tsp pepper, 1/4 tsp Mrs. Dash, 2 tablespoons WF 1000 Island Dressing.

Logged food: Yes.


: Welcome to the Melt Away Wrapper Challenge!! If you want the banner it's a couple of pages back after a couple of attempts to get it right. LOL!.


: Dang girl, down 34.2 and a loss of 9.6 for the past two weeks. GO YOU!!!.


: Yeah, I miss the hard candies and the mints. For me, it's not worth using sugar free gum as a condiment. I cherish my condiments. Ketosis breath is a problem. I may find some mouthwash to put in my purse..


: How's the dog food? LOL. Really, I think all the Medifast meals smell great. Your student must be trying to get under your skin. I haven't tried spaghetti squash yet. I know I should..


: I need to try the turnips too. I need to break-away from the usual romaine, spinach, and cauliflower..


: I did a post on Medifast Connection about Taco Seasoning. Some of the contain yellow corn flour as the number one ingredient. The dietitian board measurements vary on how much to use. I stuck with a Cumin and Pepper mixture. My taco salad was super good and almost didn't feel OP. I did two cups of romaine and a half cup of chopped tomatoes, 5oz.

Of low fat Mexican cheese. Yum-O..


: Darling, I know you're ready for spring break with all that paper grading. Spring break here is not until the end of April. My teens are dying for a break!.


: I love you're charm for your bracelet. Like Gloria said, BLING!.


: I like the idea of recording condiments. I hate that some of recipes out there on the boards are condiment killers. By the end of the day they've had like 20 condiments, not O to the P. I try to save mine for the l&g. I realized I was so conditioned to overseasoning my food before MF. Food tasted bland at first, but now I have adjusted and luckily it's reduced my sodium intake..


: You are so funny. I thought he looked like Toupee Smiley! However, it does have a Foxy Brown appeal to it! I'm glad you got a scale. The kids have even got into a routine that they wash the top of my scale with dish soap and water after we eat, when they do the dishes..

Well, off to make my eyes float. I've only had 10 oz. so far. I must pick up the pace!..

Comment #28

...and what is your favorite way to prepare spaghetti squash?..

Comment #29

I personally like spaghetti squash with a tiny drop of oil, baked in the oven at 350 for 25 minutes. Then I add a tiny bit of garlic salt and some pepper, and it's totally delicious by itself! Then, of course, you can put it underneath a sauce or whatever. I had it a few weeks ago plain with chicken and sauteed mushrooms...

Comment #30

I wanted to mention any exercise program you might want to purchase you can view on You Tube. I typed in Zumba Gold and there were so many sights of actual programs. One could try them with their computer free of charge, or before purchasing. Just a thought..

I tried Yoga for Dummies this morning. Yoga is something I have always wanted to try, but figured only skinny minnies did it. I was totally amazed of what a work out it was, and I felt so good after wards. It mentally connects you to your body. I have had total knee replacements, so have some limitations of getting on my knees, etc, but did the best I could with a pillow..

Just ate tomato soup with the ranch soy crisps. It was rather tasty, but I haven't found any Medifast found I couldn't eat - especially since I figured out to make bon bons out of the hot cocoa..

We are going out to dinner tonight - but have already been on the website for the restaurant and have my menu picked! I keep my motto of planning in the fore front always..

Good to see you Nicole! Keep up the great work. Welcome to all who have joined us and I look forward to getting to know you. Where are you all from?.


Comment #31

Gloria, you have now made me want to try the Tomato Soup. My library carried many workout DVDs. You may want to check a couple of libraries for Zumba DVDs..

I went out and bought some new things. WF Caesar dressing and WF BBQ sauce to add in my leaning and greening. I've had the WF 1000 Island. It's pretty good. DH et al. in the household hate it with a capital H which is fine for me b/c I don't have to worry if we're out..

Kim, Cindy and other turnip tasters, I bought some too. Now, I will need roasting ideas. Got any?.

Barb: I got Shiratake noodles. I'm looking on the boards for cooking ideas. I know we aren't suppose to have them often cause they are kind of nutritionally void. I thought maybe a little garlic and our allotted amount of Parm would do well. What's your secret?..

Comment #32

Just checking in with my numbers for yesterday. Couldn't get it done before I left this morning..

Calories 859.3.

Carbohydrate 85 g.

Water: yes!.

Exercise: NO.

100% OP: Yes.

Condiments: 2T salsa and 2 packets splenda..

For the turnips, I covered a baking sheet with a sheet of foil then sprayed that with Pam, tossed the diced and peeled turnips with a couple teaspoons olive oil and salt and pepper in a bowl to coat well and turned them out onto the pan, baked at 425 for 25 minutes. I like them browned well. They were probably done in 20 minutes or so. Easy!.

Don't know what I'm fixing tonight! I already had my L&G at lunch so not very motivated to cook for the family!.

Have a good night all!.


Comment #33

Calories 889.1.

Carbohydrate 84.5.

Water: too much...over 120 oz.

Exercise: Yes, 15 minute walk outside in the cold.

100% OP: Yes.

Condiments: 2 Tbs. Hot sauce, I Tbs. RF Cream Cheese..

Comment #34

Hey there, Melting Goddesses!.

Tracy: Thanks for the heads-up on the taco seasonings. I try not to buy pre-packaged seasonings because they ick me out with all their MSGs sneaking about in my spices. I was lazy anyway and just dumped a tablespoon and a half (all that was actually left in my jar) of salsa on my crumbles. Et voila instant taco! I also really get what you said about overseasoning your food. That two tablespoons of salsa was really enough flavor to make me happy. Tastes, they are a'changin'!.

Melissa I'm almost sure you asked and not Mercy-girl about the crumbles. If I'm wrong and it was someone all together different well then. Stop reading immediately! The morningstar farms crumbles I got were the grillers "flavor" if you will. If you're going to do something with them like make fakin' s'getti sauce or taco stuff I didn't honestly taste anything different with the plain kind. Plus, you get two full cups as your meatless lean. That is one serious ton of meat.

Or whatever! Maybe my tastes have really turned to the dark side, but I can put salsa on anything apparently and it tastes good!.

Here're my numbers for Thursday no new CSI and Mentalist on tonight so I'm going to bed early. Tons of excercise today for me. I'm going to be wicked hungry and sore tomorrow. Walked the mall with my girlfriend this morning before buying baby shower presents, then had pool, then walked the grocery store that they've remodeled so walked, and walked, and walked and walked. Not just average walking. My feet actually hurt after! How nuts is that? I totally earned my pork tenderloin I accidently ate too much of! (I thought I was allowed 6 ounces so I ate 7..

I'll prolly need those two ounces for tomorrow's pain game!!.

Here's my wrapper for today:.

Calories: 968.

Carbs: 77.

Water: 56oz..

Exercise: Yes.

Logged Food: Yes.

OP: Didn't drink enough water and didn't check the weight on my lean..

Condiments: 2 shakes of tabasco, 1 sprinkle of Mrs. Dash (honestly not enough to measure).

Snack: 1tb Peanut Butter..

Comment #35

Today was a really boring day. I just realized that I veered slightly off-plan when I had egg whites with my breakfast Medifast pancake, and then completely forgot about that when I planned to eat exactly 6 ounces of turkey (which I proceeded to do). Sigh... well, I didn't have any healthy fats, so I guess I could just count the 2 TBSP of egg whites for that? (Doesn't sound promising, but I'm trying to fit everything together. That's my OCD for ya.) Okay, here's the numbers:.

Calories: 842.6.

Carbs: 77.8.

Water: 32 oz... about to drink some more, hopefully..

Exercise: Not really. I still don't feel guilty... should I?.

Logged Food: Yes.

OP: I was 100% OP! Ate exactly 6 ounces of turkey in the cafeteria. Ate slightly more green than needed, but I was hungry..

Condiments: NONE! Even though I had a ton of hot tea for my throat, I did not apply Splenda or Truvia to it. I still don't like it that much, but I'm learning to appreciate tea without adornment..

Snack: Several stalks of celery...

Comment #36


Calories 552.

Carbohydrate 49 g.

Water: most of it.

Exercise: again, just getting thru work day..

Logged food: yes.

On program: yes!.

Still have 3 meals left and will probably eat a couple before bedtime. Tomorrow is weigh in day..


Comment #37

Ya know - I feel like I'm being so strict on myself with this challenge, I'd BETTER lose good weight! My weigh day is Saturday mornings. Always good to start the weekend off right..

The wrapper for today's Melt-Away is:.

Calories: 905.

Carbs: 86.

Water: 64+ oz.

Exercise: no, but I might later if it's not too late.

OP: Mostly, maybe completely. I used parmesan cheese as my fat. Think this works?.

Measuring my veggies and meat is... making such a huge meal! I'm having a salad with roasted chicken. 3 cups is a lot of lettuce, and I mean a LOT!..

Comment #38

Today's wrappers:.

Calories 808.

Carbs 80g.

Water 112z.

Exercise 45min on elliptical.

Logged food yes.

Op 100%.

Another great day love this challenge... Off to bed.


Comment #39

Jennifer - I know what you mean, after I found that chart I realized I wasn't eating enough 'green'..

Claire - what week of Medifast are you on? They say wait 3 weeks before exercising. Even if you aren't doing a 'program' park further from a door, do the steps, etc. Just move a little more, it will make a difference..

Sally - be sure to get your meals in your numbers are so low, I still worry about the body going into starvation mode and hangs onto what it is. I wrote to the nutritionist about it when I first started..

My wrapper report -.

Calories: 946.9.

Carbs: 92.3.

Water: 72 oz..

Exercise: 25 minutes - Yoga for Dummies - kinda felt like a Dummy to, but I plowed.

Through it.

Logged food: Yes.

Op: Pretty sure salmon at dinner was within limits, was at restaurant and couldn't weigh.

Condiments: 2 splenda; dribble of fat free creamer in coffee.

Being married to an Italian and eating at yet another Italian restaurant (he's missing NJ, I I watched him eat chicken parm and felt so good about learning more about myself and how I view food. I am working through The Beck Diet Solution; my goal is not to loose weight this time, but to NEVER do it again!..

Comment #40

Hey, Mercy. I'm currently in my fourth week (it's almost been a month? WHOA) on Medifast, so I should be able to start exercising. However, I'm really stressed out with schoolwork (I'm in college) and event-planning for a big club event coming up. So, I figure I've been working my brain enough that I don't need to work my body..

Also, I've been working my way back up to a normal amount of exercise after getting lung surgery, so that's an added challenge...

Comment #41

Good morning precious Melt-Aways!.

Sally, I worry about you too..

Eat more, please. Or maybe report to us about the day before? There's too many mommas round here working their frown lines over those low calories. Maybe you can combine some meals. Like have eggs and pancakes, or add parm puffs to your salad (they taste like croutons to me!).

I think I'm gonna try splitting up my L&G today. Really having trouble eating it all! We make our stomachs so small with those little Medifast meals. How in the world can we expect to eat all that L&G?!!!.

Have a wonderful wonderful day, Melt-aways!..

Comment #42

Hi All! Congratulations on all your successes this week! I lost 6 lbs this week. I am not participating in the wrapper challenge completely, because this week, I decided to go to a doctor that specializes in the Medifast plan. His plan is so different than the 5 & 1 plan, and he has a lot more restrictions. For the first six weeks, while i'm seeing him I am only allowed 5 shakes a day. No lean and green. No puffs, bars, pretzels, etc.

He monitors you very closely and you see him weekly. He does lab work every two weeks to make sure your levels are all on track. He's been putting people on Medifast for over 23 years and his plan works. You lose the weight faster, and he's with you every step of the way to get you through the transition and maintenance phases. You continue seeing him a year after you reach goal to make sure you are able to keep it off..

In the other thread someone made a suggestion that I absolutely fell in love with. Yesterday, I purchased a Pandora bracelet and three charms - each charm representing 10 pounds. I really love this idea! I call it my reward bracelet and it's a gift to myself. I've seen where others give themselves facials, manicures, or massages, and those are great gifts to yourself as well, but they don't last. At least with the bracelet, after you've reached goal, you have very nice piece of jewelry that you keep and it also reminds of you of the journey that you've been through to get to goal. Did I say how much I really LOVE this idea!.

I made my 25 pound goal for my Monday visit with my regular doctor, and she was thrilled that I've decided to do this plan. I talked to her about the Medifast doctor and his plan, and she supported it as long as I continue to get monitored by him. She wants to receive copies of all of his lab work and reports so really I'm being monitored by two doctors! Just before Christmas, she was wanting to really look into getting the lap band or a gastric sleeve, so I think I've made the right choice for me..

I hope you guys will still let me be part of the group. I enjoy the camraderie between everyone and would still like to be part of you. I'm cheering all of you on, and support each and every one of you in this quest to get healthy...

Comment #43

Parm puffs on a salad? excellent idea! I really miss croutons. I'm going to try zuchinni (sp?) chips this weekend. I saw a blogger who said she tried a new vegetable or preparation of a vegetable each week. Historically, I have never eaten a lot of vegetables so I am trying to do this new veggie thing and everything I have tried is pretty good. I'm happily surprised..

Shiratake noodles - I merely put a little spaghetti sauce on top with as much of a serving of ground beef as I can add in to the sauce. We buy grassfed beef, chicken and pork from local farmers. It has a superior taste, texture, and according to those "experts" lots of CLA and no nasty antibiotics. Plus, the price is not bad when you have a freezer and can purchase by the 1/4 or 1/2..

You ladies inspire me. Thanks!..

Comment #44

Ckinsella: I'm glad you are finding success!!! Congrats on losing 29 pounds!.

Jennifer: I know Parm is a condiment, not a healthy fat. You may want to check with the Dietitian to see what he or she says. I know they have wiggle room for the LC cheese, certain ones are counted as fats. But personally, when they say it's not technically On-Plan, I don't even try it. If they say I can have it but not all the time, like my chicken sausages, I'll do what they say..

KellyAnn: I love CSI, only NY and Vegas, Miami not so much. DH and I are limiting the amount of TV, we watch in a day so we are more active. We can watch a little more on the weekends, which is when we watch the week's episodes of NY and Vegas. We also watch Harry's Law. But, I refuse to get hooked on much more at this point. Must move, must find something else to do!.

The challenge might should have a MAKITT consequence, Melt Away Kick In The Tail. Stay OP! Weigh Weigh Weigh and Measure Measure Measure your food and condiments!! Eat all your Medifast Meals! Don't make anyone send you a MAKITT post! Please send me one if I need it! May this tough love increase our successes and keep us melting away..

Yesterday, I tried the turnip fries. I will say they were pretty good. Thanks for the recommendation! I noticed that the most used tool in my kitchen is now my measuring spoons! Crazy!.

Wrapping Along: Yesterday's totals.

Calories: 905.8.

Carbs: 80.8.

Exercise: 10lbs Slim Down Blast Work-out.

Water: Eyes a floatin' Body's not a bloatin' All Done!.

Condiments: 1 T Parm, 1/4 Tsp. of Garlic, Pam Spray (less than the allowed time, LOL).

OP: Yes.

Food Log: Yes, even DH reminds me, "Don't you need to log your dinner." He's great!..

Comment #45

CK, of course we want you to be part of the group. I'm anxious to hear about your progress. It's not a bad idea to try that if even for a few days a week to jump start losses! Sounds like you're in good hands!.

Here's my wrapper from yesterday! I had my L&G at lunch and I really like this and think it will help me to do this sometimes. It wasn't that hard to just have a shake for dinner but don't know if that'll always be the case..

Calories 976.8.

Carbohydrate 76.2 g.

Water: yes, barely!.

Exercise: yes.

Logged food: yes.

OP: yes.

Condiments: 2 packets splenda.

Finally saw some movement on the scale this morning. Hopefully I'll have a good weigh in on Tuesday! Motivation to do well over the weekend! Have a great weekend ladies!..

Comment #46

Just because I'm curious.. Tracy How many words can you put together either rhyming or non-rhyming and still make them funny as heck? Please report back at once!..

Comment #47

KellyAnn, I'm your biggest fan, I hope you understand, that we wantcha' to stay On Plan. The End, my friend!..

Comment #48

Nono, Tracy darlin'.. You are awesomeness wrapped in a ribbon of hot dang! and topped with a bow of oh-my-goodness! I was making my eggs this morning and I held up the teaspoons to shake my Mrs Dash and I didn't even fill up the 1/8 so I say (out loud) No, that really is just a pinch.. whatever the heck a pinch is. So, I'm happy to be mindful while doing this. I try to be mindful all the time. I never knew mindful was this challenging! I also never realized how much stuff I throw in a pot/pan when I cook.

Tally Ho!..

Comment #49



-Congrats on the Yoga. One thing I am looking forward to is taking Yoga classes when I am lean and limber.

I am glad you like the tomato soup. I just might try it. Like you, there really hasn't been much I don't like. (Eggs and banana flavored things are on the list, but I don't like them normally lol)..


-I agree, with Kelly, I look forward to your posts! How many words.


You put together that are rhyming and still funny as all get out?? lol.


-I am going to try the turnips. I am envious of your ability to eat your L&G earlier in the day. I sometimes feel like eating so many of my calories later in the day is going to work against me. I just can't give up eating dinner with my family though..


-I have the Pandora bracelet and am using it to my charms of my journey! I am actually off to get a new one tomorrow.

Are you ONLY eating 5 Medifast meals a day and no L & G?? that is only 500 calories or so? How can that be enough without your body going into starvation mode? I am curious about it. I am also working with my Dr. on this and have found it to be a great support to me..


-thanks for the info on the crumbles! I will put them on the shopping list! Glad you have been getting in lots of walking. And I totally laughed when I read your ?/comment about Tracy..


-I also have a Saturday WI day. We will see what the scale tells tomorrow. And yes, 3 cups of lettuce is A LOT. In the beginning I would eat only lettuce because I was so hungry. Now I can definitely mix it up and not have to fill my smaller belly with so much lettuce :0.


-Welcome! I am impressed with your 45 minutes on the scale yesterday.

I can never do that much on that thing. 20 minutes and I am totally bored..


-Let me know what you think of the zucchini chips. I tried the kale chips last week and didn't care for them. But I normally like zucchini so I would be willing to try them. I like your idea of trying a new veggie/prep method each week. I may give myself that as a mini challenge :0.

Well, I am off to log the meals I had during work and plan my dinner...dh, ds, and my parents are going to be ordering pizza.

None for me though!! I will be 100% OP!! Hoping for a good number on the scale tomorrow am because I have really had a great OP week this week...

Comment #50

Hi all... thanks melissa for the shout outs... I had such a busy week at work and then no time at night... Hoping to catch up this weekend.. Went out for dinner and stayed OP.. will update my wrappers after my last Medifast meal...

So glad it's Friday hoping to catch up on some reading this weekend.


Comment #51

Dude, I'm so hungry... and I have a party tonight, so I can't just go to bed. But if I eat more, I'll be over the 1000-calorie limit. I think I did something wrong! What do I do?..

Comment #52

Melt-away wrapper:.

Calories: 1092 *EEK!*.

Carbs: 87.

Water: 64+ oz..

Exercise: No. I have good intentions, but it never works out..

Logged Food: Yes.

OP: Yes.

I had an after work Happy Hour celebration with my team today. I skipped the alcohol, appetizers and pizza. I ordered salmon and broccoli, but I mis-remembered the servicng size for salmon. I ate 7 oz, when it should've been only 5. That put my calories over. But overall, still a success, since pizza has been my most difficult temptation to crack.

I've heard of people doing only shakes. I kinda want to try that... but it's a good question about the starvation factor. Hmmm.

What do you call a cow with 2 legs?..

Comment #53

Todays wrappers.

Cals 854.

Carbs 75.

Water 112z.

Exercised yes elliptical.

Logged food yes.

Op 100%.

So glad it's the weekend.... so tired but tons to do.

Curling up on the couch with a book.. then going to bed... looking forward to another OP day tomorrow.


Comment #54

Friday's Wrappers Report.

Calories: 776.1.

Carbs: 91.7.

Water: 64+ oz..

Exercise: 25 Minutes - Walk Off The Pounds, One Mile.

Logged Food: It has become my hobby.

OP: Yes.

Interesting my low calories but high carbs. I bought the Medifast snacks and have used the crackers with my soup, or the soy crisps in my salads and they are about 13 in carbs!!!!!! Have to stop it..

Jennifer, I had my biggest whoooshhhh when I was over 1,000 calories one time. That's when I thought maybe I wasn't high enough in calorie. Hopefully you will see the same.

Claire - Take a diet soda with you and a bottle of water. If you need something to eat, maybe eat another Medifast bar, or celery or pickle from snack list. Just don't say, oh well I am over on calories, what will it matter. I read on a thread if you are still hungry you are better off using a Medifast meal. GOOD LUCK, let us know how you made out, and have fun!.

Good luck to the weighers this weekend..

Cathy - even if you aren't doing the challenge, OF COURSE you are welcome! Once a Melt Away, Always a Melt Away...

Comment #55

Challenge time... I ended up eating an extra meal, so here's the stats:.

Calories: 1017.4.

Carbs: 95.

Water: 64 oz..

Exercise: a little walking in the rain..

Logged food: yeppers..

OP: Right on other than the feeling of starvation and the subsequent extra meal..

Condiments: 1 packet Truvia, 1/4 tsp. baking powder, 1/4 tsp. butter, some sort of sauce sprinkled on my cod. Too bad I don't like seafood more!..

Comment #56

Good Morning Everyone,.

I have not posted in a few days. I am not good about logging what I eat and need to get a better about drinking more water, but I had a great week and did exercise 4 days this week. I lost 4.4lbs, which is my biggest weight loss since my first week. I am down 22lbs in 5 weeks and feel good..

Glad everyone is doing so well. Good luck on your weigh-ins. Enjoy the weekend everyone...

Comment #57

Good morning denise... great job on the loss and the exercise.. you are doing great... Some times the water is definitely hard to get down but other than my morning coffee I only drink water.. I gave up soda and crystal light and it has made a huge difference.

As for logging food, it's busy time for me.. I put all my food in the computer cupboard and log each meal it helps keep track when I need to reorder and it keeps me accountable...

I do whatever works.


Comment #58

Hi Cindy- It is definitely hard getting down all the water. I don't drink anything but water, but during work it's very hard to drink water. I am a teacher and I am limited when I can use the This week I am going to try and do better with the water...

Comment #59

Good Morning all...just checking in to post my WI and Wrapper stats from yesterday...will be back later to check up on everyone!.


Calories: 901.2.

Carbs: 73.5 (one day I will get this right).

Water: 120+ Am I the only one not struggling to get this in?.

Exercise: Yes, 15 minute walk with the dog.

OP: Absolutley.

Snacks: 2 pickle spears.

Condiments: 2 Tbs hot sauce, 1 Tbs rf cream cheese (not sure if this is condiment or fat).

I got on the scale this morning for a -4.4 loss!!! Felt so good to kick those 4.4 pounds in the a#&*(%^!!! I didn't think I would see much of a loss this week because I had a few days with calories close to 1000 (or even a little over). I guess it is true that mixing it up and not doing the same amounts each day keeps your body guessing! I hope everyone else has a great day!!..

Comment #60

Claire lung surgery, not cool! I have had my right lung collapse twice over the years and I can appreciate how icky this stuff can be. After the second collapse in 5 yrs, the Dr implied that I would return again. I suggested that he not keep the OR waiting for me...and that was 13 yrs ago..

Tracy plz tell me how you prepared those turnip fries. I live in a rural area and my 2 grocery stores in town were out of zuchini yesterday. Crap! I go to church in a town 30 mi away and there are both Cub and Walmart available. I will pick some up tomorrow. The kale chips were fine; looked pretty wierd, but the taste was ok. It was more like popcorn than potato chips, IMHO.

It's pretty funny!..

Comment #61

Jennifer: What's the answer to what do you call a cow with two legs? I didn't see the answer yet, but I'm only half way through a cup of coffee so I could've missed it. I can see how you would forget the amount of Salmon. I keep thinking fish is 7oz, fish is 7oz. But, we know all fish isn't created equal. I've been eating a lot of dark chicken lately and so I haven't needed a healthy fat. Yesterday, I had chicken breast.

But, we'll get so good at memorizing the measurements soon that we'll be experts, or at least get skinny trying..

Denise, congrats on your weight loss!!! Maybe, you can chug on some water on the way home from school. I started taking my water everywhere. I also know where the bathrooms are at my local Wal-Mart, grocery store, hardware store, and hair salon because of this! LOL! Oh, the joy of public restrooms..

Claire: Kudos for coming here to seek advice before raiding the fridge! Did you every figure out why you were so hungry?.

Yesterday's Wrapper Numbers:.

Calories: 885.5.

Carbs: 80.7.

Water: Yes.

Log: Yes.

OP: Yes (Popcorn is my weakness and I didn't cave at the movie theatre. I had PUFFS!).

Condiments: 1T Parm, 2T WF BBQ Spicy BBQ Sauce (It's Tasty!), 1/4 tsp. garlic.

Exercise: Kickboxing Exercise TV work-out (Upper Cut, Jab, Jab, Cross, it's powerful stuff!).

Lately, the MA Wrapper Challenge makes me think of a Fabulous Thunderbirds song called, "Wrap It Up", I believe that's the name. Google it, it's a great song!..

Comment #62

Melissa: Congrats on your loss!!!.

Barb: I got three turnips. I picked the one's that were slightly smaller than the others. I heard the larger ones can be somewhat more bitter. I cut both ends off and chopped in wedges and sticks. I used 1T Parm cheese (Kraft in the green can), and 1/4 tsp of garlic, 1 tsp of olive oil (must need a healthy fat for that day to use), and tossed in a large covered bowl. I put them on two trays.

But, if you use spray, then you're up to your three condiments. I don't let the fries touch. I roasted in a pre-heated 450'F oven for 25 minutes. You flip them half way through. I saw a recipe where someone used just garlic salt and had low sugar ketch-up with them.

They cool off really quick, so you want to eat immediately...

Comment #63

GoodSaturday Morning:.

Congratulations Melissa and Denise on your 4+ lbs gone! Amazing isn't it? Keep it up!.

Claire - glad you made it through the night, but like Tracy said, did you figure out why you were so hungry? They do say if you come out of ketotis you will feel hungry, if I am right.

Tracy - thanks for the recipe of the turnip fries, I have been thinking of them when I see people talk about them, but haven't scoped out the recipe yet..

And with that, I have and IDEA!!!! Not as a challenge, but as a weekly post. What if each of us post a L & G recipe we like just a food idea with one of the Medifast meals. I know we can search for them on the board, but this would put some good ideas at our fingertips. Thoughts?.

I am so excited - I hit my first GOAL - which was loosing 15 lbs. My reward was lotion and shower gel from Body Works. I actually bought it two weeks ago when we were at the Mall and made hubby hide it. He was still asleep when I got on the scale this AM so I was tearing his office apart looking for it because I wasn't getting in the shower without it when I saw the scale this morning. Now to the next Goal!.

Heading to a pancake breakfast for a Lodge my cousin belongs too. I am armed with water, bar and some cheese puffs. I am eating Chocolate Chip pancakes right before we leave with my new Walden Farms syrup..

Have a Great Medifast day..


Comment #64

Hey, everyone. Yeah, I'm pretty sure the reason I felt hungry was because I somehow got kicked out of ketosis, even though I've been essentially on-target every day with my calories and carbs. But I'm staying right on plan today, so that's not an excuse to overeat. (I actually didn't eat an extra Medifast meal, so much as an extra several ounces of chicken.)..

Comment #65

Hi all... busy day.. dryer not working but stayed OP.

Todays wrappers.

Cals 798.

Crabs 79.

Water 128z.

Exercised.. yes.

Logged food .. yes.

I love reporting each nite before bed.....


Comment #66

Hey, all! Just checking in. Today was a good day, even if I accidentally made my usually-good chocolate pudding too watery. Sigh. Well, now it's over. Here are the stats..

Calories: 870.7.

Carbs: 83.6.

Water: 64 oz..

Exercised: No..

Logged food: Yes..

OP: 100%!.

Condiments: 1/4 tsp. baking powder, 1/4 tsp. butter..

Comment #67

Calories: 944.

Carbs: 81.

Water: I wasn't paying attention today, so probably not.

Log: Yes.

OP: I ate o.6 oz of pecans that are OFF plan. I also took a sip of my son's soda. I'm a slacker on weekends..

Speaking of weekends, this board dies on weekends. All you ladies must have more exciting lives than me..

I usually just run errands, clean up a little, and craft...

Comment #68

Jennifer weekends are always a challenge for me too... But I am determined to stay OP any time I've gone off it's kicked me out of ketosis and I feel like I'm back to day 1... It's just not worth it.

100% for me all day every day!!!!.


Comment #69

Jennifer: Your official MAKITT, Melt Away Kick In The Tail has been sent. Don't MAKITT, just make it OP. Git er' done!!!..

Comment #70

Wrapper Report for Saturday.

Calories: 963.8.

Carbs: 80.

Water: 64 - barely!.

Exercise - No.

Log: Yes.

OP: 100%.

As I posted yesterday I hit my 15 lb, first goal loss. Today, after staying on program yesterday 100%, struggling a little on the water, but did get it all in - I was so disappointed this morning when stepping on the scale with a 1.8 gain!!!! Of course, the reason, I am sure is my on going problem that I was hoping Benefiber was helping with, but after 3 days of no results from it, I am sure I am retaining fluids along with the other things. I am trying to do this without being too graphic, but this has become a real issue for me. I have searched the boards for other ideas, tips, etc. and see others have this problem..

I know once the problem is resolved things will come back into line on the scale, but boy I was bummed!.

So I guess in a couple days all things shall pass...

Comment #71

Mercy - Don't be too bummed - you're probably retaining some water as well. Drink as much water as you can to see if you can flush it out. Although I am not having the same problem as you are, I try to drink at least a gallon of water a day and it definitely helps..

I just got through Sweatin' to the Oldies. I am finally able to get through the whole DVD except I can't do the last number (the cooldown) because I can't get down on my knees because of arthritis, but the rest of it I'm making it through. Exercise is still something I need to work on, because I'm not lovin' it too much right now. I try to do it the first thing in the morning on the weekends so I can get it out of the way, and I do it as soon as I get home from work during the week. It's a struggle to get through the DVD and I'm not going to lie, I'm huffin and puffin' through it. I get mad at myself for letting myself get so out of shape.

Okay, I'm off to take a shower, then clean house, and then back to work on the computer..

I hope everyone has a great Sunday!..

Comment #72

Wrapping along with yesterday's stats:.

Calories 894.3.

Carbs 74.5.

Water: 73 oz..

Log: Yes.

Exercise: 2 mile trail run/walk with the family.

OP: Yes.

Condiments: 1T WF Caesar Dressing, 1T WF BBQ Sauce, 1/2 pkt. Splenda.

Today was lunch at Mom's. I had a caramel crunch bar and a bottle of water. Everyone else had pulled pork sandwiches, cole slaw, macaroni salad, strawberry shortcake, sweet tea, cocktails or beer. My mom even bought me chicken wings to eat. I politely declined, but the teens enjoyed them. Right before leaving, both parents said I was doing well and looked thinner..

Happy Sunday!.


Comment #73

Tracy great job turning down the sludge!!!! It feels so great when people start noticing how great you are doing and seeing the changes...

Keep it up 100% OP really works!.


Comment #74

Cindy, thank you for your kind words!.

Mercy, the fat fairy is coming to visit you in your sleep or at least sprinkle Benefiber dust on you!! I feel your pain!!.

Cathy, you know you'll be dancing circles around Richard Simmons soon enough!..

Comment #75

Sundays wrappers.

Cals 896.

Carbs 78.


Logged food yes.

Op.. 100%.


Comment #76

Hi Melters,.

Ok, I am starting this week with trying to be faithful in logging my meals and reporting them. Hmm, I was little surprised after logging my meals today to find that I was way over on Carbs. I truly don't pay attention labels. I just know that I am staying OP, but now that I saw this, perhaps I need to become a label reader!.

Tracey thanks for the reminder of how good Tomato Basil Veggie Burgers are! I have had them in past and loved them, but had not bought any in a long time. I recently purchased some and enjoyed them for dinner tonight. Yummo!.

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I am not sure what to expect at this point. I have had some high numbers the past couple of weeks. I will be happy with whatever success it brings me. I know I feel thinner, my clothes are all become almost too big, and I am feeling 100% better..

I hope you all have a Great week! I am off to bed to read for a bit before lights out..

Sunday Wrapper.

Calories: 941.

Carbs: 110 YIKES.

Water: 100 oz.

Exercise: No.

Logged Foods: Started today 3/6/11.

OP: 100%..

Comment #77

Oh yes, NSV: my good friend's mother came to visit the college for Parents' Weekend, and she told me I was looking thinner! Even though I'd only lost about 5 pounds since she last saw me (I've lost almost 10 on MF, but I had gained some back after the summer), I really appreciated hearing that. Most people here see me on a daily basis, so they might not notice the change but her comment made me think that maybe my loss is at least somewhat noticeable!.

Now, onto the challenge:.

Calories 983.9.

Carbs 73.

Water: Not that much... maybe 20 oz..

Log: Yes..

Exercise: N/A... gosh, you guys are fit!.

OP: Yes, for the 4&1..

Condiments: 1 packet Truvia, 1/4 tsp. baking powder, whatever junk was on the chicken at dinner...

Comment #78

Today's wrapper:.

912 calories.

74 carbs.

Not enough water, though I'll keep trying before I go to sleep..

Logged food and OP, yep.

Exercise no. sigh....

I want big losses! WHERE'S MY BIG LOSSES??!!! It's time to share, Nicole..

Tracy, "MAKITT" reminds me of when I was a teenager and we used the phrase "macking on (someone)" to mean hitting on (flirting with) them. Do you wear MC Hammer pants when delivering your MAKITTs? If not, please start. lolol.

I think he was on MF. These are his fat pants, with elastic added to the waist and the legs tapered. Melt-aways, we could bring this back in fashion after we all get skinny!.

I have an acronym to add to the list. MMCHP (prnounced mmmm-chop) MMCHP = Make MC Hammer Pants ....a.k.a..

Get skinny!..

Comment #79

Gloria - I have the same problem as you. And when I go, WHOA Nelly! I had to buy a special tool to put my toilet back in working order. TMI, sorry. I started taking a stool softener / laxative combo...

Comment #80

Happy Monday!.

Have a GREAT week,.




Comment #81

OMG, Jennifer, you took my so far blah morning to a happy giggle-fest. I had a pair of hammer pants in the day. They were white cotton and ugly. Yes, I admit it!.

Claire: MAKITT! Drink that water girl. All said with my hammer pants on. And, to say that you are Too Legit' to Quit!!!! Happy one month Medifast anniversary my friend..

Mercy: Didn't you say you did water aerobics? What props did you use? They have a class here with under water bicycles as one of the props. It may be interesting to try..

Sunday's Wraps.

Calories: 934.4.

Carbs: 79.7.

Water: Yes. I had to chug the rest of my 8oz. left right before bed. I got up three times in the night b/c of this, but I gotter' done. (All said in my redneck voice.).

Log: Yes (Has anyone found minced garlic in the log? I looked under seasonings and other. I made a private food for this, but it seems an obvious one for Medifast to have in there.).

Exercise: None-Day OFF!.

OP: Yes.

Nicole: I'm glad your logging in all your food. Some things amaze me like Pepper has calories, but then I think, it's food so why wouldn't it. It's the sum of the little things that add up! I hope you get a great loss this week. Please stop by and gloat. I know I will..

Today's a repeat of last week's work-out, a series called 10 lb. Slimdown. Monday, I do the arm work-out. The only one I haven't tried is the yoga one. I replaced it last week with a kickboxing work-out. I think I will do the yoga segment this week...

Comment #82

Good Morning girls,.

Well I wasn't very good this weekend. I didn't log any food and I lost track on my water. Haven't done that since being on the plan. Didn't go OP, just didn't take the time to log anything. I'm starting back today! I'm impressed with all of you faithfuls! It helps keep me moving along! Pepper has calories? Figures, I love pepper! Have a great OP Day everyone!.


Comment #83

Hey, all. Just checking in after a horrible cafeteria dinner. My choices were slim, and I felt so defeated after eating something that seemed close to being on plan ("turkey cutlets" slathered in some greasy gravy). I really hate going off-plan, because it makes me feel so gross and unmotivated... and plus, my weigh-in is tomorrow, so I probably will be even more discouraged when I see a small number..

Someone give me some good news...

Comment #84

Hi Claire,.

Do they have a salad bar at your cafeteria with diced meats on the side? I'd start stocking up on some canned tuna or canned chicken. It's fairly cheap. Then you can add it to your green. I gained a lot of weight on cafeteria food while in college. Some days all the dishes are some type of carb overload casserole. My skinny friends used to bring their own low cal salad dressing.

I had a friend who was diabetic and she struggled to find diabetic-friendly food in the caf as well. Call and talk to the food director there, maybe you can work something out with them. Good luck my friend!!!..

Comment #85

Hope everyone had a good Monday. I can't believe pepper has I love pepper too, Pauline..

I hurt my back this weekend, so I won't be able to exercise this week. It's not that bad, but I am afraid of making it worse..

Claire, I hope you find a solution to your cafeteria problem. I can remember the cafeteria food in college and also remember a lot of people who gained weight in college..

Have a good evening everyone...

Comment #86

I am a day behind and day ahead all in one post! I forgot to post my wrapper yesterday and since I am finished for the day except for my brownie, but it's been accounted for, I thought I would be ahead now..

I was down -1.6 from the gain yesterday, so things started working. I drank more water than I normally get down, so hopefully by my weigh in (Wed) I will have a loss..

My carbs are still higher then the optimum fat burning amount but as long as I loose I am not going to worry it's below the 100. 6 of them come from my morning coffee routine, that I am still hanging onto. I know, I know - I should make sacrifices. A plateau might be what it takes; but I did read on a post with someone who had lost 100+ and never gave up her morning coffee "stuff" so I am sticking with it..

Sunday's Report.

Calories: 1072.6 (opps).

Carbs: 91.6.

Water: 64 ++.

Log: Yes.

Exercise: Does sewing count?.

OP: Yes.

Monday's Report.

Calories: 883.7.

Carbs: 95.

Water: 64 ++++.

Log: Yes.

Exercise: Does thinking of it count?.

OP: Yes.

Jennifer you MC pants are so funny!.

Claire, I am sure it's tough with the cafeteria food, Tracey had some good ideas you might be able to implement. Hang in there..

Denise, hope your back is better soon. Just stick to plan and don't worry about exercise until you feel better..

Pauline, Logging will keep you aware - It's my salvation actually!.

Back to the sewing! The quilt is about 98% done!.


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Todays wrappers.

Cals 902.

Carbs 79.

Water 128z.

Exercised - yes.

Logged food yes.

Op - yes and feeling great.


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Unfortunately, it's not so easy... the meal plans are inflexible, so I feel that I'm DOUBLY wasting money if I buy my own food (though I do have a small amount, in case of emergencies). And I can't bring in food to the cafeteria or I could get some kind of horrible punishment..

Thanks for taking the time to think of suggestions, though I do appreciate it...

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Last three days have been difficult. Had a serious lapse Saturday after babysitting the kids all day. Hadn't eaten at all. Was pretty much exhausted. Made poor choice when finally did eat. I haven't logged food since then or been careful about water.

Tomorrow, back to plan. Friday's weigh in was good. Need to start journaling again, too. Glad to have this place to come back to for support..


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Happy Monday Melters~.

I hope that you all have had a good monday. Mine went by nicely with no hiccups which is always nice!.

I didn't have huge success on the scale today, but I am ok with that. I lost one pound for a total of 35.2 and I lost 3 inches for a total of 33 inches. How can I not be totally Excited about that.

Mondays Wrapper.

Calories: 1168.9 (Gulp... WOWSERS! Umm I'm stumped... in my guide it said that I could have 7 oz of turkey and when I went to log it, it said I was only suppose to have 5 oz) So that is where my extra calories came from. Geeze one would have thought I splurged on cheesecake..

Carbs: 74.3 (My calories and carbs traded places today LOL. Yesterday too many carbs Today too many calories Hopefully tomorrow they will both be perfect!).

Water: 90OZ.

Log: Yes.

Exercise: No.

OP: Well I thought 100% but thanks Medifast for leading me astray on the turkey..

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Nicole and Gloria, glad to see your down with some pounds. Gloria, broccoli always helps me..

Say hello to our dear friend, the fairy for me. Does thinking about exercise count, bawahahaha! If only it did!.

Sally, please jump on here for support! Success is waiting to be yours. If you need to get your head in the game, just go to any department store and look at the swimwear on the racks. That's motivation for me anyway!.

Claire, can you take your food to go and add to it when they just have junk-ola to eat? Meal plans plus Medifast has got to be expensive!.

Wrappers from yesterday:.

OP: Yes.

Water: 72 oz. before 7pm!.

Calories: 914.

Carbs: 84.5.

Exercise: 10 lb. slimdown upper body work-out.

Log: Yes.

Condiments: 1 tsp. light soy sauce, 1T WF BBQ sauce, 1/4 tsp. Mrs. Dash.

Happy Tuesday! It's cold here, boooo!..

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Calories: 656.

Carbs: 67.

Water: not enough.

Exercise: no.

Logged food: missed it yesterday, but went back this morning.

OP: I used more WF BBQ sauce than officially allotted, but then only ate half.

I was very sleepy last night and fell asleep while eating dinner. Didn't get in all my cals or carbs. But when I weighed this morning I lost 2 lbs! Now THAT's the kind of one day loss I like to see! Thanks for sharing a big one, Nicole!..

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Good Morning Melters -.

Did not have a great week, wasn't bad but I got cocky! I had a birthday and thought just one drink (turned into two). Then, oh just a little bit more of this and a little taste of that. I gained, couldn't go to the bathroom and was generally miserbale and feeling guilty for going off plan. So leasson learned!! I did get on the scale this morning for weigh in and had lost 2 pounds, but in the back of my head I am beating myself up thinking it could have been more if you were good!!! LOL.

I also have a Pandora bracelet and my husband shocked me and bought me one of the beads with little diamonds in it for my bday and also for doing so well on the diet. Said he'd buy me another when I reach the 50 pound mark. What a sweetheart. He calls me every morning to check the scale with me. He is so supportive. I am very lucky.


Everyone is doing so well and I wish I had more time to post everyday to keep up with you all, but please know I am cheering on your success when I get a chance to read the boards!.

Have a great day everyone!..

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Meal plan plus Medifast is DEFINITELY expensive. However, the meal plan is required... and Medifast is definitely giving me results! This is the (literal) price I pay for a slow metabolism..

I have found that staying on-plan makes me feel much more empowered than when I go off, even a little bit. Yes, my taste buds enjoy it for like three seconds and then I feel horrible. So, it's best to dominate our bodies and tell it who's boss!..

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Good Morning MELTAWAYS!.

(Yes, it's still morning out here in Washington - LOL) I hope you all are having a wonderfully blessed week. Sorry I've been MIA it's been challenging and I've got some sick kids on top of everything else!.

I'm doing ok although I did eat a (small) jar of pickles and I paid for it... probably a newbie mistake but I saw that someone else said they were good for a snack and they technically don't have calories so I snacked on them all day long... yeah. NOT GOOD! The jar was empty by dinner and I had eaten twice the amount of sodium a normal person should have in a day. OOOOPS! My scale was extra grouchy & mean the next day and I'd gone up FOUR POUNDS!!! I re-weighed several times trying to let my eyes adjust to the number but alas it was true... so now I've learned that although it might not have calories I need to watch my SODIUM too!!! Why didn't I think of that before eating all those pickles? Sometimes I'm not so bright.

The scale is slowly going back the way it's supposed to and I'm back OP, no more than a few pickles a day for me!!!.

I'm amazed at how well so many of you are doing... you all inspire me!!! Sorry for being MIA and not doing the wrapper challenge but I will do my best to do it today. I've got to go to get the sick kids ready for doctor appointments..



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Down 3 lbs. this week! Happy dance, happy dance. All the clothes I am wearing today, except my shoes and socks, are annoyingly loose. I even have baggy-butt undies on (TMI)An excellent problem! Doggone it, a vendor at work brought me another imported chocolate bar today. I'm telling ya, temptation isn't going to get the best of me this time! I'm putting it in my stash for later; much later.... My family of origin has finally noticed that I am loosing weight.

The thin ones look down on the fat ones it's been going on for years. Very interesting! Thanks for all your support; just reading your postings helps keep me going. Life is good. Thanks, MF. Yay!..

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Great news Barb! Kudos on passing up the chocolate ....not easy!.

Here's my wrapper for yesterday. Didn't get my last meal in. I was with friends playing cards and didn't want to eat my bar, but I should've taken one with me. They were eating all kinds of goodies that I didn't eat. Didn't even have a glass of wine!.

Calories 888.3.

Carbohydrate 67 g.

Water: yes.

OP: I guess not since I missed a meal..

Exercise: NO!.

I've got 3 weeks behind me so I'm going to start exercising on the days I don't play tennis. Hopefully that will pick up the pace a bit. I have no idea what we're having for dinner so better get on it! Have a good one!.


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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.