Can you follow a Medifast Diet if your pregnant?

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First question I have is Can you follow a Medifast Diet if your pregnant? Many thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... WELCOME to the Can Do Crew where TOGETHER we CAN DO IT! Whether you are a veteran or new to this healthy lifestyle you'll find encouragement, friendship, accountability, support and laughter. So jump in and join the happenings!.

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You betcha! however you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm it as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you contact the Medifast guys because they can assist you better...

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Here is a link to the new introduction thread, where we can introduce ourselves and get to know each other better, and newbies have a link to get to know us as well!!!..

Comment #2

Any new Crew members.

....we're having our own little.


Challenge to help us all get through the holidays. It's already started, but you can jump in - it ends Jan 2, 2011..

About our Challenge.

Here's the format:.

Report daily with a summary on Sunday. I will track the summary numbers and post.


- daily reporting is for our own accountability..

For your starting week, please tell me:.


(Weight Loss, Transition or Maintenance).

Medifast Starting Weight.

Challenge Starting Weight.

(Any day this week that you weighed will work if you don't have a Sunday/Monday weight).

Goal Weight.

Each day, report the following:.

OP: On our plan (5+1, 4+2, transition, maintenance): yes or no.

Water: _____ ounces.

Exercise: ______.

On Sunday or Monday report your weekly summary:.


Days OP:.

Days with water:.

Days with exercise:.

For those in Maintenance, I'm going to invoke the "fuzzy rule" - if you're within your goal range, report your goal number. That way, minor fluctuations aren't interpreted as gains.

Or losses.

Here's the banner - take out ALL the ***.


WE CAN CREWS through the holidays HEALTHY!!.


Comment #3

Hello, my dear Crew Friends!.

Craziness continues at work, so didn't get a chance to check in much Thursday or Friday. Yesterday, Christmas shopping & grandkids. I don't think I ever posted our ribbons for last week.

Today, more shopping - DH is patiently waiting for me to come downstairs so we can get going. As we start this new week, I'll post last week's ribbons and do a full report this evening. Keeping accountable - and honest - I finally caved and was not OP yesterday. Today is a new day...

Comment #4

Jan, I was able to climb back on the OP wagon. You can, too! Today I am really enjoying my water! It fills me up and also reminds me to stay OP...

Comment #5

Hello All!.

Christine Thanks for taking the time to explain where the dogs are kept. Hard to wrap my head around it all to be honest. I see dogs as pets but I guess racing dogs just aren't..

Bought some new running does yesterday because I signed up for my first half marathon! Very exciting! I got a Nike Plus to go with my new shoes and I love it. Can't believe I was hesitating on getting one. Already tested it out last night for a quick 3 miles. Hope everyone is having a great weekend!.

Weekly Summary.

Op 7.

Water 7.

Exercise 5.

Weight 129..

Comment #6

I'm still re-reading The End of Overeating, by David Kessler. There are so many gems in there that I could create a new book just from the things I've underlined. Here's one that really says it all: in a chapter about how food in America [but not cuisines of other countries] is layered, loaded, and manipulated to make us want more he says: "Where traditional cuisines are meant to.


, American industrial food is meant to.


." Doesn't that make you mad as heck???? It's helping me to have this sort of awareness...

Comment #7

Sunday: OP, yes. Water, yes (and then some). Exercise: no..

For the week:.

OP: 5.

Water: 5.

Exercise: Zero. Zilch. Nada..

Weight: 176. Considering I was not OP a couple of times, I'm lucky I didn't gain...

Comment #8


, that book helps me in so many ways. Enrages me about our lifestyle at times as well..


, congrats on making the leap. I will be cheering for you. I loved my Nike+, until I lost my little white transmitter thing. I asked for one for Chhristmas. We shall see..


, one day at a time!.

Last week:.

On plan: 7.

Water: 7.

Exercise: 6.

Weight: 138.


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Does scrubbing an entire kitchen with vinegar count? I think so! Yes..

Have a great week one and all. I am back to work, and thankful. It has been a long 2 weeks. I am tired of cleaning. I only wish we were done..

Fight the good fight against loaded food!.


Comment #9

Weekly stats.

Weight: 142.

Days OP: 5/7.

Days with water: 7/7.

Days with exercise: 5/7..

Comment #10

Got home from shopping at 6:30, made a quick L&G (chicken with mushrooms, roasted cauliflower and salad), unloaded the car and I'm just getting out from my nice relaxing bath. 2 more days of work and I'm done!! Sorry, no ribbon report tonight. Haven't even caught up on the posts, but I will in the morning..

Check this out - it's pretty cool:.


Comment #11

DIANA - just about the prettiest 'ecard' I have seen this year!!! Thanks so much for keeping us going every week, I just wish we could 'chat' more with you right here. Hope all is well at your house and that you are having fun Christmas-ing..

It's 1:30 a.m. here, DH and I returned from our trip to Mexico City late tonight. By the time we unpacked, straightened up a little, I talked to DS when he came in and - voila, it is middle of the night!.

We had a great time with our business friends who work for DH's company in Mexico City. It's the third year we have 'had to' go down to celebrate that branch of the company's Christmas party - hey, it's a tough job, but (blah blah blah). It was nice to be walking around outside with just a sweater and funny that our friends were all in parkas and heavy scarves. I even used sunscreen..

Culturally, there was no way that I could avoid some of the foods offered at the 3 meals we shared with them. They would even preface every dish with, "Debbie, don't ask what's in it, you must just eat it and enjoy our lovely dishes.".

Ugh. I was able to avoid the dreaded seafood (I hate it AND am supposedly allergic, though I don't ever eat it in any case) because I have made such a point of that in the past. However, when I ordered the most simple of all the choices, the joke was that I always had the largest servings of all. I kept sending 3/4 of my plate home with the younger sons of our hosts..

The saving grace of all of this was that Saturday we were driven out to see and explore the pyramids! I studied them in art history 5 or 6 years ago and was thrilled to finally visit them. We climbed the great Sun Pyramid, I'll post a pic or two soon. I made it almost all of the way up, but even with resting between levels, the altitude got to me and I got so nauseous I had to stop. DH went the extra level to the top. If it had been our second or third day, I know I could have made it..

A year ago at this time, I couldn't have climbed it. The entire thing is 248, very difficult since the steps are uneven, 12-16 inches apart, very narrow and you have to walk up in a snake pattern to get your feet fully on in most places... DH figured that I went at least over 200 steps. I still think coming down was the most disconcerting... For the next hour and 15 minutes we walked the entire plaza and surrounding area. Then the party - DH held up quite well and we danced almost nonstop from 10-2:30 a.m.

We got our exercise in and then some. Slept on the plane and am finally starting to get sleepy again, so will sign off..

Tomorrow is weigh in day and I know my stats will stink, but I keep fighting every day and hoping for a Christmas miracle. (JUST KIDDING !).

Here's to a great Monday everyone!..

Comment #12

Debbie, between the step climbing and the dancing you got in some terrific exercise there! Great job!.

I'm about to put down the decaf and pick up the 1.5 liter water bottle..

I hope everyone has a great OP day...

Comment #13

I am posting late but I hope and I think jan will accept it.....

Weight: 138.

Days OP: 7.

Days with water: 7.

Days with exercise: planned 5 days.

As you can see I am staying op but the weight is harder to get off. Of course, I am alot busier this past week and this week so I think that explains it. I have been shopping, decorating, volunteering and just plain busy..

I love this time of year..

Have a great day!.


Comment #14

JAN - thanks for posting the youtube chorus, it is really fantastic. I happen to think a FlashMob is one of the best things ever - it's aways fun to watch the reactions of the surprised 'audience.' Hope I see it one in person sometime..

KITTY - you are workin' it, keep up the good job!.

BOBBI - whew, you are busy and I'm glad you are enjoying it! Good to hear from you..

BARB - glad you are getting your routine back and are feeling well with your exercise. It's been such a busy and emotional time these past few weeks and you are so inspiring - SO inspiring - to stay OP and show us, yet again, what the commitment means in practice!.

I weighed in today, not such a good thing, but not unexpected this week. However, I've had my choc. chip pancake for breakfast, a bar and lots of water so far. So, the stats, if I can find all of my posts for this week:.

Monday weekly stats.

Weight 124.2.

OP 4.

Water 5.

Exercise 3..

Comment #15

I am just getting caught up on all the past weeks posts. Busy crew! Debbie, thank you.... I am always here and read but rarely post anymore. I thought I might have time on this break for Christmas and so I will try harder.

I got my final grades and I did well for my first quarter. I kind of struggled with the math but ended up with a B+ and am just so okay with that. I had visions of failing for a while cuz I just wasnt getting it..... but I went to our school learning center and it all worked out. I got better grades on my other two classes. Not too bad for an old foagie.....

Thanks for asking Barb..... it was a good quarter..

I hope you got your tree up barb.... it is hard sometimes to find the time. Sounds like everyone is busy busy but tis the season..

For me, it is easier to stay on plan when I am busy to the point of distraction so the past week has been good. Sometimes, I have to force myself to eat something.

Who would've thunk it.....

I hope all of the crew continues to do so well. Lots of people getting to goal, hard work..


Comment #16


Thanks for the encouragement! Did you use a knee brace at all when you had knee pain pre-surgery? I have knee pain when I run I think it may be Iliotibal band syndrome (ITBS). Can you recommend one?.


Congrats on passing your math class! Have you signed up for classes next semester yet?.


Glad you had a fun trip! Sorry about the food choices never fun traveling and eating stuff that is way outside of our comfort zones!..

Comment #17

BOBBI - when I went to college (graduated in 2001) - the term they used for 'us' returning students was "OWLS" - Older Wiser Learners. Gotta love that! Well done, you have really committed and you deserve a gold star - in each class!!! Yahoooo..


Comment #18


OP: yes.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no.

Food is fuel. Food is fuel. Food is fuel...

Comment #19

CHRISTINE - this is especially for you -.

CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR RACE - wow, I'm so excited for you and I know I speak for the whole gang when I say we are all :..

Comment #20

I keep seeing 'busy, busy, busy' in the posts these last few days. That about sums it up for me - add, crazy, crazy, crazy at work. I just have to get through today and I'm off til the 3rd! Family arriving from Rhode Island on Thursday and they'll be here til New Year's. I WILL catch up with the stats and get out last weeks - I'm actually a whole week behind now.


You are SO RIGHT when you say I'll accept your stats a bit late.

Here's mine - not too bad, considering....

Weight: 155.4 (up a bit).

OP: 5.

Water 7.

Exercise: 2..

Comment #21

Morning crew. I posted last night, but I see that it didn't make it. Not sure where it disappeared too, but......


, Awesome trip. I do love to sample foods of different cultures. Sounds like you got some exercise in too. I have not been stressing about BLT's right now, but not going overboard either. In the past I would have never found time to exercise during this busy time, but now I make sure I include it in my day, 4-5 days a week..


, WOW!! I can't begin to imagine the excitement of the race and cold weather. I am so happy for you. That is a big NSV that you could see a difference in your performance over last year. I am cold when the temp drops below 60..


Op: no.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no.


Op: no.

Water: yes.

Exercise: yes..

Comment #22

Whew, back to 122.2. All that water yesterday helped flush all of the salt and junk from the weekend, I think. I'm still hovering, but after the holidays, I'll be sticking around the 118 mark, where I want to be..

It's starting to snow and it's lovely. I'm having some girls from work over for lunch and I'm making a salad with pears and dried cranberries and walnuts. They are bringing appetizers and I KNOW they will be nothing I want to indulge in. I'm also serving fruit and will have nuts around for munching. I WILL be staying on my plan for the day !!!.

KITTY - good work, those pounds eventually get the hint..

JAN - don't worry about the stats, we want you to concentrate on what you have to do for your family and company and the stats are always going to be there for your calculating. We can always celebrate our holiday journey after the first of the year! Cute graphics as always and I am always waiting to see what's next..

Off to set my table! Have a good OP day everyone and ENJOY this day and spend it lovingly and cheerfully! (In that case, stay away from the


Comment #23

WOW.....sorry for my absence. I can't even begin to tell you how horrible this has been. People who are not family should just keep their opinions and greedy paws to themselves. ARGHHHHH. I am afraid that a non-family member is going to make our lives miserable. Hard to deal with this during the holidays when you just lost a family member.

We are going to get through this, despite the outsider..

My days are so busy, I barely have time to eat. Much of my exercise is cleaning or step aerobics. I run up the steps at work a few times between classes to help as well. I am trying to squeeze a little in here and a little in there..

A few victories. I have not had one bite, lick or taste of ANYTHING that has been brought in to school these past few days. Not a one. Of course, with all the anxiety we are facing, I haven't really felt like eating..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: No.


, I used a cho-pat. I really liked it for my one knee, but it didn't help at all with the knee with the torn meniscus..


Congrats on your grades! What a wonderful semester for you. I am sure you are proud that you have gone back to school and done well..


Please send some of that snow east for the Christmas weekend. I could use a little snow!.


What a difference a year makes. Congratulations!.


Food is fuel, food is fuel. We don't like loaded food. Give it to us clean!.

One more day of classes. Then I have a dinner party here at the house on Thursday and family Christmas Eve at my house on Friday. Busy holiday, but I need it. I am looking forward to being off until January, although there is still so much work to do at MILs house..

Fighting the good fight, both with my food and my life..


Comment #24

Jan, Heidi, Courtney, Diana.

, and the rest of the crew...... I didn't forget you. I am thinking about you all and hoping that you are getting ready for a great holiday season..

DD came home today and we actually decorated our tree!.


Comment #25

I love this time of year, but I want to bake, bake, bake, cook, make candy..... how do I stop? I said that I was going to do much less and I have done less, but the BLT's are still there. I can't prepare a dish for others that I haven't tasted. The good news is, I am exercising and getting all my water. I haven't weighed in a few days now.... (I'm afraid)..

Hope you all are doing well..

Tuesdayop: no.

Water: yes.

Exercise: yes..

Comment #26

It wasn't easy with all the baked crap that people left in the break room, but I did it. I think the water helps a lot. Yeah, Barb, give it to us clean!.


OP: yesssssssssss!!!.

Water: yes.

Exercise: no..

Comment #27

Question: for these last 25 pounds to my goal, should I be doing anything different? Besides adding exercise?..

Comment #28

Way to go Kitty. That is a well-deserved yesssssss !!! to your OP day..

Hate the break room right now..

Barbyou are still amazing. Faith is a good thing to have..


Comment #29

Good Evening everyone - just sitting down after a long day. Had my friends for lunch and we had a lovely holiday party. they brought lots of not-OP stuff and I furnished a lovely salad and some rolls, fruit, etc. I didn't touch the lovely cookies or candy, though I did try some of the appetizers. So, now I have to say that I did not quit stick to my plan for the day. I have been getting the water in, though, that's one thing good..

Will keep OP tomorrow with no problem, DH and DS cleaned up most of the leftovers and the sweets are not calling my name..

My Mom has asked me to bring cheesy potatoes for Christmas Eve - everyone's favorite, of course, no matter who throws the party..... I am going to be taking a few things, like a salad, to make sure there is something OP for me to fill up on. I know that my Dad will be making all kinds of puffy appetizers and greasy stuff, old habits don't always change..

Have a good day tomorrow everyone, keep on working the program and thanks for being here for all of us together - the support is wonderful..


Comment #30

Long Overdue.....

Can Do Crew Festival Challenge.

Week 5 Dec 5 - 11.

Blue Ribbon Winners - 100% - 7 days:.




Courtney, Sherry, Barb, Melissa, Jan.

Red Ribbon winners: - 6 days:.


Sherry, Melissa.


Debbie, Kitty.

With humble apologies for the lateness ... coming soon - Week 6 Dec 12 - 18!..

Comment #31

Caught up with posts and stats....still missing last week's summary from:.








Bbl - time for breakfast...and I don't have to drink it in the car.

Although, I sure wish I was sleeping in - woke up at the usual time and there's still so much to do, my head was spinning, so just got up and started doing! Does that count for exercise ?

Comment #32

Brrrr. A chillly start to the day. The water will be a challenge today as I have a 9:30 appointment before work and I don't think I can sit through it after drinking the amount of water I usually do before leaving home so I might have to wait till I get to work to make a dent in the 50-ounce water bottle...

Comment #33

JAN - spinning mind? DEFINITELY exercise in my book. lol.

Thanks for the stats, no worries on the 'lateness' - it's all good and, personally, I can wait to NOT see my name on the blue ornament......ugh..

We appreciate you!..

Comment #34

Good morning Crew..

So far so good today, 2 Medifast meals and 24 oz of water...

Comment #35

Seems like I posted this on last weeks post inadvertantly. Here is is again. Jan, my stats are there for last week..

Hey Debbie,.

Way to go on the climb!!! Ain't it great to do something like that and realize that in the past you would not have been able to?.

I finished my 2 day race in 21st place out of 35 starters. That is the highest I have ever finished in a race. Usually I finish second or third from the last place. I had some good crashes, especially crossing the river. Did I mention we haven't had a lot of snow up here? The trail had minimal cover and the drop onto and across the river was pretty wicked. I wasn't the only one to have trouble there but I did notice that I picked myself up pretty easily compared to the past.

Anyway, had 2 solid 44 mile runs up and down some short steep hills. My triceps are screaming at me today. The knees held up so much better than last year. Huge difference for both me and the dogs with 90 fewer pounds on that trail. We are all taking 2 days off to recover and prepare for our overnight campout Wednesday-thursday. I wasn't even close top OP, though.

Especially on Saturday when the temps stayed at 10 below all day. Not sure how to handle the race days and the increased calorie requirements..

Weekly stats.

Weight-213 up a few.




Sunday stats.




Love reading about everyone's holidays and successes. Love this Crew. You guys are keeping me accountable. While I'm not perfectly on plan I am not straying all that far off. This Holiday season could be so much worse..

Keep the posts coming..


Comment #36

And this one too. Hope this gets me up to date..

Hey guys,.

Thanks the cute graphics and the warm thoughts. Still riding the wave of a great race and a huge physical difference in my smaller body..

Sherry, I have given considerable thought to that. I don't want to stop Medifast but no way can 800-1200 calories work for me right now. Well, maybe on an off day. I have to figure out how to transition, maybe to a 3-3 while racing, try to stay away from too many carbs, and then in March when my season winds down go back to the 5-1 until I reach goal..

Debbie, I love your stories of your travels. You must have so much fun experiencing all those different cultures..

My helpers ran some of the dogs that didn't race Sunday last night while I shoveled out the house and yard from 5 fresh inches of snow. Fluffy, powdery, light snow. 2 hours of shoveling and I hit the hot tub for the lunar eclipse. Our clouds parted for about 3 hours last night, exactly around the time of the eclipse. How cool was that?.

Now somehow I have to wrap gifts and get Christmas cards in the mail tonight. And shop for just a few more. And get my music together for Christmas Eve Mass. I am lucky enough to be invited to play at the Church in Willow. But boy oh boy I'll be so glad when all this Holiday stuff is over and I can get back to the normal rhythm of life..

Hope all you guys are getting the Holiday stuff done and can have a relaxing Christmas Day..

Monday stats.

OP-no, not quite.

Wateryes, yes, barely.

Exercise2 hours of shoveling snow.

Like Sherry says, {{Hugs to the Crew.}}.


Comment #37


LOL, All week I have been ending up on the wrong post. Glad to know that it's not just me...

Comment #38


Sorry you are having a rough time right now. I hope you still can enjoy your holiday and get back to some regular exercise. Thanks for the brace info. The cho-pat is actually the one I was looking into!.

Tuesday stats.

Op yes.

Water yes.

Exercise 45 min elliptical & abs..

Comment #39

Can Do Crew Festival Challenge.

Week 6 Dec 12 - 18.

Blue Ribbon Winners - 100% - 7 days:.


Barb, Bobbi, Melissa.


Barb, Bobbi, Jan, Melissa, Sherry.

Red Ribbon winners: - 6 days:.


No 6's, but Kitty, Sherry & Jan had 5....


Again, no 6's: 5 days with water was Chris, Debbie & Kitty..

Comment #40

Hey Christine, is there a website or somewhere I can go to learn more about the races you do and to see pictures? It sounds so amazing to me and I'd love to see what it looks like..


Comment #41

Wednesday: OP - no, Water - yes, Exercise - yes.

Just wanted to drop in real quick to say hello and report..

I know some of you remember Cassandra...I donated to the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation when she was training for the half-marathon to raise money, so she sent me a Christmas card with a picture of her and her husband at the finish line and a nice letter about the race and the team. It was quite inspiring! She's looking good and obviously feeling good. It was nice to hear from her and see another success story. You listening Barb - Melissa?.

Off to wrap presents!..

Comment #42

Morning Crew. I can't believe it is Thursday already. I started vacation last Friday and the time is flying by. Off to clean something... and cook some more. Christmas Dinner is at our house...

Comment #43

Good morning crew. Finally off until January. I need this break. My students have been so great the last few weeks though. They have made that part of my life so easy. We got some great news yesterday from the lawyer and DD got an early Christmas present from school.

Now for the bad news....I didn't follow my eating plan yesterday. We had an altered schedule at school and my lunch didn't start until 1:00. It was so late in the day and I didn't have enough on plan stuff with me. To make matters worse, I didn't exercise. Oh well, today is another day. One of the best things about break is starting every day with exercise.


On Plan: No.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: No.

Today is a new day and I will pick myself up and keep on going. That's what I have learned..


, thanks so much for tell us about Casandra. I have thought of her often. I lost her email address when my hard drive crashed in August and haven't been able to contact her. I was hoping all was going well. I wonder if we will hear from Stacy?.


, what will you be playing on Christmas Eve? DD and I always sing 9 am Mass on Christmas Day. We do some things together and then a few things on our own. We have this beautiful alto/soprano duet based on "For Unto Us A Child Is Born" and a Gather Hymn called the Nativity Carol. We use to do Christmas Eve with the choir, but our schedules just don't allow that anymore. This has become a family tradition. I think DH will join us this year to add some baritone to some of the carols.


Great job yesterday. Clean food is fuel. Clean food is fuel. Now all I need is a little watch to dangle in front of your eyes to finish hypnotizing you!.

Speaking of hypnotizing, has anyone ever tried that to lose weight? I did. The funny thing about it is that it broke me of another habit, but not food. Go figure! The things we did to lose weight. I think we will have to discuss that in January. Our new resolutions will be to NOT go back to those unhealthy ways of trying to control our weight. We all probably have some great stories to share.


I'll be cooking and cleaning with you this week. Dinner party tonight (covered dish, so that helps), but I still have to set up the buffet and make my......yes you guess it...... clean food. I am making steamed shrimp (that I marinate in Walden Farms Balsamic no this or that dressing), clean asparagus, and a salad. I'll be eating in style and on my plan..


I know a lot of runners who use the cho-pat and some trainers who say it isn't that great. I guess it is all in what it does for you. I think it does help with alignment. I also get Runners World magazine. They always have some great exercises that I have tried to incorporate in to my routine. I signed up for their website, but I have gotten so many other emails, that I finally had to unsubscribe.

Lots of 1/2 marathon ideas. I'll be willing to fly just about anywhere on the east coast. The only weekend I know I will have trouble with is October 15/ 16. Other than that, I should be good. End of September might be nice if we are closer to the north, end of October, early November if we are more towards the south.

Have a great day everyone! I will be on plan today!.

Fight the good fight..


Comment #44

Glub, glub. Drinking my water already, haven't even eaten yet!.

Barb: Hypnotize me all you want! HA!! I did try that once, and it did work for a short time. But not permanently, obviously, or I wouldn't be here now. Ho ho ho!..

Comment #45

Busy day for me, too. Finishing touches on the guest room and my office to make room for DS, BIL & Niece arriving tonight from RI. My office will be the hardest to give up - it's my craft room, my computer spade, my also has a futon couch that once it's pulled out, there's not much room. So I have to remove everything I"ll be needing. DH set up my work laptop in the den (he calls it the computoriam), so I'll still be online at will. Plus, I have a computer in the kitchen as.


Knows - we were g-chatting all over the house yesterday.


- I emailed you Cassandra's address. I think of Stacy, too, & also Rebekka. I emailed here the FlashMob link, but haven't heard back from her..

Gotta get moving!!.

Have a FABULOUS OP Day everyone!!..

Comment #46

Grocery Shopping Done...L&G in the oven...a few things left to wrap...and still some more clutter-removal. Family won't arrrive til 11 or 12, so have plenty of time...hope the energy holds up!..

Comment #47

JAN - have a wonderful time with your family and enjoy Christmas the whole weekend! I know it is a special time and that you have made sure everything is in order..

BARB - The things we did to lose weight, that will be a good topic for he new year. As I write this, you are probably mid-party and enjoying your shrimp! Good on ya'..

KITTY - All that water sure helps the program and I hope you asked Santa for a life preserver. If not, we'll throw you one! Good work, it's easy to lose track this week..

SHERRY - I agree that the week has flown by - I still keep thinking today is Wednesday! If only...I hope that you enjoy Friday a whole lot!.

EVERYONE - have a fabulous night before The Night Before.....


Comment #48

Good afternoon Crew,.

Lots happened in the last 24 hours. But first.

Wednesday stats.



Exercise yes.

Barbenjoy this break. I get a little envious of teachers and their Christmas and Summer breaks. Sometimes. (-;.

I will play my 6-string acoustic guitar at Christmas eve Mass. I used to lead the guitar group every Saturday night for about 8 years but as I got more into mushing I had to give up lots of weekend activities. I still join when I can, though. One of my fav C-mas songs is Child of the Poor done in counter melody to What Child is This..

KittyThere are web sites for most of these races. The one I did last weekend was called the Alaska excursions. They have a Facebook page for that one. My next big endeavor I sthe Copper Basin 300. They have a nice web site..

Jangood luck with the house guests. How long do you have to sacrifice your "room"?.

Hi Sherry, Debbie, Bobbi, and the rest of the crew..

So here's my story last night. We had planned back-to back 40 mile runs with a 4-5 hour campout in between. Well, there's a little creek at the bottom of a hill on a less used section of the trail. It's usually frozen with snow cover but in the last few days there was some overflow that froze over the snow. My sled hit that ice as the dogs were turning to go up hill and the sled slid off the trail. There was a good sized piece of drain pipe on the side of the trail that they were going to use last summer to reroute the creek but never quite got around to.

Needless to say that brought us to an instant stop and sent me flying over the handlebars. Good thing snow covered trails are softer than pavement because if that would have happened on my bike I could have been really hurt. One of my puppies broke her harness snap in the impact but she's alright too..

We managed to dislodge the sled from the drainpipe which is no easy task with 12 dogs trying to pull the other direction. The sled was bent on one side and broken on the other but I was still able to follow my training partner for a few miles back to the parking lot. The sled didn't steer too well so we crashed ever so lightly a few more times around corners. And we were only 15 miles into the run and the dogs were not liking going that slow..

We aborted our campout at the trailhead and came back home to get my old sled. We went out early this morning and ran a 25 mile run. A bit disappointed that my new sled is unusable but glad everyone is okay and glad I got in some miles, even though not as much as planned..

Now it's time for a nap before friends come over for dinner. Gotta hang in there a few more days and this will all be over.....

Merry Christmas to you all..


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CHRISTINE - OMG, I am so glad you are alright and the dogs are, too. What a scary happening and I keep thinking, all of this and the cold, too! You are really courageous and adventurous and any other 'ous' I can think of..... way to go. What excitement, and I hope that there is no more 'excitement' of that sort this winter.... whew!.

Enjoy your friends and party down!.


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OP No.

Water Yes.

Exercise NO.


OP yes.

Water yes.

Exercise no..

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Indulging in a second cup of decaf before I hit the ol' water bottle. A day of garage & closet cleaning awaits...

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Good morning everyone..


On plan: Yes.

Water: Yes.

Exercise: Yes.


, I am glad you and the dogs are OK. We will be doing Child of the Poor next weekend for Holy Family. DD and I enjoy doing that one in two parts as well. I understand giving up choirs, as I have had to do the same. I usually cantor on Saturday nights. The only problem with being a school teacher, although this probably isn't that much different than your job, is that I often work 60 hour weeks during the school year.

But the worst part of my job is that I can't go to the bathroom when I want to or need to. I have to wait for a bell or call for someone to cover my class. I have always thought that was inhumane, especially when I drink over 100 ounces a day..


, the shrimp and salad was great! I think Hugh would say good on ya!.


, I got it, thanks!.

Melissa and Sherry.

, send some of that Florida sun up here....please..

Gotta run and finish wrapping. DH just left..

Merry Christmas, in case I don't get back!.


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I know everyone's busy on Christmas day, hence the lack of posts. I'm heading out to a friend's house in an hour...Merry Christmas, everyone...

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OP: No.

Water: no.

Exercise: no.

A trifecta of negativity!! LOL..

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Merry Christmas everyone! I've been busy the past few days so I haven't posted. Sure that's the same for everyone! My Christmas present to myself this morning was running 7 miles! Such amazing weather with a great breeze I was in heaven! Hope everyone is staying OP and having a great holiday!..

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Merry Christmas Crew!!!!.

Clear and cold in Anchorage this morning, with a dusting of snow..

Presents are opened. I managed to walk to morning Mass2.5 miles from the house, and walk back. Forgot a face mask so at 3 degrees my chin was cold but it was for a short 45 minutes. I get so busy during mushing season I just realized I never finished my walking goal this summer. After my 5 miles this morning I have 3.5 miles to go to put that goal to rest. Don't want to leave that undone.

Although I am struggling terribly these last few weeks to stay OP at least it's different this year as I am not as out of control as I have been in the past..

We had a wonderful Christmas Eve Mass in Willow last night, and our guardian angels were watching over us on the way home. My roomate was driving and got pulled over in a 45 MPH zone. It's a stretch of the highway where police watch carefully and get us all if we are not paying attention. Just as the nice officer was asking to see her license a car coming the other way stopped and yelled that a pickup truck just hit a moose a mile up ahead. The cop let us go and took off for the accident. I just kept thinking that timing wise that could have been us hitting the moose if we hadn't been pulled over.

Wow. Guardian Angel thank you..

Fire is in the fireplace. May actually turn on the Weather Channel and see what's happening to all y'all down there. Hear it's a snowy Christmas in the Lower 48. A nap may follow before dinner. Dogs have off yesterday and today. Big run planned tomorrow..

Stats for Thursday.


Water-barely 64.

Exercise25 miles with the dogs.

Friday stats.




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Chris, was listening to the Car Talk guys on the radio today and one of the callers was from Alaska. She said it had been -47 and that she didn't turn off her car for days! Brrrr!..

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Hey Kitty, I'll bet she lives in Fairbanks or somewhere up in the Interior. Anchorage is more coastal so if we drop to 10-20 below we feel like we're freezing. But the middle of the state can get dang cold, like the radio caller said..

Dinner over and dishes done. My nap was wonderful. Enjoying my roommate's kids and company, young 20-somethings all into Salsa dancing. They are giving demonstrations. Not my thing but kinda fun to watch..

Out to feed the dogs. A Raven was toying with them this afternoon. Pretty funny to watch from the kitchen window. The older dogs just watched the bird and the younger pups went nuts. Hope the neighbors didn't mind the noise. And then more noise when a moose literally ran down the middle of the street..

Can report stats although it is early.


Water yes, with more on the way.

Exercise5 mile walk.


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Was off program for one meal yesterday, Christmas dinner...back on track today. I wish everyone an OP day with lots of water!! I got a head start on the water already, since I take Fosamax and have to drink a lot of water for 30 minutes before I do anything else...

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Here is the link for the new weekly thread:..

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.