Can you have a cheat meal on Medifast Diet phase 1?

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Quick question... Can you have a cheat meal on Medifast Diet phase 1? Hoping for any answer or 2. Second question of mine... Good morning Melters!!!.

Here we are with 1/2 a month behind us and hopefully less behind behind us too!!!!.

A great day for checking in and assessing the first of 2011. How are you doing?.

What would you like to do better to end the month strong???.

Share ( if you like) one new thing you DISCOVERED about YOU!!!!.

This whole process is about discovery and changing and reprogramming ....

There is no failure here if we learn & grow .....

Comments (96)

Yup, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm this as I am not quite sure. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the Medifast guys because they can answer you better...

Comment #1

Cannot forget Amanda's quick check-in - lol ....

Just a quick check in..

I had a really great evening and savored probably my last 'alone' time for quite a while! I spent 1 1/2 hours at TARGET!!! I didn't even realize it and looked at the time and thought 'crap, I need to get out of here if I want my pedicure.' But to shop with no time limit and browse without also having Delaney was just enjoyable (even though she is usually very good while running errands.). I really didn't buy much for me, but a book and some eye cream, but got Delaney's bday gift finished up and few last things for baby, etc. Just being there on no time limit was enjoyable. Then I rushed to a pedicure and I asked if they had enough time based on when I needed to leave to get to my massage and they said they did....well, they didn't. I didn't care about cutting the massage part off, since I was going to a massage and tried to tell them several times to just work on the calluses and paint...but they couldn't speak hardly any english. I pointed at the nail color and asked to 'paint now, I need to go' and pointed at door.

When she got up to go get warm towels for my calves, I just had to put my pant legs down and say I needed to go. I could tell they thought they did something wrong and tried telling them that I had another appointment and it was ok, but they couldn't really understand me. I just wish I got my color on, but I tried telling her several times and didn't know how else to get her to understand 'please do my color now.' Sooooo, I came home and told DH that he can paint my toenails tomorrow!!! BWUAHAHAHA!!!! (as Michele would say!) He didn't go for it, but I pointed out how detailed and careful he is when doing wood work projects, so he can surely be careful and do my toenails for me ONE time in my life!!! I'll let you know how THAT turns out!.

The massage was a.m.a.z.i.n.g!!! An hour for $35...can't beat that! Worst part was having to go out in the cold and drive home, I just wanted to roll over and fall asleep..

So, my evening devoted to 'me' was very enjoyable and I'm glad I did it. DD was sleeping when I got home, which was great to peak in on her and see her cozy in bed!.

JANE~how great that was for you with your granddaughter to just sit and hold her and bond. AND I think it is pretty darn awesome that your DIL is telling you straight on that you are welcome back at ANY time, but has her mom on a call-ahead status...that says so, so much! And Judy is right, that grandbaby will get spoiled with 'things' from many people, but the time and relationship you give them will mean more than 'things' and 'stuff'. I say this from a place of knowing how much my mom will be giving us with keeping Delaney while we are in the hospital with the baby and then taking another week off of work after DH goes back to work. I have already started thanking her, because it is so hard to put into words and she said 'Amanda, this is what grandmas and grandpas do' choked me up. We don't get the offers of food, help, etc from DH's parents (they do help if we ask, but it feels almost like I'm bothering her to watch Delaney at times), so know that you are totally appreciated for WHO you are and the relationship you give them!.

PAMELA~I wondered the same thing as Judy~were you going out skiing and in the snow with how you were describing your leg...especially if it had just 'given' out on you the other day. I hope you were careful, my friend!.

Ok, I need to sign off and get to bed...I'm cold and just want to cuddle up!.

Have a good night all and see you tomorrow!.


Comment #2

And no friends I did not go skiing but rather took my kids there and tried as best I could to rest my leg ... at one point I stood at the bottom of the mountain and thought my children are up there with strangers ( ski and snow board instructors) and I really have no control..

Control ~ such a strange concept huh? How much do we really have?.

It is kind of interetsing to me that it is my right leg that is in pain and I really did not do anything to it to cause this ... the right side of the body in the energy world represents the masculine side and is basically how I run my energy. And it just shut down after an atunement for reiki ... what is the meaning of this? Is is to allow my feminine or nurturing side a chance to emerge? A universal slow -down sign? Not quite sure but open to it!..

Comment #3

Love it Pamela!.

I would like to do better.


My problem is that I start the day off very well. I plan my 5 Medifast meals and what I am going to eat for my L & G and I have a good water drinking system. What happens is my brain starts telling me that the few nuts and small slices of cheese and 1/4 cup eggbeaters are OK to have because they are all low carb. All this slows down my weight loss and I know it but still I keep fooling myself..

My goal to resolve this is to stop buying these items and not even have them in the house at all..

I discovered.

That I am a forgiving resilient gal!.

I also know that I am losing weight no matter what and I will figure this out and not beat myself up over making mistakes during the process!.

Very proud to be a melter! JodiNY..

Comment #4

How am I doing? I am OK but I have discovered I really do not want it badly enough (yet) to do everything I have to do to get there and I am not sure why..

I started off at closer to 300 pds than 200 pds and was busting out of a size 24 stretch pants ... now 100 pounds lighter and a in a size 12 ( though barely.

) and I am not there yet though I have successfully kept most of the weight off for almost 2 years ( in April)..

I know this next 30 -40 pounds can be possibly even more life changing than the other 100 as weird as that sounds and yet I am fighting it at a core level. Time to peel back the layers and see what is the hold up..

Not easy work but work I need to get to to be successful..

Am I making sense?????..

Comment #5

Pamela! That is so cool that you are into the energy part of the body! I broke my right leg VERY BADLY nearly 3 years ago I was told about the masculine side but it also represents the future energetically and the message was that I could NOT go forward the way I had been. I am a slow learner and stubborn so I took a fall that could have paralyzed me (fell down 8 stairs onto concrete - my flute in my back pack probably saved me from a spinal injury) had emergency surgery (my friend who is an RN says I could have lost the leg due to the configuration of the break) was in a wheel chair for at least a month (the accident was April 27, I gave a mini-recital sitting in my wheel chair on May 18) and it has been a slow heal BUT I got the message and am working on getting enough rest, staying out of abusive situations etc etc). So good for you that you are listening to the Universe through your body before you have to have an accident like I did!!..

Comment #6

How am I doing? I think Jodi put it best when she predicted that 2011 is going to be my year. I have discovered that I LOVE being Oma (More than I ever loved being a mom but don't tell my son that!). This will be the year that I get the weight off (thanks to 5-1 and YOU ALL) 2012 will be another story because that is when I will struggle to join the 5% club - I read in these boards that only 5% of us keep the weight off once it is gone - and THAT is my story and that will be my challenge!..

Comment #7

Ouch!!!! I think the world of energy medicine is fascinating and though I do not understand a lot of it I keep showing up and trying to learn and absorb it all..

I have a psychology background so the 2 are sometimes in conflict but I am finding so much information that just makes sense. Last night I went to a talk on healing your light body. I got up on the table and he told me some things that I sort have been wrestling with in my mind. He is doing individual sessions but they are expensive ... we'll see.....

Comment #8

Good Morning My Melters.

Such interesting conversation this morning....I do want to comment and join. I am heading off to NJ today to see DH's family,,,I have to see if I'm walking,,,I heard it's warmer outside I don't know. BBL,,,,,,..

Comment #9


Off to shower. Been lounging and reading my book...lazy Saturday morning! Nothing pressing to do today. I should probably start getting things ready in case we go early, or at least start my 'list'! Plan to get baby's thing ready and in one pile, really just need to add the clothes I want to bring the baby home in!.

Enjoy your day,.


Comment #10

Hey all - very introspective posts today. That is definitely something we gain by being on the forums...not jjust losing the weight or keeping it off but also understanding the hows, whys and whats of it all..

Amanda - I still find an hour and a half alone to be blissful. Glad you got to enjoy - next time you grab that bottle of polish and point to your watch!! Or next time you will have more time and can relish in the long pedicure - mine is always boom bam...onto the next person..

Just back from some errands with the girls and some browsing at Home Goods - good thing going with a 7 and 9 year old....I dont buy anything bc they just wanna goooooooo nowwww!.

Off to hang with the family..


Comment #11

Hi gals....anyone away for the long weekend? I know Miss Mommy to be again is snug at home with hubby and DD. Hope you are feeling well Amanda. Last few weeks can be rough for some..

Just ordered new bedding I have been eyeing on Linensource....hubby gave the go ahead to get the guy in to measure and make the cushion for our window seat in our new addition - four years later, curtain swatches are on their way from Ballard designs and then my room will finally be almost done - yay. Of course are we ever really done? Except when money is no issue I guess we can then pay someone to put the whole shebang together at once..

I find in the winter I always need to do a little something to spruce up the surroundings - in the warmer months it never bothers me bc we are so busy being out and about..

THough today we were all out - Michael and I took turns with Jordan adn this little guy was outside for a total of 4 hours and rode his tricycle around a long block 6 times....he is pooped! And so are we bc we had to run to keep up with him..

Off for another game of monopoly with the kids and then some snuggle time with DH..

Have a great nite ladies..


Comment #12

Michele - that sounds nice!.

I just woke up from an impromtu nap.

... we had talked about going to the movies but it is just too darn cold out!!!!.

Off to watch some football complete with a taco salad!..

Comment #13

I am getting ready to turn in - I have not slept well in the last couple of nights so I want to get a good night's sleep tonight. I also am trying to decide if I am going to go up to see the grandbaby again tomorrow. My ex-husband and his wife will be there and I just think it will be awkward. But my son was very clear that he really wants me to come up so I am seriously thinking about going. I am thinking that Sundays is going to be my day to go up so if that is the case, then I should go up tomorrow regardless of who is going to be there. (It is a tad longer than 2 hours each way to go there).

OK I am headed for bed! goodnight all I am looking forward to the gym tomorrow and to weigh in I will do that in plenty of time to log it in and then to hit the road if I decide to go!.

Cheers! Jane..

Comment #14

Good morning Melters!!!.

How are you all doing today?.

Did you get a good night sleep Jane?.

I have a busy day today ... church, a meetign for the Relay for Life, suppose to do a dance class but will pass on that ( leg still hurting), then football -.


And then the Golden Globes ~ my favorite awards show!!!!.

What do you got going on?????..

Comment #15

MOrning Pamela - I feel so outta the loop. FOrgot my temple has an ice skating fundraiser at 10 today and there isno way we will make it. Abby doesn't want to go - Jolie would do anything and Jordan is too we will pass this year.

FOrgot about the Golden GLobes too!.

Today Michael will prob take the girls sledding on the smaller hill while I take Jordan to his 3rd bday party - I've been very selective bc he invites were getting out of hand. Trying to see if a friend and I can get in a mani /pedi and some chit chat before that..

Jane, my aunt visits her granddaughter every Sunday - almost the same drive you have. She tells me that when she is at her lowest, spending a few hours with her sweet little granddaughter who is now almost 3 gives her enough of a lift to last for days. Have a safe trip if you head out..

Off for a shower...nah too lazy - off for another coffee...then a shower - boy it becomes evident pretty quickly that structure is a good thing for me ! lol.


Comment #16

Pamela I am seriously considering yoga - I need to find time in the evening or weekends which is typically very hard, but I think it will help me bucket loads with my back..

Whaddya think?.


Comment #17

Michele I would highly recommend it ~ and to try the various kinds to see what works best. Svaroopa ( sp?) is a great restorative one that is very gentle on the body to try. Have you done any?.

On face book right now - yoga Journal has started a 21 day challenge - like it and sign up for it and they give you little series to try everyday. Plus the meditation is also helpful in staying balanced..

I have really missed working out this week because of my knee. It really has become a part of me!!!..

Comment #18

SNOOPY DANCE TIME!! Went to the gym and I am down another 2 lbs for a total of 15.8 gone in 4 weeks and 2 days!! I am feeling on top of the WORLD!! 8.2 to go to ONEDERLAND and the on-line simultaneous Snoopy dance! OK I am running out the door to go visit my grandbaby - ex-husband notwithstanding!.

Cheers all!!..

Comment #19

WOo hoo Jane! Good for you!!!.

Pamela I havent tried any yoga yet - but I will check out facebook and see ..

Watched the Time Traveler's wife last nite from netflix. I think I have rented it adn returned it four times bc I haven't had a chance to see it. Boo hoo....tear jerker, not the greatest in plot development but a nice love story just the same....and NOW I am going to shower...she said it over an hour ago but now she means it..


Comment #20

Just saying 'hello' to all you wonderful gals. I will check in later today, but right now, I have my list of work reports/final work things to get done, so that it's not so much this week. I have enjoyed Friday and Saturday not doing a whole lot and getting in some good reading time with my books! I forget how much I love reading until I am really into it again. So, today, I will get some work things done, which is fine, b/c I really want to go into the week on top of things with the hope of all work things wrapped up by Thursday (fingers crossed!). I see my last clients on Tuesday...ahhhh!!.

I have to admit, I'm starting to dread the 'after' belly of baby coming out. I was thinking how ironic that I go from loving my baby belly and proud of it to wanting to hide it as much as I can after the baby is born....oh well, definitely worth it. I am going to try and be realistic with my weight loss, too, since I probably won't be doing Medifast for at least a year due to nursing. I definitely want to get exercise into my life regularly, so that when I'm not doing it I 'miss' it like Pamela!.

Have a fun, enjoyable day!.

Where has Denise been???.


Comment #21

Hi Melters! Yesterday I was out of pocket because DH and I attended a 6-hour seminar on transforming your city. It was awesome to say the least. They had representatives from Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand speak. Incredible stories about how a city can be transformed. After that we had a couple of hours and then we went to our monthly couples dinner. Only three of the five couples were there and we had a wonderful time.

We really enjoyed ourselves. We didn't get home until 11pm.

Not bad for a couple of "old folks"!.

After church today we went and bought paint to paint my "craft room" that is still the very dark colors that our 19-year-old painted it when he was living at home. OMG you wouldn't believe the butt-ugly dark colors he wanted ... and I let him paint in his room. Of course, there's a part of me that regrets letting him paint a room with that many dark colors, but I did want him to feel it was him room. But I saw the commercial on TV about Lowe's Valspar paint that covers in one coat any dark colors, so that's what we bought. Tomorrow (Monday) is painting day since we both are now working.


So, did DH paint the toenails? What a bummer you couldn't get it finished. So glad you had a "me" day ... you're going to be short on those once the baby comes..


So glad to hear YOU didn't go skiing ... have to admit, I was starting to get concerned (LOL). Good questions you posed ... I'll post my answers below..


HAPPY DANCING ... HAPPY DANCING ... HAPPY DANCING WITH YOU! You are doing so great ... keep up the good work! Let us know how the visit with your DGD went today..


Did you have a good time today? Is there a lot of snow where you're at? How's the weather been this weekend? Did you get your walk in?.


What great time you are spending with the kiddos. I remember one of your commitments this year is to do exactly that, and I am so impressed that you really do some great things with your kids ... these are things they will always remember and treasure in their hearts. Don't ever short-sell the importance of what you do with them. It is invaluable..


What a great lesson you learned last year about forgiveness ... it is one to keep for a lifetime! It will always serve you well and will NEVER disappoint you. It will bring freedom, joy, and love into your life to stay. XXOO.


That with the right mind and heart, I could make the commitment to lose the weight I needed to lose and that it wasn't all that hard or difficult really..

On a more "personal" level I learned that I am married to an incredible man and that I want to cherish him more than ever before and for a lifetime.


I want to be down to 140 lbs. and be more in tune with what maintenance means for my body. I'm really not focused on what I'm doing ... I'm just doing, but that won't be what I need for long-term weight maintenance, so I need to be just as proactive and committed with maintenance as I was with weight loss..

Blessings to everyone on this fine Sunday ... High 70's here in So Cal.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #22

Oh Judy - so jealous....high 70's! Wow. I have never painted anything but I think I may have to redo my powder room since the room spray I used in there stained the wall....darn oils. Other than that I do the touch up work on the walls in our house. I also hang the pictures and if you look behind any picture there are at least 12 holes...not very good at measuring!.

Amanda - oh I remember the belly feeling too. It has always been a sore spot for me so being pregnant is so freeing. I wore maternity clothes after the birth for a long long time. Now I have learned certain tricks to camoflauge a tummy that will never be flat. Go get those reports done s o that you can have time to read a good book. m..

Comment #23

I'm doing okay..........I'd like to be down a pound or two, but I'm okay to just be maintaining my loss as well. I'd also like to see less "bar" incidents..

What I have discovered is, I don't do well under pressure put on from me or anyone else in the weight loss game. I'd say it sends me closer to bingeing than to being helpful..that is why I'm like whatevs...if I can lose that extra fine, if not I'll shelve it. What I do need to do is give myself credit. Truth be told I lost most of this weight by Sept? and I have been maintaining it pretty much. That may be a first!..

Comment #24


I know there is nothing like a "good book" that you can't wait to sink your teeth into! Wow this week is a wrap....

So exciting!.

Be gentle with yourself....I also was wearing maternity jeans for months after. The C section from DD, makes my tummy look like a meatloaf. Even now with the weight gone it's still in need of attention....Anyway, so Medifast isn't in the near future, doesn't mean you can't focus on getting healthier by eating better and exercise. Just knowing you are doing those things will make you feel better about the after baby belly.xxxooo..

Comment #25

Jodi - I hope you don't forget that you are 3 lbs. PAST goal!!! That speaks volumes. And, like you said, you have been maintaining since September ... YOU GO GIRL!.

Great job ... keep it up and head into maintenance with a joyful, free heart. XXOO Judy..

Comment #26

I'm Baaaaack!! I had a good time not the soul fulfilling time I had had with them last Thursday (that was the day when I rocked the baby for two hours so they could sleep.) But today was good. It was also important that I be there and "stake" my claim as this baby's Oma and my place in her and her parents' lives. My ex-husband was there with his wife and it was interesting to say the least. Pat and I have been divorced since 1983 and he has been married to Rosalee for over 20 years. But he came to the baby shower minus Rosalee and totally creeped me out by referring to my mother as his mother-in-law and my nephew as his nephew and basically being in my space for an awful lot of the time. So I sent him an e-mail politely but firmly setting a boundary with him asking him not to say anything to me or about my family that he would not be comfortable saying in front of Rosalee.

Which was actually fine with me. It was better than the behavior at the baby shower! The good news is that he and Rosalee live in Las Vegas and our paths won't cross terribly often!!.

Lauralee's mother was there as well and I actually was able to interact a bit better with her than usual..

Andrew was really appreciative of my coming and it was great to see Evie (that is what her parents are calling her I will actually call her Cracklin' Rosie) at home and in civilian clothes rather than the hospital swaddling blanket!.

So I have established that I will be part of this child's life and I will go up every Sunday that I am not working so I can stay in touch with them. I have also told them I would go up once a month and babysit so they can have a date night out - once they can tear themselves away from their baby!.

Once again I was able to stay OP the whole day so I am feeling really strong and good about today!.

Cheers all!.

Time to get ready for bed!!.


Comment #27

Jane so glad you had a great day. SInce your ex lives in Las vegas , family gatherings wont even be a problem..

Jodi - give credit where credit is due. You have lost more than fifty lbs....5..0 - that is a crap load of weight and you have been maintaining. It is all about balance. You have the right attitude - take off the pressure and amazingly you either lose a little more or stay the same. Put on the pressure and the bingeing starts - I totally get it. You have done great and you know that any other time you would have already started gaining all that lost weight.

You deserve it..

Had a TOOTH FAIRY incident this morning. DD came into my room this am with her tooth still in it's bag.."mommy - my tooth is still under my pillow and there is no money" I just about died. Her tooth became loose from chewing gum yesterday and came out ten minutes later. We put some money aside and I brought it upstairs and put it with the toothpaste. I brushed my teeth before I saw my movie and hubby plain forgot to put it under the pillow (usually it is my job) there we were two parents like deer in headlightsI said "Maybe it fell out of your bed Abby"......hubby ran into the batheroom, threw the money at me and I looked under her bed and said .....oh abby there it is - Then while she was relishing in the money I wrote one of my tooth fairy notes nad had her little bro "find" it under her bed a few minutes later..

Phew disaster averted. She is nine....wonder if she relaly believes in it all anymore anyhow! One day she may tell a story about how she played along when she knew all along tah twe had just plain forgotten!!!.

Nite all.


Comment #28

Very cute story, Michele! It will be interesting to see how long it is before she gets it! I would guess that at age nine, she is probably desperately clinging to the belief and yet her rational mind is developing enough that she can't really believe it. I remember my son going through that with the Santa Claus thing!..

Comment #29

Good morning Melters!.

Jane so glad you are owning your power! You are grandma ~ hear you roar!!!!!.

Well the Pats lost yesterday.

Frees up my life but was a very disappointing game ~ my life however goes on..

Todays weigh in - zero - I am the same ... I have an old fashion scale so I cannot get the down .5 or what ever but given my week and not being able to move very well, I am OK with it ... the leg is slowly getting better. I did a little yoga at home yesterday but really really miss the working out but don't want to rush it and then really blow the leg out. Me - cautious ~ now there is something new!.

What is going on today with people? Kids home - low key but I want to do something for service. Clean up and donate our excess ... sounds like a plan!..

Comment #30

MOrning gals. Glad to see you are laying low and giving that leg some time to heal Pamela - otherwise you may end up missing more of your workouts than you planned..

Laying low today sounds like a plan - though I feel like we have been laying low for days! GOing to get together with a good friend and her kids so they will be busy adn the mommas can have coffee and chat..

Off to get these kids who are lovin the lazy morning some breakfast..


Comment #31

Note to Amanda....

You are beautiful!!!!!.

Enjoy the belly now and in the future!!!!.

Heck I carried around a belly for a long time and there was no baby in there.


Comment #32

Lovely Melters.

Still catching up on older posts!.


That's funny about the pedicure. It's frustrating when no one is speaking the english! Glad you loved the massage though........Can't imagine DH polishing my toes, lol..


Yes my dear, I know your body craves exercise, but you do have to rest it. So proud of you for easing up!.


I was so bad with the tooth fairy thing...sneaking it in in the a.m..waiting for them to go to the bathroom or something if I forgot. Hey as they get older, they know...but just want the moolah!.


Congrats on the extra pounds off! You are growing leaps and bounds...setting boundaries with the Ex...going there, and staking your right to be there and not denying yourself the pleasure despite all the awkwardness attached. That is true growth!.


So you feel like you need to "map out maintenace" literally for yourself and follow it that way? I have been thinking about what I may need to do for months..

Thanks we are all on this path together, even if we take different roads to get there. We are individuals, so I think it makes sense this way. Bottom line is, I think, to get to the place of peace with ourselves, which includes respect. Don't want it to feel like a "battle" forever...........

Comment #33

Hi all! Well the Snoopy Dance continues (I guess I should consider logging it in as exercise??) - down nearly another pound today - so now that means I am down 16.6! My goal for this week is 18 off so that is only 1.4 between now and Friday. I am LOVING this plan. I have a question for you all. The only Medifast disaster I have had has been with the pancake mix. I could not get the pancakes to cook properly and in my non Medifast life, I am an ACE pancake maker. So do you have any ideas of what I can do with the pancake mix other than making pancakes or waffles??.



Comment #34

I Love love the pancakes!!! The secrets I find are to make sure your pan is hot, spray the pan with Pam and to use really cold water and to shake it just 5 times .....

Otherwise you can put it in a microwave cup and add 1/2 teaspoon of baking powder and I used cinnamon and make it into a muffin ... though I prefer them as pancakes best! Good luck. Funny I was thinking of making this a pancake day!..

Comment #35

Merry Morning Melters! Happy Martin Luther King Day.


WEIGH IN: 142.6 lbs. (up .2 of a lb.) Not bad since I'm "experimenting" with additional good carbs in my eating..

NEXT WEEK'S GOAL: Down at least 2 lbs. (would love 2.6, which is still very do-able as long as I log my food and stay OP and off maintenance)..


So glad to hear the visit with DS, DIL and DGD went so well. Good for you for setting boundaries. So often we don't and then we become angry and bitter, but the truth is, it is our fault for having not set boundaries which brings freedom from negative thinking..


Love, love, love the tooth fairy story. Quick thinking on yours and DH's part to come up with an alternate delivery plan! The tooth fairy is a very important part of growing up ... a way to get some good money without doing anything but putting a tooth under a pillow. Have fun with your friends today ... enjoy yourself..


I just told DH the other day we are going to go room-by-room and start removing what we haven't used/touched in two years. Our church is having a youth yard sale at the end of the month and all the proceeds go towards scholarships to summer camp for those who are financially unable to come up with the money. So it goes to a good cause. I have a small desk and torchiere lamp in my craft room that I have earmarked not to come back in that room after we paint today they are perfect items for the yard sale! I consider giving away "stuff" we don't use the same as "gleaning" in the fields in the Old Testament. What's left over, give away to those who have needs. We have such an abundance so why not share with those less fortunate?.


Yeah, I need a "plan" for maintenance so I truly understand what I can and can't do. What will keep me at my goal weight and what will start to puff (not buff.

) me up! I did eat quite a few good carbs this week and I'm up .2 of a lb. so I'm finding that I need to reduce my more carb intake a bit. But that's not until I'm down to 140! So, maybe one to two weeks. I'm in town this week and then next weekend we go camping, and then I have business trips the following two weeks in a row. But having done what I've done with all the travel, I never fear traveling and gaining weight. I'm so confident that I can easily travel and maintain.


Blessings to all today, XXOO Judy..

Comment #36

OK, I will buy some Pam, and give it another try!!.

Thanks! And thanks all for your comments on my self-roaring-Granny-empowerment! It is an awkward position to be in but I am sure that as I get used to it, it will be the healthiest in the long run!.



Comment #37


I make them everyday, and yes occassionally there has been a few messes.....I find the secret is to add a little baking powder, to the mix with the water and let them sit a few hours. I usually make one or two to keep in the fridge.....then a nonstick pam with spray. I don't even heat the pan up really. Turn it when they are a solid enough, then wallah!.

Your a lean mean Medifast ing machine, lol. Of course I mean it in a good way! Feels like "magic" to see the losses so quickly eh? I tell you it does feel like a dream for me that I have returned to a weight that I haven't seen in over twenty years......

Comment #38


When is the last time you weighed yourself before today? More importantly my dear, you working the 5/1.....r you nutless, lol?.


You'll get those extra two pounds off. I think we will also learn that the scale, especially with the carbs, can go nuts and not to panick. I had some dipsy doodles..wowsa that scale really didn't like that! My stomach doesn't like the maltitol? (or something like that...isn't that the horrible stuff in the Wow potato chips they came out with years ago?) in the yummy Atkins Choc. Mouse Caramel bars. I guess I need to find a bar that doesn't have that. Kaboom!.

I got my Medifast order, fast too, so now I feel safe......

Weigh In for the week 119.5.

P.S. That 123 is a higher goal for me......Right now when I see that number, it will mean tighten up the reigns. For right now though, I'll think about a smaller goal in my mind, not a priority, no pressure as I said before....

Comment #39

Puzzle solved!! Remember when I asked what an NSV was? Well, I saw it on someone else's post and asked. It means Non Scale Victory! So now we all know!.



Comment #40

So Sorry I never responded to that one for you .... NSV rock even more than the scale sometimes!!!..

Comment #41

Maltitol is listed like the 2nd ingredient on the Atkin bar, guess that's why it is so much worse!.

Jane, sorry..feel free to ask us again if we don't answer something!.

NSV: I agree the scale isn't always on the same page with your progress, truly!..

Comment #42

Hi...My name is Nancy Davison and I am one of Judy Brookes sisters and would like to join your group. I have been very inspired by Judy's progress and determination! I started last Thursday on Medifast and am very dedicated to success. When I weighed this morning I have lost 6lbs so far!! I weighed in at 257.2lbs and my goal is 175lbs. I am 5'9" tall, 58 years old (yes Judy is much older than me.

) married for 14 years with two adult children who are now married and both have kids. Being a grandmother is so much better than being a parent. I now work part time (2-3 days a week) and am quite happy with that. I find reading testimonials and the stories very inspiring. I have found plenty of great blogs with great recipes. I have already printed and made my own green/lean cookbook. Tonight we had the taco salad and it was great! Look forward to getting to know all of you...

Comment #43


Welcome, Welcome! Any sister of Judy's, is a Sistah of ours.

(sorry Judy I meant to post about welcoming your sis before she got here).

Sounds like you are off to a great start!.

Where do you live Nancy?.

I'm Jodi, from Long Island. I've been on Medifast for over ten months now. I'm more or less done with losing weight for now and need to focus on maintaining my loss. Just stick with it, because as you can see from Judy, we work miracles with Medifast when we follow it. Looking forward to seeing you...

Comment #44

I will be starting the program tommorrow. I am eager to start feeling good again. After incyrring a few unwatned life changes over the last few years I have turned to food to fill my voids. On top of that I grew up in a house where food was the center of our universe. My mom, a diabetic with every complication, has been ill from the time I was 12 years old. I vowed never to put my children in the same place.

Ironically, my mom was on Medifast several years ago and lost 90 pounds in less than 6 months! I know this works I have seen it work on the impossible. I would like to join the "Melting Mfers" (great name btw - lol). You all sound like a great group of people that have a common goal. I can learn form all of you...

Comment #45

Welcome welcome!!!!.

So what is your real name and where are you from? I promise I will write more in the am... I am off to beddy by now .....

Comment #46

WOW!! I am not the newest Newbie on the block anymore very cool! Welcome.




I signed on with this group in mid-December and I can vouch for the fact that this group is awesome and serious about holding one another accountable to achieve goals! I am in the middle of my fifth week on Medifast and I am down over 16 lbs. So welcome to the group and get ready for the life changes that Medifast brings!.

My personal contribution to the group is that I have introduced the Snoopy Dance to mark achievements :-). Other than that, I just bask in the success I see around me and the support I feel coming my way from this group!.



Comment #47

Good morning Jane and Melters yet to come!!!!.

It is so much fun to get to know new people!.

Question and answer time ....

1 Name.

2 History of MF.

3 last book you read.

4. Best piece of advice to someone starting out ......

Comment #48

Name - Pamela also known as P3 ( Pamela PinterParsons).

2. History - I started Medifast in March 08.

I lost 112 pounds in 13 months and have maintained most of it. I did put back on 15 or so pounds so now I am back to finish the job. My doctor's goal was 20 pounds more than where I wanted to be. I have since become a health coach. It is tougher the 2nd time around..

3. Book - Best Friends - Jennifer Weiner.

4. Check in all the time especially when times are hard and if you are struggling. Too often people stop coming here or talking to their HC when times are tough. That is when you need it most!!!! We Melters are here through thick and thin!..

Comment #49

1) Jane.

2) Into my 5th week with 16.6 lbs. gone!.

3) I am a terrible book finisher - so open right now are:.

Covey: Seven Habits of Highly Effective People.

Nepo: The Exquisite Risk.

Anne Easter Smith: Daughter of York.

4) Stay 100% OP follow the guidelines to the letter and you will be successful! Join a group, get a health coach, get therapy if there are underlying issues!.



Comment #50

I do find that it is NOT what you are eating but rather what is eating YOU!!! Digging back those layers are so important to long term success!!!.

ALso not doing lots of recipes with the Medifast food. Keep it simple. It is designed to work as stated. I always have red light warnings when I have clients constantly trying to "tweek" the program and change it to their liking. That just doesn't work..

The plan is simple though not always easy...

Comment #51

Morning All Melters.

Sloppy icy weather here.....have to drop DD at school, then cat volunteering........BBL..xxxooo..

Comment #52

MOrning all- kids off from school once again! It is like another Christmas break in January...five days but who is counting...aaaaah! Everyone better be back tomorrow bc I need to get myself to work and out of this house. In my head I have spent way too much money dog earing all the pages of my fav decorating magazines. A few days back at work and it will all be forgotten - LOL.

Welcome Nancy and losing weight7!.

Michele here. Been on Medifast since Feb of 09 - lost 35 lbs pretty early on and still trying to get to my goal. My biggest success has been keeping the weight off and coming here almost daily and adding exercise to my daily life..

Last book - Sarah's key. accountable to someone, anyone - it really changes how you view the plan and how you think. THis has become a life changer for me adn I have discovered lots of things about me, my relationship with food and feel more at ease with the weight/food, binge struggle than at any time in my life..

Thank goodness for the craft closet bc my kiddos are going to be doing lots of crafts today....icy out and freezing rain so no outside play today..


Comment #53

Didn't know we were going to have a test today, or I would have studied! Great idea Pamela....

Hi I'm Jodi.

Been on Medifast since Feb 24....I'd like to lose a few more, but I've pretty much been maintaining my weight, but still on MF..

End of Overeating...........I just skimmed this book. I have a few books on Sugar.

Addicts, etc. out that I skim through. Sugar and bingeing are my issue, and I plan on managing it all.

Best advice? Just stick with it no matter how hard it "seems". We can talk outselves in or out of anything.......commit to yourself to see the plan through, it's so worth it..


What does the bedding look like that you ordered? Ever order from them before? I ordered on-line a few years ago and was very happy with my bedroom set. Going kinda stir crazy eh?.

Renie Email.

Probably rec'd it last week. Kept meaning to post this...if you want, send me an email () with Renie's name in the subject and I'll forward it to y'all...

Comment #54

WELCOME Loseweight7!.

We are here for you throughout your whole Medifast journey and BEYOND! That's what we are all about ... a safe place where you can be held accountable, encouraged, exhorted, and Snoopy-Danced with your successes! We look forward to having you join our great group of women in their journeys. We have women who are just starting, women part way through their weight loss journey, and women who are in maintenance. We have it all! Looking forward to learning more about you. Judy..

Comment #55


: Judy.


: I started Medifast in May 2010 and by the end of November lost 54 lbs. I have been maintaining my weight loss since then and didn't gain a pound through the holidays. I did make a decision to lose 2 more pounds, though..

Last Book.

: Wish I could remember, but now that I have a Kindle I just read them as fast as I finish the last one so I don't remember which one exactly was the last one.



: DON'T GIVE UP even when the scale doesn't move and you are discouraged.

I had plenty of those weeks, but I kept going on and ended up at goal. SO NEVER GIVE UP, do the program, it works! Also, there's a discussion board with the thread "What I Wish I Knew Before Starting MF" and it has great suggestions from tons of people so helpful to newbies!..

Comment #56

WELCOME NANCY! So very glad you have started your weight loss journey. You are going to be so blown away by the results. Can't wait to see your new body the next time we get together! An all-new-you! Love you lots, Judy..

Comment #57

Michele ~ Why are the kids out of school again? What's this break about ... just the one-day holiday or more? XXOO Judy..

Comment #58

OMG ladies.....I am going stir crazy!!! Totally stir crazy. This winter ins wreaking havoc with my mind...AAAAHHHHHH! Judy the kids are off once again for a snow day - ice and snow, slippery. I am losing my mind....I repeat I am losing my mind. I consider myself an active mom who tries to keep her kids occupied but this is crazy. I feel like the past five days were either reliving wwinter break or a dress rehearsal for our upcoming February break. did I tell you Iam going stir crazy!??????.


Comment #59

Hi Girls,.

Just skimming today and saw this. Also that we have new members. Welcome. Hope to be on later, but I do have a few for this...Great idea whoever started it. I'll find out later tonight when I'm reading all the old posts..

Name: Denise.

History: I started Medifast in June 2010. I wanted to lose 55, but I figured what's another 10 so I'm going for more. I did gain about 7 over the holidays (all pepsi) so I did have to lose those again, but no big deal. They came off and I'm about 2 lbs to my first goal and then the extra 10. I am so happy my cousin told me about MF. Since she has two of my friends are doing it and my mum.

(yeah, all you melters)..

Last Book: Still reading the last one in the Stephanie Plum Series..

Advice: Water water water. I carry a gallon of water with me everywhere I go and refill my little cup all day. I will eat every two to three hours the rest of my life. Don't beat yourself up over slip ups. It's called being human. Don't weigh yourself everyday (do as I say not as I do).

Lastly, if I can do it, anyone can..

See ya all later tonight (I think I'm in hybernation mode because I've been dead tired for two weeks now...ofcourse it could be depression from Sunday's game)..


Comment #60


You need some sort of Wii or something like that which will provide entertainment and exercise at the same time. Take a little pressure off your pressure cooker! XXOO Judy..

Comment #61

Denise ~ Was it the Patriots you were rooting for (like Pamela)? So sorry.

There were two upsets last weekend, but what fun for those two teams with the two young quarterbacksMark Sanchez and Aaron Rodgers.

I think the game that surprised me the most was the Patriots losingwhooda thunk it?.

Keep a stiff upper lip girl, there's always next year. You're better off than my sister Nancy who has season tickets to the Seahawks.

XXOO Judy..

Comment #62

Omgosh has anyone done We Dance. Best fun eva. Michelle, you'll love it. You're fam too. We had a dance off at my sister's house with about 30 people from age 8 to 60. Everyone had fun even those whose turn it was to watch...

Comment #63

Maybe you could give me you're sister's therapist because I'm still not over it. I'm completely disgusted...

Comment #64

You make sense, but man Pamela, you have so much to be proud of yet you don't sound it. You can do this!..

Comment #65

So, I'm going to bed. I don' know why I'm so tired, but I just can't stay up past 9 lately. Hope everyone is well. Pamela, hope your leg is better. Amanda, relax and enjoy. Especially the baby belly.

Michelle, at this rate your kids will be in school till July 4th. Jodi, hey girl. Judy, wanna come clean out my house? I'm thinking yard sale this spring. Renie, hope you are hanging in there. Night...

Comment #66

Oye Michele.

You homeschooling at this point? Yeah Cabin Fever, Winter fever.....I have it, it's hard..

Okay looking for a book that you just can't put down. Older is fine....I can get it from the library...I'm starting to get carpal tunnel from all the freakin farming on facebook! Ssshhhh, I'm telling to many people this! Help I need to get a life this winter!..

Comment #67

Denise ~ You must have me mixed up with some other Judy if you think I like cleaning the house.

I may be on a clean out the cupboards kick, but trust me, as much as I don't like painting ... I don't like housecleaning! If I could afford it, I'd have a housecleaning service come in every two weeks.


You know, I just went through about a 2 month period where I could NOT keep my eyes open past 9pm and I used to go to bed around 10:30pm. It happened suddenly after I got back from a trip to KC some time in late October/early November. I finally went to the doctor and had a host of blood tests run and they found nothing. Eventually, I started to stay up later (right now it's 10:50pm and I'm fine!). So, it may be something you just need to go with the flow on and you'll spring out of it eventually ... or you may want to do what I did and get to the doctor for a physical and a panel of blood testing. XXOO Judy..

Comment #68

Good morning all!.

Judy and Denise - about the sleeping thing - I am going through it also and I have decided it is part of the weight loss thing - I am looking at this program as a part time job and a good bit of the extra time it takes is about sleeping. I have a sense there is alot of interior work going on and I need to be quiet and let it happen. I am napping which I have never been able to do before. Also in the winter time, we need to hibernate a bit I have always felt that!.

Yesterday was an ICE day schools were closed and I canceled all my students so I had a great day at home - got alot done for a concert I am presenting in February. But I also did alot of Chillin'Today will have to be a different story I have a 7:30 networking event so I had best get out there they are warning about black ice but I am taking the highway along the coast so I am hoping I will be alright!.

One funny baby anecdote - My son and I had a long conversation last night part of which was about the fact that the baby was constipated. So he texted me at 3:30 this morning ecstatic because she had filled FOUR diapers!! End of crisis but to see my son get SOOO excited was really funny! I remember people laughing at me when I was so concerned about my baby's bodily functions. Ha!.

Have a great day folks! Michele, I wish I had great suggestions for you hopefully your kids will be in school today! Being a creative mom was not a strength of mine! Jodi, if you look back through the posts from just before Jan 12, Amanda (and I think Denise) had given me a list of books to read. I am currently reading Anne Easter Smith's Daughter of York if you like historical novels. Another author I really loved was the woman who wrote "The Poisonwood Bible" - that particular title was a very heavy read but she wrote another book (the name escapes me) that was a love story that was really lovely..

Sending good thoughts to Renie!.



Comment #69

Morning Melters ....

Morning Jane. I remember being fascinated with body functions with the babies and how you knew you were a parent when you could change a poopy diaper and then go right back to eating.

Speaking of body functions - I got vomitted on more than once last night ~ Trevor came into our room around 12 and said my tummy does feel too good ~ and then projectile puked all over me and I am NOT good with this stuff at all however mom mode kicked in and let's just say I did not get too much sleep last night. he is still sleeping & I think the worst of it is over ....

I am off to shower and go sing and dance ~ yeah.

( sacrasm dripping.


I need to be on guard today since tiredness and myself can often equal bad food choices ......

Comment #70

Morning Melters.


Oye...that was not a fun night...I have never had that happened to me before, I would be totally grossed out! Poor guy, I hope he feels better and you get to have a power nap in the chair for twenty five min. or fourty five. It helps!.


Glad the crisis is resolved! Hey a new parent, everything is kinda scary! Your baby has grown up! It will be interesting to see this other nuturing side coming out and growing into his new role.

I think you asked for light reading in your request? I am not a good reader, so I really need something to "force" me to want to pick it up, and to get me off this addictive computer!.

I read and loved the Poisonwood Bible...Barbara Kingsolver was it? I may have read her other book you are talking about not sure. Yes I need something like My sister reads alot, I'll tap her brain as well..I don't care for love stories or historical..not sure what you would characterize my taste as. I really have to enjoy the writer's style, that I know..


Did you mention you were going camping again in a week or two?.

So your energy came back..yes!.


Go with the flow if you can and listen to your body. I find this darkness tiring! If you have any specific questions you can always call Nutritional Support as well. I actually found them to be very helpful the one time I called..


Where are you???..

Comment #71

Good morning ladies-.

Yes, I do need a therapy for having Seahawks season tickets.

I weigh in tomorrow and I will be finishing my first week on MF. I know that I am going to see great results. So far it has been very easy to stay focused and on track, but I know that challenges will be coming. I think the hardest part has been no more coffee. I mean I live in coffee land! I decied to quit because I could not have the creamer that I like and I have been drinking Good Earth tea. I find it quite sweetish tasting.

I look forward to the journey and a better looking, feeling and more energized me..

To all ladies with young children: you reminded me how glad I am that my children are grown. Thank you..

Comment #72


Seems like the first week hasn't been to tough for you so far, and it's usually a killer, so you are off to a great start! I never weighed myself the first week....wish I did. We will have you doing Jane's happy dance I'm sure!.


Busy wrapping your week up? This is so exciting! Is Delaney impatient at this point?.

Your an avid reader..what's your top handful of books? Okay I think it's a great question for everyone I'll open it up to the class.



Comment #73

Hi Nancy!.

I LIVE on the decaf Good Earth tea I love it! It is so sweet that I actually wrote to the company to get the nutrition info and it really has NO sugar and NO carbs!! I also rely alot on caffeine but I have found that the Calorie Burn Cappuccino in the morning revs me up really well it counts as breakfast but I find it to be exactly what I need!.



Comment #74

Hey hey everyone!!!.

How goes the battle? Trevor is comfortably resting upstairs and has kept down some ginger ale ~ yeah! One time he ended up with an overnight stay due to dehydration ... so I worry..

Dreamt 2 nights ago that I won $6000 ~ so I am sitting her eworking and watching HGTV dream home and thought why not try to win it - if I do I will hold a Melter Meet - up in my 2 million dollar Stowe Mountain house - ok? Send me good winning vibes ~ oh it sleeps 14!!!.

Time to get a splinter out of my DD foot ... just call me Nurse Betty today .....

Comment #75

Hey all!!! Didnt have a chance to get on this am before work...yay work....but now there may be snow again Thursday nite into Friday which may cancel school again....AAAHHH. Thinking about tomorrow and tonite my facial..

Pamela I hope Trevor feels better and that this doesn't make the go around in your house. We all had it last year and it was ugly really really ugly..

Picked up Jordan today and said I would see them Friday and they said "Oh no ,,,, we have winter break now, friday to friday...." :O So I of course freaked out internally bc that is four work days and hubby is way too buisy to work from home. LUckily my sitter who is 34 said I could drop him at her house....he will be watching lots of tv - oh well..

BUT WTH??? Winter break now???.

Anyhow =- off to get everything ready so I can leave for my facial...yay!.


Comment #76

OK - Feedback needed! I had posted a while back that I had sent an e-mail to my ex-husband setting a boundary with him and that he had been the image of coldness with me when I was at my son's on Sunday. Well, last night my son and I were talking on the phone and it came out that my ex had told him about the e-mail and that he couldn't understand why I was upset, and then my son says things like he thought his dad had been hurt by the e-mail and that he really had a lot of affection for me and had not responded to me because he didn't know what to say -blah blah blah. So all day today I have been getting more and more angry that he talked to my son about it. That communication was supposed to be between my ex and me and was supposed to save my son the pain of having to deal with the issue. So here I sit angry. And normally when I am angry, I eat.

But what can I do pro-actively with this anger? I don't want to discuss it further with my son. I am NOT going to communicate again with my ex. And I will not eat. Soooo - my question is - how do you deal with this kind of anger? What can I do to dispel it and then go on. Because when I get p***** like this, it ruminates around and around in my head and is not pretty.



Comment #77

That is pretty sh itty ... a couple of suggestions :.

Write him a letter and let it all out BUT DO NOT SEND IT. Keep it then re-read it in a few days and then burn it and let it go..

EXERCISE - channel the anger into something productive ~ you'll feel better and look better..

Punch a pillow ( imagine the ex on it).

And I would probably say to your son " sorry he burden this with you ... our relationship is way more complicated than he is letting on but no worries ~ we are here to celebrate this new little life ... or something like that so it has closure..

Hope that helps!!!!.

Good to know that you know eating will NOT help anything.....

Comment #78

Thanks, Pam that actually really does help - ALOT!.


Comment #79

Jane ~ I would add one last thing to Pamela's great suggestions ... FORGIVE HIM! If you don't, you are the person who will suffer in the long run, so forgive and go on. Don't let this get to you. He did what he did and you have no control over anything he does now, in the past, and in the future. Forgiveness will lighten your soul and help you to be a better person for it. Forgiveness doesn't let him off the hook, it really let's you off the hook of unresolved anger which turns into bitterness ...

Hope that helps! XXOO Judy..

Comment #80

Just when you thought it was safe to come out of the house .... NOT!..

Comment #81

Nope, no baby. Just haven't been sleeping well and getting final things done for work. Saw my last clients last night and minimal paperwork today. Had a dr's apt today and got groceries, which felt like it wiped me out. Can definitely tell it is the end! The only things I have left work-wise is minimal==YEAH! Nothing on the agenda while DD's at preschool tomorrow, so will probably read since it may be my last time home alone in quite some time..

Glad to see you are all doing well!.

Take care,.


Jodi~I love, love Jodi Picoult books...they're not romance, but they are such a good story line and I am always involved in them right off the bat...I'm reading my first one by Kristin Hannah right now "Firefly Lane" and it also got me drawn in right away and is hard to put down. Hope you find a good one~I love the feel of being involved in a good book!..

Comment #82

I especially like the writing a letter and not sending it...I suggest this to clients I work with. I think Pamela's right on with saying that last bit to your son so that it closes that up as well. Good luck!..

Comment #83

Oh AManda the letter thing is an amazing tool......just dont press send!! LOL.

Jane = this is a real moment to learn from. You are aware fo what youa re feeling and aware taht food wont help matters. I think you got great advice..

Oh I should sitter is 74 not 34! reason why I waited to go back to work for a while !.

Off to bed ladies...

Comment #84

Thanks all for the great feedback! I have composed the letter in my mind and may or may not write it down. I also journaled about it so that diffused it. I will find the right moment to close the issue with my son and take care of that. What I said to him at the end of the discussion was that I am hoping that the relationship with his father will improve slowly since I have now said my piece and set the boundary with him. So maybe that was enough. My son said that all he really cares about is that we can all be cordial when we are together and he felt that we were this past Sunday so that is all good!.

No gym this morning again I have a Cranial-Sacral session early so I will do the Step exercise with my hokey old Richard Simmon's tape here at home and that will get the job done for today! I will do my best to get to the gym tomorrow to weigh in unless the snow is really bad!.

Have a great day all!.



PS is anyone going to create a new Melting MFers banner for 2011? I just looked up and saw the banner saying 2010...if no one has time maybe you could tell me how to do it and I will give it a shot?..

Comment #85

Good morning Jane! I believe you can make a banner at ~ I can give it a try but not one of the things I am really good at.

Good morning all my other Melters! Well one mystery solved ~ 2 nights ago I had a really, really hard time controlling my eating - booom - TOM appears last night. Again info so I will be better prepared next month. Too bad this is not an exact science. Seem like once I get my patterns and stuff nailed down ~ it changes!!! Keep us on our toes I guess!.

Here is hoping Trevor feels better enough today to go to school so I can go to work...

Comment #86

Morning all. Letting the kids sleep three more - Then off to school for all and some much needed momma time for me!!!.

Hope Trevor is doing better Pamela!.

Jane...I think your son summed it up, what is most important is that you are all cordial so that there isn't any undue..outward stress (we know how those situations wreak havoc internally)..

Hee hee....aahhhahh more snow expected...hee hee ok got that lunacy laugh out of the way. Gonna wake up the kiddos and later catch the last cat at our colony. Demolition of the sight starts soon..


Comment #87

Good Morning Ladies.

I'm jumping in to confess....Yesterday was a massacre to say the least. I just kept eating and eating.............this has been a rough winter for me. It feels like that movie Groundhog's Day. Luckily they need me to car for the cats this a.m. Gives me something to do, a place I need to be. I miss those cats! I cannot gain this weight back.

I'm hoping to regroup and weigh in for that Monday weigh in..

BBL to catch up with all the posts...

Comment #88

Good morning-.

Today is an excellent day. It is my first week weigh in day and I lost 7.8lbs! I am pretty much in shock and awe..

One of the things I am kinda fearful of is my past eating out of boredom. I now only work 2-3 days a week and have more time. Scares me a little. I am working on being more mindful of how fast I eat (a big problem for me) and how I eat (emotional?). It will be a long process, but doable. I am going to have to get with Judy and find out how to post better. She already gave me a quick overview, but I am not the most computer saavy person..

Comment #89

Nancy~I'm Amanda, not currently doing Medifast due to waiting for this little baby to be born very soon now (count down is on!). But I did want to say that I found the days I did struggle on this plan were when I was home all day versus being on the go...too much time to think and dwell on food, but you can do it and overcome. Maybe try the puffs as you can eat them slow and draw them out to feel like you have 'more' versus some of the things that go more quickly (the bars for me!)..

Also, your posts are fine...we aren't all Rock-Star-Posters like Judy!!..

Comment #90


The end is really tough. Hope you can catch a nap someplace. Can you remind us when yr expected "APPT." is to have the baby?.

I wound up buying Little Bee....I'll start it today. Jodi Picoult, I have a feeling I may have read one book. It may have been the one with the school killings and I didn't like that. I'll have to look into her in the future, thanks for the suggestion..


So what's fourty years beween friends eh? It's good that you have someone you can trust. Give her some dvd's, lol..


I have used the writing my thoughts down on paper uncensored tool. It really helped me get that "tape" of reoccuring thoughts out of my head and feel more empowered. Afterwards, I did rip it up. I think it's better to do it by hand rather than type. There is just something that is freeing about taking pen to paper..

Since our goal is not to stuff our feeling away with food, I'm sure many emotions will rise to the surface. It's inevitable. So think of it as part of your journey as well, on helping to figure things out for yourself. Kudos to you for not reaching for food..


How is Trevor? So did you win? Are we having a Melter's Meetup in your mansion?..

Comment #91

Jodi - lovely Jodi....this is a process and coming clean as we all know, is a real big step. Winter is hard - it's no excuse to eat , but it is a tough time. So let's not let it snowball. What can you do differently? Do you need to volunteer more to get out and about? What about your food consumption so far? Are you spacing your meals enough or are you leaving a lot for evenings? - are in 4/2 now or transition or your own little plan? And if it is your own plan....are you eating enough? Are you satisfied? Are you bingeing bc it starts off as hunger? I am assuming it is also only with bars again correct? Your bars are like my PB..

Also, a biggie.....have you gotten rid of any and all clothes that are too large??? If not, do so ASAP - it really is a cinch that way. Once your new skinny clothes are snug you have no choice but to face the music and get it together. Jodi - as you know, this is the hard part. Losing is always the easy part - but I know you can do this - you may falter - hell I'd be shocked if there was one person on teh boards who has reached goal and maintained a weight loss without faltering. But I KNOW you can reign it in and get back on track. You will not.....I repeat YOU WILL NOT GAIN THIS WEIGHT BACK..



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The end is really tough. Hope you can catch a nap someplace. Can you remind us when yr expected "APPT." is to have the baby?.

I wound up buying Little Bee....I'll start it today. Jodi Picoult, I have a feeling I may have read one book. It may have been the one with the school killings and I didn't like that. I'll have to look into her in the future, thanks for the suggestion..

Michele~my due date is the 27th. Aren't you all going to be waiting in anticipation for the news! lol!.

DD's home from preschool now. And know what...I don't have to go ANY place until Monday if I don't want to!!! That feels so good to just be able to lay low. DD's bday party is Saturday, but DH is off tomorrow, so he is around to help get the house cleaned and I can make her cake tomorrow. I'm really not stressed now that work stuff has been pretty much wrapped up..

Ok, off to get lunch ready!.


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Jodi - It may sound weird ... but this is GREAT! Why? First because right away you are letting us know what happened rather than hiding it and hoping no one finds out. To me, that is a major step in the right direction. Things hidden can master us instead of us mastering them. That's why I say CONGRATULATIONS on coming out of the closet right away. I am hoping that it will defuse the vicious cycle that usually follows a "binge" which is beating yourself up, telling yourself you're not a loser (in our instances.

) and then repeating the cycle. This time, you have declared it out loud, hopefully taken away it's power, and now you can push the handy-dandy RESTART BUTTON (remember, you DO have one) and get back on track without all the self-flaggelation! AWESOME JOB, JODI!!!.

XXOO Judy..

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Next week the baby is coming out of the mommy locker! Yahooooooo!! So glad you are ready and waiting, except for DD's B-day party this Saturday. Have a great time and enjoy these last few days before you enter your new season of TWO kids instead of ONE! Sooooo exciting! I'll be in Nebraska (closer to you than I am now) when you give birth. But I'll be sure to check in just to see how everything went. XXOO Judy..

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Just think your first 7.8 lbs. (almost 8 lbs.) are gone FOREVER!!! You are in the process of learning a new way to eat and enjoy food. Because you get to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours, be sure not to miss a meal so the boredom syndrome does not slip in. Think about ways that you can alleviate the boredom. Make plans of some sort that get you out of the house and your usual eating patterns. While I don't slip into boredom eating very often, I have done that, but I somewhat plan for it by making sure I have healthier alternatives available to grab rather than things that I used to go for (such as chips) which are just bad, bad, bad for me and for my overall health..


XXOO Sis Judy..

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Jodi ~ Although it's been forever since I ever put pen to paper to write down negative feelings, I would have to say that I think you're right ... it's best to be pen to paper rather than computer. It would probably end up to be much more cathartic. Next time I get mad, I think I'll try that. Unfortunately, I open mouth and insert foot before I remember to bite my tongue!.

XXOO Judy..

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