Can you have skim milk on phase 1 of Medifast Diet?

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First question I have is Can you have skim milk on phase 1 of Medifast Diet? Looking forward for any answer or 2. Another quick question... Other topics will be discussed that may not be appropriate for the easily offended..

Please discontinue reading Tough Love threads if they are going to cause you to become upset..


Medifast is a wonderful program with many different types of support and a fabulous community. We understand that everyone is an adult and this is not a "mean" group. For some of us, we thrive on this program if we have a place where we are held accountable, where we commit to the program 100% and where we have a place to chat with others who feel the same..

What we believe:.

1. Cheating on Medifast is NOT a strategy to get us out of our fat suits.

2. The only way for us to learn about our problems with food is to take the word "choice" out of the equation when it comes to Medifast. Our only "choice" is 5 packets and 1 weighed and measured lean and green a day.

3. We look to those who have been successful with this strategy to continuously remind us about why this way, for us, is the way to go.

4. We believe that, even though we are completely committed, knowing that we have a group that holds us accountable for our actions is both useful and important.

We commit to:.

1. Remove the word "choice" from our vocabularies.

2. Follow the Medifast plan as written, including transition and maintenance.

3. Tell our "inner brat" to shut the H-E-** up and quiet him or her through abstenance from off plan foods.

4. Give and receive tough love without complaining or calling each other "mean".

5. Cheerlead fellow group members as they follow the path to thinness.

6. Make Medifast the LAST diet we ever go on.

7. Check in with the group as often as our schedule reasonably allows.

8. Be honest with ourselves and our Medifast family and to stay 100% OP at all times. We also swear that WHEN (not if) we are having a tough time and feel like we may eat SLUDGE, to come to our Medifast family first and ask for support and help to get us through the struggle..

Getting the banner:.

1. Copy the following text using your favorite method:.


2. Click on the "Edit Profile/Settings" link at the top of this page.

3. Click on the "Edit Signature" link on the left of the page.

4. Place your cursor in the "Edit Signature" area (looks like a mini version of Microsoft Word) and paste the text you copied using your favorite method.

5. Remove the two asterisks (*) from the text you just pasted.

6. Click "preview signature". You should now see the banner in the Preview area (above where you are editing)!!!.

7. Click the "Save Signature" button. If you do not, all this will have been for naught! So make SURE you save this after you are all set!.

Anyone can start the thread. If youre the first one here in the morning, copy this opening post and create a post for the new day. Anyone is welcome to join, and if folks have additional ideas on how we can commit, we are happy to hear them!..

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You betcha! however you might want to make sure and wait for another person here to confirm this as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the Medifast guys because they can answer your Medifast question better...

Comment #1

Good morning Jan... Tough night last nite... For some reason I was starving nd no matter what I did the kitchen was calling my name... Must have been the sludge in my house... All good though went to bed at 9:30 and left the sludge alone!!!!!.


Comment #2

I'm in shock that I started the thread...everyone must still be enjoying their Valentine's Morning After.

Had a great OP V-day - thanks Chatty for the all Medifast chocolate idea. There wasn't a lot of sludge at work, thankfully, and none from DH...he got me.


Pots of sweetheart roses to make up for it. He's too practical for flower usually gets me something I can plant in the garden...when spring gets here. Then I enjoy my Valentine flowers year after year..

More coffee, then shower and the Big Commute.

Have a FABULOUS OP Day, everyone!..

Comment #3

Hi Anna you snuck in while I was typing.. How much different are the scales? I say go with the new one... It will all even out.. Besides the old one could be wrong!!!!.


Comment #4

Good morning Jan, Anna and Cindy..

Busy day today - cargo stranded in Egypt and Brazil. Gonna be nuts trying to fix...... Sometimes I hate my job............

Hope everyone has a good day and will check in later...

Comment #5

Good morning Jan, Anna, Cindy, and anyone else posting at the same time I am!.

Today is my long day at work, but 4 day work weeks rule!.

Going to load up on coffee now, be back later!.


Comment #6

Morning Tara, Cindy and Karen..

Cindy it's .8 lower than my old one and I know my old scale is heavy, even my docs scale weighs less than it does..

My dh sent flowers, since he doesn't know I'm doing this I was grateful he sent flowers and not candy!..

Comment #7

Good morning TLers! Thanks for starting us up, Jan!.

After yesterday's balmy temps, it's back to the cold slap that is the reality of February in the northeast. It's 13 windy degrees out. Wind chill is below zero. This should be the last real cold for us, at least for the foreseeable future..

My day was mostly a chocolate Medifast day yesterday, too. For my last meal I had a vanilla shake with a couple of drops of maple extract..

Today is the day we usually have the "stand-around-the-table-and-bore-everyone-to-tears" meeting. Honestly, the last couple of weeks, the discussion has been more toward tenant and building talk and not so much toward the accounting (read: boring) end of things. But Big Boss #2 had surgery last week and likely won't be there to facilitate, so here's hoping they cancel it. Of course, I'm the creator of the meeting, so everyone asks ME if it's going on as scheduled. And I'm usually guessing right along with everyone else, despite posing the question to The Powers That Be every Tuesday morning..

Ha ha! Sorry to bore you all this morning - didn't mean to throw that all out there so early! I think I'm just trying to type loud enough to drown out the little one singing along to Justin Bieber on her iPod!.

Happy Tuesday!..

Comment #8

Morning all. Hugging the coffee pot. I'll catch you all when I'm caught up from yesterday and have hugged my coffee mug for a while. I made enough for everyone, so help yourself...

Comment #9

Well, I'm off to be trained this morning. They're going to teach me to be Compliant, which I find no end of amusing. ah well, it's corporate America, there's no rule that says they have to actually REACH their goals.....

Comment #10

I will be bringing my own coffee this morning so as not to have the same trouble getting properly caffeinated as yesterday!..

Comment #11

Just a quick fly-by. Jan, thanks for getting us going today. Leaving for work soon but first have to stop at the vet to get some pills for kitty #1 and hopefully have time to stop @ Target to get a kitty toy for friend's new kitty #4..

Happy OP Tuesday!.


Comment #12

Good morning!!.

I am well on my way to proper caffienation! (although apparently my fingers haven't gotten the memo yet).

Jan - Thanks for starting us off today..

Cindy - Well done on avoiding the sludge..

Anna - I say go with the new one. Whenever I buy a new scale I always test drive it with something that I am sure of the weight (i.e., bag of sugar or flour, pet food, etc) As long as it weighs that particular item correctly, I generally assume it will weigh ME correctly as well. If it doesn't and I can't get it calibrated correctly, I have been known to take it back. Sorry you're having sleep issues. Could it be that it's getting closer to your man coming home?.

Waving to Karen, Tara, MT, Steph, Kitty and Penny. I think I actually got everyone this morning!..

Comment #13

Morning all. Caffein has not hit here yet... waiting... waiting... waiting......

Hi Jan, Cindy, Anna, Penny, De, Karen, Tara, MT, Steph... Holy cow, I think I got everyone..

Today is my weigh in day. I lost 2.6 from last week. That is really good for me. I usually struggle to get in a 2 lb. loss. So I'm a happy girl..

I hope everyone has a great day at work (office or home). I have two big projects that need to be done today. Good times..

Have a great OP day everyone. Rain is on it's way to So Cal., so we all panic and run amuck and drive like lunatics. It's a requirement...

Comment #14

Omg, this entire training environment is FILLED with sludge. The guy next to me is eating an apple d****h. I've died and gone to sludge h3ll...

Comment #15


YAY on the loss!!!.


I think so. I have a hard time sleeping when he's gone, but I had been doing really well until the last two weeks. And if I wake up at 2 I stay up afraid someone is going to break in and can't fall back asleep until 4 when it's "morning". I have a dog and my Mom lives with me too, I'm just paranoid...

Comment #16

Cheri - Great loss!!!.

Anna - I hear you. I don't sleep well when I'm alone either. Of course I don't sleep well anyway! LOL. Hang in there. He'll be home before you know it!.

Steph - Lard, sugar, white processed flour, more sugar, HFC - ALL POISON!!! Whadda ya worrying about poison for? You don't want or need that garbage...

Comment #17

Yes and I wonder how many unwashed hands have been touching all the sludge or who sneezed on it. Ew...

Comment #18

Steph, just the SMELL of that stuff makes me tired. How do they expect you to pay attention?.

Already putting out fires in here... Off to work on my caffeine deficiency...

Comment #19

Robin Williams (again) Good Morning Tough Lovers!.

Anna, I think you might be disengaging from having-DH-gone mode and assuming more the DH almost-home-mode. Think about the nights before Christmas. I hope that's the case, because anticipation is so much more fun than paranoia..

As I continue to offer up (recycle) my weight loss and all my eneregies thereto, my current weight it 152.8. DH watched the whole show. I even held up my sagging boobs with one hand and lifted a cheek with the other. DH said the sweetest thing, "my *** sags too.".

I love him..

Not feeling at all peppy this AM. Getting used to the new Rx must be a lot like allowing our bodies to adjust to our weight losses: it just takes time. I am hopeful (always) and can truly ride anything out..

I want to get into the 140s. I am very skinny now. No muscle definition after 8 years in bed. Not a pretty sight, except to my DH (Thank YOU, God!). So today I'm wondering when I start Transition..

Transition rings my doorbell and says,"Surprise!" I look T in the eyes and say, "I'm not at home.".

I have lots of reading and pondering to do about this "predicament." I had given up hope when I placed my order. I have been surprised and so gratified to be able to actually DO something that made a difference. But success? That always belonged to somebody else..

I'd get run over by a bus, or something, first..

So, I'll be combing alll the blogs for wisdom today. I am an archivist who likes to start and the beginning and move up to the present. My List: Corbie, Lealonnie1, Justpraisin', and Barb. I'm off to the stacks!.

Have a great day everyone in TL land. I may resurface, or not..

I love you all and am so glad to be here..


Comment #20

Okay this is weird! Last week while in the box office a guest in line flossed his teeth with the twenty dollar bill he handed me. I was so grossed out! After he left I called for a manager to take over my drawer for a few minutes while I used Lysol on the money and myself..

OKay sorry but thats the thought I'm going to use for now on when it comes to sludge.


Comment #21

Beth - Not sure what medication you're on right now, but I do know that it does take a while for your body to adjust. I have been on my higher dose of Armour for almost a month, but last week was the first time I really felt it. Give yourself a little time. You've been doing great and you will continue to do great..

As for transition.Your situation is so different from any other I've ever come across. I simply don't know what to tell you. I think the absolute best advice I can give you is to discuss your transition plan with your doctor. Between the two of you, you should be able to come up with some kind of plan to help you maintain your loss with minimal exercise. Hopefully the new meds will continue their magic and continue to allow you to get up and move. I am constantly amazed by you and your determination. We'll find a way to help you get transition down!..

Comment #22

Oh, Mia, that is so gross. People are pigs. We were at one of our favorite casual restaurants yesterday and this enormous man squeezed into the booth across from us where he proceeded to speak loudly to his little girl until "Mommy gets here." It was over the top. Even our little girl kept looking at us, probably waiting for us to discipline him the way we would HER if she tried such behavior. If this wasn't rude enough, once "Mommy" arrived, he continued to speak loudly (and very rudely to her, in front of the little one), chew loudly, slurp his giant Pepsi, and then he had the audacity to blow his nose very long and loud. Yes, people are pigs.

I was waiting for him to crack off a big, loud fart...

Comment #23

Penny - ROFLMAO!!! You really do have to wonder about people sometimes!..

Comment #24

Good morning, everyone! (Am I supposed to name everyone individually? If so, I'm going to need a mnemonic! I'm horrible at remembering strings of anything. Apparently it's a clinical thing..


Today, I went to the Medifast meeting and weighed in. I lost 5.4 pounds this week (my first week)! I enjoy the leader, and there are generally good tips, but the problem is the meeting is HUGE and people just won't shut up and listen! I feel like people should know that, but I guess not..

Also, I got a sample of something at the meeting, but quickly gave it away the excuse was easy: apparently there weren't going to be enough samples for the noon meeting, so I looked like I was being a good citizen when really I was doing it for my own selfish motives!.

Also (while I'm posting) last night was one of the worst nights of sleep I've gotten in a while. And I even took a double dose of melatonin.....

Comment #25

Tara - I saw your post on the connection forum and decided to answer you here. To the best of my knowledge, you do not need a HC to order from TSFL. However, if it turns out you do need one, there are bunches to choose from on this team alone! hehe. Perhaps one of them can confirm or deny my answer...

Comment #26

Good Morning, Tough Lovers. It's one degree outside this morning in sunny Vermont. It's sunny because it's only "a" degree. The weather on the internet was feeling really bad for itself, so it says 1.6 just to make me feel better. Got my breakfast and had my 15 minutes of stretching as Maya my evil make-believe Wii coach cheerfully guided me through. I skipped the DDR completely until I get further into the plan as pointed out and will probably feel much better..

I homeschool my 12 yr old daughter, so I am home almost every day all day. This is good and bad. Leaves a lot of time to plan for creative meals and a lot of time to think about meals. When it's not *a* degree out, it will be fantastic for lots of outdoor time, at the moment without more to do, it's a bit of time-on-your-hands. For some reason I'm finding that my normal routine doesn't really seem so normal. Did anyone experience this in the first week or so? I'd love to hear that this Wonderland feeling settles down when the food and eating five meals a day feels more normal..

This was not a whine, I repeat, not a whine. Had this been an actual whine, it would have been accompanied by foot stomping and great usage of the word "whyyyyyy."..

Comment #27

G'morning, Claire! Nope, you don't have to remember everybody. Many of us toggle between a Word doc and this thread when doing individual shout-outs (a/k/a: "chopped tofu")..

Are you "doing" WW or MF? When I began MF, I was finishing up a prepaid WW program. Basically just using them for their cool scales. I didn't stay for the meetings - it was the same ten ladies who had been there for ten years, and will probably still be there ten years from now. As you know, their program and the Medifast program are not compatible and you can't just do a little of each. That's not to say anything bad about it - it works for lots of people, and I'm happy their focus has turned more toward whole, healthy foods...

Comment #28

Hey, Penny! No, I'm doing MF and very strictly. I'm just going to Medifast for the scale (though the one at home didn't say "No Bare Feet on the Scale" the way this one does... that kind of freaks me out a little. I hope they're all the same), and because the leader's really nice..

I do know they're not compatible, and I'm definitely on the straight and narrow that is, Medifast...

Comment #29

KellyAnne - Things to start to even out eventually. It takes 3 weeks to form a habit, so give yourself a little time. After a while, it should start to feel more normal for you, once you get into a pattern of when to eat. Just try and fill your time with things that have nothing to do with food. hehe. Maybe plan some museum or other cultural outings for you and your daughter?.

Claire - I wouldn't weigh with my shoes on if my LIFE depended on it!! Then again, I really wouldn't want to put my bare feet on a scale that 100 other pairs of bare feet have been on..... That's why I weigh at home <snicker>..

Comment #30

I always weighed barefoot at WW but I live in flip flop land...

Comment #31

Claire, I always worried about how much that piece of paper weighed! LOL! Speaking of gross people, I remember a woman years ago at a WW weigh-in, who couldn't reach her feet to remove the piece of paper. Now I'm not saying she was gross because of THAT. I gave her all the credit in the world for doing such a positive thing for herself. She was gross because she used her gnarly toes to grab the paper AND put it into the wastebasket next to the platform!.


De, I'm with ya. I don't even like my SOCKS touching public scales...

Comment #32

Keeping my fingers crossed. No one is here to facilitate the "Stand Around the Table and Look Interested" meeting!..

Comment #33

Penny: gross. Also, thanks everyone for the thoughts I just stepped in my FAVORITE SOCKS on that public scale... I'm so grossed out now...

Comment #34

Penny - I hope your boring meeting is cancelled. I used to have to facilitate a monthly sit around and stare at each other while the boss talked jibberish meeting. I slowly phased them out. They started as every 4 weeks; I moved them to 5 weeks, then 6 weeks, then 8 weeks. We haven't had one in 2 years now. Aaaahhh.

Speaking of gross people..... My boss had an acquaintance in the office yesterday and he was using our conference room (which is right across from my office). He ate a cheeseburger and fries for lunch in there and then threw his trash away in there. I about hurled. I had to go in there and very (not so) descretely take the trash out. I couldn't stand the stench.

Now it just makes me sick to my stomach. But, beyond that, who uses someone elses conference room, eats a stinky lunch in there and then proceeds to dispose of said stinky lunch in said room? It stank in there all afternoon...

Comment #35

Morning TL'rs!.

Guzzling coffee then back to hospital. My mom is "supposed" to go home today after a test, so let's hope that happens..

Stayed OP as best as I could considering I grabbed 2 hot coco's yesterday. I can take it only so much. Water and celery were my friends..

Have a good day all..

Comment #36

Good morning! I too had messed-up sleep. Woke up at 6am, gave up and got up at 6:40. I don't usually get up until 7:40, and somehow that last hour is the most delicious one. I hate missing it!.

Flossing teeth with the twenty? Geee-roooossssss!!!! OMG! *barf*.

My week is beyond screwed. I have epic huge work for law review, and had an assignment due today (which I finished on Sunday, thankfully). But the law review thing is a massive assignment - 50 page doc, VERY heavy on footnotes, all of which I have to locate, verify, and reformat according to Bluebook, with one week to turn it around. One. Week. And silly me, I spent a couple evenings with the man, so I didn't start until Saturday really.

Just screwed..

It MUST be done by 6pm Wed because I am picking up Morty at 6:30 and then we're having Valentine's Day Observed and then the vigorous exercising, and Thurs I'm joining him at a burlesque thing after class and Fri is the weekend and 2 days after the deadline anyway..

*weeping* So, wish me luck, okay?..

Comment #37

Steph in AZ - Glad mom's doing well enough to go home. Keep in mind that if you need anything, I am nearby to help..

Penny - Hey now! I am very talented in the fact that I can pick things up with my toes!! DH has always called me monkey feet. Considering that I have toes that look like they belong to the Flintstones (very short, stubby and all the same length ROFL) That is quite an accomplishment, let me tell you! Now, I don't do it in public, cuz I haz maners. I amazed my PT after they did surgery on my big toe, because one of the exercises they gave me was to pick up marbles with my toes and move them to another container. Even with a toe that didn't want to bend I got high points for THAT one! <snicker>.

Sunny - Eh. We have people eating in our conference room all the time. I guess it's something that you get used to. I'm talking BIG lunch meetings, catered, the show shebang. I do fine until they bring in Mexican. Then I have to leave because that's one of my triggers.

We also have visitors that eat in the CR. <shrug> It is what it is. I eat at my desk every day so who am I to talk...

Comment #38

Freya - I do not feel sorry for you! Hmfph. You unmade your bed, now you have to sleep in it! Bwahahahaha..

Comment #39


Really, it's too much work even if I didn't have Morty. It's absurd. And I'm still crying even if you're pointing fingers and laughing at me. *waaaaaannnnnnnhhhhhhh!!!!!*..

Comment #40


So glad you posted this morning..

I hope all of you in boring meetings or sludge filled meetings this morning have a great day and get to get out of said meetings quickly..


I hope your Mom gets to go home today..


, my dh will be home in 15 days then they can discuss my sex life instead of yours, but only for a week, b/c then he goes to California! Good luck with the 50 pages of crud!.


Money is so dirty I can't imagine flossing my teeth with it, and obviously I also wouldn't then hand it to someone...

Comment #41

De - We don't usually have lunch meetings in our conference room. I eat lunch in my office almost every day. But I throw my lunch trash outside in the trash bin. It's an unwritten rule in our office. No food trash in your office. It all goes outside.


Freya - Good luck on your paper..

I join those of you with messed up sleep last night. My DH was on a snore-fest. I reminded him to call his dr. re: a sleep study this morning...

Comment #42

Yay!!!!!! So exciting! Girl, you better not sleep for that entire week, do us all proud!.

I can't believe you only get a week. That sucks, dude..

And thanks. You're the nice one around here. You and Cheri...

Comment #43

I get to go out to help him find a house to rent in April so I'll get a week then and then in June, my Mom, my dog, and my boys and I will move from NC to CA..

Comment #44

So, the boss that's home recovering from surgery decided to call in and have everyone stand around The Table anyway. Sheesh. I'm drowning my sorrows in Medifast Chicken Noodle Soup. It's been awhile since I've had it and it feels like a hug from an old friend. Glad it was only for about 30 minutes...

Comment #45

Penny that sucks, you think he'd at least be sick while he's sick...

Comment #46

I'm pleased to report that my Transition and Maintenance Guide arrived today. 1 Lb to go before I start. I'm not sure I want that last lb to come off quickly or slowly because something tells me the REAL work is about to begin!..

Comment #47

They SENT you one? Never sent ME one! You waited to get it in the mail? <snicker> You are aware you can download it, right?.

Sorry. In a mood today..

Comment #48

Yes I know but it's free from them, in a nice little pamphlet form that I can read anywhere instead of just sitting in front of the computer, and is 44 pages long, which is a lot if ink..

Besides, ordering it and waiting for it and it's arrival today was exciting. Sort of like starting the program all over again. I lead a simple life and take my excitement where I can find it...

Comment #49

Adorable! And OMG ONE POUND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

*happy dancing, a teensy bit early. But only like by 5 minutes. You could sneeze out that last pound*..

Comment #50

Morning to all the TLers..

Dreams and sleep issues seem to go along with weight loss. But my theory is it is the Medi-Crack they put into the packets..

Been lurking when I can, as my schedule has been daunting, even for me..

The PINK bundles are now 24 weeks along. Thanks for the prayers..

This was the first hurdle. They were going to deliver the babies at 23 weeks if DD health and body did not co operate. Whew we all know that would be too soon and bring a whole host of concerns with it. Next biggie is to get to 30 weeks. Then every day after that is what we are praying for..

I got to 37 weeks with my twins & they did not spend one minute in high risk neonatal. They got to come home with me, too. Now I had weeks of therapy after being in the hospital for 17 weeks, but that was fine with me..

Okey dokey TLers, I'm off to the studio, then to do a lunch meeting..

Keep up all the good exercising, especially De and Penny. Gotta look HAWT for that cruise, ya know..

Beth - you are figuring it out and we are privileged to help in any way..

Calib - so happy for you to see the hubs and what excitement as you prepare to move again..

Sorry to miss some of you, but the iPad doesn't let me scroll back to see my typos or other stuff. Sorry, but at least I can keep up...

Comment #51

Happy reading. Enjoy your simple life and the pleasures it brings...

Comment #52

Congrats Nancharity!! How exciting!.

AZ Steph...glad to hear from you and fingers crossed that your mom comes home today..

Hi to everyone else! Hope you are having great days!.

Last night I went to dinner with girlfriends at a fairly high-end, nice establishment. A guy across from us sitting at the bar with his lady-friend HAD. HIS. SHOES. OFF!!.

Who DOES that?! Penny is completely spot on...people are swine!.

When I was done throwing up in my mouth, I took a pic (not very discreetly either) and posted it on Facebook with a caption of "NOT OK!"..

Comment #53

I bought a new and better scale months ago that listed my weight as 2.5 pounds more than my old scale. I just adjusted my starting and current weight and went on with my life.

The only thing that made me sad was I was close to Onederland and it made me a little further away, but I got over that quickly...

Comment #54

Nan yay on 1 lb to go!!1.

Chatty that is fabulous news about the babies..

Comment #55

Hi everyone!.

Fast flyby.

Whooosh!!!!!!!!!! And there she goes (on her/my broom)..

Be glad I'm flying by so fast as I'm a cranky witchy woman today..

And, noI did not receive anything (other than a sweet email) from my DH (of 35 years) for Valentine's day..... How did you know?!..

Comment #56

Hi everyone!.

I got caught up on yesterday's thread last night, but didn't have time to respond. Just a couple of shout outs.

De, I'm so happy you have medication that's working for you! Good luck on the 5&1! I'm happy to be here cheering you along..

Penny! Love the new hair! Sooo cute!!.

That's all I can remember. Maybe I will get to catch up on today's thread tonight. lol!..

Comment #57

Hi everyone! Glad to hear everyones vday went well and no one had the sludge!.

Busy werkin' and getting carpet installed in my house today!..

Comment #58

I would just like to take this moment to tell you all that if I could shrink down to the size of a Polly Pocket, I would crawl to the bottom of my soup mug to enjoy every last tiny morsel of my chicken and wild rice soup that my spoon and scraping cannot reach..

That is all...

Comment #59

Believe me, if my head were 15x smaller (it's a coffee mug, afterall), I would! I already tried the cow-tongue approach to get most of the remnants of the sides of the mug. Yes, I have no shame...

Comment #60

Conner - I feel the same way about the blueberry oatmeal I am having right now. I would like to not eat for a whole day and then just eat 5 of them at once. I'm sure that's not the right thing to do.. fine... I'll just have one at a time...

Comment #61

First of all, that would not be OP..

Second of all - ICK!!..

Comment #62

Conner and Freya - I'm pretty sure you two are long lost sisters separated at birth..

I have bad bad bad news. I was making my brownie at work. I added too much water (I wasn't paying attention, I admit it). I decided to go ahead and micro it anyway. Well, then I still wasn't paying attention and it boiled over in the microwave. I resisted the urge to lick the microwave clean, I wiped up the microwave and then I slurped up the small amount of warm soupy brownie that was in the little bowl..

It's a cruel cruel world..


Comment #63

Have not read everyone's posts but a lot of my old posse is on here so I am movin' on in if it is okay with ya'll..

I was 100% OP for a year but needed to go off for a while due to financial reasons. I reached almost to my goal before I started maintenance early. I gained a few pounds back over Christmas, being out of town for about a month was just too much for me..

Well, I totally believe in being 100% all the time if you are going to do this plan! And I am back! Need to lose the rest of this weight since I have a feeling that a July wedding is in my future! Cross your fingers ladies and gents!!!.

Ready to get it all off forever and ever! Let's do this!..

Comment #64

By the way....feel free to be mean to me...I will back atcha!!!!..

Comment #65

Speaking of moms. (I'm gonna be a debbie downer).

Well they are now checking mine for cancer of the pancreas. My mom's gall bladder appears to be the least of our worries. Not the best day of my life. Good thoughts and prayers gladly accepted..

I was so tempted to dig into chips and salsa (freshly homemade salsa) and all the comfort foods of the past. Instead I'm trying on old jeans and a couple fit (tight but they still button). One great thing about Medifast is it makes these frightful days easy to manage with food. My dad even had a bar (it was painful to share!). Strange but those shakes every 2 hours are keeping me going..

I'll stop rambling. My brain is mush after calling family and friends...

Comment #66

Steph, you and your family are in my thoughts..

Beth, it's great to see you here! A July wedding?! Is this "the guy" we remember from the other thread?!.

I've been popping Zicam after every meal since last Wednesday and they've kept this cold an arm's length away. Yesterday, since I was feeling pretty good, I didn't take one after my dinner or evening meal. This morning, I wole up with the mother of all sore throats. It was almost like my cold was just crouched in a dark corner, waiting to pounce. Zicam to the rescue. Again...

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Steph - So sorry to hear about your mom. Again, if there's anything you need to help you get through this, please let me know..

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As someone who is watching her own mom deteriorate, I stopped and sent you prayers..

I might also add that Medifast has always been a wonderful safe port in the storms of my life..

The boundaries and balance it gives to my life are just amazing..

Hang in there...

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Hi Beth! Congrats on the July excitement!.

My most favorite method is the finger swipe and lick. And there's always the "add a bit more water and swoosh it around" method..

Speaking of V-Day - DH did NOTHING................not quite sure what to think about that.......

Steph so sorry to hear about your mom - my thoughts are with you...

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I spent my Valentine Day all by my lonesome..

But before DH left on Friday, he took me out to a nice dinner, then I found a large bouquet of flowers waiting for me on the kitchen counter when I woke up the morning after he left. On the actual Val. Day, he sent me a very early text. So as to not wake me up, but to make sure that when I woke up, I'd see his message first thing. Pretty sweet, even if not the traditional stuff...

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Steph, I'm so sorry to hear about your mom...

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Hi. I need your crew! There are great creative minds on these boards, but they get you thinking you can tweak this and tinker with that, and that is not the path to success for me. If it were, I would not be in this situation!.

I need to be OP 100%. You all are inspiring..

And on my first visit I need help already. DH and I have to go into NY tomorrow on business, and he told me he made reservations at The Plaza for lunch (our anniversary is Thursday). My first thought was "great", followed now by "What can I do to stay OP?".

Advice regarding eating out and special occasions, please??..

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Steph: rough news about your Mom. I am praying for your whole family and for her medical personel...

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I usually check out websites for restaurants to have a Plan when I get there,.

A salad w/a grilled chicken breast or other grilled protein is usually a safe bet..

Be sure you bring some Medifast just in case, tho. Always be prepared. Worse case scenario is to only have the salad and then add an Medifast meal to some coffee. The chai, cappa and Hot cocoa are great options...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.