Can you help me find the proper iPage web host?

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Got a quick question: Can you help me find the proper iPage web host? Many thanks for any comment. My other question... How to make sure that visitors are getting the actual page not the cached one..

I change some graphics on my page but visitors dont get it unless refreshed..

How to avoid it and how to make sure that they will get every change without the need of refresh...

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Yup, although you might wanna make sure and wait for another member here to confirm my answer as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you e-mail the iPage guys because they can answer you better...

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Great to see detailed help, thanks..

I checked the source-code of many good sites and surprised to see that most of them are not using such codes but still we get the latest page, or may be we think only that we are getting the latest one..

I think there should be some other technique too, coz if we stop page caching at all, this will re-load the whole page everytime from scratch and will give the impression that the iPage site is slow. (Am I getting it correctly?).

Please advise..

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I think most(sain) peeps empty their TIF and cookies.....

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Many sites do not need to wory about caching because they are using static page that don ot require constant refreshing or they are using dynamic pages generated by asp, jsp, php, etc, and the link come across with arguments that force a reload, becasue there is a query present..

As for non-cached page loading slow. They obviously lake longer, but if a iPage site is slow loading it is because of bad design. Load a pge with trash graphics and Geewhiz stuff, and it will load slow..

The top-sites load quickly because they do not trash up their pages...

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Found good information on this caching issue on.


An excellent introduction to caching concepts, with links to other online resources...

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