Can you make a four level Godaddy domain name at go daddy?
Got a question, hope someone can answer... Can you make a four level Godaddy domain name at go daddy? Thanks in advance for any comment. Second question of mine... Simple!.

Me?? I have 2 now...

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Yep, but you might wanna make sure and wait for another member to confirm this as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you call the Godaddy guys because they can answer your Godaddy question better...

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My HostGator portfolio flucuates everyday with sales, and registrations, but normally there are around 40 domains in there..


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As I said.... I am counting.

...... I have something like 7 now.


Domain names get addivcive, becuase I am getting another 2 soon..

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Close to 200 now. I reg between 4-10 every week and sell about 4-10 every week. My goal is to triple those numbers...

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600+ at like 5 registrars and I have no idea how I pay for the renewals! lol..

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About 52.

35 of them are part of one big project that I'm currently developing....

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Now you know you can never have.

Too many.


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No you can't until you reach your credit limit..

Well I own 8 domains right now and I plan to expand over the summer...

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You can, when you have 50000 domains, and you get 50000 expiry emails..

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Yeah lol but they wouldn't all come at the same time unless you had $500,000 to burn and you spent it on all domains in a one time sweep...

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I have a constant 30-35, and Im happy with that number, it's easier to sell and keep track of a smaller more directed number of HostGator names. Or more expensive names. Id rather have 1 three letter .com than 100 other names that had "some potential"..

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Have about 70 and will get more after the latest drop in HostGator prices...

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I currently own 3 HostGator names. I sold a few last week...

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