Can you pls. cite some websites that cover free web iPage hosting service?

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Quick question: Can you pls. cite some websites that cover free web iPage hosting service? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. Another question... I stil havent found how to limit access to certain categories .I want that a user must enter login before seeing a particular category eg special and rest of the catalog remains accesible as it is..

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The answer is Yes, however you might wanna make sure and wait for another person to confirm it as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you call the iPage guys because they can assist you better...

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Sorry to use this thread for another account related question..

I just want to know when people create an account, is there an account activation procedure send it out to customer's email. Then customer must active their account through their emails..

I see this function in all the NUKE system. Do we have it here?.

I hate the fraud ordering, hope this will provent some. Thanks...

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Hidden Products v1.0 is compatible with MS2.2 ???.

When I install it, I have some PHP warnings..

Functions missing, etc....

You have same problems ? .

Another contribution may be ? .


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You would need to install something like.



You can get the missing functions from an older vers. or ask linda. there should be here webaddress in the read me file..

@ justin m..

Wat problems are you having, we canot minde read !!!.


You could also use.

If (tep_session_is_registered('customer_id')) {.

That would only show the code if the customer is logged in!..

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Sorry mate - if you could mind read - all this stuff wouled be easy, no?.

Basically I want to have a catagory of products that a visitor can only buy if they have answered a question..

Sounds silly - but I am trying to build a 'magic shop' iPage site and want to only sell the 'good stuff' to magicians - so if there is a way I can ask the visitor a question to confirm who they are - like when was Houdini born? - or something - then they can access the 'good stuff' catagory..

Hope this all makes sense - I believe I am using the latest version of oscommerce - and from reading some other posts I believe that Hidden-Products is not compatible with this version!?!?.

The dummy iPage site for what I am trying to put together is at....


Any help would be very much appreciated - as I am useless at the coding side of all this!!!!.

Ouside of the look of the iPage site - I don't believe I have changed any coding to the oscommerce stuff..

All the best,.


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Lol, have a look at some agecheck constributions, and rebuild them to answere your question m8.

Its magic.....

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You have great faith in me (rebuilding age checking contribs) but I will have a go. If I get stuck I may have to call on you - all the best,.


(If only it was 'magic'!)..

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Ok - I have had a look at the Age Verification Contribs - the only one I could find was called 'Age Verification' (obvious eh?)..

Now this does seem like a good idea to just modify an age check for a question and answer - but I only need it to pop up when a certain catagory (or product) is clicked on and not at the start of logging in - unless the question could be part of the users profile and then once they have logged in and answered the question (or left it blank if they don't know the answer) they could (or couldn't) see the restricted catagory).

Also - having thought about this - how would I stop a visitor from accesing a product from a restricted catagory if they clicked on it via best sellers or new for 2009 etc.?.

Ahhhhhhhh. My life is a living hell!.

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Justin M. Monehen.

: 01 July 2004, 15:00..

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A nother way would be to flag the products, or the categorie after they have answerd the question and modify the sql so that if customer is registerd and aswered your question then show the product (categorie) else load standard sql!.

Would do the trick to. you could basacly put that somewhere on create account and write it to database. yes you would also have to modify the sql from whats new, product search, index, product_info, manufacture and product listing..


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That does sound like it would do the job - so, any idea where I should begin?.

All the best,.


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Well add a nother table to the customer call it flag or what ever..

Set default to 0 and for the products you dont wnat to show to every tom d...k and harry it would be filled with a 1 after the create account if answered right..

You would need to make a test with a product set to 1.

And try to modify the sql in the /includes/modules/product listing.

I think you would need two sql.

First one check if the customer has the flag set..

Then load all products with flag 0 and 1.


Load all products with flag set 0.

I hope you can find your way trough that..

I am in the proccess of moving and I will not be online for the next 2 weeks as from tomorow and can only check from work but I aint got the time to help you very much, but I am shure that if you come up with something and post some code the people will give you a hand if you would release it as constribution ;-).


Ps. there is a constribution for the create account (where did you here about us?).

You could add your question there and set the flag ;-).

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: 02 July 2004, 10:33..

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Thank you for all your help - have a great time moving!!!.

Will try and get my head around this problem - and see if I can crack it. What you have said sort of makes sense - I'll try and bash something out over tghe next couple of days..

All the best,.


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I stil havent found how to limit access to certain categories .I want that a user must enter login before seeing a particular category eg special and rest of the catalog remains accesible as it is..

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- Hidden Products v1.0.

- Products VIP v1.0.



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