Can you search for information on someone with a yahoo Godaddy domain name?
First off, Can you search for information on someone with a yahoo Godaddy domain name? Thanks for any answer. Another quick question... Someone has used an interesting way to spread the word about one of Godaddys price points that allows for cheap registrations, they’re selling it!.


Is this morally ambiguous or just industrious?..

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Ye, but you might wanna make sure and wait for someone else here to confirm it as I am not completely sure. Better yet, why don't you email the Godaddy guys because they can answer you better...

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Karma says it all, I've said it once, and I'll say it again... some people just don't have any business ethics...

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I just noticed this but I think the seller is a member here...

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Yeah, and as I said *cough* some people lack ethics in business...

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He sure is, that's why I was being a little sarcastic. HUM wasn't a spelling mistake, I was referring to Humdizzy hehe.....

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It is so clear that the "proof" photo he has uploaded.


Is manipulated so people wont see thay they simply have to order traffic facts to get the low price...

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I've got one word - "S I l l y" - I really thought Hum would've known better....

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Wait... Humdizzy! He is the seller. Wow, I just lost quite a bit of respect for that guy...

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Hang on, what exactly is the problem with selling this information? Are people just jealous of his entrepreneurialism?.

At the end of the day:.

- Godaddy don't have a problem with it (as has already been discussed at length in another thread)..

- He isn't ripping anybody off (i.e. if you buy the info you will be able to get domains for $5.19)..

- And nobody is being harmed or screwed by him doing this..

Remember information (of all types) is exchanged on NP everyday for NP$ / $, all he has done is opened this information it up to a wider market (and done very well from it, 47 sold when I checked)..

When you buy a dictionary or a maths book all you have bought is a load of information, according to the arguments above the publishers of these books are doing something wrong..

So I ask again, what exactly is the problem? Please be more specific in your reason behind why this is wrong.....

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I didnt lose any respect for him, right he is selling something that was available for free to other people, hes trying to make something of it, if you knew how to become a millioanire easily, and it was posted on forums whats wrong with selling it on ebay, if you got a free watch, theres nothing wrong with selling it, hes making something of nothing..

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..because it's "free" information and he's trying to profit from it! I don't necessarily think it's wrong, it's just silly. Different people, different opinions..

What if we'd leave a comment in his auction telling people to join this board and we'll tell them for free?! Would that be the wrong thing to do?.

I guess it comes down to the fact that some people try to make money off of everything that comes into their hands. Why rip people off for 4 bux when you can tell them the info for free? Yeah, that's not how some of the B I G companies became what they are today, but oh well, certain things are better left alone...

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Ebay only allows items that are being shipped not emailed electronically unless with copyright. I had this issue when I sold my online game accounts & exploits. Someone can report this and the item will be cancelled...

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I lost respect for him because he is making a profit off of other peoples lack of knowledge. Hell people do that daily, but it isn't the right thing to do. Now if this was some "underground" method or something, I would understand. But it is a completely public method that almost everyone knows about, yet he is selling it to those who do not. I am going to make an auction on ebay saying "Free Godaddy Information: Get Domains at just 5.95!". If I were to tell anyone, I would do it for free, because it is the right thing to do.

Edit: How do you go about reporting an auction. Just out of curiosity, I do not want to ruin his auction. I have seen a few however that sell illegal materials...

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I had a very similar story. Lost a lot of respect also, was a few years ago and never looked back. But isnt this kinda of similar to 'typo domains' were just capitalizing on the lack of peoples experience as I may say..

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Typo domains are just human error, not the lack of knowledge. He is capitalizing on the lack of certain people knowing that this is a free, and open method. I feel that doing this is indeed, against morals...

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Thanks ThreeD....

So is every formula in a maths book and every word in the dictionary but you still pay to get it given to you..., but as you say different people different opinions.

Now that is questionable business ethics, the only reason to do this would be out of pure jealousy. I would have more respect for someone who put up an auction in direct competition offering the info for free than somebody who intentionally sabotaged a legitimate sale..

If you were given a HostGator name for free but had no use for it would you let it drop and not try to cash it in / park it just because you got it for free? I do not subscribe to the argument that if you got it for free you can't resell it, and I don't agree that he is ripping anybody off...

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Well done himdizzy, 3 sales so far, way to go, wish I would have thought of this idea, great idea, I think others are jealous they never thought of this way. who cares if it's public, the .info were free to public a while back, people sell those .info's, is it wrong?..

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Hum already stole a couple of my ideas so my respect for him is somewhat z e r o dot z e r o ...

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I'm sure there are a lot of people on here that know the other ways to save on Godaddy, but for those who don't.. here are a couple... Free!.

Type "buy1" in the code box in your shopping cart to save $2.00 off a HostGator and that code doesn't expire..

When buying a HostGator that is already discounted, you can type "DAVID" as of right now to save an extra $1.00. Not sure when this one expires..

Hope this helps somebody...

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Well, people do this sort of thing on ebay all the time. I've seen a bunch of things gotten for free sold there for a profit. I guess in many cases it rests on the buyer - always do a little research...

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WHAT?? People willingly and gladly pay for info they do not know everyday..

I am not defending HumDizzy as I think it is just a bad idea to sell info on a loophole in another company's private, proprietary software. He could very well get sued and lose the case if Godaddy wanted to pursue it, y'know?.

Not to mention that he is exposing a loophole that might also affect WWD resellers as well. Not sure about this and not sure how much of an impact it would have, but something to think about for you WWD resellers. This is grounds enough to report these auctions it to GD/WWD and I hope someone does. At least if someone reports it, we can say that GD was warned so if they do nothing to "fix" the loophole, then that is their own problem..

But to say that it is wrong or immoral to sell information to people that do not know the information is even sillier than these auctions..

Let's say a company makes a directory of flea markets around the USA. If that is something that would benefit you, would you not want to buy it? Or is it immoral for them to sell it to you rather than just give it to you? Afterall, it is public info you can get by researching it..

Whose morals? You say "morals" like as if everyone has the same morals or that everyone thinks of morality the same way you do. Hint: Not many people have the same definition of morals you do. If they did, there would be many more starving folks around the world..

People sell public HostGator info everyday. They either just sell it as it was written or they rewrite it to make it their own. There is nothing wrong with selling PD info to people. People have to take their own time to do research. If they do not, they will have to pay for the info. Likewise, if they simply do not have the time, they will gladly pay for the info.

Where on earth did you get that idea?.

Marketing research companies sell info all day long. Info that companies could get themselves by doing their own research. But I suppose that is immoral, too...

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Made 4 sales so far. Haha. I'm a bad man. lol.

Your an experienced buyer that blabbed out a good name. Wait it was a typo of BlogNow. Lol I still never sold it cause it's not that good. Want it for free?..

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I don't understand how you can compare these two completely different situations! If I was given a HostGator for free I would only trick myself if I'd drop it instead of trying to sell it for a couple of bucks. I guess it all depends on traffic and development but if the HostGator was crap in the first place I may actually drop it instead of keeping it. What hum does is a completely diffferent matter. He is selling information to people that is freely available on the internet - information that should remain FREE of charge. He is taking advantage of other peoples lack of knowledge..

Saying that we're jealous (and that includes Crispy) because we didn't come up with this idea on our own - Please give me a break, comments like that really do piss me off. I am not desperate for money, nor do I have the urge to rip $4 bucks out of the wallet of people that are new to the HostGator industry. You will NEVER and I gladly repeat that word - NEVER - see me come up with an idea like that. Why? Because I think it's silly when this information can be passed on for free. Hell - if that's the way it should be - why don't we all start charging $NP's for important FREE information on hot links or other important information that could save us all money, time or a lot of work. That's never going to happen, and you know why? Because people think the information should remain F R E E..

Another reason why I'm reacting on this topic is because as xlusive already stated - hum has "stolen" ideas from him and other people before. How? A good example. The other day a person new to domains was in the chat and asked for advice on what HostGator to register. Without thinking twice he posted the HostGator names. First thing Hum does is run off to reg them, and then tries to sell the domains back to him. I mean is that right? I think it's a horrible thing to do - if I did **** (pardon my language) like that - I wouldn't be able to sleep at night.

It all comes down to morals - what looks right to some of us may seem completely wrong to others. I think charging money for information that is available on almost any DN related website is silly. Some people do anything for money - wether it's right or wrong, a sad sad world we live in...

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I tried to sell it back to him for $5.19. If he was going to reg it then he could of forked out severly reduced registration on the name. I ended up selling it for about 70 bucks. Hey he could of brought it back as I gave him the chance to at reg fee..

Yes, I would do almost anything for cash thats me..

Edit: It's almost the same as the saying humans would do anything to survive...

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Yeah I give ya credit for that bro - you did offer to sell it back to him for reg fee but still - is that a good way to earn an honest reputation? I doubt you'll get a + in many books when doing stuff like that..

Just to make this clear by the way, I'm not trying to attack you in any way - I'm just trying to figure out your way of thinking and why you do the things you do..

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Interesting topic. I dont know I proboblly wouldnt be selling the info cause I dont need a lawsuit on my ass and dont want to risk it. But hey if you dont like it report it or wish him luck...

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Lol humdizzy not a bad idea =].

What I did before is I sold some things similar on ebay lol:.

1.) Sold link where you can reg $3.99 domains.

2.) Place where you can get free hosting.

3.) I forget...

Had a couple buyers tho for like $4 a pop =].

I could do that again & add the loophole lol...

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You should because my listing is ending in 20 hours and I dont feel like listing it again and spending 20 bucks to feature it...

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Expired HostGator lists...they are free information to people yet I see them getting sold all the time, I dont see people posting that it's immoral in the threds yet people post them droplists on other forums..

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Hmmm, you appear to have completely missed my point. Good luck..

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There is absolutely nothing wrong with selling information..

Newspapers do this 24/7/365..

I suppose, that the people who bought this are fine, as the result is as promised..

So really I can see nothing wrong with this item..

Regarding Ethics and the comment, that it might hurt GD resellers:.

Open your eyes, this auction will not hurt GD reseller at all (only 3 sold), so the interest is really low on it..

(95% of Ebay HostGator sellers know this since months)..


GD knowingly hurts their own resellers with issuing any kind of promo codes..

So who has the Ethics problem ? .

And eaven more, the TDNAM issue sets a lot more damage on the track, if Bob P. does not get the turn and have it integrated in resellers the next month(s)...

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That is a very good point Mystic, for example, not so long ago a list was posted in the expired domains section of NP of every available / (Free) - within a week it was being sold in the NP$ Sales & Auction forum (I can't remember for how many). It wasn't stopped or deleted and was allowed to run it's course. This leads onto the point I have tried to make but have failed to with the less experienced / non-business minded:.

So, in the simplest terms I can put it. Basically there are two groups of people:.

I) The first group of people are those who want things done and given to them..

Ii) The second group of people are those who will do some work and get things themselves..

Which group you are in is your choice, however if you fall into the first group you have to accept that nothing is free and there will be a cost attached. Similarly if you fall into the second group you then have the opportunity to get paid for the work you have done by reselling your product on – regardless of what it is (in this case info). The amount of money you make from your product is market driven. In this case humdizzy is making good return for very little work. At the end of the day, the 'group one' people are happy as they have had the product given to them and the 'group two' people are happy as they have profited from work they have done..

Supply and Demand.

There are many books on this topic. If you see a problem with purchasing this information, don't worry, you can always go to the library where somebody else has paid to have this information on public display...

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All humdizzy is doing is selling the services of a consultancy...

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The info is NOT free, you have to search for it!.

Great idea, wish I'd thought of it..

I also want to add:.

If someone already knew how to get the domains cheap at godaddy, they wouldn't buy the info. If they didn't know, then they have got what they paid for. Nothing immoral, just common sense and business!..

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