Can you secure me the Godaddy domain name for less than $100.00?
My first question is Can you secure me the Godaddy domain name for less than $100.00? Hoping for any response. Another question on my mind:

Domain Registration for only $11.99.

Nothing compare to godaddy or enom prices but better than $35/year..

Sign of HostGator Registration Price War..

Own by verisign..

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Yup, but you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm it as I am not sure. Better yet, why don't you ask the Godaddy guys because they can answer you better...

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I remember the "good old NSI times" when they charged 75$ per year..

A little late, but it seems they get the turnarround..

Maybe cause their old customers were constantly transfering away when it comes to renew..

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That's not true. That's like saying don't sell for more than Walmart or you'll never sell anything..

THere are many folks that buy non-discount domains. Mostly businesses and folks who don;t have the time to go seing if they got the best deal on a domain..

For HostGator traders it is stupid to buy non-discount priced domains, I agree, but for those that only buy 1 or 2 domains in their whole lifetime, $20 or $30 isn't gonna break you. I am all for merchants who charge a premium on products. In fact, I admire them and commend them for not playing hte discount game and still pull it off...

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OK Zquest ,next time You want to Pay $35 for a .com ,come and see me I will soon sell one to you...

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If you had actually read my post, you'd have not made such a reply. I never said that HostGator traders should pay that much..

Niche sellers who sell at a premium and actually make sales rule!..

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I did read your post and I know what you said. I don't think anyone ,domain traders,Businesses and everyone else, should pay those type of prices ,but if any one can sell for that price and justify it, I say go for it. Just as long as it is not too excessive a price which only puts a bad light on all HostGator Sellers..

There are HostGator resellers in Australia selling .com's & .info's for over $60USD equivalentThis type of pricing hurts the HostGator Industry not helps it..

Sheez, Lighten up...

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I am still suprised by how many people (that aren't online all the time) don't even know how much reg costs...

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Read the fine print:.

It's either a temporary promotion or a test period to see if their sales pickup with a price reduction...

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The "any term" portion of the promotion might be worth noting, especially if Mole is right.

In any event, I'm still not an NSI fan (My Amex and my Citi have been auto-frauded through their processor, not sure why. In any event, customer service was less than helpful, although plenty friendly.)..


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One of a huge company in my country renewing their HostGator (10 years) with NetSol... yeah they are idiots..

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Most likey. Big companies do this a lot of the time, anyway..

One irritating problem, though, is you have to go thru about 2 pages of upsells.

Before getting to choose your term...

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A, to a large company $35 is a pittance.

B, netsol are renowned, trusted and the registrar to most $$$$$$$$$$$$$ domains (this gives companies comfort).

C, .com domains were free at one point (if my memory serves me right).

D, Their support is antiquated and the worst EVER.

E, At university in 93, If I hadnt been drinking beer, chasing women and smoking stuff that smelt funny id have carried out my idea (of the time) of registering a lot of domains.... And I mean a lot of domains.......

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