Can you summarize the Nutrisystem Diet?

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Quick question: Can you summarize the Nutrisystem Diet? Thanks in advance for any answer. 2nd question I got is.. My husband is sampling some of the food, but I ordered under the Women's program..

What is the daily Men's menu guide for dinner - so I know that he's had enough to eat for supper?.

For example, I get an entree, two vegetables, one salad, one FF dressing. What does a regular guy get?.


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Yes sir! but... you might want to make sure and wait for someone else to confirm it as I am on the fence. Better yet, why don't you call the Nutrisystem guys because they can give you help better...

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Tell him to stop dawdling and get with the program! Seriously, just sampling will not be conducive to the commitement it takes to make it happen. Tell him it REALLY works for men!.


Comment #2

Hi Cindy. Same as The0d0re except I have two fat and two veggie servings for dinner...

Comment #3

The difference between what The0d0re and bl54 said is the date of their plan booklets. I noticed the change the last time I got my order. I think it works out to be about the same over the course of the day...

Comment #4

I get what theodore said. I just started last week so that should be the current guide...

Comment #5

Cindy, tell your DH to get his lazy butt in here himself. Explore for himself, learn for himself, lose for himself. No one is going to lose the weight for him..

"You just can't sit on the couch, eat diet food and expect to lose weight" ~ Something a friend once said to me...

Comment #6

Cindy - I ditto what Damon said. I know it may seem harsh but have him read our posts. He needs to get his butt on the system if he wants to see any results. I brought my wife on the system because she was taking my food. Now she is on the right path also and I get my food!..

Comment #7

Hey, does he want you to wipe his butt for him too? Geeze. No wonder our society's going down the crapper...

Comment #8

All, I appreciate your input - except for the last post, which was a mean thing to say..

To follow up, he had the ravioli but didn't care for the sauce - he's selective on his vegetables, so it wasn't a surprise to me..

I'm still new to the program (<2 weeks; 8 lbs), so we're both learning and educating; it's reasonable that he'd be sampling the food. I was "sold" by sharing half of a blueberry muffin with a friend..

To almost all of you on this thread, I appreciate your input and motiviation - thank you!.


Comment #9

You are new, you are a woman, and you are the one who came to the men's forum, so I guess we will let that comment go. If you want love and sparkles and people agreeing with you, there are other forums for that...

Comment #10

I apologize for offending you. Sincerely. That's not my goal..

However, in the Men's Room, part of what makes it the Men's Room is that we motivate each other in many different ways because every guy is motivated in a different way. One of those ways is being real, straightforward, and honest with some sarcasm thrown in for good measure..

You are most welcome to post here as often as you like, it is a free country after all. However, the tone of this particular room may not be best for someone trying to avoid man talk. If you don't get it, don't worry, you're not supposed to. You're a lovely, healthy lady. And this is NOT the lady's room. It is also not the general co-ed room.

Just be prepared to get your butt popped with a wet towel because this is the MEN'S room. No problem with you being here, just be prepared to take it like...well, like a man..

I wouldn't go into the women's room and expect it to sound like a men's locker room..

Anyway, I apologize if I offended you, but I can't say it won't happen again. I can just say I'm sorry..

But seriously, tell your man to come over here and we'll help him...I promise...

Comment #11

Thank you for the apology. I'm over it..

You guys are funny sometimes - It won't be me that will write the master book that figures you all out!.

Again- thanks for your help!.

I'm outta here - will let you guys just be guys ...

Comment #12

Thank YOU for understanding. A lot of ladies come in here not knowing what to expect, yet at the same time expecting the candor to be like the "Emotional Support Room". When it's not they get aggravated and try to make us to be something we're not..

We'll be gentlemen when in the presence of ladies. Any man that doesn't should be horsewhipped....

...unless it's in here. In here the rules are different. This is the locker room, the club house, the sanctuary..

Anyway, thank you for getting it. Like I said before, you're welcome here, just be prepared for fart noises, burping, and a slap on the ass...

Comment #13

Haggis, I've told you before; "Keep your slappy hands off my ass."..

Comment #14

I like it when Haggis grabs my ass..

OH YEAH!!!..

Comment #15

Okay, wait a minute. My hands have never touched a male ass before. So unless you are female.....

Comment #16

Has your husband registered to the Nutrisystem site? I believe he can do so and pull up an online planner after he registers his weight goals. That will show all the entrees and addins for his particular plan. I agree with the guys though he needs to commit and find out for himself if he wants to lose so don't let him mooch off your supply too long.and don't register FOR him...

Comment #17

This proves a point. A woman can find other women who will give hard ass advice in a nice way. So why do they come here for advice and then feel hurt?.

Wait a minute, why was that other woman, Julie, here?..

Comment #18

If it makes you feel better ladies, I ordered Nutrisystem for him, with out asking. He's acting like a man and refusing to read instructions..

Those booklets...useless. So, yes I have to wipe his butt for him. I package up the food in little bags so he knows what's for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks...The clear labeling, color coding and meal planners don't seem to make it easy enough for him..

I just tell him to eat the freakin' food I give him and like it..

He does like it. Most of it anyway. He's fairly psyched about it right now. Going on week II for him. He knocked me over when he came back from the grocery store with "green things" instead of the usual Cheetos..

I'm working on removing the training wheels. Eventually he'll have to be a big boy and pack up his own meals. The selling point for me about Nutrisystem was that I wouldn't have to do all the cooking, weighing, and measuring for him like I had been doing the past few months. It wasn't in vain though as he lost 30 pounds with me doing portion control for him. The older men get the more high maitenance they seem to get..

Get it for him. It's worth it, even if you have to bag all his meals up for him..

PS: I am vengeful. His breakfast today is the atomic BBM. I'm leaving for some shopping all day.

...and I don't do glitter...

Comment #19

Sometimes I overstep my bounds with my hard ass/off color/completely naughty over the line comments over on the 50s board. I was just trying to find a healthy outlet before I got myself in trouble again. Besides sometimes you guys lurk over there, too...

Comment #20

But your hands have probably touched a WET TOWEL that has touched a male ass..

OK, I'm outta here....

Comment #21

Watch your guy charictarizations Lillyarn.

I bought Nutrisystem-for-two for my wife and I as a "surprise early Christmas present" last November. Without asking. Cleaned out all the food in the house, organized his/her shelves with BBB contents and REALLY surprised her. BAM! We've been on-program together ever since. Truly the best way to fly. After the shock wore off, she loves me for it.

I love doing stuff like that to her. Hehehe..


Comment #22

Gordon -.

Read somewhere your little surprise story. Either older posts or on a blog. For me it was a win/win. If he hated it then I'd just eat his food. It turned out he likes it and pushed me to stay on it. So, we're flying together as well.

Also, isn't the key to a long lasting relationship to add surprises and keep them guessing? Being predictable is boring..

Any guy charictarization/stereotype I make is a compliment even if sarcastic. I like real men. Real men tend to belch, fart, make boob jokes, and refuse to read directions. I couldn't love anything else..

Plus, I really hate to break it to you...I'm sure tons of chicks lurk in here. It's just more fun. The BBM OMFG thread had me hooked day 1. Priceless...

Comment #23

It's not the lurking that bothers us because *duh* the definition of lurking is looking but keeping the mouth shut..

It's also not ladies that make good or funny contributions that bother us..

It's the whiny, estro-nazi-troll-beast-all-man-hater-she-ra-glittery-LoL kitten-why-don't-you-love-me-why-are-you-so-mean-to-me babies that we don't like in here. Or at least, we don't like it when they appear. Invisible is fine...

Comment #24

Interesting to see a minister who aligns himself with facism. Good luck with the herd and the women who don't keep their mouths shut...

Comment #25

Speaking for myself only (I don't think it's universal here in the men's room), I.




Comment #26

Okay, first of all, I'm not aligning MYSELF with fascism, and with a not so close examination of the picture you can see why. I posted the picture as a satire, and if you notice, the symbol on the flag and sleeve are the symbol representing feminism. Meaning it appears to be okay for the women-folk to invade the Men's Room and take over, but woe be it the other way around..

Secondly, I clearly said that we like women's posts that are funny or positively contribute to the discussion. Yet again, actually READING my post would have revealed that..

Do we really have to rehash all of this again people?.

Okay, for the last time: Ladies, you're welcome here, just contribute positively, or at least humorously, and don't expect a warm fuzzy environment..

And as for the people I serve, I would never demean them by calling them a "herd", that was your doing. And as far as respecting women, ALL of my choir leadership, save myself, are ladies, and over half the Sunday School teachers are ladies, PLUS, I'm married to the brightest one of the bunch. I welcome and ask for their opinions and ideas daily, keeping in mind that when I'm speaking to them it's not in the context of the Nutrisystem.



Comment #27

I would, but a true Scot wears nothing under the kilt but his shoes and socks..

But I'll be happy to adjust the attitude!.

(I've already thrown out an "olive branch" in another thread)..

I just didn't want anyone missing the point behind the satirical picture...

Comment #28

Read your blog, Haggis. Well written! Tried to comment there, but the @#$% blogger account login always screws me up, so commenting here. I admire your Scot heritage and would love to be an observer at the Highland games you mentioned..


Comment #29

Thank you so much for the kind words. That blog is very therapeutic for me, and it's an honor for anyone to actually read it..

I don't know where you're located, but there are fantastic Highland Games all over the United States, Canada, and Scotland..

The two best ones within driving distance of me are:.

The Grandfather Mountain Highland Games:.


The Stone Mountain Highland Games:.

They are a LOT of fun, educational, and very entertaining. It's a family atmosphere too, so it's safe to bring kids. As chaplain of Clan Donald's Midsouth Region I pride myself in making sure that it's a good family environment around our particular tent. Anyway, you should check one out that's near you!..

Comment #30

Look, I apologize for the remark on the herd meant to say "flock" which I do not mean as demeaning, but as a affectionate term for a congregation..

Trust me, I read your entire words, and I did look closely at your symbol. It's just that the last part sounded like a venom spew and contradicted the first part of what you said and that's what I reacted to. I sure as heck wasn't asking for a warm fuzzy or to be taken care of, or intending to get your dander up. It just appeared you were starting a campaign rant which I interpreted as a demeaning one. I usually don't react to "snapshots" on boards that I don't frequent because I don't know the people and the relationships but this time I did..

TRUCE. I come and go in peace...

Comment #31

Your profile says you're in Lancaster. There is CelticFest held every year in Bethlehem. I think it's one of the bigger ones in the US and is held in september:.


I haven't been there in over 10 years, but used to go when I was in college..

Definitely worth going to...

Comment #32

Cool! That's definitely doable! I'll check it out..



Comment #33

Yes. But..

The other one had the most amazing EYES..


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