Can you use a paid domain name on a free iPage web hosting site?

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My question is Can you use a paid domain name on a free iPage web hosting site? Hoping for any answer or 2. Another question on my mind: The thing I want to do is to have a link in one cell that will show in another. how do I accomplish this?.

Is there any way of doing it in dreamweaver or do I hav to do it in notepad?.

I have a sample iPage site up at.


And basically I want the links to be like this:.

About me - ab.htm.

Pictures - pics.htm.

Music - music.htm.

Stuff - stuff.htm.

Contact - contact.htm.

I havent done any of these pages yet, I just want to clear out the link thing first.

And, I know it isnt a very beautiful iPage site but I am working on alot of other sites and want to make my own quickly.

Any suggestions of improvement are welcome..

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Of course! although you might want to make sure and wait for another person to confirm my answer as I am not confident. Better yet, why don't you contact the iPage guys because they can help better...

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According to brinkster they have ASP so there you go..

Thanks for the help..

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1: Design your page in dreamweaver if you wish, fill all the main tables etc out but the main one you want to fill in with your targeted link. Leave the target table empty. Any links on the page, I would write them out in full for ease of use when you start to get a big dir structure. I.E.

<a href=">about me</a>.

You will notice that the extension is .asp, do this now, explained later..

1a: Above the <HTML> tag at the very top, include the following line..


2: Lets call the table area where you want the content to appear "main box" so I can write this easier and hopefully palm it of on you a little better..

3: So you have your page designed, except for "main box" which is empty. In this box insert the text "this where it goes" Don't format it anyway, it will be deleted in a moment..

4: Save this document with the extension .ASP, for example "main_template.asp"..

5: Close this document, you won't need it for a while..

6: Now you need to design the content for this "main box".

About me - ab.htm.

Pictures - pics.htm.

Music - music.htm.

Stuff - stuff.htm.

Contact - contact.htm.

You have to design the content to fit the restrictions of "main box" in the index file (or what ever you called it.). Do this in dreamweaver if you wish, design them all and save them..

7: You now have to edit these files in notepad or other text editor. Hopefully you know some HTML and will understand this... cut out everything that isn't needed if you were to cut and paste this text into the first doc we created, the main_template.asp file. This means the <html>, <head>, </head>, <body>, </body>, </html>, etc..

8: You should just have the bare bones HTML that would line your "main box" and nothing else. You won't be able to view these files as they are missing the required tags..

9: Save these files in your text editor BUT IMPORTANTLY with the extension .txt..

10: You now should have the following files..


About me - ab.txt.

Pictures - pics.txt.

Music - music.txt.

Stuff - stuff.txt.

Contact - contact.txt.

Main.txt - main content (I suggest you create this one for your entry page.).

11: open your main_templete.asp file in a text editor. Do not delete this file you will use it more than once. Goto the section where we included the text "this is where it goes" It should look like this:.


This is where it goes.


Replace it so it looks like this:.


<!#include virtual="../ab.txt">.


Save this file as "ab.asp" and do this to the rest so you have:.

Main_template.asp (keep this for future use).

About me - ab.asp.

Pictures - pics.asp.

Music - music.asp.

Stuff - stuff.asp.

Contact - contact.asp.

Main - main.asp.

12: Load all your files to your server and test them out. Including the txt files to the correct folder that you have linked them to in step 11. You will have difficulty running them from your computer unless you know how to set up your windows setting, I suggest you don't till you learn more about asp..

All things being equal it should work. This seems long winded. Bare with it. It can cut your work load right down. For example you can save all your head section, the meta tag etc and then use this method to include them on your doc's. So if you have 100 ASP doc's and want to change the Meta Keywords, you only have to do this once in the single text file..

I hope that makes some sense, if you have any other questions let me know..

Also if anyone thinks I have missed somthing here let me know. It is worth learning even if you don't use it, but I am sure you will use this technique one day...

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I dunno what I am doing wrong really.

I have made and uploaded the whole stack of files..

And when I check em out in dreamweaver I can see the asp files but when I go to the site, and click on a link it appears in a new window and it says the page cannot be displayed. I am quite sure I have done as you said..

Also, I removed the background for now so I can fix around with it a bit...

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Can you upload the files to here so I can read them. I cant read them online as reading online won't show me the code...

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Forgive me for being slow but do you mean the .asp files?.

Cause my asp files only contain text and no code, since that was how I thought it should be. or is that wrong?..

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Try this, in step 11 change the include to look like this..

<!#include file="somefile.txt">.

Still stuck check out this addie..


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Thanks, it worked when I changed that..

Just one small thing. if I want to add code to the pages, how should I write then? html?..

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I am glad that worked for you, not sure if I explained all that well... but if you got it up and running I musta done something right..

As for writeing in HTML... You can write all your pages in HTML and label them as .asp, ASP obviously is used for stronger design purposes. You would do well by reading about some more ASP..

But now you know how to do a server side include bare in mind you can create your page with various includes... your meta tags, navigation, common content etc etc etc...

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