Can you use free iPage web hosting for your .com site?

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My 1st question is: Can you use free iPage web hosting for your .com site? Hoping for any response. Second question.. Does anyone know where I can find some really easy to follow yet in-depth tutorials on how to do forms that will let users email me info, kinda like filling out an online survey or questioniarre....thanks for the help!..

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Yes sir! however you might wanna make sure and wait for another commenter to confirm this as I am unsure of myself. Better yet, why don't you give a call to the iPage guys because they can give you an answer better...

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Quick ? .

Do I have to have a cgi-bin set up to do forms? and can someone possibly help me with this stuff over IM's I have both aol and yahoo...that would be really cool or I could post my scrappy code here and you guys can help me clean it up...also is it easier to just use dreamweaver to do all this stuff for u? i'd appreciate all the help I can get on this...thanks!..

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Well I hate to tell ya, but if you use the mailto and not cgi/asp/php you will not conforming to everybodies demands. Netscape has a problem with mailto forms, but if you want to pursue it be my guess. here is somehting that might interest you.


If not let us know what you had in mind or out of mind for that matter..

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I just pretty much want something simple that works but if the html (mailto action) type forms arent browser friendly I may look into a cgi type deal...but this is completely new to me, so now my question is where do I start?.

Thanks for the advice!..

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Sounds to me like you just need some guidance..

Lets see if I can help okay?.

If you want to run forms just through a simple mailto set up here are a suggestion:.

Where you put.

Add in the following line.

This will effectively render the information submitted in a readable layout to you..

Now, as far as the suggestions of cgi' to handle this. Number one, don't panic!.

This sounds scarey, but it isn't actually. There are several ones out there that are remotely hosted, in other words, you dont' have to know squat to use them! The one I use is at.

They provide everything you could possibly need to get a simple form up and running really fast... including the code, and instructions. You have to do a bit of reading but I found it to be well worth it..

Either way you go, I can usually be found on AIM under the name GraphicalDreams in the middle of the afternoon(PST) on almost any day, so if you get really ocnfused give me a hollar and I'll lend a further hand..

Hope all of this helps, and sorry for it being so dreadfully long...

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Hi Mary,.

I saw you recommend in another post and it sounded good so I checked it out to see how it works. It looked like they maybe were not accepting new requests to handle forms, maybe you could verify if that is true or I'm just (as usual) confused..

In the "Sample HTML to copy" box it says:.

"Sorry but we are not accepting new forms for the time being.".


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Whoa... that'll teach me to not go through all of my favorites on a regular basis. My appologies...

Darn shame though...Ah well.. I tried at least. Maybe they'll start allowing new folks again....

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Thanks everyone...! especially the dreamer, I had the mailto thing in but the enctype="text/plain" helped out a lot...i tried it out on netscape 4.7 and it seems to be working out fine but I dont know about other browsers anywho I think i'll stick with straight html until I find time to figure out the cgi step I was thinking that it'd be cool if when the user hits submit it would take you to another page saying thanks for filling this out blah blah blah....any ideas on how to do that?!.

Thanks again for the help..

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You're welcome! Just so you know... it'll work with IE6 as well... local college here is running that and all the HTML classes use that exact bit of coding..

As for the newest question... sounds like that takes a bit of Javascript... simple copy/paste I'm sure....

*looking hopefully at the Mods*.

But this is out of my true expertise.....

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Way to go Mary....

ONdope01, if you want that send me your form and I can make you one that will do exactly that..

Email is in the profile.....

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