Can't log in to 123 acct. WHY?

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First question I got is Can't log in to 123 acct. WHY? Many thanks for any comment. My 2nd question... Hello there , I have the HostGator manilataxi,com and I think it's got good potential down the track , manila has about 12 million people with about 50,000 people coming thu the international airport daily ..

I have been marketing my HostGator for sale (email cab companies) with no replies ..

Any np members have ideas on where to find users for this HostGator ! or might it be better to put up a manila taxi directory ? .

Any thoughts would be welcome !..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I got an answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can help you..

Comment #1

I am living right now here Manila. I rarely ride a taxi, only if I'm in a hurry. I have not searched taxi companies on the net before. But I did search many times for restaurants, concerts, bars, bands..

A fellow NPer gave me It has only few unique views even though blogging is very popular now in the Philippines. Nevertheless.

Is now running as a legitimate blog and updated weekly...

Comment #2

The HostGator have a good potential IMO. It could be develop for some kind of Taxi service in the area. I've been in Manila few years ago and most Taxi cabs will give you their information for the purpose of service. One time I had some important place to go to and I couldn't get a taxi so I end up being late..

Stub FYI people in Manila do take taxi and I suggest before making such a statement you must educate yourself first in the region before you can give such a statement...

Comment #3

I am in manila at the moment , and as for the 50,000 people that go thru the international airport daily* there the ones I am mostly catering 4 when they see the name.

Advertised here or there I want them to go online and check it out , similar to.

Thanks ...

Comment #4

I'm living in Philippines for 14 years and in Manila for 7. I know what I'm taking about. Let me know when you have a successful site up and running and I'll check it out..

Might I remind everyone that the title of this thread was "what is the best way to find a buyer". IMHO, you won't find a buyer for this domain. So you should develop it...

Comment #5

Quote ! you wont find a buyer for this HostGatorunquote !.

Stub , it looks like your abit peed that you didnt register the HostGator name first ...

Comment #6

It would be better to invest in Philippine political, entertainment and technology related names..

It's hard to find a buyer for that domain, in my opinion...

Comment #7

I agree with Stub (& Jeffrey)!.

Best of Luck..


Comment #8

Nope. I'm just giving you my honest assessment. Take it or leave it. It looks to me that you're a bit peed with my assessment. Good luck with development...

Comment #9

Entertainment or tech names !!!!!!!.

Ok what about these names.

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