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Question I have... Care to share Godaddy promo codes for TV domains? Many thanks for any response. Another question I got... Hi,.

As you will gather from my question Im (still) in the early developement stage of my site. Content and ideas I have but Im floundering (have been for some time and will continue to do so for an unspecified period) with the design..

I dredged the forums here and the topic of frames and tables has come up countless times before (well, 20 or so anyway) and my question has been answered. I would like confirmation that what I found still applies..

Question:- What should I use, frames or tables? Or frames and tables? Or CSS?.

I read this in another post from Beefa (thanks mate!).

Then the following entry from Konithomimo said this:-.

So. judging from that I guess it must be case sensitive so maybe if I describe my GoDaddy site plans you can give me a correct answer for my case..

Size:-max. 4-5 pages..

Object:-selling, promoting and displaying pictures..

Not concerned with being able to link to a specific page as it will be a small site..

As for myself, this is a hobby so not too keen on learning CSS unless it really warrents it, however Im going to get this right whatever it takes so.....

I cant think of anything else which would help. Ask away if I missed something..



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You could set the background image of a div and have it centered then center your links as well. Without seeing any images it's hard to tell. A frameset page well is just that made up of frames and iframe is an inline frame meaning you can put it in a regular html page and use it like an actual frame...

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Okay Aerospace_Eng_, thanks, I going to put up the first page in the next half an hour or so..


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Ignore everything. Nothing is finished or corrected or tested. Nothing is positioned and the text isnt edited. And the loop quality isnt good enough and the picture should have a transparent background and.......etc..

I think I want 4 colomns under the header.

One other thing. I need another color so what would you suggest. My core target audience will be parents of young children so want it to be happy and I like elegant..



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Okay these 4 columns would be to display thumbnails or what? Can you draw a picture of what you want like using paint or photoshop. Me or someone else might be able to write up an example...

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No, not thumbnails. Not on the first page anyway. Just general text and 4-6 reasonably sized images/flash..

First colomn I count as the links colomn on the red stripe, the rest split evenly in three colomns..

Then a header bar across the top..

Sorry, I havent got everything clearly planned out enough to give you a more exact idea..


Btw, Im using dreamweaver to do this and would like to continue using it. Im almost sure thats irrevelant but thought Id mention it just in case...

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So you want this to be a layout that will adjust to the users resolution or do you want a GoDaddy site built for just one resolution?..

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Like everyone else I want to be accessible to all. I guess a lot of people still use 800X600 but I and many others use 1280X1024.

I think if it comprimised the design too much Id want to cater for the high end to be honest..


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Okay this is just an example..

You can adjust width of columns if necessary...

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Okay, I see..

So I need to anker the first colomn to the I dont do I. All I have to do is apply the textured background to the first colomn and the beige background to the other three. Then it will display correctly in every resolution. Right?.

Thanks very much Aerospace_Eng_ greatly appreciated...

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Yeah it should display correctly. If you had borders for whatever reason then you might end up with a horizontal scrollbar because borders and padding count for overall width as well. You could just keep the background image you have now, just make it wide enough for other resolutions...

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Hi, Ive been playing around with the "template "(?) _Aerospace_Eng_ posted..

Im making progress but basic things are going wrong. For example, and probably the main problem is keeping the format intact. I thought using percentages would make it stay together but it isnt..

I guess I need to read a bit before I give up and start posting so who can point me to a suitable CSS tutorial site?.

If some could point out the formatting fix Id be gratefull..


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Check out and

You might be able to work with this.

I also think you shouldn't have sliced up your original background image. That 30px slither was fine...

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Thanks _Aerospace_Eng_. Ill try that tomorrow..

I sliced the background cause I didnt know how to make the colored colomns in your template merge so I just played around till it worked. At least to me.

Thinking about it maybe I should have just deleted the individual colomn color attribute..

Ill see tomorrow..



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Well, you could use all three, sort of..

Use a table layout and include an iframe for your products. Use CSS to position the table and to present the information...

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I wouldn't use a table for this. If you don't want to learn CSS then not much you can do then. If you want to learn some CSS, just enough to position some elements the go ahead. You can use divs and for your images you can just float them inside a paragraph tag and put only so many images in each paragraph to form a table look. The iframe you can go with that I guess if you really wanted to but your GoDaddy site isn't too big so making seperate similar pages wouldn't take too long...

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Or you could use a CSS layout using iframes. You don't even need to use an iframe (not sure on your circumstances though), you could do something like this;..

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Thanks people. But still a bit too conflicting for me. I guess Im going to have to put online what I have so far so you can have a look and get a better idea of what I need to do..

By the by is there a difference between frames and iframes?.

Another thing bothering me is the catering for all resolutions. Im using the standard 1024X768 for reference design but 800X600 needs scrolling and spoils the look and larger resolutions mean a window effect website. Has no one come up with a fix for this problem. Its always been there after all..

I want to use a background with a stripe on the left side (ca. 130 pixels wide) and I have my buttons nicely placed on the stripe at 1024X768 but different resolutions reformat the background so nothing fits. Do I have to split the backgroung into the frames or tables or whatever. Or is there another answer?.

Thanks for helping.


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Like everyone else I want to be accessible to all. I guess a lot of people still use 800X600 but I and many others use 1280X1024..

I think if it comprimised the design too much Id want to cater for the high end to be honest..


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