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Yes, it’s true! When Google likes something, for example when someone talks about it and Microsoft is also included in the equation as a clown, it will print and save the article for a good laugh in the future.
That’s what the Google Crawler did today on the [...]

Does anyone have a problem with the Chrome Tweaks wordpress theme?
For example, a blank page after activating the theme in your wp-admin. If so leave a comment and download again the archive, I’ve made a few changes!

Chrome Tweaks Forum

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9 Sep 2008

Our Chrome Tweaks forum dedicated to Google’s browser is up and running now. You can go and register to be able to chat with us. Also take in consideration that if you have something interesting to say, you can start a new topic on the forum and we will write an article about it, of [...]

Welcome to Chrome Tweaks dot ORG. This is my first post and I just want to say that here you’ll find all the info you want about Google Chrome (browser) like news, tweaks, updates, themes and plugins. Stay tuned!

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