Chicken Medifast recipes for a birthday party?

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First question I have is Chicken Medifast recipes for a birthday party? Thanks in advance for any answer or 2. My 2nd question... I am curious as to whether anyone had had a treadmill stress test and then still been able to have the.


I had some kind of "incident" Thursday and more or less collapsed into a chair at Walmart. They took me to the ER and I stayed long enough for them to determine it was not a heart attack, but now they are sending me for a stress test...

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the answer. I'll do some investigation and get back to you if I discover an decent answer. You should email the people at Medifast as they probably can help you..

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I was required to pass a cardiac stress test in order to be approved for the.


Happily, I passed. Do you have any idea why you collapsed? How were you feeling when it happened?..

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Sorry to hear about your scare. I had a pre.


Required stress/treadmill test. They just stick lots of monitor leads to you and did a base check while I just lay there. No big deal. Then I just had to walk on the treadmill with the leads on to check levels. I can't remember but I think I may have had to lay back down again for another monitor. It wasn't bad at all.

Good luck!..

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Originally I was scheduled for RNY on 3/17/10. When going in for pre-op testing my EKG came up abnormal. I was referred to a cardiologist. I have never had any symptoms of any kind except shortness of breath and anyone 100+ pounds overweight expects to have shortness of breath. When doctor found out mom, dad and brother had heart attacks he scheduled a heart cath. Two (2) blockages were found in one of my arteries; one was 95%..

A stent was put in and blockage was opened. My.


Had to be postponed. (Not canceled) The cardiologist said, "your decision to have bariatric.


Has already saved your life and you haven't even had the.


Yet." Six months later another cath was done and the stent was still in place and open. My cardiologist gave the go ahead for.



On Nov. 1, 2010 my RNY was done and I am doing great. I have lost 15 pounds since my.


Looking forward to a healthier long life. Make sure you are in good health before going into.


Then go for it!!!.


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I had to have the cardiac stress test (thank you.


- I really needed that heart murmur). They told me they wanted me to walk an increasing speeds and elevation until my heart was at 90% of target for my age, but I could quit at any time if I needed to do so. I got it to 100% and only quit because my legs hurt (not flexible enough in calves and ankles). Doctor walked in and said to the tech, ignoring me completely " Hmm, gastric bypass, were you able to get her anywhere near 80 or 90%? At least he had the decency to be embarrassed at the answer. One great thing about GBS is that the hoops they make you jump through are a very complete physical even it it's somewhat piecemeal. Pookies ma is not the first life that was saved before the.


You should be fine. You don't need to pass with flying colors - but they want to make sure you can survive the.


I'd say ' don't worry' but that was the test I worried most about so ....


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Everyone's replies are so encouraging. I am just being reminded that the reason for the.


Is to extend or "save my life". I appreciate the.


You have given me. The doctor asked if I had ever had a heart catherization before and now I know why. If I need one and a stent before I am strong enough for the.


, that is fine with me. I am a special ed teacher for "at risk" kids and this is a second career for me. I would love to be able to teach many more years. My dad was up into his seventies when he retired. I am encouraged that with the gastric bypass many of the health issues that would disable me soonerl than I like can be helped. I have diabetes, hypertension, asthma,.


Apnea... just to name a few. I had been feeling really bad for days with exhaustion, chest pains, hypertension (though I am on meds). I went to the doctor and he added a med. There was an issue I think where I was hit with a huge amount of stress and an issue with the dosage of the meds... The paramedic said my blood pressure had "tanked" but it went back up.

Right after that everything started passing. We still don't know what it was exactly, but I do have a bunch branch bundle or whatever that is..

The initial tests did not show a heart attact, but it was something...for sure...

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CAD, minor MI six years ago, 4.


At that time. 4 treadmill stress tests over the past 6 years. The stress test immediately prior to my scheduled GBS showed a blockage. I was sent for my 3rd cardiac cathaterization - during which they discovered the blockage was minor. My cardiologist performed a simple.


And then cleared me immediately for gastric bypass. I'm now 1 year post-op...

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Thanks for your answer, Jerry.... I guess I shouldn't be afraid if they have to a cath or a stent. It seems like you did very well! Of course, lol, this whole think kind of makes me wish I had done this five years ago when I was first thinking about it.... maybe I would have avoided a thing or two...

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I work in a cath lab and we see people for GBS clearance on a regular basis. Sometimes we stent those pts. Be sure to tell them you are planning to have.


(they will most likely ask anyway). It makes a difference in the type of stent they use if you would happen to need one. Post stent pts have to take.




To keep the.


Open for a period of time. With some types it is a couple of months for others it can be up to 2 years and you can't stop taking it for.


And most surgeons won't operate on someone taking.


You would want a bare metal stent. That way you can come off the.


In a couple of months..

PS stress tests are notoriously inaccurate and have alot of false positives esp on overweight and big chested women. Not being prejudiced but the layers of "subcutaneous tissue" also known as fat get in the way and since the electrodes and echos on the outside of the body are trying to see through those layers sometimes they can't see the heart moving and interpret it as areas of abnormal heart motion. If they do recommend a cath based on the stress test, don't freak out!! It is a realatively painless procedure and we like to say we are the "gold standard" We can go in there and inject the contrast and can see everything. We get people from the stress lab on a daily basis that were abnormal and then at least 40% of those have perfectly clean arteries! and another 20% or so don't have bad enough disease that requires any intervention..

Just the ramblings of a cardiac nurse. You will be ok, and probably healthier afterward!.

Good Luck,.


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Thank you so much. That was great information and very helpful...

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This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.