Choosing Godaddy domain name ? is ok?
My first question is Choosing Godaddy domain name ? is ok? Hoping for any comment. Another question on my mind: I have 2 domains in my posession that I no longer wish to be associated with. I do not wish to profit from them or renew them to protect the names being abused in a major way..

I want to reques the domains be dropped. How do I go about this and what does it involve? Please do not give the advice of leaving them to expire, because I want them gone ASAP and they dont expire for a while!..

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Good question... I dunno what is the answer to your question. I'll do some Googling and get back to you if I find an anything. You should email the people at Godaddy as they probably could give you an answer..

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If your Registrar doesn't allow deletion via CP,most should be able to if you email their Support Dept. If they don't respand contact the Relevant Registry for the HostGator and request deletion from the Registry...

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Not sure where you have them registered but with godaddy they allow you to delete your domains from within your control panel. If not then you could email the registrar about deleting them...

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I know that people hate questions like this, but why not just place them with GoDaddy and pray for the best? Hell, you might earn a couple $$ from it over the months. I just don't see the point of deleting perfectly good domains. Hell if you want, send them to me.

I'll get some use out of them...

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^well, first off, find out what they are because you dont want to be stuck with something like!!..

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GoDaddy has an easy peasy "delete" feature in their CP!.

If you don't have GoDaddy for these, just write the Registrar IMHO..

Should be no worries...

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^Yeh, I dont think he has GoDaddy but if you arent going to use it why not sell it? You will make some money off it and it will basically be the same as deleting it. Or if you dont want to sell it then give it to someone that wants it. BTW what are the HostGator names?..

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You could just sell them so you are no longer associated with them. if you don't want to make a profit sell them for something like 8$..

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My question is that are the HostGator name so bad that you dont even want to be associated with them? JUst sell them like everyone is telling you to. Unless they are so bad that you dont want to sell them?..

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You could sell them for 10NP here in the NP sales forum..

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What us so bad about them? ill take em.....

Lol..... as long as its.


Somthing like

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Lol...I will actually give you NP for them...just tell me what they are.....

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I know the feeling you have.. you don't want anything to do with the domains.. I didn't want to give the HostGator away, or sell it either.. so I kept it lol... good luck.....

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They are bad.

I will change the whois now before I go about getting rid of them. I cannot sell them here at NP as it would be against the rules...

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But deleting them will not prevent someone re-registering them...

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If it's something unpleasant then I can now understand not wanting to hand over (and be associated with it)...if picked up on deletion then somebody else's problem..

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Thanks for the advice guys. Think the first thign to do is change the whois and then maybe create an account with my registrar with made-up data , transfer the names and never think about them again...

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No, it isnt a trademark, just offensive domains that could prove useful for people with those kind of opinions...

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