Coffeecup HTML editor not working with 123 reg domain/host. Help?

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Question I have... Coffeecup HTML editor not working with 123 reg domain/host. Help? Many thanks for any answer. My other question... Okay, I had an idea for I won't say here.but it wasn't great enough and so I decided to scrap it after hours of putting it together..

So I was wondering if anyone could give me another idea with which to build around the name..

The name is short and very memorable and pretty much lends itself to a music perhaps music video type name..

But how should I develop this baby?.

Lay any ideas here (no matter how crazy)..



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Hmm... I need to find out myself. I don't know what is the answer. I'll do some research and get back to you if I find an good answer. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably could give you an answer..

Comment #1 I actually think of a box. A way to speak or chirp. Almost similar to shoutboxes. Could be a service, if thats what you'd want. Music theme fits, as well..

Definitely a brandable that is memorable, so I'd once again encourage you to make something unique and different to better suit such a nice name. It must be vocal or social. Nice name.. and 2/3rds of the names I see I don't like. I'm very picky..

Your avatar is definitely fitting to what I would envision with the domain; nice. However, music sharing, music services, etc have been done before. Perhaps you can offer something new or offer something necessary to expand on this market.. could be a social network, perhaps, if you'd be interested. Think perhaps a way to connect with others who share the same music interests as you. Birds are a very social creature. They chirp to locate others to mate with and is a form of communication to alert similar birds of their presence. Don't think myspace, friendster, or anything of the like.

Think music. Think of having your own personal 'box' or profile where you can chirp and find that bird that is willing to mate with you or connect with you. Perhaps if you want to meet others like you.. or find someone who could go to the concert you have two tickets for. Make sure you visualize this.

I see the site right now as I describe it to you. It could be a social platform for music; both bands and people would be able to connect with each other... not on the general scale that a simple myspace page would give. A place where any bird, anywhere, could chirp and find that someone who has similar music interests. Or perhaps someone who is going to a concert you're going to ("hey, wanna meet up?") and the like.

But music itself is a very intimate bond and a strong connection with one's self and people around you. This 123 reg website could develop into this medium or service that many people (including me) would love to be able to use. There are currently sites such as that find music based upon music you already like using special algorithyms and data. Think of how such services could be expanded upon to a social medium for connecting with those of similar interests both online and off..

Please do PM me so we could chat about this idea and others. I see alot in this name...

Comment #2

Maybe a forum to discuss human relationship between different races of people among the world.The Earth is similar a big box but in a sphere shape...

Comment #3

I always saw your avatar and thought about a site regarding bird songs, downloadable clips for people who are into birding or MP3s for mockingbirds or canaries to learn to sing.

I really like birdwatching trying to find a good site to ID songs so guess thats just what came to mind..

Comment #4

Build a 'I love my budgie' 123 reg website and it's cheep!..

Comment #5

Keep it coming folks..I'm probably leaning towards something musical or related to music..

What hasn't been done yet?.

What do you wish we could do with music that hasn't been accomplished?.

Thanks to everyone so far. Look forward to more ideas..


Comment #6

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