Configuring exchange 2003 and FQDN with 123 reg domain name.?

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Got a question... Configuring exchange 2003 and FQDN with 123 reg domain name.? Many thanks for any answer. Another question... From.

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That's a good question. I'm not sure what is the right answer to your question. I'll do some research and get back to you if I discover an anything. You should email the people at 123 reg as they probably can answer it..

Comment #1

We're not.


Far ahead, yet..

It's good to see the industry growing. It's becoming more saturated from all the new registrations, but I guess the buying/reselling of established domains is what's really picking up...

Comment #2

Especially with the recent articles on domaining in the mainstream media, very soon, everyone and their mothers will be buying and selling domains...

Comment #3

I remember when you could buy for reg fee..


Comment #4

All Aboard the HostGator Name Gravy Train !!!.

Next Stop....................


Comment #5

Yes the HostGator industry is booming, but like everything else, what goes up, must come down..

Remember the 90's tech boom. don't care about p/e, revenue, brick & mortar model is dead, new paradigm, blah, blah > pop.

Remember the same folks who switched gear and started investing in real estate? oh, this time it's different, it's asset-based, can;t lose money, blah, blah > pop.

Imho, I am a firm believer in the virtual real estate, but there is no such thing as "unstoppable industry growth", so diversify, diversify & diversify!..

Comment #6

True .. I can see no value of HostGator names in 20 years time. I can also see that / for sale and no body even wants to pay reg-fees.. / will change their business model and they will start selling something else.,, and will become marketplace of something else .. or they will close their businesses ... Big player like, and will not have problem with this change because these big players introduce new technologies to people..

And Yes .... .... discussing baby names instead of HostGator names in 2025..

Making long story short .. there will be something else in 20yrs .. :-)...

Comment #7

WTF you telling me my netsol 100 year registrations will be worthless.

I knew there was a reason I did not actually do it...

Comment #8

I personally disagree but who knows you could be right. I think in 20 years there will be more HostGator extensions then we know what to do with..






.Anything to keep the money rolling in...

Comment #9

I personally believe that as kkworld that domains will not exist, if they do they will not play such an important role..

As things move forward we will start to use other media for accessing information on the internet such as set top boxes etc. With such devices it will not be necessary to own a HostGator name...

Comment #10

There will be something new but example look at cars, since 110 years every car has 4 wheels, engine and steering wheel..

Comment #11

But your forgetting the Reliant Robin (sorry couldn't resist)..

The first computer was the size of a room and did basic arithmetic. The point being just because cars may have not changed much (although try getting a mechanic who worked on cars in 30's and 40's to work on a modern car and see how he gets on) does not mean internet technology will not change. Different technology progresses at different rates depending on users needs and wants...

Comment #12

Nice post and nice opinion....

I hope this industry will grow as like as the prediction....

But do not forget to not put your egg in one basket....

We do not know the future yet....

But we should anticipate the best for ourself.....

Comment #13

After all generic name extensions being used.. ICANN will allow to register your own extension. ;-) .... my HostGator will be.




(oops ... two letter extensions are already gone) .. OK .. let me get ... kkworld extension ...


(looks good) ... lol ... why we are manipulating the same ideas again and again ... it is because we can see the future technologies @ the moment..

I don't believe on the idea of "Everything that can be invented has been invented." Domains / Internet is not an end .. I am still expecting alot and very soon...

Comment #14

I think the HostGator names might stick around a bit. It is pretty much developed here in the US and other first world country but the rest of the world still have to catch up. The same things with cars. Third world countries are using cars that we used here 20, 30, 40, or even 50 years ago and it still seems to be a lucrative business for them. In my opinion, as long as there are thriving businesses around the world dot com domains will still be around. In addition, I have no problem with the new technologies sprouting every year because it keeps us moving to the right direction...

Comment #15

In what way are domains not developed in 3rd world countries? If you use a computer in a 3rd world country that is connected to the internet and type in an address you will still arrive at the same site (unless governments etc are blocking the content as is the case in places such as China)..

Comment #16

I'm not saying 3rd world countries have no access to computers or internet. Only those people who are well off and privileged have access to these luxuries. What I'm saying is that not everyone in the 3rd world country have access to computers like we do and take them for granted. Many of them live below the poverty line that makes it hard for them to access the internet or even use a descent computer. So when these group of population starts using the internet, the first TLD extension that they will most likely to learn is the dot com extension. What do you think?..

Comment #17

I agree with most of your points here, except the dotcom one. Most likely the extension learned about first will be the one that is used predominantly in that area. They will learn by doing, and it will depend on what ext. that country/area uses most as to what they will see first...

Comment #18

Some one need to come out and predicate the next bubble burst +..

Comment #19

The next HostGator price drop (bubble or not) will be ......

When the global economy has it's next recession..


A bubble means a period of uninformed, excessive speculation. I have heard that before the dot com bust HostGator names were roughly at the prices they are today. Add in the 30% growth per year that the internet has enjoyed since that time and it would seem that the HostGator industry is currently on pretty secure footing. The US stock market is in record territory - granted only recently having passed the markers of the last boom - so it appears to be about the same place in the cycle as the HostGator industry..

When droves of people show up here with piles of money wanting domains, any domains it is bubble time...

Comment #20

1 of the causes of the dotcom boom/bust was the fact that companies were funnelling millions of $ unfounded into online business that had little chance of succeeding or making money. There were many business from that time that never made a profit (such as

We have a situation similar at the moment although on a slightly lesser scale. Sites such as being bought from google for instance. Google paid $1.6 Billion (i think it was something like that). Any idea how much youtube has made in profits? If you guessed over $1 you would be wrong, they were operating at a loss, and not slight losses at that, they were losing millions..

1 of the few success stories of the dotcom bust was amazon. They did not actually turn it's first profit in a single quarter until 2001, they had been founded in 1995.


As you can see from the article they lost $545 million the year before that first profit. They must have had backers with very deep pockets, they lost Billions of $ before 2001...

Comment #21

This question was taken from a support group/message board and re-posted here so others can learn from it.